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  1. That's cool, wouldn't mind Jeudy either... both of these guys have gamebreaking ability and the niners need elite talent outside of Kittle on the offensive side of the ball.
  2. I really hope they don't take that 13th pick and draft another D lineman. As much as it hurts to see Buckner go... they have some decent talent in the interior with Jones and Blair (and possibly Taylor if he can stay on the field). I really hope they take a good long look at Lamb, I think that kid's gonna be a star...
  3. I want to ask Shanahan why, for a coach who loves misdirection runs and playaction passes, he NEVER calls any of these plays when he's up in the 4th quarter. Seems like the perfect time to do so when the defense is in hyper aggresive pursuit mode to stop the run.
  4. As a niners fan I thought the call was weak, but honestly don't care. I don't like how every win/loss eventually degrades into some deliberation about PI.
  5. Agree on all counts. Ward is just too fragile to warrant any serious money and while I've got a soft spot for Staley, it doesn't seem like they lose a lot whenever Brunskill's had to take over for him. I don't think signing Armstead is THAT urgent given that we do have Ford, and I'd like to see DJ Jones get more snaps. Really wish they'd just move on from Solomon Thomas too... he's just a guy at this point and taking up a roster spot from maybe somebody w/ more potential upside. They really need to upgrade from Person though... he's replacement level talent and the team always seems to struggle in the pass game against teams w/ stud DTs like Donald or Jones last night. Garoppolo is basically a statue these days and any pressure up the middle is a disaster waiting to happen. The good news is that their positions of weakness aren't typically priorities for teams in the draft, so if they can flip that late 1st into a 2nd and a 3rd I'm all for it.
  6. Nobody said he's terrible. I just said he doesn't look like the same guy I saw prior to the ACL tear. Go watch his highlights from 2017... he seemed much more spry and probably had more velocity on his passes. I mean I think we've seen his floor, but his upside isn't quite what I thought it was when he first joined the team.
  7. Sure but that was more Kittle than Garp IMO. Don't get me wrong, he played well at times, but he doesn't seem like the same player after the ACL tear. His accuracy has seemed a bit off in the postseason as well... throwing behind guys instead of leading them and sailing passes even when not under pressure (specifically a few across the middle and one on a bubble screen to samuel come to mind)
  8. I've been an avid supporter of Garoppolo since he joined the Niners, but he doesn't seem like the same player that was digging this team out of the grave at the end of 2017. I dunno if it's because Shanahan's put a collar on him but his play sheet seems very limited. I can't even remember him attempting a single pass outside the hashmarks aside from that long throw to Kittle. Right now Garp feels like a poor man's Tony Romo to me (Romo minus the escapability in the pocket).
  9. Woke up this morning and had a bit of time to digest this one... I think the bottom line is: This team choked. It sounds terrible, but there really is no other word for it. And it's not like one specific player or coach or side of the ball. They were the better team for more than 3 quarters... then everything simply fell apart. I was screaming after the Moore interception that now is the time for Shanahan to dial up his best plays... and instead we got vanilla preseason week 3 play calls. I was screaming when KC had the ball to man up Hill, instead they left him wide open on a soft zone that was supposed to stop the big play. When we needed a big conversion, we got the week 9 seahawks version of Garp and not the 2017 version that turned a 1-10 team around... Perhaps that only unit that did not relent was the D line which harassed Mahomes all night. As I had harped on after the week 17 seattle game, this team is still young and doesn't yet have that killer instinct that great teams have. They've repeatedly let teams back into games in the 4th quarter w/ multiple score leads and last night they poked the bear once more and wound up paying the ultimate price. I'll let the talking heads dissect this performance and attribute blame as they love to do. Hopefully this is a stepping stone to something greater. We've got an awesome squad of young up and coming players and as a fan I'm disappointed, but excited for the road ahead.
  10. Probably too early to talk about this but I'd already been thinking about it for weeks now... they need to either trade down or take a stud guard in the draft to replace Person. There are way too many occasions where a defensive tackle blows right through the interior of the line to blow up a play.
  11. This is something that puzzles me about Shanny's playcalling when up as well... It seems like being up 2 scores and the defense expecting you to milk the clock is the PERFECT time for playaction, yet he never seems to do it anymore and instead either calls straight runs or passes from shotgun. Absolutely no idea why.
  12. It sucks to lose the way we did because it confirmed my worst fears... that this team lacked the killer instinct to put away teams in the 4th quarter. You can get away w/ it sometimes, but on the most important stage it cost them a superbowl. Once again this team had a 2 score lead w/ less than 10 min left and simply let it bleed away waaay too easily. Hopefully this goes down as an imoprtant lesson for a young team with much promise... though I'd imagine right now despite being impossible, it's the last thing they wanna think about.
  13. hats off to the chiefs for the victory... Game flow was going along w/ my prediction until the 4th quarter when the niners simply couldn't hold on to the lead. In the end the niners simply couldn't hold onto the ball and gave Mahomes too many chances. So close, but so far away.
  14. So are you basically saying Kaepernick's debut was nowhere comparable to Jackson's?