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  1. The way I see it, "zero RB" strat has a higher ceiling but lower floor. So whether it's a "viable" strategy largely depends on how your league pays out. If it's winner takes all, I'd argue zero-RB is very legit - Since there's no difference between 2nd place and last place, you might as well shoot for the moon.
  2. 2 games is a steal. Now comes the hard part... trying to not be Aldon Smith part deux.
  3. You don't remember correctly.
  4. As I said to a friend recently... Jimmy G's floor is Matt Ryan.
  5. I wouldn't say Pettis went WAY sooner than expected, he was projected to the 2nd round, just not that early in the 2nd. I wouldn't say it's the surprise of a Tavon Austin or Ted Ginn. To answer your question, the only person that comes to mind is ODB... at 12 he was drafted slightly higher than the range where he was usually mocked.
  6. Matt Waldman and Brad Kelly.
  8. I like his skill set. He seems to have great quickness and a natural ability to separate. He also has adequate size and good body control to win contested catches. My only question with him is whether he can compete physically vs press coverage as he is VERY slight of build. FWIW I think there are a few draft pundits that had him pegged as their #1 ranked WR predraft.
  9. FWIW coming from a niners fan Dak reminds me a lot of Alex Smith. Sure he can post good FF #s, but his performance is going to be dictated by game tempo, not the other way around.
  10. Dez says he wants to play for niners...
  11. Curious but does it matter to the league these days whether you got caught w/ pot in a legalized state vs one where it's illegal?
  12. I don't even know what to say to that... you do realize why players were kneeling in the first place right?
  13. We can sit around and pontificate about the righteousness of whatever stance we have, but does it ultimately matter if you still wind up a consumer of the product on Sundays? The game of supply and demand doesn't really care about your opinions. Guess I think hating on the NFL but not to the point of sacrificing your sundays sounds a bit like having your cake while trying to eat it.
  14. I'm not so sure... before Trump got involved it was already a hotly debated topic. Maybe I'm just seeing through different lenses as a 49er fan? Besides, it maybe a politicized topic now, but it's a topic based predicated on race... and any issue based on race is often a polarizing one to its immutable characteristics.
  15. Whether it's idiotic, racist, or considered pandering to their fan base is TBH the business of the NFL. Meaning since they are a private organization, they are entitled to do what they feel is appropriate for their business. A divisive issue like race means they will never make everybody happy, and they are after all a for-profit organization. So why should they not reserve the right to do what's best for business? If you don't like it, don't watch the NFL.