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  1. I quit reading this #### a little over a month ago... I can't believe this is still going. Has anything interesting really happened, I don't know, since page 80?
  2. I don't think Walt has to worry about Jesse learning of Mike's demise, as long a Walt takes care of the clean up. Mike told Jesse himself that he wouldn't see him again. One thing that's irritating me. They are changing Jesse's character too much. He was my favorite from the beginning and I think that's not just my opinion. I mean, when was the last time Jesse said yo? or #####? It's not that big of a deal but it's annoying me a little. still by far the best show I've seen in a long time. When is the last episode before the break?
  3. Eminem can make it work!!! he can make things rhyme with orange!
  4. Here are three things that I have been wondering about and it wouldn't surprise me if any or all of these things played a roll in the show.
  5. I think my take on this is that it's more of a callback to Walt's former partner's (Elliot, I think?) offer to pay for all of his treatment. Two people now have made that similar comment about "free." One on his 51st birthday and another on his 52nd. It makes sort of a cool narrative bookend to this last stretch of the show. When the mechanic said it Walt seemed kind of dismissive. When the waitress said it I thought he seemed a little annoyed. Like, "yeah, don't remind me." Within that year I wonder if things have happened that have Walt wondering how life would be if he'd accepted that offer. Still teaching chemistry (or maybe working with Elliot), family together and happy, Hank never shot up, all those people never killed, etc etc. Instead he's apparently on the run buying machine guns from dudes in Dennys bathrooms. The road not taken and all that.I also think it's cool how Walt's steady descent has maybe been the trigger for Hank's ascent. A review I read somewhere talked about how Hank has gone from sort of a loudmouth, gung-ho, cop to a more cerebral, thoughtful investigator. If that's true, it's pretty much all been because of Heisenberg, hasn't it? If Hank comes out alive and ends up as a more "enlightened" person he'll owe much of that to his brother-in-law's rise and fall. Sort of a Greek tragedy thing going on. I saw somewhere an interview with Brian Cranston where he said that he believed that Walt had to die in the show. He couldn't see any other outcome for the character.
  6. Is it Flynn again this week? I can never keep up with Flynn/Walter Jr.
  7. It's far from childish. All of us live within 30 minutes from downtown. We rented a room specifically to pre-drink and a place to sober up.If we wanted to be comfortable or hook up anyone of us could have just taken a taxi back home, but actually splitting a room is a cheaper alternative vs. taxi rates. To each his own so that's the last I'll talk about the sharing a room thing. You're doing it wrong, assuming you actually want to get laid here.At the very least have two rooms so whoever hooks up has a place to go.So every time you go out with friends you need to always book a separate room just so you can possibly have sex with someone?There's a time and place for everything. I don't understand why every time you go out it has to be with the objective of ####### someone. Didn't know the hotel room topic was such an issue. You are willing to spend a lot of money to look good and on other material things.....why wouldn't you shoot the lock off the wallet and buck up for your own hotel room. This isn't college.I don't know where you guys live but hotel rooms in the downtown area of SJ and SF aren't cheap. Sure maybe in some fly-over state it's affordable to get your own crappy as motel room in a downtown area but here you're talking over easily over $100 a night.... and I'm supposed to do that EVERY TIME I GO OUT or else I'm childish? Cry me a freakin river.YOU TRIED TO F*** HER WITH 5 OTHER PEOPLE IN THE SAME ROOM. Why not go down to the lobby and spring for another room? Can't be more expensive that that hooker was.
  8. I'm sure this has been discussed in here but I'm not reading 100 pages to find out. Anyone know if the Black guy and his kid, from season 1 episode 1, come back into the show?
  9. I'm just going on record saying you avatar is bad ###!:hijack over:
  10. Well into season 3 now... middle of the night. Seriously, think I'm getting like 2 hours of sleep a night.
  11. started watching this earlier this week... Couldn't stop! I'm into season 2 now and I can say one thing!!! ATM Machine
  12. I haven't read this thread in a while, so maybe I'm a bit behind... but WTF is coral?I figured it was like salmon, but more pastel? I'm guessing.I can't fathom a situation where I'd look at another human being and say anything remotely resembling, "You should really wear more coral."It's a color I like. I wear salmon/coral from time to time.I thought that coral was like a cream color or a form of off white. like coral in the water. at least anytime I've seen coral it was a whitish color.