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  1. WALLACE: "Are you willing tonight to condemn antifa..." BIDEN: "Sure..." @GoBirds I'm good with one, please move on?
  2. Could you expand on this a little? It sounds like you're saying that its a good thing to probe nominees' religious views. Let's run with your example of a Muslim nominee. Imagine somebody comparable to Amy Barrett -- solid educational pedigree, prestigious clerkship, by all accounts a good, distinguished law professor, etc. -- but who happens to be a devout Muslim. This hypothetical nominee has never decided any cases that raise odd religious issues, has never written any law review articles about injecting religion into the law or anything like that. He's just a Muslim who prays five times a day, fasts during Ramadan, abstains from alcohol and caffeine (legitimately disqualifying IMO but let's set that aside for now), took a pilgrimage to Mecca, etc. Are you saying that it would be reasonable and proper for folks to worry that this person wants to impose Sharia law? Or would you think that people who wring their hands over that issue were being a little xenophobic and weird? Sharia law? No that is not reasonable at all. If they are a devout anything though, I think it is certainyl reasonable to ask them how their faith guides them in decision making in regards to the law.
  3. The notion of women deferring to their husbands is most certainly a fringe movement these days
  4. This is supposed to be a rebuttal of personal attacks?
  5. These questions about faith and the law need to be asked. Because they sure as #### would be if there was an atheist or a muslim up for a seat
  6. As opposed to the - Obama was born in a different country, Biden is suffering from dementia, Hunter Biden has gotten paid billions - kind of attacks from your side?
  7. Statewide, restaurants and bars were closed in June. And when they reopened they were at 50% capacity until just last week, right?
  8. He did make a good fit, but they would be fools to not trade him for Marcus Smart
  9. What an idiot. Can't believe he paid almost 300K in taxes
  10. And also -Trump has lost 33% of his wealth since becoming president?
  11. lolol He is most assurendly not worth 3 billion dollars
  12. Yes, just like everyone else in this country. What does that have to do with his federal income tax?