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  1. I don't know. I haven't heard or read anyone that is knowledgeable enough about his situation to answer your question, either. So, he remains a bit of a Fantasy Football draft pick reward/risk. In Dynasty leagues, he presents a value (because of this potential) if you can get him late in the 1st (rookie drafts), or thereafter. For what it's worth, I would draft him in my 10 team (160+ players rostered; 16 per plus 2 IR spots, hence the "+") rookie/free agent draft with my 1.10 pick, right now. Of course, his actual NFL draft scenario (position, team, opportunity, etc.) will further dictate if I'm willing to continue in my "1.10 draft position selection of Perine", or modify (again, depending on what transpires). A bit of a disclaimer, I believe that D'Onta Foreman is being undervalued by #DraftTwitter and most analysts. I like Foreman in a similar position to Perine, but think that I could pick him up at 2.03 (or the 13th pick) in my dynasty free agent/rookie draft. [My actual draft is late in Training Camp (TBD but usually in late August), so I have time to re-evaluate my thoughts.]
  2. He ran better as a Freshman when he was lighter. Check out the Matt Waldman/Ryan Riddle Rookie Scouting Portfolio video analysis... He has upside but is likely a low 1st rounder (dynasty rookie drafts), or later.
  3. I'm watching CJF for a potential FA claim. From what I read, he was drafted to pass block but earning some praise for receiving ability.
  4. I like the 1st for Baldwin. Hurns doesn't do much for me as BBortles is killing his WR values. With this stated, he represents a piece that might be able to be packaged for additional value (dependent on your perception of his value to your team, of course). Nice trade overall.
  5. Wow. Watkins value here is much lower than I'm finding in my 10-tm, 16 per, 0.5 ppr dyn lg; I realize that I'm dealing with a Watkins believer but this difference in perceived Watkins value here is marked.
  6. This is interesting, as it implies that this owner is ascribing some significant value to QE. I've been researching QE a bit but need to learn more; interesting opportunity, regardless of near term matchups, with Decker out 3-6 weeks.
  7. Does anyone have any data on the current value of AR? I've searched and paged through this thread without much success. I've also tried Twitter and the "experts" that I've reached out too don't seem to consider trades for AR due to his perceived cost. Suffice it to state the the Dyn owner in the league where AR is available desires close to a King's ransom for him, and the owner's perception (of what AR is worth) doesn't appear to align with his "current market value". My understanding is that AR is likely worth a 2017 1st, or a 2017 1st plus a "bench"-style player (think AA before his injury). Thoughts on whether or not this is accurate? For context... This is a full dynasty league; 10 teams with 16 roster spots per team (and 2 IR spots), so it's 160+ players rostered; 0.5 PPR; start 1 QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / 1 TE / 1 Flex...
  8. Before the season started, I sent Julio and my 2017 2nd for Cooks and a 2017 1st This is a salary cap league and I needed the savings in salary (Julio amounted to ~ 25 to 30% of my team salary cap, and Cooks saved me about ~10% of the salary cap); Cooks was the best player I could receive and I wasn't getting much interest in some of my lesser players; I wasn't going to sell OBJ or Evans due to production / age / talent and production / age / talent / salary considerations, respectively I'm not looking for approval or disapproval here but rather providing this for readers to consider in their own deals
  9. hearing on the Under the Helmet podcast (i.e., Chad Parsons) that Gates has been slow off of the line in weeks 1 and 2, and now he's officially hobbled. this doesn't seem like a good way to start the season, so i'm considering alternate options in my dynasty league; was hoping to get another TE1 season out of gates but maybe it's not in the cards?
  10. does this mean that you are adding ASJ in all formats? or maybe this is just the use of the standard joke (where everyone goes to the Pats and excels; not true but I see it often)
  11. ugh. so much wasted talent from this kid. i hope that this serves to get him on a better track.
  12. found this interesting article from 9/16/16 at DFF (first time visiting so take this fwiw)....looking for anything positive on the ultra talented but oft injured and puzzling ASJ; hope that the trends showing his increased snap count are the start of something (more) beautiful in TB (and I'm not a TB fan; I do like the young offensive skill players there) edit to include the link (doh!)
  13. Yep this^^. I grabbed him off waivers for a $0 bid last week in a FF league filled with Vikings fans, and started him in place of John Brown his week. Dude I beat using Diggs is a huge Vikings fan. This forum rules. x3! This forum is great for finding out about guys a week before everyone else does. Was happily surprised I was able to snag him in both of the leagues I tried for him in. Didn't have high waiver priority in either. Was hurting for WRs in one PPR league where you start 3 WRs and a flex, had Beckham but then totally crapped the bed on Andre Johnson and Charles Johnson. Flipped Gates and Dion Lewis for JULIO last week, and added Diggs. Now have Julio, Beckham, and Diggs at WR with Gronk at TE Yep, same here. Thanks to you guys I picked him up early in several leagues. Rocking him as my flex in a 14-teamer feels gooood. Also here to express my gratitude for creating this thread, and all of the great insights in this thread. Awesome mid-season pickup. Diggs has to be the frontrunner for WW pickup of the year, at this point.
  14. For those that are rostering Tyler Lockett, are you doing so in redraft or keeper leagues? Also, how many teams are in your league? Finally, how many players are on each team? I'm trying to gauge the difference between optimism and fantasy players that are putting their "$ where their mouth is".