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  1. WLBF. Should be Brady, Gordon, Burkhead, Jones, Desean, Goodwin, Dickson, Cowboys, Prater. He has changed it a few times but Prosise has never been in there, nor has Tyreek Hill. Mine's not correct either as its showing my actual having Corey Davis and he's not in (yet!)
  2. your FBG username--thegamedx your browser and version--Internet explorer 11 a step-by-step description of what happened--Opponent actual starting lineup for week 10 not accurate. Shows opponent starting CJ Prosise and Tyreek Hill, neither of which is accurate. Not showing my actual starting lineup accurately either.
  3. When syncing to MFL leagues the "Sync this League button on the personalized rankings doesn't seem to work. You have to go into your profile in the top right corner (the head icon) and sync it in there. That does seem to work. Trying to use the new Dominator (Windows) and the new myfbg interface for a couple MFL10 real drafts at the same time. Must say it's been a miserable experience overall. One of the leagues was completely wiped out of the Dominator part way through the draft. Is it not possible to have two live drafts going at once? Owners were getting mixed up between the two leagues in the Dominator. It seemed to be confused about which league was which when I was switching back and forth between the two leagues. And then the one league was just deleted out of the blue.
  4. One small thing I'm confused about.When using Preseason Personalized Rankings why are some players out of order? When I look at the columns I don't understand how the players are being listed. They are not in order by total points or ppg. How are these lists being sorted?
  5. I guess it depends on your league type, record, etc. but the talent still appears to be there. He's scored in both games he has appeared in and has rushed for 132 yards on 15 carries. If that kind of production continues he has to get a decent share of the touches. The situation is murkier than we hoped but he's produced when given the opportunity.
  6. The clip is here. He first repeats the question word for word. You do that to buy time when you're trying to make something up. My link
  7. When asked if he was sexually attracted to young boys he first paused and then repeated the question. To me, repeating the question signals someone trying to think up an answer when the immediate answer should have been "no".
  8. 20.9--PEDRO MORALES 21.4--BOBO BRAZIL Pretty good value right here