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  1. math can be difficult. going from 37% to 30% is pretty close to a 20% decline (actually 18.9% decrease)...or 7 percentage points. 😉
  2. Thielen out according to Yahoo Football Live
  3. I'm starting him in two out of three leagues I have him...Given the number of snaps he's had in the past two weeks, I think he's probably relatively "healthy" now and CBS expects Ramsey to shadow Metcalf. 1) starting Lockett over Crowder, Shephard, and Westbrook 2) starting Locket over Washington and Kirk 3) sitting Lockett for Sutton, Parker, and Jeffrey. Still thinking about subbing Crowder for him in #1 and Washington for him in #2. Uncertainty abounds!
  4. four possible reasons (perhaps in reverse order of likelihood): 1) they don't want to risk one of their best players returning kicks 2) Moore and Horner are better returners than Lockett 3) to reduce the chances Lockett gets hurt again moving toward the playoffs (a variant of #1, but shorter-term in nature) 4) because he's still hurt
  5. They played with some heart some bad schemes and play calling by the Panthers.
  6. I agree with you on the volatility, Tex -- I just think that the bottom will be high enough to risk a weekly start. Once they get Hill back, will anyone be able to stop them? Of course, if they can't run the ball, defenses will simply play for the pass...but will that matter?
  7. I'm not going to get into a fight with you, Tex. Watkins will score lots of points...but so will Robinson and Hardman. Did you pick Watkins to finish below them for week #2? Neither did I. Will he finish below them in week #3? Probably not...but that's not my point...whether he finishes with more points or fewer points, they will all score a lot of points. Something that you simply can't count on with NE RBs given how they get used.
  8. Disagree. In NE it's has been impossible to know what RB to start because they mix up who they use as the #1. In KC, it appears that all of the WRs are #1's, so it may not matter which one you grab as long as you have at least one.
  9. I'm starting Tyrell Williams over AB, but it's close.
  10. Bloom: No PPR I have Lockett, DeSean Jackson, John Brown, and Sutton (also AB and Cooks, but they are clear keepers, unless there is a legal issue). Should I drop any of them for any of Terry McLaurin, Marquise Brown, Tyrell Williams, Jamison Crowder, Robby Anderson, Christian Kirk, DK Metcalf? Thanks!