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  1. My god that new crew was annoying. I was waiting for a midget to come out and say... who run bartertown!?
  2. I know a couple of people doing it. Ran them about a grand. I just couldn't do that many shows that close together. First off my wife would divorce me and secondly my liver and brain would be fried. Interesting... for ####s and giggles I looked up tickets on stub hub and realized that only the Friday and Saturday shows are for the full venue.....i.e, seating behind the band. The rest of the shows are only 3/4 capacity. Will be really weird going to shows without the place at full capacity but makes complete sense.
  3. Thanks for posting this, fantastic. I had no clue Marshall had a podcast.
  4. I hear you pc. I'm doing the Sunday and Wednesday shows. Will probably do a Tuesday somewhere in there too. I think the last show is a must and, you know the old adage, never miss a Sunday show....and for some reason I see them doing something interesting on the weekday ones. Will be interesting to see if those shows are packed to the gills.
  5. I picked up tickets to 4 of the 13. Will probably do another 2 along the way. Definitely would love to hook up for some beers with some of you guys that are going. I am going solo the first and last Sunday so those days will be easy.
  6. One week later and I'm still not fully healed. Where I'm stitched still feels chaffed and uncomfortable. Get achy pains when I move or sit a certain way. I had some bruising but that's been steadily clearing up. Still not ready for the gym or working out.....lifting the kids all weekend hasn't helped me either. Waking up in the morning is the worst....seems to hurt the most I guess by the way I sleep. Please get better soon guys.....
  7. First week doing this and went from 184 to 183.5.....probably wasn't the best week to start this up since I had a vasectomy last Monday and am out of commission from the gym for a bit. Ate great all week and then the weekend slipped a bit. Alcohol intake was down significantly so was sugar consumption.....need to be more consistent on weekends....weekends are so f'in hard much easier having a routine during work hours.
  8. Beautiful shady. Like the angel wings.
  9. True that. I have to go in 9 weeks to have sperm count checked. This procedure sucked for me....the numbing agent didn't work at first and it hurt like hell when they went to make first incision. After they gave me more of the agent and the rest went well....but that first cut totally ####ed with my head. Today I'm a little achy....think blue balls but not as bad. Worst part about is the stitches / incisions. Just feels like I cut myself shaving and feels like I'm all chaffed. I did come in to work so it's not that bad.
  10. Good stuff shady. Don't know anyone but will keep my ears open.
  11. Have about an hour of fertility left. Wasn't anxious at all till now. Deep breaths.
  12. Looks like he's sitting on his small hands.