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  1. Will be real interesting to see what happens to Daryl and his psyche. He is responsible for Glenn's death....wonder if he is going to spiral out.
  2. They hate Rick and his crew for killing their buddies. You think they really are going to think Rick is their savior if he killed Negan? If you are in Rick's spot you take that risk?
  3. Rick could have still killed him easily.... But Negans army would have killed everyone then. Rick was in an impossible situation.
  4. A buddy of mine died last year from a brain tumor. It was not fun watching him deteriorate over time. Similar situation to your wife's friends.....only my buddy had two children. His memory, motivation and filters went downhill quickly. Just dismiss any odd behaviors or comments that he may make.... Not even sure what stage he is in or if he would have the same symptoms. That's just some of the changes I witnessed. Tough dinner to go to man.
  5. Hmm, I have no idea on this one.
  6. I hear you Skoo, I was a little disappointed with Fuego but appreciated the gesture by the band though. I just pulled Night 2 section 211....really nice section. Sweet.
  7. Congrats on baby Skoo homie, I have a 2 year old and in the next couple of weeks number 2 is coming so no chance I'm getting to Halloween. Enjoy it man! Did you go in 2014? I wasn't at that one....was actually at the Primus show at the Beacon cause kid number 1 was close to coming... but that run was bananas. Wished I was at that one. I've only been to 2013 when they did the Fuego album. Anyways, I always wanted to do the Armenian man from Esther. Dress up almost like a circus ring leader and walk around with a bucket with a puppet / doll in it.
  8. Wow, I can honestly say I only dislike one song on the album.
  9. Totally not a studio band....and to think Trey was talked out of adding Mercury to the album by Ezrin. That song is fantastic very glad I got to see it in Colorado in September. I hope they jam the F out of Waking Up Dead...I think that song has tons of potential. Can't wait to hear Petrichor live.
  10. Sooo....what do you guys think of the new album? I personally like it way better then Fuego.
  11. I missed on all four shows in presale. My wifes friend had an opportunity to buy floor seats to NYE for $275 each and I jumped on it - don't know exact floor section yet cause I have to pick them at will call but there is a chance they are in the front of the stage. I am going for night 2 at noon today.....there is no chance for NYE tickets on TM.....pure scam....they are already in the hands of the scalpers.
  12. Hopefully they address this, because it doesn't seem to be the same day for Ed Harris. He essentially knocked out the indian card dealer at night and then scalped him the next morning. Or maybe the AI's are just on the same loop every day unless you take them out of their story? That would make some sort of sense.
  13. Have a feeling the gun was planted there and Bernard told her where it was during one of their confidential therapy sessions. Yep, I was thinking Ford was just going to have God show up. The thing I don't get, it the same day over and over? Or is that just the illusion we've seen to date? The reason I'm confused is the Delores porch scene and can dropping from the horse scene that's happened over and over. I don't understand how that would make sense to the human visitors.
  14. True, I thought maybe I missed something on first view.....guess it wasn't obvious and still needs to be addressed. Thanks.
  15. That makes sense, I just didn't put two and two together that this is a real place on earth. I thought they were somehow transported to a virtual or staged world.