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  1. Just got back from #####. I'm bummed I'm not there tonight but my god those two shows were on fire! The boys showed up strong for these.
  2. They are definitely slugging along right now, hoping the Colorado air invigorates them. Getting on a plane in less then 24 hours, so phumped!
  3. Central Banks...mainly the Federal Reserve. Root of all evil IMHO.
  4. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. Young Frankenstein and Wonka are two of my all time favorites.
  5. Thanks man, I knew the field was going to be a disaster and didn't want to deal with it. All I care about is hearing them at this point, hope the sound is good there.
  6. Loved the Dolphin. Absolutely my favorite place on the planet at this point in life is the north shore. My wife and I dream of retiring there one day.
  7. I just cried at my desk shady. So sobering reading this and putting that deeper perspective on things. I wish this board could give you a collective hug.
  8. It wouldn't be money, it'd be a vacation. Damn, I still want to do this for you Shady, but if you truly want us to stand down, we will.
  9. All, with the passing of Riley and the hell Shady and his family have gone through this summer, I was thinking we could band together to do something nice for them. I know we raised some money in the beginning to help with the medical bills.....but I was thinking something for them down the road that they can enjoy as a family when they are ready. Like a vacation to Disney or something. Thoughts? I'll lead the charge in setting this up...and we can all come up with a plan.
  10. I'm devastated. Sitting here at my desk and am a complete mess. So sorry man.....damn.
  11. Selfish douchebags say #### like that. No wonder your relationship with him is difficult. You have much less experience being a father yet you are a better father than that ##### could ever be. #### him.
  12. I've tried to type something about 5 different times throughout the day about this last update.......just cant find any words. ####.
  13. Second this one. My wife is an awful sleeper and she's been using this one for years. The only problem is if you travel with it you may get stopped by the TSA for having a foreign object....all sorts of tests they had to do to it.
  14. Absolutely loving this playlist man. Good work!