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  1. True but it is next to impossible finding good childcare these days in my area. She really is great with the kids. We've learned not to bring up politics and she doesn't either typically....I hear you about the risk though. It's not something we are unaware of. We just really have limited options right now.
  2. I feel you MM. I'm in Hingham and our nanny is a huge Trump fan. We try to avoid politics with her at all costs. She's great with our kids but she just has to throw jabs in here and there. This week my wife let her know that my son's kindergarten class sent out a reminder that anyone picking up or dropping off kids need to wear a mask. She went off the rails saying that this is a huge conspiracy and that everyone is asymptomatic. Mind you weeks prior to the covid outbreak here she was warning us about how real this virus is and to prepare..... but now it's a hoax. What a weird time we are in.
  3. Boy I sure hope you are right. I know many educated people who still stand by this guy.....and won't vote left no matter what.
  4. And will definitely happen if he loses. No doubt about it.
  5. Yeah cause it's easy to contain a virus spread amongst 1.7 million people living in an area of 23 square miles. I think it's pretty incredible what NYC has accomplished.
  6. You'd think this was from February.... sadly no it's from today:.
  7. And what happens if he is reelected? Guaranteed he is going to rally around abolishing term limits. That is all he will talk about.
  8. This is really going to ruffle someone's Big Mac tonight.
  9. I almost just spit out my beer. Hilarious!
  10. Why aren't we allowed to have markets fall anymore?