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  1. Beautiful shady. Like the angel wings.
  2. True that. I have to go in 9 weeks to have sperm count checked. This procedure sucked for me....the numbing agent didn't work at first and it hurt like hell when they went to make first incision. After they gave me more of the agent and the rest went well....but that first cut totally ####ed with my head. Today I'm a little achy....think blue balls but not as bad. Worst part about is the stitches / incisions. Just feels like I cut myself shaving and feels like I'm all chaffed. I did come in to work so it's not that bad.
  3. Good stuff shady. Don't know anyone but will keep my ears open.
  4. Have about an hour of fertility left. Wasn't anxious at all till now. Deep breaths.
  5. Looks like he's sitting on his small hands.
  6. Funk yeah brother, that is great news! I was nervous to open this thread when I saw you add an update, very happy I did. I can't imagine how hard the holidays are, but this....this is just awesome news. Congrats!
  7. Thanks man for posting this, had no clue this existed and it's the PERFECT gift for my wife.....and my sanity!
  8. I think it's the neighbor from Home Improvement. Thought it was particularly cheesy that Negan looked at the casing from the gun......cmon man!
  9. Planning a nice night on the town for her. Dinner at babbo, wine bar beforehand, babysitter taken care of. I know you have a bunch of kids like me so it's hard to get out much these days. Hoping others come up with some ideas I can use too. The spa one is always good...but I've done it a lot.
  10. When did you get it done?