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  1. Hey icon I'm heading out there on Thursday and a buddy and I are definitely getting there really early on friday for merch. If I'm allowed to get two posters, the second is yours.
  2. I'm with you it's OK... I don't think it's must see TV at this point. What I found interesting was there was blood on the deer head they were taking samples of... not sure how it got up there.
  3. I agree. Didn't she also mention "I don't want to be alone. Not on this night." Like that particular night had some sort of meaning to her. At least that's how I remember it, only watched it once and like 2 weeks ago.
  4. Seriously! It was Jackson Heights, that spot would have been taken in a nano second. Highly suspicious!
  5. Didn't he have dried blood all over his body when they stripped him?
  6. This is just crazy. It's like every week now. Just awful.
  7. Wow firefighters feeding em. What a bunch of tools.
  8. Funny Evil, my wife and I just mentioned we need to go back to Babbos, been there a couple of times and never disappointed.
  9. Anyone mention Frankies? Closest meatball to my old school guinea relatives. Edited to add, Johns on 12th street is a good one. Been to Vagabondo a bunch of's ok. It's my wifes dad favorite place, I think it's just ok.
  10. Man you can do a top 10 from just Cypress Hill alone.....Hits from the Bong and I Wanna Get High....two from them I would mention. Also, not necessarily rap but Sublimes- Smoke 2 Joints is up there for weed songs. .
  11. If you want to see a great movie around this concept check out "The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies" on Netflix. Great flick.
  12. Oh I hope to, I should of prefaced that it's $135 ticket....which just seems ridiculous to me.
  13. My friend is dragging me to Alice in Chains concert later this month.....not sure how I feel about that. I love them but without Staley have no clue what to expect. Also seeing Flight of the Concords and Phish in Colorado in September.