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  1. Isn't Chris Thompson the backup?
  2. don't like the sound of that
  3. Ugh...he was dropped and I want to pick him up, but no idea who to drop. QB: Carr/Big Ben RB: Stewart, West, Gore, Hill, J Rodgers, Booker, White, Gillislee WR: A Brown, Evans, AR15, Fitzgerald, Landry
  4. Rivers faces Cleveland, Carolina, and Oakland week 14-16.
  5. Allen Robinson and Jeremy Hill enough for Gurley (standard redraft)
  6. Yeap...which is why they played a hybrid defense last night. CBs played man, while LBs and safeties played zone. There were some instances where that wasn't the case (PI on Ward comes to mind), but I think that is a new twist we can expect to see more of.
  7. Brits aren't use to your patheticness so they have a higher pain threshold. maybe if you didn't suck they wouldn't boo after shelling out $50/ticket to watch your team barf all over the field.
  8. I expect it to be 60/40 if not 50/50.
  9. There is still a weakness against RBs/tes in isolation. Makes me scared of pats. Nelson needs to play more for Todd Davis.
  10. I'm mad I drafted, dropped, picked up, dropped, and then got outbid by one dollar to pick him up.
  11. Heard McManus was dealing with some leg I jury, so he probably can't kick it that far.
  12. Yes. He couldn't throw it 50 yards on a hail Mary
  13. Chris Thompson.
  14. I need to drop someone for a kicker (last weeks opponent was decimated by injuries/byes so I took a gamble that I could beat him without a kicker...I was right). Starters in bold (2 RB, 3 WR, 2 flex) QB: Carr/Big Ben RB: Stewart, Hill, West, Booker, Gillislee, Gore, J Rodgers, White WR: A Brown, Evans, AR15, Fitzgerald, Landry Thinking Gillislee even with McCoy questionable. Would probably drop AR15, but Yahoo won't let me.
  15. Davante Adams?