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  1. Tyrell Williams should be back soon if he was dropped. Debating between him and Robby Anderson personally.
  2. Am i missing something, but your ebay link is a Chromebook, no?
  3. Not sure that is a catch. He got one foot down, but he landed on the defender and went out of bounds before anything else touched the ground.
  4. Kadri/jost get their first goals of the season, Burakovsky with another game winner, francouz with his first nhl win, and Colorado finishes homestand 4-0. Now, a brutal 6 game road trip. Oh, and makar is an assist machine.
  5. Colorado starts season 3-0. I'll give bruins some sympathy for the first overturned goal (could go either way, but i guess Toronto figured our ### was still sore from the playoffs reffing debacle), but the second was clearly offsides. That boston forecheck is insane.
  6. Debating between him and scary terry. Never would have thought that NO defense would be a questionable matchup.
  7. I've been holding him and playing qb roulette after losing newton.
  8. Kadri back after intermission. Colorado moves to 2-0 on the season. Like having four games at home to start with 5 of our defenseman being under 25 and two playing their first regular season games. Gives them the opportunity to get used to the speed in a friendly environment. Oh, and rantanan obviously doesn't need preseason.
  9. About freaking time. Will have to rewatch season 4 its been so long.
  10. What is a fair offer in a 2 rb/3 wr league (standard scoring)?