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  1. Because they lost #2&3 wrs?
  2. 10 team league drafted (first pick). Start QB, RB, RB, WR/TE, WR/TE, WR/TE, Flex, Flex, K, D: 1) Antonio Brown 2) Allen Robinson 3) Mike Evans 4) Latavius Murray 5) Jonathan Stewart 6) Jeremy Hill 7) Frank Gore 8) Ben Roethlisberger 9) Larry Fitzgerald 10) Ameer Abdullah 11) Travis Benjamin 12) Derek Carr 13) Devontae Booker 14) Javorius "Buck" Allen 15) Pats D 16) Chandler Catanzaro
  3. I think Bengals will turn to a more run oriented offense this year and Hill is a sneaky RB3 target that could pay big dividends. At least I hope so....
  4. Now I'm not talking about salvation by grace through the death and resurrection of Christ Everything else is secondary and shouldn't cause division amongst Christians. The apostles disagreed so not sure how we can be different.
  5. QB competition is alive and well in Denver!
  6. Wow...#### you NBC telling guy on live air that he has just been disqualified
  7. Banned from work and all work facilities.
  8. Apparently you can pick which creature you want your evee to evolve into by changing its name? At what point should I start evolving?
  9. Good job NBC making track/field even more boring
  10. lol...full size...yeah I would too. Of course, I grew up at the bottom of this...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=desQB1fTh60
  11. I'll check when I get home, but I'd estimate about 24600kWh. Also wondering about geothermal.
  12. Last two months my house has used on average 2700kWh (rate is 11.5 cents/hour) on my two story 3100 sqft home (mostly sun). I was thinking of installing a small 2 kW system. How much does that cost and what could I expect my energy bill to be?
  13. lol...that road is paved and some retaining walls. I've had couple of situations where I told others, or was told, to vacate the vehicle while we traversed a narrow road. When I sold my truck when I left Colorado it had numerous marks from such incidents.
  14. Gotta love million dollar highway