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  1. Republicans hand the presidency on a solid gold plate and the democrats are proving to be incapable of simply taking it. Unbelievable.
  2. I have been rather disappointed with my chromebook, but maybe it's because I'm an idiot with computers. I've had a Lenovo for years and outside the screen not staying put it's been a workhorse.
  3. How do you guys synch up local TV channels (recording, guide, etc) with Kodi?
  4. It's been 72+ hours...where is the rest of the story???
  5. Hit his 27th dinger. On pace to become the third MLB middlefielder in history to hit for 30 hrs in his rookie year.
  6. Nice. Had captions on a d breathing at end said, "breathing like a hurricane"
  7. Had no idea who Tim Kaine was, so read his wikipedia page. Wish he had won the nomination for president...
  8. Not to argue. So instead I just say, "Ok, I agree with you, now we are both wrong."
  9. Dallas PD would have the video and name of the officer released.
  10. Well, you are wrong. I have never been for Cruz nor a democrat, but the weasel did get some respect for that. Still wouldn't vote for him though.
  11. Reagan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB6O4giIlB4
  12. Movie keeps on giving more good headlines.
  13. Wtf is wrong with this country Just disgusting
  14. 2800 soldiers in coup...seems low but ok. 2700 judges sacked as a result? Something doesn't add up.