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  1. Surely a good lawyer good easily argue that the person leaning back is infringing on my personal space (since in my position that is where my knees would go)? Hell, i may need to file a lawsuit for all tall people. Discrimination.
  2. Yeah, there is a remedy for that. Ask for some tomatoe juice and place it on the tray so their hair gets in it. Or just move the tray and have it accidentally pull their hair.
  3. I tell them i can't sit down. Couple of times people refused so i would get a stewardess. Once, a woman got ugly and i just asked to be reseated. Got bumped to first class.
  4. Airlines are as much to blame as anyone for this in their continued attempt to transform airplanes into flying cattle cars. I'm 6'5", nobody is going to recline in front of me.
  5. How is this person resigning swampy but having trump minions over ruling prosecutors based on politics acceptable?
  6. So much for democracy. DoJ needs to be its own entity, at worst tied to legislative branch, as trump has shown executive powers are too broad.
  7. Uh, avalanche had 48 total points in 2016. Detroit has 30 right now. Sakic did set the bar high....again.
  8. If Oklahoma can pass legalization of weed, any state can. Yes, i realize he is talking all drugs which is crazy.
  9. Not if trump and repubs mention all of their far left ideas back into the general election. Debt forgiveness...non starter to almost everyone who worked their ### off to pay back their loans. Medicare for all...not as popular as the Twitter hoards think. Granted I'm in hickville Oklahoma, but even the liberal ones don't like that. Especially those that have employeer provided insurance that they like.
  10. I couldn't disagree more. Sanders will never get any moderate votes. Hell, I'm not sure I would vote for him and i hate Trump. He is too far left. I think carville is spot on. Hopefully Biden belly flops in new Hampshire and opens up the moderate avenue for bennet and others.