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  1. wtf is mack? Experts told me to spend faab on him instead of Peterson
  2. Chargers defense. Not that they didn't suck, but it's likely Denver's rt and his backup will be out next week and sanders and or dt may be out as well
  3. Yeah, I spent 50% of faab on Mack and McKinnon. Wish I had spent 10% more on Peterson
  4. Heart meet stake.
  5. This is causing all sorts of engineering nightmares
  6. McKinnon out with an eye injury as Rantaneen is out as well...this sucks. And no ghetto, either. That's an entire line gone. Who are we, the damn Wild? SOB
  7. What would be a fair offer for an owner hurting at WR after losing OBJ and Eifert (TE=WR) if I wanted to get Lamar Miller?
  8. Ugly high stick on McKinnon that was missed. Hopefully he is ok. Apparently the Ducks missed the memo about slashing penalties as they committed four penalties in the first period.
  9. It was a joke as I thought he was 22. Smh
  10. Peterson is getting a guaranteed starting job. That is worth 25%. McKinnon appears to be the lead back, bit it's questionable if that will be the case so I'll designate 15%. Mack has potential, but is in a timeshare so I'll designate 10%. These are non ppr values.
  11. Who is the 21 year old?
  12. May allow me to trade cousins to help offset my disaster at rb.
  13. Oh, you mean all soccer threads aren't the same
  14. My 8 year old is a big kid. 4'9 and about 85 lbs. He could lose some weight, but he has really enjoyed soccer this past season. He plays defense and has received the nickname gandalf. But he needs to work on quickness and foot speed...got some FUN drills we can do? I know he will never be a soccer stud, but I want him to have fun and improving quickness and foot speed can apply to any sport.