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  1. How can we respect our neighbors? What is God’s solution to angry racism that gives birth to violence and bloodshed? Government programs might help. Lectures might enlighten. But, in the end, God’s plan is the only plan: see every person on the planet as God’s idea.
  2. Trump removed special exemptions from hong kong. Not sure this has much of an impact. Also stopping visas for chinese students.
  3. It has a turn in the middle. 8 steps, turns 90 degrees, 8 more steps
  4. Anyone ever convert the area under a staircase into a storage area? We have a two layer staircase, and thinking about making a small doorway to utilize that space.
  5. Requires cable subscription
  6. Streaming somewhere for those with no cable?
  7. It's at 50% of its pre-covid price? Others have laid out good reasons to stay away. I was just reading about the new bronco, and was curious how their stock was doing.
  8. It was popular before the 1950s when herbicide companies started their mass poisoning and convinced people it was a weed and had to go. Before you couldn't buy seed without it. Oh, and for you doomsday preppers, it is actually a legume so you can eat it.
  9. If the latest attempt i did two weeks ago doesn't hold up, which it won't, I'll be doing this in September.
  10. Anyone else think ford is a good buy? Government won't let them fail and they are about to restart production