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  1. See what happened to her when her parents were fighting all the time? That will be you/her if you stay married. Get out.
  2. Hey it's the end of July and almost .500. WOOT!!!
  3. That's like a 90 min drive, no?
  4. That's where I would be.
  5. I disagree on #2, #4, and $5. First, 4/5 have nothing to do with corruption in our political system. And regarding #2, public employee unions contribute little to politicians. Their method of recourse is no different than any other private union member.
  6. http://wallpapercave.com/nuclear-bomb-wallpapers
  7. FWIW, I thought the FBI stated that 2000 were work related. Not Hillary admitting to it.
  8. coworker....It is a sad state of affairs when you have to use Russian hackers to get a response to a FOIA request to Hillary's State Department
  9. It's amazing you would believe Hillary about anything.
  10. Is asking them to release documents showing her incompetence worse than her own incompetence? Yeah, Trump is being an idiot, again, and it's bad to ask what he did, but I'd say its no worse than putting American security at risk. And don't worry, I saved those emails on my alternate server.
  11. Are we in a declared state of war?
  12. This is just all sorts of awesome and on several layers a great move...FWIW I will never vote for Trump. First, he is keeping the pressure on the emails. Second, he is slamming the DNC. Third, if Hillary Inc says anything about the potential hack/release occurring violating national security they are admitting that those emails are not personal.