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  1. Thoughts on this type of flooring? Intention is to use it in kitchen/living/dining room/master bedroom. We will probably stick with tile in bathrooms as our kids are notorious for getting water everywhere.
  2. 1. Hire someone 2. Watch from the ground while drinking a beer. 3. Post your success on fbgs.
  3. If kids don't do chores the lose privileges. Allowance? Car? Electronics? Sports? I.e. get rid of anything beyond food and shelter.
  4. Hey, can you invite me? Tried to friend you in game.
  5. I'm going to Israel for a work trip. Wife wants to make a vacation out of it before my work actually starts. That means we can stay in Jerusalem even though my work is in tel Aviv. If that matters. Anyone have any recommendations on where to stay? Assume we will be visiting the standard tourist destinations.
  6. This is an awesome series. Going to binge watch them and then save it for when my kids need calc help.
  7. Son's 10U team had their first game last week. We were blowing the other team out and our coach made a pitching change with one out/batter remaining. He decided to put my son in to pitch. He usually plays shortstop or third. He has never pitched before in a game or practice. I had to show him the basics and then he got his warm up pitches. They were a bit outside...think major league. Well, the first batter came up and my son promptly struck him out with three mid 40mph pitches right down the middle. We were all laughing so hard and he had such a huge smile. He talked about for the rest of the evening. It was awesome. Guess that means we will be practicing at home. My knees would appreciate any prayers or well wishes in advance.
  8. They sold off anything that was worth something...except for their jet engines. But i expect china to start taking that over soon since they bought or stole all of their IP.
  9. Those commenting on people aging a lot in 10 years... it's the wild west. Life was hard and most drank/smoke/etc all waking hours. What did you expect? I thought it was realistic.
  10. I liked it. Nice closure to an awesome series. ########## will forever bring a smile. Kind if wish that was al's last words.
  11. 📷 My wife is turning 40 in September and I was thinking of taking her on a surprise trip to NYC, see Hamilton, etc. Neither of us have been to NYC, although we've been to london, paris, tokyo, etc (for whatever that is worth). Thoughts on where to stay and what to do? Assume i literally know nothing about NYC. Kids will be in school, so we will probably leave from DFW on Thursday and come back on Sunday....maybe one more day.
  12. 1) you may not like it, but doing stuff he likes will be appreciated. 2) expand his horizons by doing things he hasn't done before. Take him camping, start a fire, fish, etc. Take him to a sports event. 3) kids are pretty forgiveable as long as you try. If you spend time with them they will be content playing fort with cardboard boxes