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  1. I've tinkered with it some more...the wifi capability is simply bad. Thankfully I have a good enough ota signal where my router is so I can keep it hooked up by Ethernet to my network. The quality is good and interface is decent. You won't be channel surfing though. You can set up your recordings via phone. So while my kids have been watching morning cartoons I set up my wife's masterpiece theater recordings. Overall I'm happy, but if someone tries to use it with spotty ota reception at their router it probably won't work because of the crappy wifi capabilities....at least for my unit.
  2. Ok, got it to work. Skipped wireless setup and used Ethernet and then realized my firestick was on my at-t router but tablo was on another that I'm transitioning to once I tell at&t to #### off.
  3. I bought a tablo and it wont connect to my firesticks. Tablo support has one week to figure it out and then I'm sending it back. Not happy at this moment.
  4. WTF Google? I googled this question and the first link had a list of states that said 12. I did the search again and it doesn't show up.
  5. Most states say 12 is the youngest.
  6. Wife just said she wants to put in a garden. So we will be doing that as a family. Maybe Monday if the weather holds.
  7. Senzatela with a gem and Rockies pounce on Cardinal's bullpen after Charlie I have the greatest beard ever blackmon chases away Martinez.
  8. I'll order from ebay.
  9. Wow...I'll stay here in red neck Oklahoma
  10. Agree. Wife and I lived in Australia for a month (pre marriage part of a semester abroad program while at school)....it was simply awesome. No way could I afford it with a family.
  11. Raising kids aint cheap. But yeah. Scout camp-$150, baseball camp-$200, courses ($70/each), baseball ($50), swim lessons (for all three $45/week), Taekwondo ($40/month), Zoo pass ($50/year), science museum ($95/year)
  12. Son (8 year old, and he selected these activities from a list I gave him) Scout Camp Baseball Camp Lego Robotics Course Minecraft Course YMCA Baseball Swim lessons 2x week Tae Kwon Do 2x week Twins (2 year old boy and girl) Swim Lessons 2x week Building a sand table All: Zoo pass Pass to Science Museum Several baseball games Several trips to Six Flags Several hiking trips
  13. You don't need any cable...it's a choice.