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  1. Thanks so much for the response. I'm sorry I wasn't clear about my roster situation. I currently have Crowell, Carson and Cohen rostered, others are on the waiver wire. We only have 4 bench spots available and we start 2 WR's. So, 3 is the maximum number of RB's I feel comfortable carrying. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all. My running back situation stinks, please help me figure out which of these 3 I should roll with for the rest of the season. 12 team, start 1 RB, 1 Flex, very light ppr (.2 ppr). Thanks. Isaiah Crowell Doug Martin Chris Carson Tarik Cohen Joe Mixon Derrick Henry
  3. I'm trying to pick up Chris Carson and need to drop either Kelvin Benjamin, Jarvis Landry or Adam Thielen. Carolina's offense is bad but Olsen just got hurt so that could help KB. Landry catches a ton of balls but for little yardage and few TD's. If I knew that Bradford was going to be out for an extended period I would drop Thielen for sure. But if Bradford comes back, he and Thielen look to have good chemistry. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    DeAndre Levy

    Just read on BR that it could be more than just a one week absence too. Ouch. Is this an uptick for Tulloch?