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  1. My personal opinion is even if all of that happens, you are still going to have people in dynasty leagues that are tainted by this situation and are not willing to pay as much for him going forward as they would have been a month ago. Maybe 2-3 years down the line if he's still putting up top WR numbers his value gets back to where it was a month ago, but it's going to take a while IMHO.
  2. It's already been explained numerous times that nobody is ever totally vindicated once accusations like this are made. Like it or not there are going to be people that see him as more of a risk after this even if he never gets charged. A players value isnt what you see it as, its what others are willing to pay and if there are less interested buyers his value goes down. Simple supply and demand. If nothing else this brought his prior domestic violence incident to the forefront and is now fresh in peoples minds. That is going to be a factor in people deciding whether or not to trade for him going forward and it will take a while to recover from that even if he were somehow totally vindicated which is almost impossible at this point.
  5. Said on Red Zone both Cooks and Kupp are OUT for the rest of the game.
  6. In addition to Cooks, they just said Cooper Kupp is also being evaluated for a concussion.
  7. This is what was reported by Mary Kay Cabot: So for people who say they never said that, do they think she straight up made this up? Its a rational assumption that if he was high he would get popped and we'd know about it but isn't it possible he was drunk? I'm not sure we'll ever know the exact reason they finally released him, but I think the people saying this absolutely wasn't about his sobriety are just as ignorant as people assuming it had to have been about his sobriety. We don't know what the exact reason is and we might never know. About the only thing I know for sure is that its pretty odd that a team that has put up with so much for so long and was so excited to have him back (remember Hard Knocks and Hue telling Haley the plane landed) would suddenly turn around and cut him because he tweaked his hamstring during a photo shoot. That is really the straw that broke the camel's back after all of these years? It apparently wasn't even a bad injury, Ian Rapoport reported the Patriots did an MRI and his hamstring was fine. While I want to believe that Josh will do well in NE, something about his release just doesn't add up to me.
  8. So bizarre how people always have such different results every year. I just had my easiest year of negotiating ever and didn't have to actually cancel. I had cancelled Sunday Ticket a few weeks ago and just watched the free preview last week. I'm still under contract until August of next year. I called and said "cancel service", I asked her what my cancellation fee would be because I didn't want to pay for Sunday Ticket Max so I was thinking of bundling my TV with my Fios internet to get red zone. She told me she could give me regular Sunday Ticket for free this year but it would cost $17 x 6 months to upgrade to Max and she could give me $25 off my bill for 12 months to offset it. So basically without any haggling at all, I got ST Max for free and bill is 8 bucks less the next 6 months and 25 less the 6 months after and then I will be out of contract next August. I would've been happy just getting it for free. Hell, I even would've paid the $17 x 6 months for it even without lowering my bill as its worth that to me, I just didn't want to pay $400 for Sunday Ticket Max.
  9. We really need a separate thread for actual Bell news, now we've got people in here arguing about which year came first.
  10. I wonder if these are the same sources that said he'd report last Monday, then Wednesday, then Saturday, now sometime in September. These "experts" just keep throwing stuff against the wall until something sticks. Eventually they will be right but right now it seems they are all just guessing like the rest of us.
  11. That's what I thought. I wasn't sure if i was just making too much of it but he looked like a guy that just got some very bad news to me.
  12. If all of this is over saving 20 touches on the season then that is just plain stupid in my opinion. I could at least understand the logic behind skipping 10 games, saving the mileage on the legs, reducing his risk of injury, exchange for a big payday next season with another team. But if he intends to report Saturday anyway and play out the rest of the year why not just tell everyone that? I'm failing to understand exactly what he gains by keeping his plans close to the vest if he is going to report in 2 to 3 days anyway? His idiot agent is on the radio talking #### about how he needs to put himself before the team, etc. He's alienating him from other players who are now annoyed with him and its getting ugly. Why let all that happen? It makes zero sense to me to let it all go this far if you're planning to report on Saturday anyway?
  13. I wonder if some of the hate is simply because he's not telling the Steelers what his plan is. I think there might be a little more player respect for his decision if he just said I don't feel they offered me what I'm worth so I'm going to sit out 10 games and show up on XX/XX/XX date. This whole keeping the team in limbo seems to have ruffled some feathers. Or maybe he's just a #### of a teammate.