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  1. Here's an even better look: So I guess this should now be called the Triple Doink Game???
  2. I would also ask who the F is this emcee who thinks he's funny
  3. Here's a stat for you. First four Titans drives of the second half: 15 plays, -1 yards
  4. I had forgotten how short a career Boselli had. I can't see him going in ahead of Mawae or Hutchinson.
  5. That won't work, Carolina has 11 wins vs. Atlanta's 9. It's not quite 100%, but if Pittsburgh wins tomorrow, figure a 99% chance that Pittsburgh beats a 99% chance that NE-Jets is meaningful.
  6. But that's exactly what got the NFL into this mess. They change a rule to "fix" one problem, but that just creates two new problems instead.
  7. And no one is talking about the biggest break the Pats received the entire game. If Antonio Brown's calf muscle doesn't tear, the Steelers win going away.
  8. Thanks. I could've sworn that there was a rules change somewhere between 2000 and 2010 that changed how the Calvin Johnson play was supposed to be ruled. Maybe it's because the old "football move" language was seen as superseding the going-to-the-ground bit, at least in the eyes of the refs.
  9. Does anyone remember why the NFL put in that "going to the ground" rule back in 2010-ish? I vaguely recall that it was an attempt to address some other catch/no-catch situations, but it seems like it's created more problems than it has solved.
  10. He heard gunshots inside, so he ran outside. Pretty straightforward. I'd think anyone else here would do the same.
  11. Do you realize there is a transcript of Bradys appeal?Maybe you should re-read the transcript. Dropkick is correct.
  12. The remaining players on the depth chart are Malcolm Butler, Bradley Fletcher, Logan Ryan, Robert McClain, Chimdi Chekwa, Dax Swanson, Justin Green and rookies Darryl Roberts, Jimmy Jean and Eric Patterson. What a pathetic group. Fletcher is the only guy who's been a regular starter, but he may be among the worst DBs in football. Butler looked good for exactly one quarter of one game last year. McClain or Chekwa may become a decide nickel back, but probably not much else. That's about it.
  13. This statement defies common sense. Are we supposed to believe that, if Brady handed the phone to his lawyer, and two days later the lawyer tells Wells "Nope, there are no text messages related to the subject matter at hand", then Wells would have dropped it?