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  1. No amount of "side action" or "extra" action from the wife is going to fill the hole/wound that has been ripped open. Side action only drags him done to her level. It will be temporary relief at best. Curing symptoms (betrayal, lies, emotions getting ripped up) of his problem (trust) with "You have carte blanche now, use it" does not move anything forward. It just drags him down to her level. Hurting her does not make/solve any long term gains-He may want to-but anger burns you just as much (sometimes a lot more) then the person you're angry at.
  2. If the players give up power to get these recreational drug penalties reduced it would be a mistake. It is way to easy to avoid the punishment-it's an I.Q. test-and if your can't do that your not going to be trusted. A VERY small number of players get caught and giving up power that effects all the players is not smart. The rules are stupid, and players deal with all kinds of stupid rules to not work a day job. Uniform rules, Training camp bed checks for grown men, Requirements to talk to the press.........
  3. No, not at the same time. Spread out over years.
  4. Four different guys isn't cheating, it's "This is good enough for me to stay around AND I get fun on the side". You might want to stay and work this out while she might decide to leave now that this is out. You'll kill your insides while trying to "save" your kids-noble effort but the kids will know something is wrong the whole time you go through the motions of trying to keep this together. I could be wrong and you hope I'm wrong but.......FOUR GUYS?
  5. It's either Bell or the NFL's drug testing administrator(s)-If Bell is even telling the truth about the phone. We still do not know how Bell got in this position. The NFL gets some stuff wrong but how they ENFORCE the drug policy isn't one of them. I'm not making the case that the policy's are right or wrong but they haven't yet (publicly) screwed up on communications about this stuff. I'm not a Bell owner and I'm not happy about ANOTHER player potentially losing time over something this NUMB.
  6. If Bell couldn't be reached I'm thinking the agent and Bell are the dumba$$. I'm making some assumptions and asking if people still believe Bell (which is trending towards NO). It's July, most of what we have for news is fluff-"This guy looks good"-or stuff like this. Most of what we have in FF right now is assumptions.
  7. Saints released once promising V Brown (injury settlement) so it's a wash.
  8. You don't know the guy well enough that whatever you say will be taken the right way. You could park something in front of your house- 2 pink scooters spaced far enough apart so his truck is out of your view from inside.
  9. Went to(and lost) 2012 SB with J Witten and H Miller(his 8 TD year). This league was PPR and flex-RB/WR/TE. 2012 Combo WR/TE scoring had Witten as 19th and Miller as 25th. I Started 2 RBs, 2WRs, and 2TEs. Points are points. I would try Olsen paired with C Fleener, D Walker or maybe G Barnidge.
  10. "Bell gave them the right number and they screwed up". That's pie in the sky dreaming. How do any you believe that the testing agency calls one wrong number, once or multiple times, not reach Bell and not call his Agent? Bell's agent is going to make damn sure he can be reached. Bell may not know or care about all the details any of the policy's but you better know his agent does. He's protecting Bell's next contract-maybe not all that well but he might not have much to work with. The other argument is maybe Bell's agent is just as numb.
  11. In this situation I bet the contact list is more then one phone number long. It's Bell's responsibility for them to be able to call him not the other way around.
  12. Player value goes up 15% every year. Any player under $10 goes up $3. $250 cap that goes up to $275 after the first week. PPR with a flex, -1 for fumbles lost and int's. "Weaker" teams will build through rookies or overpriced players. Trying to help make the league more even then fair will work for a while but you can't fix stupid or lazy. I use the word stupid for owners that either will not put the time in or don't care about being competitive.
  13. Some leagues do a 13 week season with 3 playoff weeks. 8/13=.615 not that close to half but it would feel like it since this is your 1st round pick and your playoff chances are reduced.
  14. You guys are thinking about this backwards. Group think in FF is easier to beat early in the season. Right now in MFL 10's D Woodhead is RB 20-54th pick and M Gordon RB 32-84TH pick. FBG's rankiing (PPR scoring) is D Woodhead RB17 and M Gordon RB27. Take $10 or $20 bucks and have some early fun. The drafts take about a week-even with slow guys. As Richard Pryor used to say, "Don't tighten up, lighten up". Laugh now but Gordon could be this years D Freeman-I'm sure those numbers will change as people wake up and realize Gordon will be the starter. Yes, it could be RBBC but I think it's going to be closer to a 60/40 split witch would push Gordon up to RB 13-18. Say around 200 points total and 12.5 points a week in PPR scoring for a guy you drafted as an RB3 is gold. If your that worried about early injuries maybe you should think about another hobby.
  15. The guy(s) writing down the names will remember the spots and probably instantly recall them if one of the decision makers asks-"that guy drafted by who and when?" Typing isn't the same as writing-at least for me. They could answer those question(s) before even looking at the board and a glance would confirm it. The written in name also stands out on the board-better then a different color. This is probably how they done this for years and works well for them.