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  1. Yeah, It's Horror/Suspense/Mystery which is probably why it wasn't as big $$$ as it could have been. You go to look at movies by category and Event Horizon and Alien will be SciFi and will be recommended watches while this gets pushed out or down by Saw 57 -Retirement home revenge.
  2. I think the O-line improves enough to let Rivers do his thing which now brings their WR2, WR3 into play and Gates gets his-maybe not 16 games but Woodhead could be the play if Gates goes down. Benjamin is WR2, Williams is WR3 and Gordon improves to what he was drafted for which leaves Woodhead as sometimes 3rd down RB, maybe 2 minute RB, and no way in hell as the air it out guy. I'll leave it at this. I'm in the minority(big time) and know it but I just believe the "group think" on this is off. The Chargers non improvement could make me wrong
  3. Yeah, I could be wrong. Woodhead is sliding down draft boards and Gordon is going up. D Dodd and M Trembley now have Gordon ahead in projections and both as RB2's It's trending to "safe" mode as we have no clue if the Chargers are going to be any good.
  4. You and everyone else. I know that number looks insane but if M Gordon does what I think he's going to do, which is finish right around RB 8-14, Woodhead goes for 25 rec's. RB 8-14 is some where around a 25-30 point spread in PPR. Last year was a low in scoring for RB's. M Gordon could finish as RB 24 and Woodhead still won't see 80 rec's. I know that Woodhead had 76 rec's before with SD but that's not what they want but what they can get.
  5. Maybe the Chargers were settling for the game plan of throwing to the RB instead of down field to the WR's? An offensive line that was not that good, an injured K Allen and A Gates, an aging 2nd WR, and no real step it up guys behind the starters? They signed K Benjamin and Williams is going to make them forget about S Johnson. Woodhead might sniff 30 (not a typo) catches but I wouldn't plan on it.
  6. MFL

    Yeah, so if this was/wasn't that bad how does it compare to what's going on with the Myfbg's upgrade?
  7. Have you seen Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions? If the beginning doesn't hook you, you can turn it off. It slows down to build the story/characters then takes you for a ride. Suspense with some gore.
  8. The team's name-Sorry.
  9. I think if i'm making millions of $$$$ I just might pay to have this stuff tested and not rely on an app. NFLPA only goes so far to protect player from themselves.
  10. The team that came in 5th and didn't make the playoffs gets to name next years team that picks first. That name lasts for a season-got this from here. One of my ten team keepers the non playoff teams play for draft position. teams ranked 9-12 play for the 1st 4 draft slots, teams ranked 5-8 play for the 5-8 slots. You can't tank when the playoffs come or give up (well you could but lose draft position). New one -SB winner, loser and 3rd place finisher draft their division, also got that from here. This league has been 1993 or there about so keeping things "fresh" is tough.
  11. I liked the auto draft feature and since this is the MFL10's thread i'm sure you can get some one to agree with you. I just think that FFPC watched dozens of guys enter dozens of MFL's(some 100+) and auto draft teams and decided not to follow that format. Maybe the rate of return is to low for the Wall Street guys to invade with their auto-bots but we never know. I'm done
  12. Ingram-In his 12(PPR) games only failed to hit double digit scoring once and that was a 9.4 in the league i'm in. What more do you want in a RB2?
  13. Yeah, As in they didn't get any coaching.
  14. The The long clock keeps you from picking the wrong guy. This isn't a fast draft where your dealing with position runs. You don't load up dozens of players in your draft list. This is not a "set it and forget it" type draft. Pick out 12 guys and queue them up, if you want to go WR then RB then don't auto draft. If you can't check the draft once in 10 hours to make the WR/RB turn maybe FFPC isn't for you. I like both but MFL drafts have a lot of guys time out. Two different style systems to draft best ball-maybe stick with the one you like. I don't think FFPC's intent was to mimic MFL's or vice versa. Maybe FFPC's WAS designed to keep out 100 player queue's. Drafting this early you are going to get L Green type players and you ignore them.