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  1. Dallas is $12 million over the cap. No team is going to trade for Romo with his big 2018 and 2019 salary. Dallas has to be under the cap prior to March 9th, 4PM and trading doesn't begin until after that. J Jones doesn't have the options but to cut T Romo.
  2. Cleveland doesn't make that trade -sticks with C Kessler for a year.
  3. The best thing about this thread is none of came from N.E or any NFL team-just some guys speculation.
  4. I'm one of the very few who say keeping him for a season is an option. Reason(s) stated in the my prior post. MIKE GLENNON? SLOW DECISION and/or DELIVERY? Isn't that one of his warts? This is why I don't see Houston going after Glennon. UNLESS they want to replace Osweiler with a cheaper version of the same style QB.
  5. No, they are not, but as much as N.E has success with some plug n play free agents they have had a few failures. I wouldn't guess what BB's plan is, you just have to trust him.
  6. The article doesn't mention that the Pats have a lot of free agents to re-sign.
  7. We watched Jimmy G get hurt at the beginning of this season and then J Brissett get hurt to the point of where he could barely throw a football. Suppose T Brady goes down week 5 or 6 and we are looking at J Brissett as "the guy" who is going to take the Pats how deep into the playoffs? Compound that with the Pats would then be looking at a rookie/fa as the 2nd stringer behind Brissett. Both M Patricia and Josh Mcd are returning so this team is built to win right now and next year. Keep that going.
  8. Call me crazy but I'd like to see them keep Jimmy G for the one year as injury insurance.
  9. You got everybody except C Long and C Fleming. Lots of free agents, lots of cap space. I'd like to see them re-sign all of these guys and build from there.
  10. 2nd Season first episode is out and the show is not slowing down. Good mix of all the different conflicts going on.
  11. Meru-I'm not a documentary guy but this is the one I'd list as a great movie regardless of category. Forks over Knives gives you a lot to think about regarding how and what we eat. Very good job on how things are presented and not over blown.
  12. First, Do not expect a lot of thank you's or compensation. Second, if you build these league(s) make sure you have a rule along the lines of "whatever is not covered in the rules is then up for commissioner decision". Third, if your first or second attempt at listing all the rules turns into a novel, you might want to think about starting smaller (1 league) then expanding. I wouldn't recommend voting on stuff. You make the rules they agree to play by them.
  13. "Friends/local" league or a league full of internet guys/recruits? BIG difference between the two. One difference is trust with the money and trusting you not to interfere with transactions/trades.
  14. Sorry I wasn't clear enough. I meant the guys that get caught violating the rules. The 2 or 3 players they would help protect are currently L Bell and J Manziel. Two players that through Kuckle-headedness got caught and are now in the system. I do very little "woulda, coulda, should be" posting. as we had a zillion threads on this topic alone. I've repeated my stance on this quite a few times in a number of these threads. One last thing. That four game suspension isn't for the players first time violation. I think the first two times are handled internally by the team/league and then this stuff goes public with rapid escalations in punishment. If this board had any kind of decent search engine, you would see a lot of posters are confused about the drug policy and "he gets four games for that" and "it's legal in this state" is a cry heard many times before.
  15. Green Bay gets local high schoolers (I believe)