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  1. In New England it's called a Woodchuck. Groundhog in other parts of the U.S.
  2. O.K. then. The BR600 is a pretty good blower. In an area that big, sooner or later you have to pick up the leaves. Your blowing it 40' towards what? Most landsacper's either tarp it or blow it in a pile to vacuem it. That video wasn't close to hardly any real life examples. I'll just add this, Be careful close to your house, garage, garden, or whatever.
  3. When using a backpack blower(BR600) for that large an area I would blow the leaves unto a tarp and them haul them away. We used to use the Walker mower to shred the leaves then pick them up. We would go over it with the box door open the first time then pick them up the second pass. A 40' X 40' area, you could shred the leaves, pick them up, and dump them quicker then it would take that Billygoat to blow them then pick them up. We shredded them first because picking up the leaves on one pass the box didn't hold that much. The BR700 you could probably do that 40x40 almost as fast as the Billygoat. They don't show you what model that backpack is in the video. I bet it's not even a equivalent to a BR600. That Billygoat is powerful but is a lot more limited in use compared to a backpack.
  4. I'm not sure what "tech savvy" means? You can code? Your at, or one level below, someone at an IT help desk? What blows my mind is any "tech savvy" person taking their car to a garage when their check engine light comes on. For $50(code reader) and some Youtube searching, you could save some SERIOUS money. The exemptions would be if your making $100k+ a year and your free time is more valuable or have a bumper to bumper warranty.
  5. For Auto Racing I always thought the best was Le Mans. Gran Prix and Last American Hero were close seconds. Rush might now be at the top of my list. Gumball Rally is one of my favorite movies with autos in it. For Football, it's North Dallas Forty. The other sports there are some great movies and it's all about your preference. For Boxing, I would put Diggstown above anything else, even though it's not a great "boxing" movie. Baseball has just too many greats to make just one a favorite. Basketball-Hoop Dreams.
  6. During cleanups when I was using the BR600, I could run full throttle and not have to worry too much about damaging things around people's houses. The BR700 would blow furniture off a patio, and around flower gardens you had to be very careful. That BR800? You will have to learn throttle control.
  7. The Stihl BR700 is powerful enough to blast out an acorn buried in the dirt. It could handle light snow. You'll love your backpack blower, the neighbors?, not so much. The BR800 must be a beast.
  8. Former landscaper who used the Stihl BR 700 and BR 600. Hand helds are a joke for clean ups. If your only going to use it 2-3 times a year, maybe consider renting. We never performed any maintenance on the Stihls and they started and ran great. I don't know how good the Husqvarna is, but you won't go wrong with Stihl or Echo.
  9. Right now in PPR his per game average is the same as last year. I like M Mack but he is going to be a mid to high RB2. I thought he would get a catch or two per game and that's not happening. Those 3-4 points per game would push him to RB12ish
  10. In early FFPC $35 best ball drafts, I drafted C Carson 2 times in the 4th round and once at the end of the 3rd. I took R Penny in the 6th(all 3). In the one league I didn't take him, he went 7.10. R Penny went 7.11. Edit. These are the 28 round drafts.
  11. Live. I'd love to see it. On T.V. you would lose a lot of effect. I think you would have huge problems if a 2500+ pound bot had a battery fire.
  12. Patriots are going to use the incident of A Brown releasing the pictures of the Women's kids on Twitter(?) as the reason for the release. He's not getting paid another dime.
  13. You lose scale. The bots could be six feet long or sixteen feet long and you wouldn't know. You also lose the announcers and the bot operators next to the glass reacting to what's happening. The look and feel of the show is changed. Live, that show is probably awesome. The crowd will feel it when a 250 pound bot is launched into the air. Not many people could afford to build your type of bot to just throw away. The Robots on the show are expensive. Your bots would be defense department expensive.
  14. You can't build a safe enough box for those robots to fight in. The Robot Wars bots don't have any kinetic energy weapons except for the blade on Matilda that drives down.