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  1. The trailer that is out now shows Ren training-which I don't think is a spoiler.
  2. Wicked has nailed this if your Mom is serious about the moose thing. If not this is still a great plan. Summertime in Conway NH can be a little jammed with traffic but once you are out of there it's all good. Portland has almost no chain restaurants and you can't walk two blocks without running into a place to eat.
  3. The one I saw is on the internet, so this one is new and the director is saying it has spoilers.
  4. If this is the trailer I saw before Blade Runner you will want to see the ending. The last line is Luke Skywalker's and it will make you wish the movie was coming out tomorrow.
  5. The "younger" generation will have a hard time with this movie as almost everything in today's visual media is fast frame edited. Thank you, MTV. The story line is slow and the characters are mostly one-dimensional but this is a great movie nonetheless.
  6. Replicants are slaves-slaves do not retire. They drew Deckard out of retirement. They also wouldn't send an inferior model to "retire" the nexus 6 models. If you are going to see the new Blade Runner see it in IMAX. The visuals are stunning-better than the first
  7. Right now Kelley is scheduled to play. He is going to be the difference if you make it. There are still a crazy number of Hunt owners so that cut line is going to move.
  8. Approach him with a "Can we help you with this?" attitude/message. You can cut anything that hangs over/into your yard, I would approach the neighbor first and then go with the city authorities option.
  9. Ruby 22, Isaac 16, Svetlana 88
  10. 180 players gone there is still plenty of talent left for him to drop the 4 or 5 kickers and get some decent players. This is not the disaster the absentee owner is making such a big fuss over.
  11. I don't think they only have one.
  12. I don't think B Cooks needs a lot of redzone targets to get 8-10 TD's. Is/are A Brown, T.Y Hilton, D Jackson, R Cobb, and O Beckham heavily targeted in the redzone? I list those WR's as they all are 5-10 to 5-11, 180- 200#' s and fast/quick.
  13. Exactly.
  14. The Giants had 36 TD's last year so going up will be easy. Their defense was one of four teams that didn't allow 300+ points (Pats, Seahawks, and Broncos). I think the Giants can score 45+ TD's, I don't think it will be this year. The O-line will be the ones to determine how fast this offense clicks-especially in the run game.