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  1. Bennett was due to make $7.2 million. Does that change your mind?
  2. I don't think they bring back Amendola unless it's for $1 mill a year. Agree with Crowder as Edelmen's (eventual) replacement.
  3. Amendola was inconsistent and took a pay cut several times. To replace Edelmen you need that and to be as tough as nails. I do not not know how tough Amendola is, but it's not Edelmen tough.
  4. The Steelers are very good at replacing WR's. It might not happen quickly, but it will happen. I think V Macdonald is now a good buy low player.
  5. They have Braxton Berrios coming off of IR. 5'9" 190#, was drafted in the 6th round. It's just him and Edelman that are coming back. Every one else is a free agent. Slater is just a special teamer.
  6. I think he's good to 2020 but he takes a lot of hits. It won't be a gradual drop off. In dynasty PPR he is a hold.
  7. Great at pass blocking, not sure about the run part. I'll have to disagree with that ranking. He handled any pass rush from the left which allowed the right side to chip or stunt. Agree about Flowers. BB might decide to plug n play another guy there. I think they do SOMETHING to give Brady a good shot at another ring, WR wise. They need a 6'2" burner for the outside, even if Brady doesn't have chemistry with him. They just need the threat.
  8. They have to sign Trenton Brown (top priority), S Gostkowski, and maybe bring back J McCourty if they think JC Jackson if they think he is no better then a #3 CB. Then decide on how to restock the WR's- draft or FA's or re sign the three that could leave. If they trade for a WR it will be another "guy" that they turn into a better then average player. EDIT to add- Trey Flowers is a FA
  9. The internet usage they allowed Facebook to access. Sorry for the confusion as I would consider that data.
  10. Facebook is paying people to collect data- they've going to do something with this. My guess is use it for profit. Most people would say "good for them" without a second thought that it some how ends up being bad for us. The data we generate is being bought and sold so business's can market their wares better. Suppose in the next election pollsters paid Facebook for this data-still no big deal? Instead of selling more products Facebook used it to sell ideas or candidates or allowed a third party to do this. Say the U.S gov't for example. DNC, RNC, DOD. Do you trust Facebook to make who they sell to public? And would you believe them?
  11. I only follow football. If some one can make a case for anybody but D Snyder it would be a looonnngg read.
  12. I voted undecided. After thinking a little more, this is bad. Facebook has enough influence. It doesn't need more.