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  1. Fire the guy. DO NOT WAIT. Your friend will be feel 1000 times better. You will be doing this guy(fired guy) a favor. He knows he's bad at this job and doesn't care. You can not enforce any rules or discipline when you let a worker slack off. The other workers will not respect you. Retail or not.
  2. I'm just bumping this to get a certain locked thread off the first page. Better for everyone involved.
  3. You didn't accuse me of anything. we're good on that. Could you please answer my first two questions?
  4. Joe, do you think changing owner to GM will change any one's perception of us? Do you think we care if it doesn't? I don't. And by perception, I mean a group of men playing a stupid game/hobby to the point where some leagues have championship rings made. Changing that word changes nothing, except, maybe the business image you want for this site. I understand why you would want to change it. The future is trending that way and the majority of people here are not part of it. To me, changing that term makes me look guilty of being a racist. We do not use the term "owner" in a racist manner. That should be the end of it.
  5. Joe's staff is a perfect reflection of the majority of FF owners here. Male, older, and white.
  6. More people will probably agree with you. I just consider it a different flavor, entertainment wise.
  7. is where I get movies and T.V. shows from. There is a BBC version of Battlebots called Robot Wars. It's fun, lots of characters, but only lasted 3 seasons. I use Firefox with Ublock origin enabled for streaming. If you go there and do a search for it, it the 2016 version the the blue and yellow badge.
  8. The Blues Brothers Gumball Rally Bullet Gran Prix Le Mans
  9. People should not get hung up on rankings. The difference between QB6 and QB12 is 2 points per game. There is a very good chance that half the Qb's that finish in the top 12 from 2018 will not finish in the top 12 in 2019. We still draft them like they will and the experts rank them the same way.
  10. Your ahead of the game if you realize it's not how much you make but how much you spend. Recognizing that you control your situation and can change it will keep the bad days to a minimum. In Maine some retail and fast food places pay $10/hour so to take home $230 to $250 you have to work 30 hours-that's if you can get that. If you find a job that eventually pays $15/hour you take home the same working 20 hours a week. I don't know the cost of living/wages in Philly, but I wouldn't commute for any job that doesn't pay well.
  11. Get out of retail. If you can't laugh at this stuff, it's time to move on. I was in retail for sixteen years and don't miss a thing about it except for some of the characters I used to work with. Too many people in retail act like what they are doing is rocket science and get stressed about it. It aint rocket science and their is nothing in retail to get that stressed about. You'll only learn this by leaving.
  12. I made it halfway through the first episode with the new guys then turned it off. The second show was much better and I'll see what happens with the third.
  13. Yes, A JAG He is. Their is nothing special about B Barber, M Davis, CJ Anderson, L Murray, C Hyde or J McKinnon and they are all going to get 80-100+ carries. M Davis could still be the starter.