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  1. I'll be captain obvious-there is no winning here. Just buy the guy out and cut as much ties with him as you can.
  2. Have the BIL buy you out for your lower price and then he can sell it. Another way, sell it and you take your cut and the BIL takes what 's left. You could list it at the BIL's price and show him that no one is buying at that price. If the BIL only wants you to pay him without all of the hassle I just listed, tell him to take a hike.
  3. I know these aren't series but I think these guys write a lot of good stuff. Lucifers hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, they also have a lot of other good stuff. F Paul Wilson, Frederick Pohl, Alan Dean Foster(adapts a lot of science fiction movies). Joe Haldeman's The Forever War. The Cool War(forgot who wrote it). This is just off the top of my head for Scifi. ETA Fredorick Pohl wrote The Cool War. And Stephen King.
  4. Is it coming from another person? It might have two labels on it.
  5. If the Eagles cut A Jeffrey in 2020 it would lower their cap from $36 million to #26 million. That is not going to happen.
  6. Ebay. The new rage is Facebook marketplace. The Mini is not a laptop-you changed the title.
  7. Mac mini. If you go crazy and buy a $200 monitor. $300 still gets you a lot of Mini.
  8. Between two ferns with Brad Pitt. Not the best one, but still very good.
  9. Fedex expects to deliver 33 million packages from cyber Monday and UPS is expecting to deliver 750 MILLION packages this holiday season. Amazon forced the USPS into Sunday delivery. Fedex is doing Sunday deliveries this December and will go to a 7 day schedule sometime this summer(or sooner). Simple answer-the money in moving goods isn't gone, it's just shifting, or Evolution.
  10. I believe the Bum Philips quote was about D Shula.
  11. You don't "lift" it. When you get to the edge of the snow bank you line up the edge of the scoop to the snow bank, push down on the handle and push so the scoop is against the bank and push it over. If the bank is really high, you scoop out a section of the bank and make that your spot where you deposit the snow from your driveway. Snow blower>>>Snow scoops>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shovel.
  12. Mfl is great for this as you won't have to use their horrible waiver wire calendar. MFL's live draft room is also good. Best ball is fun. Make the draft deep and do not have waivers. I just got into a best ball eliminator league. 26 round draft but you cut a player a week. If you forget to cut-you're out. FF is a lot funner when playing in a few different formats.
  13. I saw it in a cinema-pub and still loved it. Edit to add-The movie doesn't need big sound or effects to make this a great movie. It helps, but isn't what you'll remember this movie for.
  14. Go see this movie. If you see one movie a year, this is the one. It's not a "Hollywood" movie. The strength of this movie comes from the script and characters. No overblown production or drama. If you're 60+ years old and haven't gone to a movie in years, you would like this movie. If you're a 20 something and see everything, you would like this movie.
  15. The 1976 Midway is good. Good from a historical perspective but slow when they aren't focused on the battle.