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  1. Marker
  2. The Rams planned on J Goff sitting for a season but......
  3. I don't understand. M Glennon is the starter. His "best opportunity to succeed" is under his control. No one has said the rookie is the starter. He signed a heavy front end contract so I think he had an idea what he was getting into.
  4. If Glennon is a starting caliber QB, he takes the job in training camp and the rookie stays on the bench. If Glennon was that confident in his abilities he would have told TB to "play me or trade me, I'm a starter" not wait years for a chance. If Glennon is a starting caliber QB he doesn't take $15+ million from a team and then "feels cheated". He TAKES the job. A starting QB has the ego the size of, well, a starting QB.
  5. Pace controls the organization/staff. They follow him-not the other way around. GM's answer to the owner. Coach's answer to the GM.
  6. I didn't think I had anything positive to bring to the discussion-along with we do not know the full impact until this season plays out. A Jeffery? The 2013-14 version would be missed, the 2015-16 version not so much. I think M Glennon comes in and shows every one why he is a backup and not a starter. The problem could then be J Fox and staff not developing the rookie. The NFL pundits start to scream how right they were when the problem wasn't Pace's draft picks but a disconnect between Pace and Fox. Pace is probably going to be here for 2018. Fox?
  7. I don't think I'm going to change your (or anybody's) opinion. Just seeing this stuff repeated 100 times over doesn't mean it's true.
  8. I'm not looking for agreement but two 3rd's and a 4th is not "mortgaging your future" and no GM of any origination anywhere is going to pass up a player this year thinking "we are going to stink so bad we'll get the superstar next year". That is noise. This GM did his job-we (fans and media) will not know how good or bad it is until 2018 or 2019. Draft grades and "woulda, coulda, shoulda" stories are just filler until they find something better to write about. The Bears appear to be the easy target (like the 2016 Browns) so that's what we are going to hear/read about.
  9. Flap-keep up the fight. Too much noise in here for me.
  10. If M Glennon can't beat out the rookie for the job he is what he has alway's been -a backup.
  11. B Belichick knows he still has a shot at home field for playoffs. R Kraft knows there are no more year 2 or year 3 windows for Belichick/Brady.
  12. THIS draft those 3rd's might not be worth much. Let's see who is still there when this picks happen.
  13. Grant Tour is good-not great. The second season of Top Gear is getting good. They adjusted the lineup of hosts to three and celebrity guests now run on the test track with a fast car.
  14. Biabreakable covers most of the need to know stuff. Questions for you -RULES-Do you do vetoes on trades?(big mistake). tie breakers?(not a problem if you have decimal scoring). Does your commish have the power(or willpower) to settle things not covered in your rules? KNOW THIS STUFF. A weak commish can quickly make any awesome league into a bad one.
  15. Keep pushing this, I feel most rankings are crap. Rookie rankings before they get any training camp reps are complete crap. Trying to rank the FF preseason relevent RB's in Denver, Baltimore, Jax and Tampa is ??? Until we see how the O-line, Scheme and depth chart pan out rankings (without commentary) are wasting this staff's time. We need ANALYSIS of the rankings and why that FA RB that didn't get drafted fits the team/scheme better then the group think of "Well the backup RB is going to win the job". Joe, I know your going to preach about giving the customer what they want-but sometimes the customer is wrong. This is preseason noise and we want content to chew over and talk about. PLEASE, do not attempt to spend time on stuff that will not be relevant (or worthless) three month's from now.