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  1. First off, how are you? If you have questions, I'm happy to answer them in the comments, but here are my initial thoughts: I'm pretty happy with my first review. It's hard to judge a book after only a few pages, but what a good start! Here's my initial take: It's a very different sort of superhero story. There are a lot of superpowers in this book and a lot of super powers. And there are a lot of people who aren't super but they're not exactly super either. I don't think there's any way around it. This is not something that is going to be for everyone, but if you're a comic book fan who likes to geek out on the coolest parts of the genre, I think you're going to enjoy it. I do want to point out that I am still a little unsure about this book. First off, I'm not a huge fan of comic book heroes
  2. Looks like "Lips" and "loogie" will now work for "Things Found in a Garage".
  3. Chuck's reaction in his eyes the first time Yoko starts caterwauling is priceless.
  4. It's just a song I think rarely gets talked about, hence, my underrated claim. Maybe you need to rank Beatles harmonies.
  5. In case anyone was wondering, "Another Girl" has the most underrated harmonies (particularly on the chorus) of any Beatles song in their entire catalog.
  6. I do have to keep a better notebook (on myself) though. Since I'm about 3/4 of the way through re-reading this thread and re-listening to the songs, I noticed that I said the exact same thing about HT&E at the time it was ranked. I know it was said at the time, but I still am in awe of this thread and how it expanded my love for the Beatles. And, the great thing is, since no one read any of your posts the first time, the thread can be revisited for new inspiration and endless enjoyment!
  7. I'm enjoying it just as much, if not more, than the first time. Not just the re-listening, but the re-reading of the posts has been a blast. I have just gotten to the top 50, so lots of good stuff still to come. Man, I miss the heyday of this thread. There are a couple of songs that have shot way up my rankings, if I were daft enough to attempt to rank all 204, which, of course, I'm not, because, frankly, who would be, and would be strong contenders for my top 25 now if I were to re-do them. They are "If I Fell" and "Another Girl". I now realize the minor-to-major key shifts and harmonies, particularly on the chorus of "Another Girl" should have made my favorite individual moments on any Beatles song list. Of course, in moving these into my top 25, I naturally have no idea what songs I would move out. Maybe my "Monkey" love is taboo. Other songs that have moved up in my unofficial, strictly-in-my-head rankings after revisiting this thread: "Wild Honey Pie", (yeah, I went there) "Wait", "Lovely Rita" and "Oh! Darling." I find an excellent indicator of my love and appreciation for a song is when I wake up with it in my head and sing it in the shower, even if it was days earlier when I last listened to it. That's happening with these songs, in particular, a lot. Some songs have moved down though: "Act Naturally" is not a favorite, at all. Even though I'm an unabashed Paul + gorgeous melody + sappiness fan, "Here, There and Everywhere" is just too 70's AM radio easy listening for me. "Revolution #9" will always be my #204, but I think now there's no doubt "Blue Jay Way" is #203, just nosing out the Spectorized "The Long and Winding Road" I used to LOVE "When I'm 64", but I've unofficially decided it is, by far, the most-often-played-on-the-Beatles-Channel-whilst-Steve-is-driving song (along with that ####### Fool on the Hill, natch), and I'm getting sick of it. My son listens to Beatles songs while he does homework or showers. It's awesome when he discovers a new one he's not familiar with and comes and tells me about it and then we listen to it together.
  8. FATHER OF THE YEAR UPDATE: My two sons, both of whom are freshmen in high school, went to their first Homecoming dance last night. In getting the report when they got home, naturally, I asked if they actually danced, or just stood along the wall as many 14-15 year old boys will do. They said they danced some, but most of the music was "crap." I asked if the DJ took requests, and they said yes, but none of theirs were played. Turns out they both requested nothing but Beatles songs all night long, but they were ignored for some sweet Cardi B or somesuch action.
  9. I just got to "Blue Jay Way" and it confirmed for me (which I always suspected since I turn the channel when it comes on the Beatles Channel) that song is the nadir of dreck for me.
  10. I honestly just stumbled upon it when I turned off House Hunters International after my wife fell asleep.
  11. I'm already finding that Krista actually had some interesting things to say, now that I'm finally reading her posts. And weirdly, at least as of today, "Wild Honey PIe" wouldn't even be in my bottom 20. I found myself kind of digging it, incidentally way more than "Dig It."
  12. I mentioned a few days ago that I took a bit of break from nonstop Beatles that was brought on by this thread. But I've come back to the fold the last few days, even after my greeting on the Beatles Channel was the ####in' Fool on the Hill. Heck, I never watch Stephen Colbert, but I watched the whole show last night because it was all Paul McCartney. So, with that in mind, I'm going to re-read this thread. Every post. Even Krista's. I'm going to listen to every song again when I come to it in the rankings. I'm going to see if my personal top 25 changes. What this thread inspired within me, my family and this community is something I'm going to hold onto like grim death. Looking forward to getting start...hang on, this is 129 pages now? Guess I know what I'm doing until Christmas.
  13. Took a break from non-stop Beatles Channel listening on my drive to and from work. Decided this morning it was time to go back. Happily tune it over to Channel 18..... ####### Fool on the Hill.
  14. Undercover Tourist usually has them at a slight discount. We bought them there for our last trip. Not sure how much savings you'll get on only 2 days though.