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  1. Fair enough. I just worry about you with all this, uh, time on your hands.
  2. Sorry to hear this. My wife and I are both teachers, so we know our jobs aren't in jeopardy, so it's hard to fathom completely the affect this is having on so many people, even when hearing the soaring unemployment numbers. Any chance she can get some at-home hand modeling gigs?
  3. There is just such a wide latitude of what school districts are doing. We were directed to still put in a full day, give choice boards for kids to pick activities from, but make sure some use technology and some don't. Grading is pretty much just on completion. I teach in a different district than where my wife teaches and where my kids go, and they're more hardcore about it. Teachers are still introducing new material and teaching via technology, but all kids in their district have a Chromebook issued through school. They're starting to put grades in, but our state board of education has mandated they cannot harm a student's overall grade from previously. I'm proud of the work all the teachers and administrators I know in these two districts are putting in, but I know some districts really aren't doing much.
  4. Agreed. I don't see the risk and why this shouldn't be allowed. Same with driving around waving at our kids as long as we don't leave our cars and they don't congregate.
  5. I am a teacher, and our grade school had planned a parade of teachers in their cars for this afternoon to drive around to our kids' neighborhoods to wave at them and honk since we haven't seen them for weeks now. Our principal just emailed us to tell us that Gov. Pritzker issued a mandate banning all non-essential travel, so this parade can't happen. Even though I haven't even seen this mandate, it makes me said. We had kids who had made a bunch of signs to hold as they stood out in their driveways. It's frustrating. Plus, my boys are in driver's ed and need to clock hours practicing driving while they have their learner's permit and I guess we can't do that now either.
  6. My family likes going parody songs and videos that we share with friends of us. We wrote "I Wanna Wash My Hands" the other day, but I think this version is better than our amateur hour.
  7. I changed it to unlisted. Hopefully it can now be seen. Thanks.
  8. I'm a technological idiot, so I hope I did this correctly. If the link doesn't work or you can't see it, let me know. (I wasn't sure whether to make it unlisted or private.) This year, for her school's annual Spring showcase, my daughter went with a classic Bob Dylan tune. Naturally, once school was closed down, the concert never happened, and there is a real chance it never will, which is a pity for all the kids who had tried out and had been working on their stuff. We were at the house of her piano/voice teacher the other night, so we made her perform for us, and my wife responsibly filmed from more than 6 feet away. Since I've shared her previous songs with y'all, I thought this might be welcome.
  9. These truly are historic times when that phrase gets bandied about.
  10. Anxiously waiting for the companies that have my email address to get to me to increase my dong size to tell me how they're committed to getting through COVID-19.
  11. Seconded. We've never had a bad meal there, and I never knew I liked root vegetables so much until I went there.
  12. I haven't heard any of the responses on the air yet. Selecting a moment is like trying to narrow it down to 25 favorite songs.
  13. The question of the week on the Beatles Channel this week is what is your favorite vocal moment from any Beatles song. I'm thinking over what it would be for me. I'd love to hear what it would be for you guys.
  14. While we all wait, breathless with anticipation with loins a-tingling, for Krista's 2020 rankings, let me remind you of something I was reminded of this morning: The Beatles are an enjoyable band to which to listen.