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  1. Pretty sure everyone knows he'll start slow, probably as AP backup, for the first 5 games or so. However, around week 6/7, look out.
  2. Adams. In PPR, not close. I think Evans is better in standard scoring than in PPR, but even then I'd take Adams. But only by a single RCH.
  3. All this dude does is come up with clutch catch after clutch catch. He is amazing. Not sure I'd rather have anyone, outside of Hopkins, on my squad.
  4. I don't know, I think they didn't want to show anything, so they just played a basic game plan, like they would in the preseason, because they knew this one was in the bag. I agree that Sony would probably have changed it, but only cuz he's a better pure rb.
  5. While I don't disagree about the luck thing 100%, talent almost always prevails. And this kid is by far the most talented rb on that roster. Sure, it may not have been his time if those guys hadn't have gotten hurt, but by around now, they'd be starting him anyway, I believe. Couple those holes with his ability to see where to cut and then decisively cutting, woah, kid has รค bright future. I like him a lot.
  6. I'm in agreement with Jones about the nfc, but I would make the tier 3 large with the Eagles. The Packers are a good team, but tier 2 nonetheless. As for the AFC- I see the Patriots as the only tier 1 team. It feels like they are head and shoulders better than everyone right now. Tier 2 is three deep. Steelers, Chiefs, Jaguars. Then basically everyone else.
  7. On KB- Clay is still there and will eat into those targets. Shady is still there and will eat into those targets. Making KB less interesting on a whole.
  8. This is a fantastic article. Thanks for posting.
  9. He really cherry picks bad plays. Specifically ones where he shows a lack of "pro" discipline. He fails to note the other 100x Guice makes the right call and shows how decisive he really can be. And really, some of these "bad" plays are not really that bad. He never lost yards. He just didn't get as much as he might have had he made a few impossible reads. Dunno, but it feels like these plays are abnormalities...
  10. This is well produced and I understand where he's coming from, just don't buy it. He's getting to the idea that Guice's vision and decision making are poor. He uses some examples that I would have to believe are weak at best. Multiple times he shows plays where Guice has trap lanes and must decide between them. In most cases thru his career he chooses correct, but in the 10 or so examples the host chooses to show, he has very little room and instead plows forward or takes the contested yard or two. His legs never stop and when he hits these guys, they know they got hit. Whatever, everyone has their "thing" they look at during evaluations. I got little from this, but maybe this solidifies someone else's opinion.
  11. There's that rocket science reference again...
  12. Does anyone think that Jackson will make Lasley less of a knucklehead? Rosen is a vapid guy. Jackson, less so. Perhaps Lasley will learn to be a better person? Or am I just fooling myself again with another headache?