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  1. I've been using gamepass here in Germany for years. They've recently made a smart TV app that was intermittent until about week3 this season, since then, not a single problem. I think it's a worthwhile investment
  2. I think the SaLmon kid would have been of great help to the execution of that plan. Bad break he got hurt in week 1.
  3. Make no mistake, Evans is a monster, however Godwin is the better all around receiver. His route running is impeccably timed, and he catches everything thrown his way. I'm really high on this guy, and he's still a kid...
  4. This is my exact thought. If I didn't already have Sony on my squad, I'd spend whatever it took to get him. I think AB makes him a top5 guy.
  5. Ill take Jackson, white, brown and Goedert. Jackson was incredible at the end of last season and reportedly worked all offseason on his release point and timing with his receivers. White, cuz I'm not sure how much shady has left in the tank. Brown is a monster on the field. Off it, different story. Last I checked, they play the games on the field. Goedert is physically more talented than Doyle, and the Colts have a really talented athlete called Mo Allie Cox who I believe Brisset worked with all summer on his route running and timing, keeping Doyle as an afterthought. Last season, when Cox came in it was mostly as a decoy on running plays, with a few highpoint catches. They trust him as a blocker, as evidenced in the playoffs, and now with his summer work, I think they'll trust him as a receiver. That is to say, it's not that I think Goedert will do much this season, just will do more than Doyle.
  6. Realistically, what sort of line do we see him putting up against that Philly D?
  7. I watched this game just now. Well, the first half of it anyway, and my takeaway is that yes, Harris looked pretty good hitting the holes and grinding out the yards. However, the real takeaway was how well the Oline blocked and disguised the run /pass plays that ultimately left the holes open for Harris to hit at full speed. They looked the part of road graders and Wynn specifically looked awesome. He had some great blocks, but that one that allowed Bolden to score was sick. In any case, Harris looks like he has the blount role locked up. He most definitely does not look like a feature back to me.
  8. Godwin is a beast. He is physically similar to guys like Davante Adams and DeAndre Hopkins and can dominate at the high point as well as run the route tree comprehensively. His hands are sticky to top it off. This body type, mentality, and physicality is the prototype for today's NFL. Not to mention, Godwin will finish the season as a 23 year old with 3 years of success. I actually have him at 10 in my dynasty ranking. But, I love this kid.
  9. I don't think it's hard to say who I'd rather have between KeKe and Fuller. When fully healthy both are dynamic playmakers, but KeKe has an incredibly bright future. He is incredible with the ball in his hands. He is a much better player after the catch than Fuller. Not saying Fuller isn't good, he is, but his work is done before the ball gets in his hands as relies on his speed to beat defenders. KeKe trucks 'em... In any case, I realize isn't the consensus, but I've watched every snap of both of them and would take KeKe over Fuller in a vacuum.
  10. Seriously, how does the Rudolph contract change anything? Rudolph is who he is, and Irv is a completely different cookie. I don't see this changing things at all.
  11. Gerald "smallest hands ever"Everett. Guy is a baller, but those hands are tiny...