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  1. Thanks guys. You really have me thinking of going Rivers as he has been on a hell of a hot streak. Any other thoughts
  2. I'd go Funchess easily and then Gordon (I just think his upside is greater than Crabs)
  3. Semi Final dilemma: should I start Dak @ Raiders or Philip Rivers against KC? Rivers has been on a tear and has a good matchup on paper against KC but its in KC and Rivers hasnt been great against the Chiefs in his last few. Dak has the poor Raiders defense but Dak outside of last week has been struggling of late. At the moment I'm leaning Dak but would love some other opinions. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey guys I’m struggling with the choice of picking 2 of these three players in my ppr semi final (DT, Jordy, Jamaal Williams) I’m currently leaning DT and Jordy but feel somewhat leary of Thomas tonight. Which 2 should I choose? Thanks for the help. Leave a link and I’ll respond to yours.
  5. Just for dynasty perspective I have a strong contending team who has been beaten up by injuries the last two weeks and I traded Cooper and Trent Taylor for Alshon Jeffrey and Crabtree today. Other owner out of it and rebuilding. 12 team ppr dynasty
  6. Starting requirements are 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te and 1 flex.
  7. 12 Team PPR dynasty I was offered Lev Bell for Sammy Watkins and Joe Mixon. Should I make the Move? Main Pieces of current roster QB Dak and Rivers RB: Mixon, Ingram, Peterson, GIllislee, Powell, CJ Anderson, WR: Antonio Brown, Julio, Dez, Sammy Watkins, Edleman TE Gronk
  8. Tough one but I think I'd go Packer's D versus Minnesota. Please check out mine:
  9. Need a little help deciding between Alshon vs Washington or Tyrell Williams versus Cleveland. Standard scoring and for the championship. I'm leaning Alshon now with Tyrell's recent poor play but Josh Norman scares me. Any thoughts would be very helpful. Merry Christmas
  10. Cooper worries me this week. Strongly considering Sammy Watkins over him