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  1. Yay! Our president did not incoherently blabber last night and proved to us that he knows how to read! Home run.
  2. Things Trump knows better than anyone else, according to Donald Trump.
  3. And if so, doesn't that make Trump a candidate who supported and encouraged illegal activity?
  4. You're confused ... you find the president offensive, not me.
  5. Good thing I don't need to be stoned to get through my day job.
  6. So, our pro-LGBT president is recinding Obama's bathroom order. He now wants the states to decide who can pee in a bathroom. Interesting, as he said last year that people should use the bathroom of their choice, and even invited Jenner to his hotel. He also said marriage is final. But, isn't this a preview that marriage should be left to the states too? I shouldn't be too worried though because he did say he had no plans to overturn same sex marriage. ? People are fools.
  7. Or sit on the beach as most likely someone will walk up and ask if you want any. But ... not worth the headache, or so I heard.
  8. I thought Lou Dobbs was on CNN? (I never watch news on tv). WTH happened with this guy?