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  1. I've been thinking about this, and I really hope an impeachment happens. I think that makes him likely NOT a candidate in 2020, and I really would love the Reps to run someone I could actually consider as an option. As it is right now, 2020 will likely being voting Not Trump instead of picking between two options. Although, to be fair, I can't remember an election where I was thrilled with both candidates. Almost 2008, until running mates were deciding upon anyways.
  2. She was married in a courthouse. Grew up I think Baptist and Hindu. Maybe closet agnostic. Whatever the case may be, not overly religious. I'm sure if she's the candidate, doesn't really matter whatever nuance there is to her belief, she'll be painted as a godless heathen. Which, while it would make it more likely I'd vote for someone, most of America won't vote an atheist. Heck, it wasn't easy for Kennedy to get around his Catholicism.
  3. Almost certain they will overplay their hand. They should all line up behind Biden and be assured of a certain victory, but instead they'll tear each other apart and put up someone like Harris who won't win, too many people in this country are not willing to vote for someone like her due to her gender, race, and closet atheism. I personally have zero issues with any of those but find her recent positions to be nothing beyond political expediency and wouldn't love casting my vote for her. Still would though over Trump.
  4. Trump supporters: How do you feel about your political choices aligning with Russian's? ETA: Realize I just jumped in here. Genuinely curious as to the reaction. Not commenting on whether or not anything "wrong" happened on Trump's part. Just curious how you feel about a foreign intelligence taking active measures to help your preferred candidate win the election.
  5. Oh, I'm sure the DA and Sheriff did this for political purposes. They want to be perceived as "tough on crime" and "fighting sex trafficking" for the voters. I'm sure they thought Kraft was a lotto ticket that hit, not realizing that he has the means to lawyer up and destroy them.
  6. The whole increasing the sex work market increases demand and results in more trafficking? I haven't run the numbers or reviewed the data on those studies myself, but I can see that argument as truthful... yet I can also see it not making sense from an economic perspective. Supply doesn't dictate demand. I'll have to look into that angle more as I continue to crystalize my thoughts on this issue, which is quickly becoming a 2020 presidential race topic. That said, the impact of legalization and/or decriminalization on trafficking isn't the only result from those policies. For the willing prostitutes, either situation is drastically improved than the current status quo. I think that is pretty clear. It would be wise to try and consider the whole picture before shifting policy one way or another. ETA: Just re-read my words and realized I missed something. Decriminalizing will increase demand as there are people who would partake if this was legal that are currently not in the market due to its illegality. Higher demand would potentially either increase price or increase supply, likely both. So, I take back my comments about economics applying.
  7. See, I'm skeptical of that claim. Maybe because I'm awfully skeptical of Polaris.
  8. What is the percentage chance? Genuinely curious. Also, I came across this on Quora today. Definitely some unique insight: He seemed to think it is barely any trafficking situations. But, I don't know who he is or if his story there is factual.
  9. I don't think the two are identical. A police department and a district attorney are supposed to be experts and authorities that we listen to, that we believe. I'm just a natural skeptic, so I wasn't sure what to think at first. The second thing you've got to watch out for is if something fits the narrative you already consider accurate, it often makes it tough to be skeptical of those things. The opposite is also true, if it doesn't fit your narrative, you'll likely be extra skeptical. Waiting for the facts to fully come out is usually a smarter option than rushing to judgement. I try and do this. Don't always succeed, but in this day and age, I think it the wisest course. For example, I still haven't let myself crystalize my thoughts on the Mueller report, because I haven't read it myself yet. If I let someone else tell me what it is about, their bias is likely tilting their review of it, and I'm letting their bias shape my thoughts... which removes the actual agency from me.
  10. Feel free to read this and think about if you're okay with living in a country where this is standard operating procedure.
  11. When they already had sufficient evidence of prostitution occurring at Orchids of Asia to justify a regular warrant, they did not need a Sneak and Peak warrant. But they got one. Again, I've got issues with Patriot Act tools being used to publicly embarrass and shame old dudes getting consensual handies from willing sex workers.
  12. Just to follow up on this, the Jupiter PD used a delayed notice warrant (aka Sneak and Peek), something that has a very high bar to get as the person/business the warrant is for isn't notified of it's existence until like a week after it is issued. The PD played up the human trafficking thing as justification for the execution of this warrant, which then enabled them to place the cameras inside the spa. Because they already had enough testimony of customers they had stopped previously to make a case of prostitution, this warrant would've never been deemed necessary unless the PD played up the trafficking angle. These tools exist as the result of the Patriot Act's enhanced surveillance. Are any of us okay with our right to privacy being violated for a misdemeanor, when that legislation was clearly intended as way to enhance law enforcement's ability to fight terrorism? I'm not okay with it. Not remotely.
  13. I just hope this case ends up as a landmark that stops sex work and trafficking being constantly conflated with each other. Because they're drastically different things. I also wouldn't mind if this stops law enforcement from infringing on constitutionally protected rights without a damn solid reason to do so. Somehow, I doubt either occur, but I guess we'll see. Even though everyone they have on video getting handies DEFINITELY broke the law, I wouldn't be surprised to see charges against all of them dropped because LE had no reason to have gotten the video surveillance in the first place, therefor making their smoking gun inadmissible. And then I'd expect the defamation suits to roll into Jupiter. Maybe that will be enough to cause departments across the nation to pause and think before they act in these matters. I really think that decriminalization or legalization of sex work would really be a helpful step towards fighting actual sex trafficking. I know the stats on that say I could be right but also that I could be wrong. Regardless, anything has got to be better than just racially profiling Asian sex workers as trafficked and bending the law beyond reason to prosecute misdemeanors is about the worst way to combat actual sex trafficking. I just hope that we can find a better way because it is something that should happen to no one ever.
  14. It is now official. Prosector for the state of Florida says no sex trafficking at Orchids of Asia. Soooooo... Anyone want to walk back any of their previous statements?
  15. Since you worked at a non-profit, instead of having them reduce your raise, you could've just made a generous donation to them for the same amount instead. That probably would've worked out better for you in the long run.