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  1. Agreed. I actually find Season 3 to be the slowest. Season 3 has some "big moments" that people tout but overall it's not up to the par of Seasons 1 or 4, or perhaps even 2.
  2. Greatest TV show ever created. The first ep of Season 5 is pretty good too.
  3. I mean, there's a certain level of sick voyeuristic pleasure that most Sopranos watchers take in each season's "whackings," but some commentary on this episode makes me think that some enjoy them a bit too much.
  4. That ending is growing on me as I think about it. Yeah, maybe it was trying to be a little "too cool for school," but it had some merit.
  5. I often wonder what online dating sites say about our culture. Based on anecdotes I've heard, they seem to be remarkably efficient (relative to traditional "singles bar" type scenes) in getting folks together. But a lot of the "scientific" personality profiling and the fact that one basically sifts through data to find a mate seems contrary to the pleasantness of serendipity. I don't know if it indicates that we're too busy, or too consumed with work, to put time into these things....or if Americans just dig the convenience factor, or what. Of course, like Andy Dufresne, I'm one of those that lucked out and married the girl next door in my college dorm. Bless you magnificent bastards who have to navigate that crazy dating environment.
  6. Vito's Goth kid pooping in the shower....wait, wait, it must be some profound metaphor that ties into Tony's dream sequence last year!!!!! Chase is a f***ing genius!
  7. I'm wondering if the ending was coincidence or something underhanded.
  8. Bah. Maybe in Manhattan in some ritzier neighborhoods. Depends on where you live. I was able to park for free for three years living in New York. You just have to be resourceful.
  9. Wow, cool. I used to live in the Slope. Good to see that the area is FBG represented.