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  1. Thanks for this ! I'm a little less optimistic after reading this though. Brown did not seem like the difference maker after all. Seems like It was really Solder and Wheeler stepping up their game vs a terrible Niners team.
  2. I'm happy with the win if .... They only win 1 or 2 more games this year or if they win the rest of them and make the playoffs ...nothing in between
  3. Jets to promote QB Davis Webb - Webb never made the active roster for the Giants ...and now Giants repeating past mistakes with Lauletta
  4. Yeah, I'm actually pretty excited about this guy ... PFF had him rated above average last season And I've read some good things about him this Looks like a huge upgrade over Greco and to the line in general ... It's a shame Halapio got injured, he was doing pretty good
  5. So glad the Giants didn't draft Darnold
  6. Yep ... never understood why why don't bring every oline in possible. The stiffs that we have would be cut from almost every NFL roster. Only problem is this guy sounds like an Ereck Flowers clone
  7. When he was running for the 1st down a couple of drives ago ... he turned towards Myles Jack and dove at he's knees instead of away from him. Jack got up pissed off !
  8. No the last 2 times he got tackled he literal dove at the defenders knees ... not for the xtra yard
  9. What's with Wentz diving at the defenders knees as they are trying to tackle him? They should take the penalty and take his head off next time he try's that garbage!
  10. If you would like to further disgrace the organization then Colin Krapernick is the answer and on the bright side surely rock bottom! I could easily name 20 better options staring with the 3 that are already on the Giants
  11. Seems like a good pickup if he can make it all the way back From his draft profile "DRAFT ANALYSIS: Lippett is an intriguing football player who started at both corner and wide receiver for Michigan State last season. He projects better at receiver where he uses his length and ball skills to make plays downfield. Don't count him out as a depth defensive back, either. --Mark Dulgerian" "Lippett's production skyrocketed thanks to hard work, confidence and competitive fire. His willingness to accept the challenge at cornerback and play both ways is an example of why Lippett should succeed as a starter in the league."
  12. With all of the rebuilding going on and still more dumping possibly to come (Vernon and Jenkins maybe?) Giants are going to suck next year as well. So ... In my opinion they should not Draft a QB this coming Draft unless there is clearly a Franchise QB available ... I am not so sure that there is. I would rather see them draft the best 2 offensive lineman they can land in the 2019 draft and land Tua Tagovailoa in the 2020 draft
  13. Same here I can't believe everyone is so caught off guard by this comment ... Google Annie Apple or Eli Apple's mom and there are pages of incidents and quotes unrelated to her illness.
  14. I don't think he's bad at all ... I've never seen a RB win most of the time in that situation. Aside from punt returns, RB pass protection might be the most unenviable situation in football. 250 to 300 pounds coming at you full speed is usually a losing situation.
  15. You have no idea what your're talking about ... He did exactly what is expected of a RB going one on one against a 300lb D-lineman ... He got between the D-lineman and the QB. Eli on the other hand froze and curled up in a ball essentially sacking himself.