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  1. Best News I've read in a while
  2. Because I watched Vernon very closely this past season and he was a dog. He made zero effort on a lot of plays ... Particularly runs to his side. He basically quit the second a runner got outside of him. You really believe that about Beckham ... You don't trust your own eyes?? I haven't hear many teammates say anything bad about Antonio Brown ... I don't have to Possibly Kyler Murray if he drops to them ...Other than that ...I'll trade up next year fro at least 3 QBs who are better than Haskins, Dranold, or Rosen next year. I'd trade a 3 for Rosen
  3. Since taking over Gettleman did the following: 1. Refused to take a QB in last years draft - The only QB worth taking was gone 2. Keeps relying on washed up Eli Manning - Washed up Eli is still better than all of the Garbage that was available last draft 3. Drafted a stud RB with NO Offensive Line ignoring all their other issues - Drafted a once in a generation RB who was clearly the best player in the draft 4. Traded Harrison, Vernon, and Beckham for practically nothing - Vernon was lazy and injury prone and they got one of the best G in the NFL ... Beckham is a cancer  5. Let go of Collins for nothing - Replaced him with a younger higher rated S 6. Signed a bad LT to a record contract - Who was rated better than average by PFF even after a slow start Giants have draft 12 picks including 2 x 1st rounders and have cleared tons of cap space for 2020
  4. He won 2 Superbowls ... they likely would not have won either of them without Eli.
  5. Zeke ... in the discussion but prob clear #2 AB and Leveon ... 1st pick 2nd round ?
  6. What? Barkley might have 3000 total yards this season
  7. After passing on Darnold ...LOL!! ... and Josh Rosen !!! ... Rosen's already replaced and Darnold is 2-3 years away from replacement
  8. No way ... the Giants like their receiving weapons. I luv the Daniel Jones with the 17th pick idea ... he's as good as haskins
  9. God No...hope they are waiting until next season for a QB
  10. That's about what I would expect from Haskins. Bridgewater , Tyrod Taylor, Bortles, Tannehill are all QBs that could be had for nothing that are as good or better than Haskins
  11. Blake Bortles for a conditional Draft pick >>>>> Haskins for the #6 pick in the Draft
  12. Very very good point ! The supporting saftey cast was disgraceful last season!
  13. Yeah ... and how many other Safties get flamed by Ertz, Kittle, ? And there are 2 major components being able to tackle in the box is one of them. How many good covergae Safties can do that ... Overall I think Collins is probably a top 5-6 Safety. Looks like the Giants are getting a top pick next year ... I really think they need to forget about QB in a year of bad QBs and focus on building both lines. with a new line with a year or two of experience then you grab your QB ... Tua, Herbert, Fromm etc ...