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  1. Yeah I know ... just one of my spontaneous rants ...But Gettleman on the other hand cant be #### canned quick enough !!! What a horrible job of mass destruction he has done in 3 years !!! P.S. I dont feel better about Thomas after reading that
  2. I dont know what the Giants are going to do wih Solder next year. His salary cap hit in 2021 is $16.4 million with $13 million in dead cap and In 2022, Solder’s cap hit will be $22 million with only $6.5 million in dead cap. He's fairly young as far as Tackles go but he was coming off a down year in 2019. Dispite the down year ... his 2019 PFF rating (64.7) would easily be the best of all Giants starting Olineman in 2020. Zeitler leads all starting Olinemnan at 60.7 this year Based on the following ... I would guess the Giants are going to either release Solder after 6/1/2021 or try to renegotiate his deal to keep him at $7m-$8m per year for the next couple of years PRE-6/1 RELEASE or TRADE 2021 2021 Dead Cap: $13,000,000 2021 Cap Savings: $3,400,000 POST-6/1 RELEASE or TRADE 2021 2021 Dead Cap: $6,500,000 2022 Dead Cap: $6,500,000 2021 Cap Savings: $9,900,000
  3. Draft another LT ???? They just drafted a LT with the #4 pick in the draft
  4. Matt Peart was their best Olineman in Week 6 and had 6 snaps in week 7 ????? WTF ??? This while Andrew Thomas looked worse than ever. Engram absolutely sux ... He and Thomas are releaseable at this point they are so useless they will never be good players. I know Thomas is a rookie and the #4 pick in the draft ...he cant play at this level . Either switch Thomas to RT or Guard right now or release him ... He wil lnot be a a LT in this league and I seriously doubt he will be any better at RT ... maybe a guard when Zeitler is gone but I doubt he'd be any better than Lemuix
  5. My heart hurts I want Gettleman fired tomorrow to make this pain go away ! I never understood waiting until after the season to fire a coach or a gm. Let someone new come in now and have some time to evaluate the team and and interact with the coaches. What this guy has done is incredibly bad topped off with Andrew ####in Thomas!!!!!!! Andrew Thomas has No Chance !!! None !!!! Zero !!!!!!! 0!!!!!!!! Nada !!!!!! of becoming a decent player !!!!!!! He makes Flowers look like Jonathan Ogden!!!!!!! Ive never in my life seen a Tackle get beat so bad on some many damn plays's disgusting !!!!!!! How could you be so gaddam wrong !!!!!!!!! Everyone new it ...... There were 3 cant miss tackles and we passed on all of them for this !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Cowboys are getting destroyed by Arz ... Giants are going to be 1 game back of the Cowboys and .5 Behind Eagles who they play Thursday
  7. I kinda want the win ... It's a strange season so far and the NFC east is winnable Giants are probaly the healthiest of the 4 teams ... Iand I feel like they are making progress weekly. Who knows ... A young team with new coaches could surpise.
  8. This is encouraging ... Peart ended up with a close to elite PFF grade of 89.7. He was elite as a run blocker with a 93.4 score in 15 run-blocking snaps
  9. Yeah unfortunately I dont think we are going to have a shot at Trevor ... The Jets are making a serious push and how Ironic would it be if we lost Trevor to the Skins after losing Chase last draft . On the Bright Side ... If the Cowboys lose tonight the Giants are 1 game out of 1st place
  10. yeah it's weird ... Most players dont look as good when you remove their best games.
  11. Giants are dead last in rushing ... so the running game has certainly been a major problem. It does seem to be getting better ... the team as a whole has improved over the past couple of weeks after that San Fran debacle. Also interesting .... PFF has Jones rated much higher this season than last. He is currently QB 13 with a 75.4 grade (65.9 in 2019) ...ahead of a lot of big names Big Ben, Brees , Herbert and Burrow to name a few
  12. I would have taken Herbert in a heartbeat over Jones ... I was pushing for the Giants to pass on a QB in 2019 because Herbert and Tua were available ... that was before Burrow even became a household name. But ... and I do know if you were one of them but just about every fan on this board said the Giants absolutely had to take a QB and most were pushing for Haskins . I even said wait a year and sign Tannehill and got flammed for it . You dont Draft a QB high just because you need one ... most of them bust. You wait until there is someone special available. Herbert Tua and Burrow are special.
  13. Right ... And Burrow leads the NFL with 5 ... again the point is not that Jones is better than Burrow. The Point is that young QBs Struggle ask Peyton Manning ... He had 28 Ints his rookie season ...Jones had 12 Through the 1st 3-4 games the Giants Oline ranked 31st in the nfl and their running game was dead last ... They are missing their star RB and the #1 WR. Not many QBs would thrive in that environment