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  1. Great news that the Giants are improving and I think they will be top 15 oline if they stay healthy The Bad News is The Eagle and Cowboys are ranked #1 and #2 in the NFL and the Redskins are ahead of the Giants at #14. Not sure how a line with Flowers could be ranked so high? ...It certainly didnt work for the the Giants
  3. Sounds like Eli was trying to oil the squeaky wheel and it backfired. Should Eli have been able to control O'dell ... yeah probably but that's also on the coaches. Odell is one of the biggest physco personalities in the NFL and probably tough for any QB to handle never mind a rookie QB. Google Odell Beckham and look what comes up ... there's' not a positive thing written about him. Google Jabrill peppers and see what the coaches and and Giants writers are saying about him ... they are raving about him Giants got Peppers, Dexter Lawrence and Oshane Ximines for O'dell .... I think they will come out way ahead on this trade
  4. My son just saw Hernandez and Wheeler hanging out together in the gym ... Happy Family !!! Luv to see the Olineman bonding !!!!!
  5. If you don't think Odell was a problem you weren't paying attention the past few years ... Imagine a Rookie QB having to deal with this nut. Watch what happens in Cleveland this season with that compilation of egos and nut jobs ... I would not be the least bit surprised if the Giants have a better record then Cleveland this season. Cleveland is a rising team coming into this season but I think they are likely to implode instead. I'm not the only one that thinks Odell was an issue ... my boy Zac Shomler "Strong Opinion Sports" did a great review of the situation ... Here you go
  6. Because he pressured Eli into to throwing the ball to him and would rant and rave if he didn’t. So Eli would force it I to Odell whether he was open or not resulting in a lower QB rating. if he could screw up a veteran like Eli imagine what he would do to an I experienced rookie QB
  7. Eli had has worst QB rating when throwing to Odell. That maniac would destroy a rookie QB before he even got started.
  8. Giants seem like a real happy family right now DBs look great from what I've been hearing. Peppers is all over the place and a vocal leader. Bethea been the mentor,. Beal starting at CB and has looked great. Baker has looked great and Love has been versatile. The attendance has been near 100% And Odell has shown up for 1 of his 6 OTAs ... good riddance!
  9. I'm pretty excited about the Giants right now. Maybe I'm being over optimistic but from 2nd half last season till now I think the Giants have improved significantly. Was looking at the PFF ranking for Giants O'line last season they were way down at the bottom first half of the season Around 25-27 range and ended up 21 overall. Then added this beast And Remmers to improve 2 of the weakest links from last season I think they are going to easily be a top 15-10 Oline if healthy
  10. It says it was "minor" back surgery and the deal is only 1 year @ $2.5 million so low risk. He played for Shurmur in MIN and Shula in CAR so not much of a learning curve. Best case - veteran starter and upgrade at RT tackle ... worst case - depth and competition
  11. Without a doubt ... Giants were under 2 minutes away from going 7-1 the 2nd half of last season. They lost 2 games by 1 pt and 1 game by 3 pts in the final minute or seconds of each game. Giants averaged 34 pts in 3 of the final 4 games without Odell and over 30 pts in 7 of the final 8 games ... So they can score and their line should be much improved. They butchered their 1st pick of the draft but still had a very strong draft overall. I can see 4 of the draft picks starting or making significant contributions on defense ... DT Lawrence, Baker, Xman and Love. This plus the addition of Golden who should be a significant player on D makes the defense much better than the end of last season
  12. I think Gallman's a pretty good player ...certainly better than Rod Smith.
  13. Whether you want to believe it or not ... the Giants were a much better team the 2nd half of last season. they were 4-4 and lost 2 of those games by 1 pt and 1 game by 3 pts (a FG with :22 seconds left) . They could have easily been 7-1 the 2nd half if their defense didn't blow 3 leads in the final minute or less of each game. They averaged 27 pts over the last 8 games ...31 if you take away the TEN game which they got shutout ... they averaged 34 pts in 3 of the 4 games without O'dell. In those last 8 games they rushed for over 1000 yards and 8 TDs (equates to 2000 and 16 Tds over 16 Games) ... They started the season with New Coach , New Offense and entirely new Oline so as expected it took some time. The line is going to be much improved with a year together and the addition of Zeitler at RG. Probably not this season but Saquan will have a 2000 yard rushing season and I believe this season he will break the the Yards from Scrimmage record ~1800 Rush ~800 Receiving
  14. Giants will be a much better team this year than last and possibly make the playoffs with Eli at the helm. Aside from the 1st pick I though the Giants had a very good draft ...until they started getting shot. I like Jones as much as any QB other than Murray but I am sure they could have gotten him lower ... if not Haskins or Lock in the 2nd would have been sufficient. I personally would have waited until next season but I think they can win with Jones. Other than blowing 1st pick and pick in rd 5 LB RYAN CONNELLY ... think this was a throw away pick (god knows why they didn't take Mack Wilson here) ... Thought it was a very strong draft
  15. At least some of these guys were signed by the Jets Alabama LB Jamey Mosley (CJ's brother) LSU S John Battle Akron CB Kyron Brown - Dolphins Central Florida OT Wyatt Miller Wake Forest WR Greg Dortch