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  1. I'm not sold on Van Noy ... He's going to be 29 and seems more like a system player to me ... he sucked on Detroit and he's been good not great on NE Williams is a better player than you think ... he's great against the run and made the Giants run d much better and he pressures the QB the problem is he did not get sacks ...that could change with a legit Edge Rusher. He's Younger than Armstead and untill this season was a much better player than Armstead who most people feel was aided by the addition of Bosa. Giants should not resign Golden. He is another system player and will command more money then more talented players because of his sack totals
  2. Theres' a very Good Podcast regarding this ... 5 Steps to create $24 million in Cap Space The majority of it by getting rid of these 4 and it would put the Giants over $80m in cap space. None of these guys made positive contributions and at least 2 of them could be replace with younger better players with just the $24m saved leaving the Giants with over $60m in cap space With that cap ... I'd like them to sign Conklin RT or Scherf (If he could Play either OT) Edge Rusher (Fowler or Collins or JPP) MLB (Littleton or Shobert) S (Simmons, Harris or McCourty) Resign ... Leonard Williams Then Draft in the 1st 3 rounds Simmons MLB LT Center
  3. Too much Cleveland and Miami trash ... I don't like that
  4. Thouroughly unimpressive interview ... actually hard to listen to it was so uninspiring
  5. He didn't need to ... Gettlemen's computer guys told him that Judge had a great OPS and WAR
  6. This is very important considering how often the kick Return team is going to be on the field
  7. This team has hit rock bottom ! Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes ? Trippin for Trevor ...Losing for Lawrence?
  8. Just read that it is possible Garrett sticks in the NFC east as an assistant or coordinator under Judge .... That would be the absolute worse case scenario buts sound highly unlikely to me. We need a GM !!!! This guy is a complete moron !!!!
  9. The fact that you have never heard of him is all you need to know ! Holy ####!!!!!! What a desperation move after Rhule signed with Carolina. I had actually changed my stance and was hoping that we would go after McDaniels over Rhule. Instead we get the position coach of the worst position group on Pats !!!
  10. It's Rule or nothing right now! I dont believe McCarthy would be much better than any of the recent clown shows that weve been watching. I'm not impressed that he only appeared in and won 1 superball throughout his career with Farve and Aaron Rodgers as his QBs and was eliminated 8 of 9 times in the post season. He was also involved in a lot of controversy with the Packers for the way he handled the Favre/Rodgers situation and was criticized for conservative play calling in big situations that eventually cost him his play calling duties. He has also been pretty bad with the RBs/Running game throughout his carreer .... the last thing in the world we need is someone who is not going to get the best out of Saquan Oh and he spawned Ben McAdoo
  11. Lions playing great and up by 14 over GB ...Go Lions !!!!
  12. You think they sit Eli now to keep him at .500?
  13. If the Giants win another game this year it's extremely unlikely they will get a chance at Chase ... Now unfortunately I would rather root for the eagles to beat the Giants than lose the #2 pick. This was a nice win ... The Youngsters showed great improvement and they looked better without Jackazz Rabbit!! Giants are still in the 2 hole but it would be a disaster ti win another game!
  14. Hopefully they play good today show improvement and we lose the game. Winning today would be bad. ideally i would like t o see the Giants lose the next 2 games while showing improvement and then kick the #### out of Philly in the final game of the season to knock them out of the playoffs.