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  1. Absolutely disgusting display by the Giants @ Dallas last night. If the Giants lose next week @ Hou ... I'm going to start routing for the #1 draft pick
  2. He lost his job the year before ...and then showed up for training camp looking like JJ walker.
  3. Because he was pissed off about being benched
  4. Colin Kapernick first took a knee because he was pissed off about being benched. The media turned it into a political protest and he went with it.
  5. They couldn't find a better veteran than Tanney
  6. Couple of potential NFL Cuts for the Giants to consider Kony Ealy - 3-4 DE/OLB - Drafted by Gettleman in Carolina Jonathan Cooper - If John Jerry is cut Cooper better fits the hog molly profile - Drafted and played 2 seaons in ARZ while Bettcher was there TJ Clemmings - RT/LT drafted by the Vikings and started 14 games under Shurmur as the Offensive coordinator
  7. Game Observations ... I would trade our QBs for the Browns QBs in a heartbeat ... Mayfield looks great ! Lauletta looks like our best QB, Eli looks like Eli 2017 (Don't think he wants to play anymore) and I see why they did not play Webb last year. Our Def Front Seven look really really strong and deep against the run ...against the pass still TBD Like the veterans/leaders that we've added ...Solder on the OL and Ogletree on Def (even though he got toasted by Njoku) plus Stewart,Barwin Lot of happy faces on the sideline they look like they are having fun and getting along RBs look great Saquon (Love his personality),Gallman, Stewart, and Martin from Rutgers looks great Corners and Depth look like a big problem ... Eli Apple still sux and turns his back on the play regularly Odell looks like the next Michael Jackson or Sammy Sosa ... was hoping he would straighten out once they got rid of his boyfriend Brad ,,, that hairdo has got to go
  8. 6'1" is Good size not OK and he was projected to be a top 5 corner in 2019 ... it's a potentially great pick for a 3rd rounder.
  9. Julio is possibly the most overrated WR in the NFL - 1 double digit TD season in 7 years on one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL Odell had as many TDs (3) last year in (4 Games 2 starts) as Julio in 16 starts Odell - TD totals, 12,13, 10, 3 (38) Julio - TD Totals 6, 8 , 6, 3 (23) Per 16 game average Tgt Rec Yds TDs 170 107 1506 13 169 108 1657 6
  10. Thought is was going to be McAdoo
  11. Than I bet you didn't know he was David Beckhams brother
  12. Gettleman has done an outstanding job handling 3 difficult situations O'dell, Flowers and Eli Apple. I'm glad to see that they are not giving up on 1st round talent. Flowers is still only 24 has potential to be a very good RT and Eli Apple is only 22 both of them have an opportunity to revive their young careers.
  13. If you know anything about Barkley, the Giants or the Giants RBs you would not even be the slightly concerned about that happening. Barkley will average at minimum 18 touches per game ...1200 rushing 320 receiving and 10 TDs ... but more likely to be something like 1500 400 16
  14. If I had to guess I'd say huge potential TEs succeed maybe 10% of the time ... that's probably being generous. I know the the Giants alone have gone through 2-3 huge potential TEs over the last 4-5 years. Gathers didnt even play high school football and hasnt even gotten into an NFL game in 2 seasons