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  1. I don't think he is pushing Baker into nickel/dime coverages ... Baker pushed Beal out during preseaon and has more game experience then Beal. Baker has been playing much better the last 2-3 games. I think the Giants will look to move Jenkins to a contender for a pick if Beal can stay on the field. Than Hopefully get Love and Ballentine involved in nickle dime coverages
  2. Dallas would have to be 1 of the 3 wins ... so assuming they beat the Cards and Jets they would have to pull out a win vs Dallas ... or better yet win all 4
  3. It's the same players killing the giants over and over again Hilliman, Stupar, Hamilton and Jenkins Hilliman and Stupar just don't belong in the league ....not even on a practice squad Hamilton is all pro covering plays in front of him (short passes and Run) and peewee league covering mid to deep AKA behind him Jenkins is getting lit up by any decent WR ...He had a big game vs. the hapless Skins and has been absolute garbage against everyone else 2 or 3 of is picks have been gifted
  4. Never said he wouldn’t play this week? Get it right or shut it. Mono is a generic diagnosis when someone feels sluggish and the Drs can’t find a problem. Well .... must be mono. or maybe he just sux
  5. If he has a couple of turnovers and poor decisions I guarantee you the team trainer will find some swelling in his spleen or elsewhere
  6. Now Shep has another concussion and is probably done till at least after the bye ... week 11 Engram is nursing a sore knee
  7. I thought the Giants played really tough against the Vikings ... just got overmatched. the Vikings defense is absolutely loaded at every position. Offensively their line was tough and Dalvin Cook is unstoppable... I thought the safety on the 1st play after the Peppers strip was a horrible call by the Giants and the turning point of the game. A couple of changes that need to be made immediately are RB - Hilliman is not an NFL back. He is way to slow and with Gallman In Concussion protocol they should sign Jay Ajayi ASAP! LB ... there are guys on the street who would be an Instant upgrade over Stupar ... ie Brandon Marshall ... either of them. Stupar is really bad! Peppers is turning into a star ... he looked like LT on a few plays yesterday. The classic LT strip from behind at the goal line and the reckless pinball, ricocheting off of Thielen and Cook and laying them both out in the backfield. Shurmer not challenging PI in the end zone was stupid. BS Taunting call and hands to Face cost the Giants dearly ... neither should have been called Very good chance the Giants pull that game out with Barkley. They may have even had a chance if Gallman didn’t get injured
  8. Interpretation: Darnold is healthy enough to play ...but he's still not good enough to play.
  9. While I don't disagree ... last week everyone said, yeah but it's just Tampa, who followed up their loss to the Giants with a 50 plus point thrashing of the 3-0 Rams. Giants have played the Cowboys 3-1, Bills 3-1, and Tampa 2-2 ... a pretty tough schedule. They won their last 2 games with a rookie QB and missing their best offensive weapon and one of their best receivers. Their defense is very young and has arguably gotten better every week ... I know they are not great but the Gints may be better than we think. The loss of Connelly is pretty huge especially since we are already down 2 ILBs. I think they can surprise at home vs Min this week ... I'm most concerned about Dalvin Cook with our LB shortage. NY vs MIN weekend !!!!! Go Giants !!!!! Go Yanks !!!!!!!!
  10. Thank god we did not draft him !!!!!! Haskins looked really ... really ... really .... bad !
  11. Like a journeyman coming off a good game ... or Fitzmagical
  12. Jenkins was a disgrace ... but the Giants certainly deserved to win ... after all they scored more pts than the opposing team and that's kind a the idea. I think the PI reversal on Peppers was BS that's not what the review was put in place for. The exact thing happened to Slayton earlier in the game and the Giants didn't review (they shouldnt have) and then the lost a review on a play that was also PI in slow motion ... It was put in place to stop obviously terrible calls like the one that happened in the playoffs and the refs did not reverse anything in the preseason unless it was a blatantly blown call. Bucs had at least all couple of obvious off-sides that were not called
  13. Last Year Darnold went through an absolutely horrific stretch ... embarrassingly bad games 7-9 an unheard of 43 QB rating culminating in a 0 TD 4 INT game against the vaunted Miami Dolphins He completed that game with no physical issue but Lo and behold developed "a foot injury" in practice the next week..."insert LOL" oh and just in time for his bye week and just in time to avoid the Patriots which he coincidentally will do again this year "insert LOL"