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  1. And that was with a Rookie QB and their top 5 Offensive Weapons missing time with injuries and Suspensions. Tate, Saquon, Shep, Slayton and Engram combined to miss 24 games. They never had their offense together at any time. Add the Oline should be much improved ... I agree Offense will not be the problem
  2. He apparently made that prediction without even taking the OC into it. "Oh, and Jason Garrett, I forgot they brought him in as an offensive coordinator."
  3. This is insane. I loved LT and knew he was great but never really appreciated this part of his game as much as the sacks. He was actually better against the run if you could imagine sucgh a thing !
  4. I dont think they will wait that long. Yes they foolishly invested a ton in him but he came in with a terrible attitude , was the Worst CB in the NFL as a rookie and now faces 8 criminal charges ... Whats the upside at this point? He becomes a avg to below avg CB with a POS attitude As soon as they get an opening ... ie Baker is placed on the exempt list or a video or some other damning evidence surfaces , Giants will cut their loses and Baker will be gone.
  5. Suurprisingly the Giants did not resign Cody latimer
  6. Rumor that some in the Giants organization had concerns about Bakers attitude before they traded up and drafted him
  7. "Dunbar's lawyer, Michael Grieco, showed the judge five sworn affidavits that both sides confirmed came from the same parties (four victims and one witness) that the detectives spoke with. The prosecutor found it "suspect" that the witnesses recanted within 36 hours and that their affidavits were related directly to Dunbar."
  8. It's the same witnesses that gave sworn video affidavits to the police? Also the reversed affidavits apparently ony cleared Dunbar not Baker
  9. He was at the scend of the crime ... his lawyer confirmed it. Baker has a firearm registered in his name. There are sworn affidavits from 4 victims and another witness. Report that Baker and Dunbar had lost roughly $70,000 while gambling at a Miami party earlier that week. Yep that's all I need to know. His POS lawyer might get him off but ...he did it
  10. Loser costs the Giants 3 picks and himself $10M ...didin't need the money so just doing it for the sport of it. Hope he never wears an NFL uniform again ... Good riddance !
  11. Everything that I had seen from him from the time he was drafted was concerning. You could see it in his interviews and body language and then off course his play and bad attitude
  12. Are they resposnsibel for his salary if he is charged for this? or does it come off of the cap?
  13. If this is true ...I hope the POS loses every penny he signed for and never plays in the NFL again ... And Gettleman should be fired asap for trading up to darft this POS. Gave up a 2nd 4th and 5th to move up 7 spots ... great judge of character Gettleman You could tell this guy was a piece of crap last season with hi crap attititude ... I guess the $10M contract he signed wasnt enough to get by. 2 Gettleman trades 2nd, 4th, 5th for Baker 3rd 4th and $16M for Williams (for 1.5 years)
  14. Here's a good article on the Giants O'line ... Looking at the higlights of Gates broughty back the embarrasingly bad memory of Saquan getting ##### slapped by Adams againts the Jets. They should show that play in film every week to make sure Saquan never slacks off as a blocker again. If you want to be the best RB in the league ...that cant happen ever again!