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  1. Whatever. I already apologised for misunderstanding your situation. If continuing to throw slings at me helps you feel better, then continue on. I'm not bothered by misunderstanding something, acknowledging it and if I still need to be swung out, fine. There's always the ignore button that anyone can use.
  2. Ok. I've given some countering thoughts as food for thought. Not everyone is doomed for life as some here make it sound. A lot of us have gotten on ok or even very well as I mentioned about that gal who was held captive for years tortured and raped. Point is with help and time one can move on. Doesn't mean you forget. I've structured my life such that I have very few family left. I'm alone. But I'm happier and wouldn't be had I not worked hard for it and suffered through the losses and fears. I'm sorry not everyone can reach that level even if they seek help. I guess I'm tired of reading doom and possibly pity. My last word on this is there is hope. I pray people struggling can find peace and move on to a better life. Don't let the controller win, for any type of abuse. Abusers love to have you kept down. Take care of yourself and be strong. They hate that. Peace.
  3. Again with assuming. My family is well off but I am not. Don't assume because family are that so are you.
  4. Where did I say we get over it. I said you don't forget but with help you move on if you seek help. It's not healthy to let that control your life. It's not easy and takes time but the you don't want that person to win is powerful. And remember, rape isn't about sex. It's about control.
  5. Not really. Those who don't seek help don't do well. That's why the metoo thing came from. I had family not believing me. That and other crap made me decide to cut them out of my life. You eventually get in to survival mode then anger and you don't want the perpetrator to win. So with help you can move on.
  6. Yes. And from many. Because what it means is you don't forget. But if you don't forgive you can't move on. You'll be your own prisoner in your life. Similar to the Cleveland abduction where they got help. The one that was there the longest and had it the worst was just on a talk show. She's married with a kid now in a happy life now. This doesn't happen until you can move on.
  7. Yes. Because after years of being sexually assaulted by my uncle, I got help and with time I moved on. Call me dumb.
  8. Allegedly raped. And 16 years later good chance she's moved on if it's true.
  9. I don't think that 100% him saying that means it was. It could have been rough consensual sex. No one knows for sure. The guy is dead. His wife and kids are what matters. Hopefully Vanessa and Natalia aren't reading such posts. It's done. He impacted so many people positively. I'd suggest you watch the memorial. Jordan crying, Vanessa's strength and grace. There is forgiveness and moving on. I did.
  10. If it's actually diverticulitis maybe ask about antibiotics. When I had mild diverticulitis they put me on antibiotics. Then the diagnosis becomes diverticulosis which is always there but harmless. Just need to fiber up more.
  11. You don't want to hear those terrible words I heard. You aren't completely cleaned out. You need to redo it. 😟😫
  12. Living in earthquake country, I have a weeks worth of food and water. What sucks is I found stock from 2015 when preparing for chemo and the cans have all expired. I'm not much into canned stuff. Even a box of cookies I never opened was not only stale but absorbed the plastic smell. So that's why I don't stock up too much. Lots of money gone. I have a couple hundred in cash. And if it's not good enough then I'll take it as my time to go.
  13. Watching memorial now. Wow, the speakers at this memorial. Learned more about how Kobe was. Amazing. Vanessa did a great job holding it together. Beautiful speech.
  14. Nothing alarming stood out though since we can't tell what my pelvic cramps I get from time to time is from a med se or not. So need to schedule a pelvic ultrasound. Ugh. Last one was in 2017 so I'm due. Going to schedule colonoscopy end of March/early April. Need to see when my other doc appts are next month first.