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  1. Reminds me of Jane Fonda way back when with the black panthers.
  2. He must stand his ground. My situation with my family is judgemental and I had to get rid of most. Best decision ever, but I hope for all you it won't come to this.
  3. Stop what. The family is smart to demand an independent coroner to review the case.
  4. We'll see. Nothing would surprise me. The coroner's report imo is setting up a defense of he had preexisting conditions. The way it was written imo makes me think it's the police who hired him. I don't know. Too many times we've been surprised. I wouldn't be. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. If convicted, he'll be sent home with ankle jewelry because of covid.
  6. Or the tactic is to go for what can be argued and if it won't fly, you go down. Murder 2 fits. We'll see.
  7. No it's not. It took almost 2 minutes after the other #### said there's no pulse that he removed his knee! That's where intent comes in. Someone tells the dude has no pulse, he still decides to continue holding him down. Did not even let up to confirm if there is a pulse or not. None of them!
  8. I'm curious to know if the knee cut off oxygenated blood supply since the aorta is on the left. Oxygenated blood leaves the left ventricle via the aorta out, which includes supplying the lungs.
  9. My thought too. She was trying to stop them blocking a door at Target with a little knife. Noble but dumb.
  10. And holding that press conference calling for more videos (wtf??) and that dude that said there is evidence it may not be criminal poured gasoline on the flames. Big mistake. They are looking to get them off. I wouldn't be surprised if they rule cause of death something other than anoxia. Absolutely disgusting. I think tomorrow and Saturday are going to be worse.
  11. Sorry to hear. I don't get the July deadline she's issued. Imo be prepared for the worst. Glad to hear you are establishing strong support networks. Maybe you can find a group that can help you sort stuff out, people going through the same thing. Support groups with like people are valuable. Imagine life without her in detail. After the emotional part, think about how you would rebuild. You are kind of doing it with building support networks.This exercise isn't saying you are giving up. It makes you think and helps you should it not work out. Gl. xx