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  1. They are wonderful pets. Every gp owner should bookmark forum and study it. Every topic is there. Stones are usually caused or exacerbated by a diet too high in calcium. After 6 mo you need to use high quality pellets like KMS Hayloft or Oxbow and cut out high calcium veggies. All proper care info is on the forums on Just because yours had a problem doesn't mean they all do. A lot of cases is user error or old age. For any animal, always educate on proper care and pros and cons before getting it.
  2. Lisa Marie Presley's son committed suicide. 😢
  3. Just had the test. Have to have it before a procedure on Wed. Uncomfortable. Long sticks are inserted up each nostril moving a bit for 15 secs each. It had a slight burning, tickling sensation and tears reflexively flowed. Still have a headache from it.
  4. These have been around since at least the 90s. It's come a long way with the least invasive techniques many use to implants. I remember scheduling a lot of revision surgeries for the metal on metal implants. We've gone from 2 to 4 days or longer in the hospital to, at least with my surgeon, outpatient hip replacement surgery and partial knee replacements, and many qualify for outpatient single knee replacements. Cutting edge stuff I've witnessed over my many years working for Sah and Dearborn who are both directors of The Institute For Joint Restoration and Research here in the Bay Area. Hence my huge interest in what could be coming.
  5. Headline story. If I recall, she was the first teacher/student case. Cancer got her at 58.
  6. My aunt did bilaterals with my doc at 72. Harder PT, but if you have help at home and you want to get it over with, most just do both. One was hard, but my aunt is 10 years out doing well happy to not having gone through the grind twice. My right one isn't bad and it may never become bad despite the arthritis. It felt just as bad as my left because it was working hard to compensate. No one can tell for sure how long before a revision is needed. It could be 30 years, it could be a year. A lot depends on your body and the activities you do. Hobbies like swimming and biking are much better than running, jumping sports. Next time I see my doc I'll ask about stem cell. He's a researcher too at the Institute For Joint Restoration and Research, Dr. Sah. Good luck! If you have questions about knee replacement, feel free to ask. X
  7. @dkp993 Stem cell for cartilage regeneration isn't there yet. I've worked with joint replacement surgeons. I had my knee replaced last year by the doc I used to work for. You have to keep up with the PT. First 2 weeks are critical for range of motion. I did and at my po I was ahead of the game. I feel fine and walk just fine for a very long while now. Surgery was last year at age 54. I would have done it much sooner but cancer intervened. The age thing is what they throw out there. If you're quality of life sucks bad, do it. A quality implant with a joint replacement specialist like my surgeon will get you over 20 years. The surgeons I worked for, that's all they do, least invasive hip and knee replacements. All hips are released same day and even many single knees. Depends on your health. MRI shows soft tissue. For looking at your cartilage, xray is it. If anyone does this stem cell thing please post how it went/how it's going.
  8. I didn't think so. If you're on the ventilator more than a week, odds of survival drop the longer you're on it. Poor guy had other issues too like. He certainly fought hard. God bless him.
  9. Poor firefighters. Lots of illegal firework fires kept them busy as fire season has started in Cali.
  10. RIP Nick Cordero, broadway actor. 95 days in ICU. 41 yo. Healthy. Fought a good long fight. No idea how he got it. Leaves behind a wife and 1 yo son.
  11. Nick Cordero, broadway actor. 95 days in ICU. 41 yo. Healthy. Fought a good long fight. RIP
  12. Especially when it's illegal. Non stop for hours. Some sounded like a bomb going off which would cause a neighbour to scream.
  13. For sure. I was taunted and bullied for having a funny last name and a different nationality but at least me and my family weren't physically harmed.
  14. Walking 2 miles to and from school by myself in 7th grade.
  15. Awe, your wife is looking down on you proud of your fight. So happy to hear you're doing well! 🙏🏻xxx❤
  16. Just checked the gofundme page for any update from Feb and there is April with pics of part of the first floor. 👍
  17. Instant Memory (book) Ordered on Nov 14, 2000 I forgot I have this book...
  18. Thinking of you. 🙏🏻❤
  19. Reminds me of Jane Fonda way back when with the black panthers.
  20. He must stand his ground. My situation with my family is judgemental and I had to get rid of most. Best decision ever, but I hope for all you it won't come to this.
  21. Stop what. The family is smart to demand an independent coroner to review the case.
  22. We'll see. Nothing would surprise me. The coroner's report imo is setting up a defense of he had preexisting conditions. The way it was written imo makes me think it's the police who hired him. I don't know. Too many times we've been surprised. I wouldn't be. I hope I'm wrong.
  23. Really? Whatever. Ignore can be one's best friend..
  24. If convicted, he'll be sent home with ankle jewelry because of covid.