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  1. I have a lot of my own but they're really good at curating playlists based on your interests. The Discover Weekly playlist refreshes every Monday with new songs based on your listening patterns, and they just started doing doing Daily Playlists which is broken down by genre and really well done IMO. Big fan of the Spotify.
  2. Why is your boss still with you? Do you guys go to fancy uptown bars and strip clubs every single night? Seems like a waste of an awful lot of money.
  3. When is the FBG league draft??
  4. Penis on your butt
  5. Life must be so hard when you're that smart. Seems likely to stab. I rescind the beer offer. Best of luck if you move here.
  6. Oh this is THAT guy? Didn't he also have some weird deal about peeing in a jug when living with a roommate? Forgot the exact scenario but I remember thinking "whoa this guy is insane." Anyway OP, if you move here let's have a beer. Please don't stab me.
  7. This thread is fascinating. Alphamale CSTU shtick is the worst, but all the goobers claiming he is messing up by not making out with her are absurd. OP seems to have a pretty good handle on things. It's been less than two weeks. Four young kids involved, many years of living next to each other. IMO much more important to get to know the person rather than jump straight to intimacy and the complications that come with it.
  8. Knew I'd find you fellas in here.
  9. For Richardson Ten50 BBQ is probably your best bet. I like it but I'm not a huge BBQ snob like Disco Stu. I'm sure him or Bogart could recommend better places, but they probably won't be as close by. If you're in to old school arcade games there's a dive type of place called Freeplay Arcade in Richardson. $10 cover for unlimited games. Obviously not a place for bottom, but they have a decent beer selection and a bunch of retro games. There's also a taco joint about a block away open until 3AM called OMG Tacos. Dumb name but tacos are great especially when hammered. I can't think of too much else in Richardson worth mentioning. It's still very much a suburb town. They have an Alamo Drafthouse now which is a decent spot to catch a movie. For live music and dive bars Deep Ellum is the best spot IMO. Pecan Lodge is the popular BBQ restaurant down there. GM's recommendation of Lower Greenville isn't bad either. Not as many bars and there isn't really a music scene there any longer, but a lot of really great restaurants. If you just want to ogle young good hots stumble around puking on their high heels Uptown is worth checking out I guess. Expensive and full of dbags but that comes with the territory. Feel free to PM if you have any specific questions.
  10. Well, it will be eventually. Ohio is the 25th state to legalize medicinal marijuana, so we're up to half. That's just in the last twenty years, with most of them being fairly recent. There are more states than just Colorado where it's recreationally legal, and they seem to be doing just fine. Hell, it's basically legal in the capital of this country now. But there are still a lot of people like you (no offense) who buy in to the negative stigma of the plant. Particularly in the south, unfortunately. Just curious, if one of your reasons for wanting it to be illegal is due to the smell of it, do you think cigarettes should be illegal? Personally I think that smell is way worse. In your opinion should adults be allowed to smoke marijuana in the privacy of their own homes where you don't have to smell it?
  11. Of course the second statement is not offensive. It's all about context. I don't think your original comment was nefarious or intentionally racist, but it certainly came across poorly when you're detailing a negative experience you had and inject race into the conversation despite it not being a factor. I never accused you of being racist. And I'm not trying to be overly sensitive PC police guy, although you do seem awfully defensive about this. Sadly racism is something that a lot of Uber drivers have to deal with. There are passengers who cancel their request when they see that their driver is black. It's pretty ####ty.
  12. You're the one who thought it was worth mentioning. I was just curious why it was relevant. Seemed like a pretty odd thing to specify, regardless if she were white, Mexican, or Asian.
  13. Never had this experience, interesting. Couldn't you have just waited until the car arrived to enter your destination address?