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  1. Aren't you a financial advisor or something? Curious why you think ~10k in annual gambling winnings wouldn't be subject to income tax?
  2. Mooooobin. Miss you. Doubt I'll have the time to dedicate to this, kind of got burnt out with Gears. I do miss it though, sure were some fun times. Fire up the draft imo.
  3. That was a close one, gg! Thanks for organizing this again Tim. Always enjoy participating.
  4. Kutta made quick work of me. Looking at ChessTime stats I am now 0-3 against him in these tourneys. GG!
  5. GG. Sorry I was a little slow, work has been unexpectedly busier than usual this week. Enjoyed the game!
  6. I think Irish said he was willing to use lichess, which IMO is better than ChessTime (has both a mobile interface and can access through web). If I get matched up with him I'd be fine using lichess, but would probably prefer not to play by notation. Tim, do you have the CT usernames saved? Might be helpful to include them on the match-ups or matched up with FBG users on the first post. No biggie though. Invite sent for my matchup, I'll switch to black once accepted.
  7. I think there was a scene where 2015 Hays mentions to Roland that he met with Hoyt once but never told him about it.
  8. Helps to purchase BNB (Binance's own coin) to pay for fees, reduces them by 50% and prevents getting fractional coins like this. BNB value itself has been doing very well lately as Binance popularity is increasingly. Binance also has a "LaunchPad" platform where users can get in on ICO's which are purchased with BNB.
  9. Lived here my whole life and haven't even heard of half the places being thrown around in here. How much would a dinner at Uchi run me? You ever go to Yama over off Forest Ln? Lunch sometime?