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  1. Chasec defeats scoobus. Gg
  2. Awaiting invite from @shader. My username is chasec
  3. I'll play again. Thanks for running it, Tim. Username is chasec
  4. Really enjoyed this movie. Personally I think the biggest plot hole is that our military would allow some podunk kid to stream the equivalent of Alex Jones's InfoWars at their top secret military base. Only thing I'm confused about.. Why did Louise wait to tell Ian about their daughter's fate? Couldn't she have just explained it all beforehand? Perhaps he would have made the same decision to proceed, but what purpose does it serve to hide it from him only to tell him anyway after she's born? I guess it's a free will vs determinism thing, or maybe I'm just missing something??
  5. Don't forget pantagrapher. Not as frequent but the arrogance and condescension was so revolting when he chimed in. The damage Trump does to this country may set us back decades. Well done.
  6. I have a lot of my own but they're really good at curating playlists based on your interests. The Discover Weekly playlist refreshes every Monday with new songs based on your listening patterns, and they just started doing doing Daily Playlists which is broken down by genre and really well done IMO. Big fan of the Spotify.
  7. Why is your boss still with you? Do you guys go to fancy uptown bars and strip clubs every single night? Seems like a waste of an awful lot of money.
  8. Penis on your butt
  9. Life must be so hard when you're that smart. Seems likely to stab. I rescind the beer offer. Best of luck if you move here.
  10. Oh this is THAT guy? Didn't he also have some weird deal about peeing in a jug when living with a roommate? Forgot the exact scenario but I remember thinking "whoa this guy is insane." Anyway OP, if you move here let's have a beer. Please don't stab me.