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  1. Haven't been playing much but I'll try to make some games soon hopefully. I owe a buy-in for @Northern Voice so next time he plays I will cover it.
  2. Yeah, it's weird. Every time I've hit the Cancel Tournament button PokerStars sends an e-mail notification saying tournament has been cancelled, but it never actually goes away. Hopefully no site issues tonight.
  3. They still gotta make that sweet play money rake to pay the bills IMO.
  4. Ahh, yes you are right. Looking at a random play money tournament table and all hands are stuck. Lots of people just chatting about it. Well damn.
  5. Weird, seeing the same thing you guys are. I tried to manually cancel it but it won't let me. I guess that particular tournament is frozen. I created another tournament at 8:15 CST in 10 minutes. Maybe that one will work..
  6. Okay, pushed it back 30 minutes to it's original time.
  7. I considered this as well, but they're currently set to 5 minutes, and the next interval would be 10 minutes. I think that would have a larger time impact than the 3k->5k starting chip stack. I guess we'll see how tonight goes. We can continue to tweak things as the group sees fit. It just seems like when we have a decent turn-out it quickly devolves into an all-in fest.