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  1. Would love it. Packers should offer a pick.
  2. I think Davis is a good receiver but I agree, this team needs speed in the middle of the field. Davis doesn’t do that. Just need to keep an eye on the cuts. Some speedy slot reclamation projects will be available. Davante is awesome. Alan Lazard intrigues me. Other than those two? Ooof.
  3. Interesting your solution to getting run over in the Championship game is to add a running back in the second round instead of addressing the defensive deficiencies? The D could not stop the run in the first second third or fourth quarters. Receivers were not getting open at all. We addressed these issues by signing Devin Funchess, and ignoring the front 7 except for signing Christian Kirksey. I am okay now with the moves understanding we need a short 2-3 year rebuild (hopefully) . Let’s just not try to justify these moves as an attempt to help Rodgers or the D. Gute and Lafleur era will be defined by their decision this year. Could be genius we don’t know right now - Love can be Patrick Mahomes and AJ Dillon can be Jerome Bettis. Love can also be TJ Rubley and Dillon could be Brent Fullwood. Time will tell.
  4. Green Bay was 6th in the NFL last year in time of possession. The defense was plenty fresh - the way to solve defensive issues was to actually address the defensive issues and not use the first two picks on positions that were already the strongest on the team. The moves were made because Packers are embarking on a new era and saying goodbye to the current one. The reasons why don’t really matter to me anymore. Management needs to be honest instead of all the coach speak rah rah that is going on right now. If you wanted Rodgers to stay as long as he wanted you would never have drafted a qb in the first round (you would draft players that help the current roster) Try to keep Rodgers calm this year as no way he can be traded this late in the game. And start to put out feelers for trade partners next year.
  5. Rodgers isn’t going anywhere this year. 2021 is a different story. Packers are going to have to take the hit.
  6. Just don’t see it with Akers at all. Shocked he went in second round.
  7. He has a basic contract - his signing bonuses was $2300. If the packers cut him they don’t take any hits. Very standard contract.
  8. We need to solve the slot situation. Boggles my mind it continues to be ignored.
  9. Would be a great story but nothing indicates Begleton will be more than a special teamer if he makes the team. Hope he proves me wrong.
  10. Hearing rumblings that John Ross will be odd man out in Cincy. Gute should be on the phone right now offering late pick. Could use that speed and explosiveness in the slot.
  11. Even if they tried to tank they wouldn’t get the top pick. Defense is too good and will keep them in most games. They will find whatever mismatches they can on offense, like always, and keep going to it until someone stops them. And they still play in the weakest division in the NFL. Wouldn’t be shocked if they get to 9 or 10 wins.
  12. Packers got exposed v the 49ers (twice) last season. They ran down our throats and shut down the receivers. Anyone thinking we can win after not doing anything to significantly address needs (qb is not a need, rb is not a need) is in denial. I think a lot of us, after being irate over the draft, have accepted that we aren’t winning another championship (North, NFC, or Super Bowl) during the Rodgers era. what will infuriate me is if the front office doesn’t start focusing on extensions for young players and cutting dead weight while they can withstand the cap hits. And there better be a plan to trade Rodgers next offseason with an understanding of how to absorb the pretty large cap hits.
  13. I think when I accepted the front office has closed door on playoff window the Love move was fine. Many had him going anywhere from 15 to end of first.
  14. I would give Lafleur a lot more credit if he was just honest.
  15. I was one of the fans that felt we were a few pieces away from super bowl (rotational run stuffing d tackle, run stuffing middle linebacker for d, fast slot receiver and speedy outside receiver and receiving tight end on O). The Packers did NOTHING to address this (although I like Kirksey, guy just can’t stay healthy). They aren’t winning jack as constructed and front office didn’t do anything to solve the present. Good news is there are pieces here. The Smiths on defense are 27. Clark and Jaire are young and impact players. Some solid role players on D too. Its really going to depend on Love and the development of some offensive players (Jace for example, and the hope Dillon wasn’t a horrendous pick). now front office needs to get cap situation manageable so if that means post June 1 veteran cuts or just cutting bait in bad salary take the cap hits now.