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  1. If the Knicks ship Carmelo Anthony to the Rockets, they must insist Houston takes a couple of their bad contracts. . . Like Hardaway Jr. and Ron Baker.
  2. Rooting for him, just don't see him having an impact.
  3. Stud. Has been since he stepped foot on campus.
  4. You guys are going to be disappointed in Obi. I have seen every one of his college games, multiple times. Shocked at how much love he was getting leading to the draft. Poor tackler, undisciplined, and takes horrendous angles. Rooting for his success because he is a Husky but I just don't see it.
  5. I say pass on Charles. He is pretty much done due to injuries. Unless he wants to sign a 1 year 1 million contract
  6. Surprised Noel Thomas wasn't drafted. You guys got a solid WR as UDFA.
  7. I like the Dupre pick. Blue chip recruit, suffered through injury and truly horrid qb play. Can definitely see him sticking.
  8. Aaron Jones was a steal. Love that pick!!!!
  9. McNichols, Perine to name a couple off top of my head.
  10. Plenty. Very deep class.
  11. Would like to see TT take one of the many solid running backs still available with one of the 4ths. Great value there.
  12. Really need to shore up the middle of the D. Not liking the NT and ILB situation right now.
  13. Darn would have liked McMillon. Pack need a physical middle linebacker.
  14. Bernard hurt and Hill has been mediocre.