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  1. Game is over. Saints are going to regret that terrible 3rd down call.
  2. I definitely think this is an admission Fultz is a colossal bust. The faster the Sixers make him a DNP daily, the quicker they improve.
  3. Pretty much how I feel. I really enjoyed the show but the last episode went against everything they were building up.
  4. That’s the part. Came out of nowhere.
  5. Almost had a heart attack at the scene. Great show.
  6. If you are going to new haven for pizza go to Modern. Best pizza in town alothough Pepe’s is really close. Sally’s is very overrated.
  7. Who said Celtics don’t need them? I think Celtics fans concerned about signing their young guys are saying they might have to deal them. I think Hayward is being tossed aside by some for Tatum but Hayward is a fantastic player. I think the future (3 years from now) Celtics core is Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown, and Tatum (horford could be their best player, but he is not getting any younger). It’s going to be tough to sign all three.
  8. Well that changes things. I thought he signed for longer. So looks like things are being set up nicely. Irving leaves, Rozier signs long term deal.
  9. It’s not Hayward’s contract Celtics should be worried about. It’s Irving’s. Hayward’s injury while nauseating, was clean. Irving had his second knee surgery. I fear he won’t be the same. in hindsight Hayward likely wouldn’t have been signed if they knew how great Tatum would be. But he should still be very good for the Celtics. Don’t think he is going to score 25 a game again but he does a little of everything.
  10. I never got the lumping an entire teams fans into the same category because of a few knuckleheads. A philly fan should understand.
  11. You don’t think field position is extremely important?
  12. He was mediocre. Packers were bottom third in most punting stats.
  13. Not sure why you see it as a wasted pick. They got a starter in the fifth round. And it looks like an impact starter. had him as a 3rd or 4th round pick.
  14. People always tend to overlook special teams but it is such an important part of the game. Not sure why people questioning taking a punter in the fifth round, especially a punter who was very very good. And especially since we had a bad punter. It’s a fifth rounder, and it was spent on a player who can hugely impact the team. I’d say that’s good value in the 5th.
  15. I’d have to take a look. I lived in jet country when pettine was dc and I remember the linebackers getting majority of sacks. Could be completely wrong. When looking at the draft again, it just doesn’t look like there was much depth for edge rushers. So I understand them not taking one. We have seen what happens when we reach for need. I 100% believe that defense need to be built through the front seven. The Eagles has an absolutely relentless pass rush. Forced hurried throws and took pressure off the secondary. My hope is we generate enough pressure to take heat off the guys in coverage.