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  1. Heading to game Sunday Night, hoping for a miracle.
  2. Adams needs to get paid and Cobb needs to restructure or get released. He just isn’t as quick as he used to be. I hope next year we spend a little on a veteran backup who can win a few games if Rodgers goes down. Focus on pass rush on d.
  3. I’d like to see them hire Ben MCadoo as O Coordinator when he is canned by the Giants.
  4. I think you are overreacting a bit in regards to talent. Every team needs to have qb production to be successful. Right now we are trotting our a simply terrible qb. He can’t run an offense, has zero pocket awareness, and has poor accuracy. That is the issue. If the Packers signed even a average backup they would be way more competitive. defense has been put in horrendous positions thanks to the O. Run defense has been playing well. I have been impressed with Mike Daniels (as always), Kenny Clark, and Blake Martinez. On offense, receivers are fine except Cobb looks like has has lost much of his speed. When your starting tackles are hurt most of year, yes things are going to look bad. Complete swing and miss on Martellus Bennett. Tough to criticize running game when you are down to number 3 back. There is quite a bit of talent on this team. But the qb steers the ship and we have arguably the worst in the league right now.
  5. Hundley is not a good qb. Not sure why people are still discussing. Pack need to part ways with Bulaga, Matthews, and Cobb in the offseason. Obviously a healthy Rodgers changes dynamic on O. As for the D, the secondary will be better with a pass rush. Need to find players that can rush the passer. I know, easier said than done. This is a lost season. Need to get cap in good shape and releasing the above underperforming veterans will help.
  6. Does it look bad?
  7. No sure if this team can win one more game with Hundley at helm.
  8. Fultz continues to look atrocious but Ben Simmons is going to be a star. What a player.
  9. Fultz is playing like hot garbage. He has a long long way to go. Glad Celtics traded down for Tatum.
  10. Celtics need to come out of this "asset era" with Anthony Davis or Russel Westbrook.
  11. If the Knicks ship Carmelo Anthony to the Rockets, they must insist Houston takes a couple of their bad contracts. . . Like Hardaway Jr. and Ron Baker.
  12. Rooting for him, just don't see him having an impact.
  13. Stud. Has been since he stepped foot on campus.
  14. You guys are going to be disappointed in Obi. I have seen every one of his college games, multiple times. Shocked at how much love he was getting leading to the draft. Poor tackler, undisciplined, and takes horrendous angles. Rooting for his success because he is a Husky but I just don't see it.
  15. I say pass on Charles. He is pretty much done due to injuries. Unless he wants to sign a 1 year 1 million contract