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  1. And Ross Stripling goes to Angels as well. Very nice deal for Angels. Get a guy who mashes righties and a really solid starter in Stripling. Jo Adell coming up soon.
  2. If I were a gm I’d be calling reds ASAP about senzel. Could get a potential star for pennies on the dollar.
  3. I think it’s good if they let Blake walk. Great effort but limited.
  4. And I hope it’s also his understanding that he needs to cut Graham ASAP.
  5. Henry is great when he plays, not good. Of the two tight ends he is far better than Hooper.
  6. I love the Jenkins pick, hit a home run there. I think injury affected Savage. He is going to be a nice center field safety, just wish he was tougher against the run. when I saw Gary I thought if he adds 10-15 pounds he can be a Cullen Jenkins. Stout against run but could also push the pocket. At the very least he should be a down lineman on obvious passing situations. I really feel packers wanted the two linebackers that went and maybe Hockenson (who would have been a great fit in this offense) I have a good feeling about Jace. I anticipate a nice jump. The best news is that the issues packers are having can be fixed rather easily.
  7. It’s just crazy to me that a guy with such a quick first step is so invisible.
  8. I think best comparison is Darryl Gardner. He was a top five talent who slipped in draft because his production didn’t match his talent level. Had a few excellent years for the Dolphins. But I agree with general premise that there are more misses than hits on players with loads of talent but not matching production.
  9. I think talent wise Hunter Henry is the best tight end available by far. And will come cheaper than Hooper (who will likely get 9-10 mil per season) he is a solid blocker and a fantastic receiver. His versatility is perfect to match with Jace at tight end. he is priority number one to me. This is a tight end based offense it’s time to get an excellent tight end. He is 25 years old too.
  10. He would be learning from two of the best in the business. I would love if he could develop into peak year Nick Perry. A force on the edge against the run and an underrated pass rusher. He has the talent to be more.
  11. I’m hoping Gary can turn into an edge setter, we really need to see him improve. It’s crazy watching him, he has an amazing first step off the ball for a guy his size. But then. . . Nothing. Needs to learn a pass rush move or two. He gives effort but needs to finish plays.
  12. Although inconsistent I think Savage can be very good. Has speed and can cover - but man, was he avoiding contact on Sunday. Got trucked one time and then took horrendous angles. I think he had the worst game on defense and that is saying a lot.
  13. I think this draft they can draft best player available with their pick in the following positions - D Line, O Line, Wide Receiver. i have a feeling it will be receiver because there is some top end talent that will be available with their pick.
  14. Agree on Jace. I think he takes huge leap in year two, I really do. But I disagree on spending big on tight end - Lafleur’s offense utilizes two tight ends quite a bit. Having an elite tight end would really make this offense hum. It’s honestly priority number one for me, then slot receiver. I am a huge Hunter Henry fan, would love for Packers to scoop him up. As for slot we need a dependable hands guy, someone who Aaron can look to on 3rd and 4 and know he will get open and make the catch. If they go with speed as the number two opposite Davante I would have zero problem with them signing a guy like Danny Amendola. I said before I wish they would call Jacksonville to inquire about DeDe Westbrook because I think he would be a star in this offense.