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  1. I don’t think they are done in free agency and I kind of like what the gm is doing. I think he sees a depressed market and can get some bargain one year free agents. So he gets some prospects for pricey veterans and then replaces the veterans with similar or better free agents. Smart move. They have some infield help on the way in minors too in Willy Adames and Christian Arroyo. These trades netted them several prospects that immediately ranked in their top 10 while shedding salary. Just a great job.
  2. I actually think the Rays are going to surprise. I think Archer is an ace, Snell is going to take a huge jump, Honeywell is going to be great when they call him up. offense obviously is predicated on people staying healthy but their is skill there. Cron will hit 30 homeruns with 500 at bats, kiermaier is a 20-40 threat, Carlos Gomez is better than Souza. They are not going to be bad. Mark it down.
  3. Definitely putting $$$ on Cubs to win series. Almost feels like they are forgotten. Bullpen worries me a little but Darvish and Quintana as a 1-2 with that lineup is pretty darn good.
  4. Tony Dungy weighs in:
  5. People keep mentioning money. Did the Pats offer more money than he would have made as Colts HC to Stay?
  6. I think this is spot on.
  7. Who has less character and integrity? Robert Kraft or Josh McDaniels?
  8. I haven’t seen a royal rumble in years but that was horrendous.
  9. Paul Pierce could be the biggest baby in the history of the Celtics organization. Just embarrassing.
  10. I think majority of Celtics fans especially on this board are reasonable. I remember Celtics were panned on this board by sixers fans for giving up the number one for the number three and passing on the legendary Markell Fultz. Wonder if Sixers would take Tatum for him.
  11. Interested to see what the sixers can get for Reddick when they realize their season is over. He is having a nice year. Would be a huge addition to a contender.
  12. Doubtful. Maybe a late lottery. Dont think it’s going to end well for him. I was completely joking when I compared him to Johnny Flynn earlier, but now that might be his ceiling (with his floor being Moops’ current basketball skills)
  13. Fultz couldn’t lead his college team to a .500 record. I doubt he can lead a nba team filled with soft players to win either. Any pick in the top 5 would have been better than Fultz. Stinks.