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  1. From an objective observer - they need to start fresh. The window is over for them and there are 4 good first round qb prospects. Bench wentz see what Hurts does rest of the year then cut Wentz in offseason and take astronomical cap hit - cut all bad salaries and take cap hits next couple of years. Focus on 3 year rebuild. Trade players with value like Miles Sanders. Because this roster as currently constructed is very bad.
  2. They have the money and Jones is an elite back. They need to let Jamal walk and pay Jones. In a normal year I would be livid at the money Bakhtari got but this is it - the closing of a small window. Have to maximize cap now and pay the Piper down the road.
  3. To be fair he has been abysmal in every facet on D. He looks totally unprepared out there. Huge drop off from last season.
  4. If the Packers were say the Jaguars and far away from competing then they should not resign Jones because it wouldn’t make any sense to. But Packers have a small window. You get creative with the cap now and pay the consequence when Rodgers retires. When you have a player like Rodgers at the end of his career you play to win now. when Rodgers retires take all the cap hits in a two year span and stink for two seasons to clear cap and get good draft picks. Packers are doing exactly what you shouldn’t do.
  5. They just need to stay the course. They get Lawrence and it’s a 2-3 year rebuild, they win a game and all bets are off.
  6. Could have drafted a running back in 2021 or signed a complimentary back (they are not expensive). Aaron Jones should have been re-signed prior to this season and should still be re-signed. running back in the second round was an absolute waste due to the fact The window is closed in 2-3 years.
  7. I am using my eyes and have not looked at any analytics but man does it look like Preston Smith’s play has dropped off a cliff. This team isn’t sniffing the super bowl which is a shame - the defense is an embarrassment. Run over by San Fran in NFC championship game and do nothing of substance to address d. They should do Rodgers a favor and trade him in the offseason, he deserves better.
  8. I don’t like to get in to who he could have drafted. Easy to name players after season is underway. I don’t think anyone will dispute, however, his choice to draft a qb and a Rb in first two rounds was beyond dumb.
  9. Tristan Thompson was a solid signing as was Teague. Celtics bungled sign and trade with Hayward but both signings are upgrades. I think Thompson is pretty underrated and Teague is an upgrade at backup point. No reason Celtics can’t compete for East Title - it’s them and the Heat, Raptors and Bucks next year.
  10. Definitely homerism - don’t think many would take Simmons over Tatum, not in today’s NBA.