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  1. UCONN football season ticket holder, I think Kyle Buss has a chance to play in the NFL. UCONN’s passing offense was anemic, but when the QB could get him the ball, Buss really impressed. Great route runner, I think he can be a great slot guy.
  2. I do appreciate what Clay has meant to the organization but I hope he was just joking.
  3. I have a very good feeling about Marquez Valdez-Scanling taking a huge leap and giving Packers reliable deep threat and maybe more. I don't have as much confidence in the other draftees from last year. So that gives us Adams, who is a monster, and MVS. Where is the option in the slot? Maybe Geronimo Allison stays healthy and contributes on the outside. I will say there are a ton of young receivers on the roster, maybe a couple take next step. I just want Aaron to have a reliable receiver in the middle of the field that he has confidence will catch his passes.
  4. I like what the Packers did here. Athleticism and team speed definitely increased. If Dexter Williams’ head is on straight he could be a very nice addition to the running back rotation. Heading into year the only two positions I think need to be addressed are wide receiver and ILB. Hope packers scour the market after June 1st cuts to find that slot receiver they desperately need. I’ll say again I am really excited about this defense. Speed, athleticism, versatility. Pettine bas the parts he needs to truly run his defense. I think with increased qb pressure our secondary is going to look a lot better. it all hinges on Rodgers health, but this is a super bowl contending team as constructed.
  5. What’s Packers space look like? Definitely don’t want to extend Agholar.
  6. Would love if they can nab him for a 6th. Completely forgot Eagles are trying to dump him. He would be perfect.
  7. Wonder who will be available on the free agent market or if any team is looking to deal a receiver for a later pick.
  8. I think it’s a very low risk trade for Dolphins. First, Rosen doesn’t have an albatross of a contract so if he doesn’t pan out it’s not going to crush their cap and they can still get Tua. Second, lost in all of this is that’s Rosen was a top pick last year and has a ton of talent (i think he is better than any of the QBs in this years class)
  9. Highly productive player in best conference. Nice pick. (still need some offensive playmakers)
  10. Highly productive player in best conference. Nice pick. (still need some offensive playmakers)
  11. Savage brings a lot of versatility to Pettine’s scheme which is important. He can play safety and corner and although he is known for his ridiculous speed, what I like reading is that he has tremendous technique and instincts and will come up in the run game. Gary’s best football is in front of him. You can’t teach that ridiculous first step he has, and at a minimum he is going to control the edge in the run game. Based on first step alone he can be a terror as a rusher. He just needs to develop more moves once he gets to second level. i remain extremely concerned about ILB next to Martinez (burks was atrocious) but this defense is going to be really really good. Versatility at each level with pass rushing ability now. That alone will make the secondary better. now just need to give Aaron a few reliable safety valves.
  12. The best move would be to take Allen and Lawrence. This is a rebuild. Build up the trenches and then build out. Dolphins get it. Giants don’t.
  13. Hockenson is one of the safest picks in the draft. A devastating blocker, a very underrated receiver. It’s no surprise what type of offense they want to run (two tight end, run run run) and he fits the offense like a glove. Excellent pick.