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  1. another David Foster Wallace movie?
  2. BOOM!
  3. why does the poll default to 1 choice? what is this, North Korea?
  4. i'll take the ibex.
  5. SIERA overperformers: Koehler, Buehre and Shelby topping the list. Teheran and Alfredo Simon a bit dicey as well.
  6. i am kind of surprised that wolf had not gotten more play as a reliever until now. can always use a crafty lefty. unless he really didn't want to do it.
  7. wait a minute, a veteran Phillies' player is injured?
  8. Crossed my mind, but I believe Eric is just that dumb enough to think he'd fool them. Listen closely early on. He's "Eric the Actor" but he's not THAT good at acting.Keys, woman.
  9. didn't hear this, but Eric the Actor formerly known as Eric the Midget is probably the top entertainment character of all time.
  10. Those guys are ####!
  11. I hate these detours.
  12. I guess it depends on what you mean by writing, but the best thing about this show, IMO, is its portrayal of Dexter as either good or bad. He is not the first in the long, recent line of anti-heroes, but certainly and interesting and complex one. Not knowing whether to root for him or not creates discomfort and I think is interesting and well-done. I really could not care less about any other character on the show, ever. But trying to figure out and understand Dexter is definitely on a different level than just a fun show. White Collar is a fun show. This certainly has more going on and I would call it a quality show. Not Sopranos, Wire, BB, MM, etc. level, but a quality show.
  13. More of dragging it out, I guess. As far as I can remember, by doing 16 episodes, they paid everybody the same thing for all the episodes, because it's considered 1 season technically within the industry, rather than having to give raises between seasons if they made it 2. But AMC still wanted to have 2 years' worth of programming, advertising, etc. Something like that. But I'm also kind of drunk right now, so could just be talking out of my ###.