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  1. $200 risk on Sevilla got you a $100 free bet? Is that right?
  2. 43-43 Brutal flow, brutal calls, I don't think UVA has a fg in an hour
  3. Pit/Nucks over 5.5 (-125) malkin back, no haglin.
  4. I will freely admit that he is in over his head, but I also think your last part goes both ways. Left claims everything is racist, he is a goon, his voters are knuckle draggers....The right is gloating over winning, saying "oh NOW you care about EO over reach?", etc It sure feels like nobody is acting like adults and trying to discuss a whole lot of factual things...just arguing to argue. I am sure roles were flipped 8 years ago.
  5. I guess if what you posted is actually true we just have to live with a broken system. Seems like we should be trying to make it better not just accept status quo. Feels like we have a lot of that in America.
  6. Not sure everything we do is Net + in cash If it was, we have a lot of programs to cut.
  7. Great, cant say I disagree. If we do that, can we drug test welfare recipients?
  8. Good post If my whole business model is based on deceiving people by not disclosing fees, is that cool? Definitely not cool...don't think there is any gray area there...
  9. Then the rules should say they need to disclose fees imo. Cant believe they don't have to disclose those, that is garbage.
  10. Lol the suckiness of this thread summed up in one post