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  1. Oh ya I have heard that. Makes sense, probably the way it should be
  2. VAR question Aguero looked way offsides to the naked eye. They put it under review and used the lines and he appeared onside according those lines. But very very close. Are they under the same stipulation as NFL. Call on the field stands unless indisputable etc?
  3. Right agree with what you said. I was kinda talking about if all of the cities/states got together and said "we will not offer any tax incentives for business to operate in our city/state". Just trying to extrapolate that plan.
  4. The way I understand it... If you say "We have to give companys tax incentives or they will leave this country" that is fear mongering that all of our businesses will leave the country. Could be wrong, but that is how I interpret it.
  5. So I know people say its fear mongering, but what why wouldn't a company leave the states if Toronto offered them tax incentives and no US city would? Those tax incentives might not be as big as New York, but if they offset any export $ that a biz would need to pay I would think it would be a no brainer. Didn't Burger King relo to Canada?
  6. Would be an interesting follow if they did.
  7. Just read a couple things on it. Sounds like I misunderstood
  8. Aren't suicides something like...if you really wanna do it you do it, if you fail you just took half measures as a way of crying out for help? Not even remotely close to qualified to speak on it, but I am sure I read that somewhere.
  9. FC isn't butting into this in the slightest. He simply asked a question on a message board and made some statements on dorky message board. I really dont give a rip what other people do with their kids outfits, makeup, hairstyle pretty much ever. I do have a question though (semi hesitant to ask it)... Is this person allowed to go to the restroom/change for gym in whichever gender locker/bathroom they want? Along the same lines, what is protocol for a "born boy" competing in girl sports....I legit have no idea...
  10. Embarrassing isnt the right word imo. Really blows it for the next guy who actually does get jumped for being different. Or whatever reason he allegedly got jumped for....
  11. Not at you...I would never do that. You called the costanza
  12. I mainly do it to keep my wife's spending habits in check. Sure, she will upgrade something when we get the return, but she wont spend the entire return. On a month to month basis she would be bumping up against the ceiling. Its our normal 3 days before the end of the month conversation.
  13. Best thread on the political board Best topic on the board imo Good work