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  1. Ill be on the field/sidelines for the bengals game tomorrow. If anyone needs some players knees taken out for props, text me.
  2. Why didnt you say you were in town? Casino is fine, nothing special. The poker room is nice if you are into that.
  3. Lethal counter attack from City
  4. Also, Over 1,1.5 for -125 for the first half
  5. Spread on the game?
  6. City just put their 11 out. Kolorav playing center back isnt going to be good. I think both teams will score No Aguero with the short week, but Iheanacho is very capable up there and De Bruyne is a super star. Gonna be some goals. Bravo is shaky at best in goal for MCFC, but we knew he was starting all along. Going over 3.5 for +130
  7. UC ML and the over
  8. Love the back and forth between the schools twitter accounts. Colorado wearing the same unis as '94 for the hail mary.
  9. Did you just annihilate the Yeldon bet?
  10. over rushing with ivory out
  11. There is gonna be a large amount of money bet on Yeldon...
  12. Maybe I shouldnt push it...
  13. bump so others can read this And me
  14. No Jourdan Lewis again today sounds like. I am sure Taco and Mone out as well.
  15. I would expect something similar to last week with them except no defensive TD's. So call it 49-3 final.