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  1. I mean how much would you pay for that? Is there a minimum?
  2. Ya 1-1 with 2 PK saves and a post
  3. KDB is set to come back today. If he is in the lineup, that is a huge boost. He is the engine on that team. MC is tough to bet on right now, just getting a ton of respect from the books. If you want to take them, the over is a good way to do that without actually betting on them
  4. They need to make efficient use of those 39 yards they plan on gaining. Seriously though, I watched the UM game....They were so inept at everything, I dont know what I could hang my hopes on.
  5. This thread is the best. I have nothing else to say
  6. Toyota direct will beat any price you can get. I have haggled with a lot of dealerships and they continually come out on top for their prices. They just move so much inventory. Having said that, I don't think they will beat it by $1,000. Maybe 500. Love your idea of going used until you can do SUV. We are 4-5 years from SUV and the sequoia is a heavy favorite right now.
  7. First and foremost let's not forget...that was Rutgers. While I don't think coach harbaugh deliberately ran the score up and continued to smother them on defense, I think he maybe turned his back a bit because Chris ash is a #####. I thought Karan Higdon ran with the most urgency and forward lean, kid needs more work. I think we clearly saw why JOK didn't win the starting job....he is one read and bail. I am cautiously optimistic about the rest of the season. I think when they play MSU in a couple weeks it could get ugly and I do think Jim will score until it's all over. Mark D better get his team playing like they are used to in EL. Jabrill Peppers is going to go pro this offseason but it has been an absolute treat watching him play football for 1.5 years and I will follow his pro career as closely as I ever have for a former UM player. Seems like a decent kid too which helps.
  8. Michigan STATE? Really dude?
  9. I bought our Sienna there and that is where I go for maintenance. I bought my Tundra from Toyota Direct in Columbus (Same guy owns performance I think). I honestly cant see myself driving anything ever again. Had to drive the beater for a long time while we saved up money with all the kids, Finally got the go ahead to buy a truck and will never look back.
  10. You wont regret it. Do it.
  11. Not sure I understand this part. By my interpretation of this....everyone should pay X amount of money every year (regardless of income) to be protected by the military, court system, police, etc. Right?
  12. Retiring college numbers seems bold. Dont like 100 players dress for games on Saturday? I read today that since ND was no longer the highest winning % team in CFB history, nobody wears the #1 on that real?