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  1. New purchase Put in an offer late last night, waiting for acceptance/counter. Got quoted at 2.875% 15 year with 10% down and a PMI of $22/mo I was going to put 20% down, but seems like I should just keep the extra 10% if they are going to charge me $22 for I thinking about that right?
  2. How many times has Warren worked in "billions of dollars being sucked out of the healthcare system"? I think she has said it on every question.
  3. He is like the Marlins...dont realize he is there then boom...wins a world series
  4. Hardly, and it’s pissing me off
  5. Slit seeder and 50 lbs of seed 12 days ago. Have a lot of growth. Need to get some starter fertilizer to keep it going. Watering like a maniac. Way more pumped than I should be about grass
  6. That was nice.... I had no idea what the right thing to do was, but it turned out ok.
  7. Not really. I cut it maybe 2-3 times after seeding...but didnt notice anything growing more than normal.