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  1. Grant Perry over 3.5 catches Grant Perry over 48.5 yards Tarik Black out for season. Gonna be DPJ, Perry, and Crawford
  2. Oh ya, they land 4 and 5 star TE's repeatedly and those TE's end up catching 17 passes in their careers and spend most of their time lead blocking on read options.
  3. JT Barrett has regressed year over year. Time to get another guy ready. Also probably time for some health concerns.
  4. I am not an expert but the bang bang nature of it is tough for Liverpool
  5. Get all of your fathering out of the way
  6. Need to sure up RT No idea on secondary. Florida didnt exactly ask any questions out there...
  7. UM DL is awesome for sure But a little of both is in order on this one...
  8. I am assuming the props are beat up for the FSU game tonight?
  9. Gotta get up early. Outlets and TV's before anyone else is awake. Plus you can have the TV's on during the last 3. I think its doable, but that quarter round always takes me forever
  10. Ohio State and UM were back to back I think It was like 58-0 and 78-0 I think MSU was later in the year