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  1. Not moving your feet but still getting the "hop" in. Taking this to the next level. Obviously landing back in your divot 3 times...good work. Keep up the fight.
  2. Gonna be best of 3 now. Wish Game 2's last 4 minutes didnt happen!!
  3. Anyone playing any series lines for NHL playoffs?
  4. Matsuyama over Kaymer is the best one but the juice is getting away from us
  5. I find it interesting, but I am not sure I would put my rep on the line recommending others to listen to it. I think people will either love it or hate it and I cant really decide what type of person for each of those...
  6. Went with all Unders Braves/Mets U7.5 Marlins/Nats U8.5 Pirates/Sox U 8.5 Rockies/Brewers U8.5 Padres/Dodgers U6.5 Mariners/Astros U8.5 Jays/Orioles U8.5 Tigers/WSox U7 Royals/Twinkies U8 Phillies/Reds U8.5 Indians/Rangers U7.5 Angels/A's U8 GL to me
  7. So all Home Teams? That might be interesting Road teams obviously due
  8. Feel like gambling today If I want to make it easy and just bet "all unders" or "all over" or something easy to follow and just stay tuned in all day...what would be best?
  9. Someone here might be willing to take a $450 bet at Even odds on UNC -1.5
  10. What did you spend your $200 on?
  11. Lump sum for everything? I assume you took it?