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  1. Oh, I have no idea...i thought you were disputing that he has killed hundreds/thousands of Americans Might be because he does a better job of doing it via proxies vs outwardly claiming terrorist attacks.
  2. Are you disputing the fact that he is a terrorist because he isn't a household name?
  3. Sure, if you are hanging drywall or shingling a roof....but those jobs are usually hourly and thus, you get compensated for working more hours in the form of OT. I think this has mostly to do with salaried employees in the corporate world where people are saying "dont work more than 40 hours, but your compensation doesnt change in the 41st hour"
  4. Routinely do that and routinely get told "no problem" Maybe its more like leaving at 3 PM every day instead of not being present on Friday because part of doing the job is "being available for questions/problems"
  5. Ya thats true If you arent going to rise in the company/industry...then by all means leave at 5
  6. "For not extra compensation" seems like a short sighted comment. Sure the place isnt going to call you the week after you put in 60 and say "here is a larger check" But when a promo comes up or your results end up in higher profits for said company....they usually (in my experience) reward you. Short term mindset vs long term imo. I get paid to do a job, not to be there a certain amount of hours....i agreed to do the job, so if that requires 45 hours or 55 hours gotta hold up my end of the bargain.
  7. Working long hours and being productive in those long hours can get you to "upper management or in some high powered career" right? Sure some people do it and never make it, but if you can read the situation and know your worth....doing it is worth it
  8. Like I should personally screen my fellow passengers? De-board voluntarily if I feel unsafe? I guess my question can I be careful while flying? I suppose I could elect to fly private vs commercial.
  9. If the Bills win out who gets tiebreaker in division with Pats?
  10. Very unlikable from my perspective. Just comes off as an angry, bitter woman.
  11. New purchase Put in an offer late last night, waiting for acceptance/counter. Got quoted at 2.875% 15 year with 10% down and a PMI of $22/mo I was going to put 20% down, but seems like I should just keep the extra 10% if they are going to charge me $22 for I thinking about that right?