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  1. He's not as quick or twitchy as Edelman, but he's not slow either, so to a degree yes. I was thinking about Decker because of they are close in size, good on routes and always getting open.
  2. I'm in the holding and or buying camp with Thielen. I think he makes a high end WR3 or even low end WR2. The kid can just play football and works hard on his craft. He reminds me a little bit of Eric Decker.
  3. Recent Trade in Zealots PPR league Team A gives Stefon Diggs/Pick 1.7/pick 3.05 (Perine was taken at 1.7 and Haason Reddick at 3.5) Team B gave pick 1.02 (McCaffrey taken at 1.2)
  4. Zealots 12 Team NON PPR & IDP League Team A gave 2017 pick 1.11 and 2017 Pick 2.07 Team B gave Stefon Diggs
  5. I'll take McCoy side in the 1st trade and Meredith in the 2nd one.
  6. I'd pass on it. In Zealots Bortles finished as the QB4 after the 2015 season, and most people would say Bortles was dreadful last year, yet he still finished at QB10. So in 3 years he's finished in the top 10 in QB scoring twice. I think he's probably a better fantasy QB than NFL QB. Seems to me the bad plays (INTs) always come at the worst possible time, which magnifies them. Perhaps with a new regime in Jacksonville Bortles will bounce back. So with the guys you currently have, I'd hold him.
  7. Chris Mortensen is reporting the Cowboys will trade Romo to Broncos or Texans instead of releasing him
  8. I agree with the 1st two responders. Gurley, Howard, Ajayi