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  1. He will turn up dead soon enough. Do they have odds on that?
  2. I need Bobby Bradley from Hellz and Carter Capps. Tia.
  3. My local news only covers fires and stabbings in Fall River Massachusetts. Car accidents and politicians get the rest of the R.I. coverage. There is NO national coverage at all.
  4. Nope. I'm a squelcher or whatever. I can pay both now. Where is it going?
  5. There is one I left for my waivers... How many can I have? I want a lineup this year!
  6. Did I really win back to back titles also? I think I just threepeated last place.
  7. I have been in this Joey's Gelateria line for an hour it sewms. This bagpipe guy is freaking me out with his green sawks.
  8. My wife got one. I passed up the prime rib sandwich for sushi. It's 71 degrees and should be 35! How's @RnRdoing today?
  9. Cool. In Fanual Hall. Crazy hot here. Eating Buffalo mac n cheese.
  10. Can someone post an update of picked dudes. I'm on the T with 3g. Tia.
  11. He's ok. It wasn't broken which was shocking. Shipping up to Boston to see some fish, pm me if I come up. I know my guy....