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  1. Kanter changed the game. I love Theis, but this matchup has been rough foe him, especially on the boards and defending the Bam role. I was calling for Robert Williams, but Kanter ended up doing the same thing and that really helped. THE Celtics need that high pick and roll to work, and the Heat were switching and shutting it down. Kanter helped that and more importantly, cleaned the glass. That took pressure off the shooters and that part showed in the third quarter. Good game. Hope Brad does it again.
  2. I'll bite. You get drafted way lower than you should have, because of chronic lateness and other questions. On your first day, you miss the Flight from Texas to Boston, which in turn makes you miss your introductory press conference. Then when you finally arrive, you over sleep and miss your introductory team meeting the day after. At this time, the whispers of a "Time Lord" nickname surface, and Celtics nation laughs in unison. Danny Ainge talks about the nickname on a radio show, and asks everyone to cut it out and stop calling him Time Lord. Naturally, that just makes it stick. In his first season he has a monster swat on Anthony Davis, and the Time Lord Memes are everywhere. The best part is Robert Williams has seemed to turn around his issues, he never complained about the hazing, and actually shows huge baller potential. Now we call him Time Lord with love. I think that's everything.
  3. I'm just not understanding. I watched that Clippers dude lose his mind and get out of control, that's crazy. Smart is the most disciplined player the Cetics have imo. He's always been super clutch too. I can't think of one example where Smart has ever lost control in a game. I have been a coach for a long time. I would give almost anything to have a kid like Smart come along. He's a man. And a throwback. Pierce had that fire, but wasn't as disciplined imo. Marcus is calculating. And he makes everyone better when he's out there. I would follow that dude anywhere. Your list is interesting. Rodney Harrison was dirty, especially as a Charger. I'm not sure how much of a leader he was in New England. But maybe.
  4. Theis, Williams, Kantar, or even Hay can't defend the Bam roll. We will get eliminated very soon if we don't stop it. We kinda got lucky tonight. Dragic missed some wide open threes he usually makes.
  5. Out of curiosity, what personality do you want as a team leader? Ironically, Marcus is like a nice guy version of Kobe. They both had that edge and desire to win. Their play was much more similar to each other that Tatum and Kobe's.
  6. No way. Hard disagree there. What has he EVER done that was even weird? I never seen him take a swing on anyone in six years. He's a stud. And Time Lord changes the game whenever he is in. It's obvious to anyone watching. What mistakes did Time Lord make? Grant is undersized, and Miami is a bad matchup for him. He can hit three, but we need to protect the rim to win this series.
  7. He's not crazy at all. You gotta turn down the TNT and listen to the locals. That's such B.S. honestly. He's an all time Celtic IMO. Super cool dude. Him and Lowry was such a great battle of leaders imo. That was cool when they interviewed Smart with the headset during shoot around. That dude on the clippers is crazy though, lol.
  8. I'm starting to think Brad is under orders from Ainge not to play Time Lord too much. Gotta be a salary cap thing. They know he's a stud, but can't pay him max money. That the only thing that explains his handling of Time Lord this series.
  9. No doubt. But even more, their games are different. I feel that Tatum is a much better and efficient shooter than Kobe was, but he doesn't have the strength or dog in him to slash and play D. He should just be Tatum...or Tyler Hero.
  10. Tatum isn't going to be a leader. Not on or off the floor. Marcus is now, and Brown will be the heir. Tatum is self absorbed imo. Great shooter though.
  11. That's the other half of the problem. And I'll even raise you. He's been a really bad facilitator this series. His numbers are good, but he's trying to be Kobe. He is so sloppy and undisciplined, and it's killing team flow. He holds the ball until the shot clock is almost kicked, and then passes to Theis for an impossible shot. He's dribbled the ball off of his foot about seven times this series, and his decision making has been weak in general. Don't get me started about boxing out. Brown has been much better, especially late. What a mess. I'm also convinced Smart was going after him in the locker room, and Brown stepped in.
  12. He was an assassin. But I don't care about the Heat. We have our own problems.
  13. Mother$&#@#$ I actually sent Brad an email about this after game two. We gotta stop that Bam roll and limit Heat on the offensive glass. Robert stopped it cold. 🤬