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  1. I spent a good thirty minutes today trying to figure out who to drop in the waiver claim. I regretted letting Pache go so I was thrilled to see him dropped. Doh!
  2. I saw the projo and thought of you. Hope you are feeling better.
  3. I wasn't even born in 74, lol. Some of those band members were not either. Of course Bruce played it in his youth FIFTY YEARS ago, that was the point. That's a lame attempt to neg what they did.
  4. It's the Boss and it's not even close. His Lyrics alone qualify him as a bona fide poet. That clip floating around on the innerwebs, of a fan holding a sign requesting "You Never Can Tell" by Chuck Berry, was a perfect example of Bruce going above and beyond for the fans. He spent a good five minutes talking the band into trying to play it and they tried and pulled it off. You probably won't see Bobby doing that or playing four hour shows either. He's called the Boss for a reason. I found it. Boss gonna Boss
  5. Kobayashi was the first to use the water technique if I remember right. That totally changed the game.
  6. I could hang in the RBI tourney for sure, but I wasn't as good with the tecmos.
  7. I carried him for like five years too...