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  1. The D.A. lady had the best acting in the show tonight imo. She was really good. I liked the series.
  2. I'm really sorry for your losses.
  3. I'm really looking forward to this tonight
  4. I just like her voice Jeebs!
  5. This girl has an amazing voice. I first noticed her a month or two back on some Chain smokers song my kids had on. I liked her alot but wasn't really sure why. I'm typically not into very many pop singers, but I do occasionally notice talent in unexpected places. Halsey had some level of familiarity to me even though she was brand new. I downloaded her Badlands record and tonight it finally hit me as to why I was drawn to her voice. She sounds very much like my childhood favorite singer Melanie! Anyway check her out if you have some time. I think she's gonna be a good one.
  6. I have been in the shark pool this week and just saw this. I am so sorry for your loss. Know that you and your family have been an inspiration to us throughout this entire ordeal. So sorry.
  7. Under "your league", in "scoring settings", I am not able to change the position from "category passing" to check the custom scoring on my droid using chrome. Similar to the done button issue earlier.
  8. It may work, but I wouldn't wait too long. I usually will target just the back ends of rbbc, and make sure I have four wr's, a TE, and a quarterback or two before I go RB. Of course if there is an insane value on a RB in round six I would move in him.
  9. Been buried in 1969-70 shows for the last month. I'm really enjoying it.
  10. Should the projections for my league be based exactly on my scoring system? The QB'S look right, but the TE's score projections are about half to a third of what they should be. Thanks CBS league btw.
  11. 1100-8.....meh.
  12. Today's changes helped alot. It's a good start. Thank you.