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  1. Spy Who Loved Me by a mile, then... Moonraker- Live and Let Die- Golden Gun- Octo- For Your Eyes- View
  2. I still can't watch that one for the same reason.
  3. Are they still at the Garden Grille in Epcot?
  4. Some people seem entitled to expect I will act "classy" towards them for no reason.
  5. People that try and take the high road in this day and age, are typically not successful in getting what they want. Unless they are rich. Those guys always get what they want because they just buy it.
  6. Initially. It usually takes about five minutes to potentially change these days.
  7. HUGE disagree. You gotta earn it imo. I have no respect for close to half the people in this country right now. They are idiots in my eyes. They not only effect their own family's and lives in a negative way, but it ends up spilling over and hurting mine.
  8. If they are FA's, give me... Adam Haseley-Virginia OF Pavin Smith-Virginia 1B I just dropped two guys. Tia.
  9. I had never heard of him until today. Oh well. Could someone post the non cbs rostered guys. Can't see them on phone app. Tia.
  10. I want Luis Robert CWSOX Cuban. Drop Tanner Roark if I don't have the spot. I can't remember if I did.
  11. Back in the 80's, American Ninja was way better then anyone could have expected. Actually, Enter the Ninja was the good one. I loved that flick. Part two was Revenge of the Ninja fwiw.
  12. I got nothing.
  13. I just had one totally ruin a transaction of mine. Dude showed up with a team of young dudes carrying ladders. I knew we were in trouble.