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  1. Say Bernie supporters like myself support Hillary, and she still loses as the polls currently indicate. My question is will the Clinton supporters still lecture us on what we should be doing with our vote or what? I hate starting a political thread but I wanted to talk about this one possible scenario.
  2. #3, NICE!
  3. You say that like she's not capable. I'll still vote for her because of the court, but JA should stay away from his windows.
  4. I was at URI for seven years living mostly in a fraternity house. During the month of September, we would have a rush party EVERY night of the week except Thursdays. Thursday was bar night. The party would typically start around 10pm, and wind down around at 2:00. Usually it was with a sorority or two, and had a theme. Some of us would keep it going until daylight. We would go entire weekends without leaving the house and just drink, smoke, and eat brownies and play video games. In my last year at college I moved down the line into a neighborhood and became very familiar with the walk of shame. The problem was that being in a neighborhood, when you would get home after 8am like I usually did, you would run into all kinds of weird situations. Neighbors walking dogs and watering the lawn, garbage men, and school buses and bus stops were some of the more awkward encounters I had back then. To answer your original question I say yes. I once went close to four days in a row without sleeping. I blacked out drunk in public places. I dominated and got dominated in beer pong. We had a seven foot bong. Yes, just yes.
  5. I had issues at 30mbs. Get it up to 80 and you will be fine. Pay da man. (Up your wifi)
  6. Life insurance pays it off.
  7. I made it about a half hour in. I thought it was awful. I just couldn't finish it, even though I usually watch anything.
  8. That's worse then the op's issue imo.
  9. Cleo Rose Elliot....so hot (and crazy!)
  10. I'm 41. X! Boomers are the devil! Haven't spoke to my dad in a year at least. Selfish pricks. Still a terrible scenario for mobbin regardless.
  11. Your wife is 65? She's gonna be getting the loan.
  12. Oof! I could do better with drunk karaoke.
  13. I skipped my last round and it was the wrong choice. I vaguely remember the nurses rough housing me during the procedure because they were not happy with my "clean out." The stink eyes I was getting afterwards had a whole new meaning if ya know what I mean.
  14. I downloaded a 2007 office and my key actually worked! Just saved a buck fitty.