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  1. @floridaman @arcadefiretube @tyrionlannister @sklarbrothers
  2. She is stunning, and may have the most beautiful face I have ever seen. I'll admit a slight can increase would make her a ten, but she's sexton as helz.
  3. Something is going on with ace book lately. I had a plane crash right in front of me at the beach a few weeks ago. I posted it on facebook. It was deleted in seconds. The news reported it like 45 minutes after me. I hate ace book.
  4. A ground mono rail would be cool too.
  5. In the Man From Uncle she was even better imo. Wow.
  6. It's always been like that.
  7. "What's a TROUSER snake?" She was so hot, I so would have whipped it out if I was Jay.
  8. I just came here to post this. I would add, NEVER get married more then once. And I'm not even sure once is OK on most days. And don't put anything in writing.
  9. As long as I can be playing games ten seconds after I hit the power on button I will be VERY pleased. That's all I ask for.
  10. Maybe Disney can re-route the Mississippi to dump into the Atlantic off the Georgia coast now that they are not getting sued. That may work. Personally, I would prefer a mono rail expansion over anything.
  11. What kind of snakes do they have in the lagoon? Just saw the new sign.
  12. Anyone think the step father was the motorcycle guy?
  13. "Within a quarter inch of the wounds"