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  1. Latavius Murray, Golden Tate, Kirk, or Devante Adams. I need two out of four in 1 PPR big play league. Kirk's to the bench imo. I am also starting Kamara and want a good floor this week. Thanks
  2. I have the same dilemma. I also have Engram so leaning Adams. Its a Coin flip.
  3. Up to 98, lol. I have a 100 yard bonus, and I got excited when you said he hit 100.
  4. Did Cupp have a second half catch? Was all that damage done in the first half?
  5. Last year he had good chemistry with Josh Rosen. I believe they were former teammates. I was nervous he was going to fall off after Rosen left but it seems like he will be ok.
  6. You missed the point. When I was first doing mfl Dynasty leagues it was great. Everyone would be open to making deals and having fun. But then it seemed to change and good solid vets were basically worthless. All the rookies and draft picks were crazy overvalued and were all that anyone wanted. Of course nobody wanted to give away studs for cheap so there would be tons of talks but nothing would happen. That's why I got out. It was like a job with the grind. I traded Mike Vick for FOUR rookie draft picks in a league when he was just getting going. Three years later you couldn't get ONE high rookie pick for a solid vet. It changed
  7. This is why I stopped doing Dynasty leagues a few years back honestly. Not many moves to be made these days.
  8. I'm a Pat's fan. I have no idea about all that, but tonight's mistakes by the ref were awful.
  9. The first one was worse. Packers went from getting sacked, to a TD just a few plays later. That was a huge momentum changing horrible mess call.
  10. Is this a fix? Does the league want the Packers and AR to win that bad? It really makes me wonder. So bad.
  11. This would have been great knowledge for me on Saturday, lol. Thanks At least he's not hurt.
  12. Can someone translate all that for me? Chris Harris?