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  1. Bridge Over the River Kwai is a great call. Children of Men and V for Ven are very high for me. Just not feel good stories obviously .
  2. Right now I would have to say... Almost Famous The Martian The Man from UNCLE Cider House Rules Love Actually might be. If I edited out the girl and her pia brother, that movie would be perfection . Still thinking about #5.
  3. I got sick of Good Will Hunting and the Hustler because I saw them too often, but this list could be mine.
  4. On fftoday I was/am pik 95. I hate that space in the middle now.
  5. The Celtics waived R.J. Hunter tonight and now I'm sad. Loved that guy.
  6. That's funny. I posted my Netscape reference before I saw this. I never understood why nobody ever got Netscape going again. So many of us used it and they had a great Logo.
  7. What year did fftdy start? I had a two digit number on there. I was on a Jim Rome smack chat board before that I believe. I was probably running netscape on Windows 95 at that point.
  8. Just watched Jon Oliver, might watch some soccer now. Not falsch. I even have DHOP and Ferorfiwitz going tonight. Who cares. I also coached my first ever basketball practice tonight. I'm now going over inbounds plays to teach the kids next week.
  9. IDP Josh Norman banged his herd hard on the turf and you could see his eyes roll back in his head creepily. That wasn't pretty.
  10. I liked Edge of Tomorrow alot. Kingman not so much. For some reason I keep watching the Martian over and over. That was a great flick. I'll go see this one. I can't believe we finally have a movie about a guy from Cranston coming out. I'm just disappointed it wasn't me. Bleed for me...
  11. I saw that written elsewhere at least a couple of weeks ago. No way ZO claimed that as his own take imo.