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  1. Yeah, but they will play. This guy has Theo ahead of him still and he is unproven. I just don't see it.
  2. Arcade Fire has many songs that would fit what you need. Rebellion especially would be a good one. Wake up might work.
  3. I haven't been in here since I got bored with the hugging. Are we on to dots yet?
  4. Is Wendell Smallwood active? I'm starting him!
  5. A.P. Looks like he just saw a ghost talking to the Dr on the sideline. Oh boy.
  6. I have seen people do it after the baby was born. I'm not sure if they brought the baby along or not. I would guess no by the destinations though. Islands and such.
  7. I have seen a few friends post something similar on Facebook over the last year. Maybe it's a RI thing?
  8. It's ok though because they said so. You won't know for a while if any made it into the ground water.
  9. I really liked the cheap 1tb Acer I bought a few months ago fyi.
  10. Good luck but you should not feel like a failure. I just read this whole thread and I am very impressed how you handled all of this. Stay strong and the docs will sort you out. Great job with losing the weight. Very impressive.
  11. My wife makes a MEAN one. Olive Garden is not so good if you live in the Northeast. If you live in the desert, Plains, or mountains, I bet it would be just fine.