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  1. I just watched Role Models again. It's been a while. Cool bunch of nerds right there.
  2. My daughter and I binged Wicked Tuna season nine this week. It was a bit repetitive, but not bad. It's set not too far from here which is cool too.
  3. This may be the best R.E.M. record. It should have been long gone. I would have taken it in one of the next swings for sure.
  4. I have watched that probably twenty times over the last year. The old Eagles one was good too.
  5. I thought that wasn't allowed? There are a couple of Groups I would have done that with in the first five rounds if it was.
  6. I actually have a local stereo discount shop I work with. My knowledge is bad when it comes to older speakers. I have a amazing pair of Theil cs 2.3, but I want a second setup.
  7. Any particular JBL models? Are Dynaco decent? I have seen them mentioned a bit. Never see them out there though.
  8. Anyone have any vintage early 70's speakers they would highly recommend? I'm trolling the net now for a buy. Tia.