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  1. Jordy wait! Jordy Nelson Quad, questionable to return.
  2. I bring umbrellas to all the kids games. I use it for the sun mainly.
  3. Latino Jugglers?
  4. I have two GA tics for Arcade Fire in Boston tomorrow night and my buddy just bailed. I may take the wife if I can find a sitter. Anyone else going?
  5. Just be back by the time pitchers and catchers report...Good luck!
  6. I think he should be the #1 pick this week. Danny Amendola would have been if he didnt get his bell rung.
  7. I need two for Boston if anyone has any. I got caught sleeping. I also have pretty much all the 2016 and 2017 shows on teh loogles if anyone needs.
  8. I slept thorough most of it as I went to bed at 8am that morning but I was on here once I got up and saw what happened. I avoid anything to do with 9/11 myself. If would put me in a deep depression otherwise.
  9. Everytime I see this thread title I think its pron. Some sort of subliminal message or something. I guess if it was tail...
  10. Our u14 (Mostly 2005) Boys Academy team started of on the right foot today with a nice 3-1 win at home over one of the favorites. We are 18 deep and I think we really wore them down. We used a 4-5-1 and it worked out great defensively. We held possession for 70% in the first half, but we were still down 1-0. We broke their trap twice with through balls for goals in the 2nd and added a 3rd on a slow build up. Great game overall. Our top two players (one even airballed a pk) were pretty average today which makes me curious on how much better we could be.
  11. In my state it's a joke. It's a recruiting tool for the club coaches who run it. Nothing more.
  12. That jog East I notice on radar may just save Key West a bit from surge.
  13. What's the new system? Some sort of protection draft?