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  1. Under "your league", in "scoring settings", I am not able to change the position from "category passing" to check the custom scoring on my droid using chrome. Similar to the done button issue earlier.
  2. It may work, but I wouldn't wait too long. I usually will target just the back ends of rbbc, and make sure I have four wr's, a TE, and a quarterback or two before I go RB. Of course if there is an insane value on a RB in round six I would move in him.
  3. Been buried in 1969-70 shows for the last month. I'm really enjoying it.
  4. Should the projections for my league be based exactly on my scoring system? The QB'S look right, but the TE's score projections are about half to a third of what they should be. Thanks CBS league btw.
  5. Today's changes helped alot. It's a good start. Thank you.
  6. **update** On team set team rosters, done button still doesn't work on phone. I just tried.
  7. Did you see my three posts about the "done" button not working?
  8. I have said three times that the done button doesn't save the starters and min max roster setting. Plus my CBS league scoring doesn't match up to the projections it is showing. My crazy scoring system auction is next Friday fwiw. Thanks
  9. I saw those guys a few years back. I was very impressed, even though it's not really my genre knowledge wise.
  10. I have about four recievers in my basement collecting dust. One is a Denon. I'll check it out tomorrow.
  11. I loved him in Lethal Weapon!
  12. I can't get league scoring and lineup requirements to work under my one league. It seems to have everything the rosters right, but that's about it. Back and done buttons don't work.
  13. When I try to add lineup perameters from my phone, the done and back buttons don't seem to work.