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  1. Plenty of us in GB are grimacing too. I feel like I need to take a shower after that one.
  2. There are dozens of missed holding calls on both sides every game.
  3. Alright let’s stop with this. No one wants to here Packer fans trying to justify this victory. Pack caught a huge break probably should just accept it and let people vent.
  4. Probably somewhere in the middle of you two’s opinions.
  5. Ok let’s stop with this. Offensive holding could be called on almost every play. Those hands to the face calls were terrible along with the questionable personal foul on the play Allison was knocked out and the missed PI.
  6. Rodgers didn’t lobby for that rule though. I agree it should never have been created but don’t blame Rodgers for it.
  7. Sorry Detroit fans you got jobbed tonight big time.
  8. Yeah and that gift saved your Vikes from a loss at Lambeau last year.
  9. Come on now. Terrible calls but the NFL and the officials should be ashamed.
  10. No I don't lock it up but we don't have any White Claw or flavored vodkas in the house. I swear that's all youngsters (yeah get off my lawn) drink nowadays.
  11. Thank you for this always wanted to try making these and never have pulled the trigger.
  12. Good choice you'll love Madison. Great town weather is brutal from late November to early March. But summer and fall are fantastic here.
  13. Pipes

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Not really he had Poz an Telvin there and was a young upcoming player. Now he’s the man yet his stats have gotten worse.
  14. You never travel anywhere for a week or longer?