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  1. These are fantastic sheets. Pricey but be patient they have deals all the time. All of Cariloha's stuff is fantastic...towels, socks you name it.
  2. What does your gut say? I know it sounds cliche but I think you know deep down what’s more appealing. Based on the brief summary of each it seems, from my perspective of someone who doesn’t know you, you are more excited about the manufactured home builder opportunity.
  3. But without visual evidence we can’t tell which end of the spectrum your is closer to
  4. Great post though your forgot "GET OFF MY LAWN!"
  5. Mine do to. I worked at a grocery store from 89-94 and I have this reoccurring dream where I go into the store shopping and then realize am I supposed to be working? Or I haven't been schedule to work in a while do I still have a job? Or a slight variation I rush into the store in a panic not knowing what my schedule is. Very strange my dreams always revert back to that job since I've had multiple, way more important jobs since then. Also have the showing up to class at the end of the semester dream too. It's either an exam I'm ill prepared for or more often I completely blew off the class project that is due and a huge chunk of my grade. I'm not an anxious person so no idea where these are coming from.
  6. Watching college or professional sports and seeing sons play when it seemed like I was just watching their fathers, who are my age or even a bit younger, not that long ago. Vlad Guerrero was one of my favorite players now his kid is mashing in the big leagues.
  7. NAVY
  8. in no particular order Nashville - I'm stunned at the lack of love for this city. The music scene in fantastic...and I don't like country music all the much. Such as cool city San Diego - Great city with perfect weather Chicago - In the summertime is a fantastic place to visit. Lahaina - Cool little beach town on my favorite place in the world...Maui Hayward WI - Not the town so but all the lakes in the area. Summertime at the cabin in the upper Midwest is such a fantastic place to be. Hayward is very close to the lake we spent many a summer evening fishing, water skiing, having cocktails on the pontoon boat. Remembering those times and looking forward to more help we get through the craptastic WI winters.
  9. Agreed that song is nails on the chalkboard for me. Absolutely hate it but like Seger much more than Bruce
  10. Yeah just realized that as I’m catching up on this thread. Guess I should’ve just ignored it lol.
  11. It absolutely does not open the door. Not quite sure how you got to that conclusion based on my post. I was responded to a post for saying the family was 100% at fault for leaving the kids in the car running. I never justified killing the guy over it.
  12. Agreed but you said the only reason this happened because they victim left their car running with the kids in it. Yeah that’s dumb but it’s not the only reason. The car thief is ultimately the one to blame and he paid the price.