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  1. Choice between LVR and MIN this week. Was all set on the Raiders but something scares me about them flying across country and playing a Jets team with Darnold's 2nd week back. I know the Jets are terrible but there have been a ton of terrible NFL teams and most have found a way to not go winless. This is their best remaining chance at winning. I think I'm going Vikings.
  2. Elf and Christmas Vacation way too low. I enjoyed the list it helped me put mine own list of movies I need to check out as the winter months descend upon us.
  3. My point of the argument is to take some steps, personally to help combat the virus. Since this country is filled with so many irresponsible, selfish people who wont wear mask, continue to go to parties, etc. Ultimately we can't count on others for our own well being. So wear a mask, social distance when out in public and do your best to limit contact with those outside your household. Also dropping a few lbs (if needed), exercise more and supplement your diet with vitamins, if deficient, is all part of a good plan to help battle the disease.
  4. Who said that? Are people really arguing that someone deserves this because they are out of shape? Multiple people have referenced this but I don’t recall seeing that posted. If it was and I missed it I appologize. That’s certainly not my message.
  5. I’ll go the opposite with a trick my dad played on me. I was a kid of the 70s and 80s lower middle class. Our house had a detached garage that was not insulated. Anyways a lot of vehicles during that time had engine block heaters and when it was bitter cold we’d have to plug in the van so it would start the next day. At night he’d pull 3/4 of the way into the garage and leaving it running with the headlights on while I’d have to hop out and plug it in and once I moved he’s pulled the rest of the way in. Anyways almost every time he’d lay on the horn as I was trying to plug the van in. Knew it was coming and still scared the #### out of me. Years later I’m at their house, different one and we’re in my vehicle getting ready to go out to dinner. He forgot something in the house and had to run back in. Sure enough on his way back to my vehicle he walks right in front so I lay on the horn. Scared the crap out of him but he just laughed and said “paybacks a #####.”
  6. I don’t doubt that in parts of the country where this is the case and I empathize I really do. I just know in my town of 25,000 it’s middle to upper middle class with a bunch of people who would be considered obese and wouldn’t you know I see these people eating butter burgers at Culvers and bellied up to the bar, back when I was going to them. I just don’t see anything wrong with promoting individual’s health as part of the message to combat Covid.
  7. I quoted and agreed with Mac 32 and he’s been promoting masks and social distancing this entire thread. I don’t understand where this hostility for suggesting people take some personal responsibility to eat healthier as part of a plan to combat COVID, is coming from. It’s just part of a much larger plan imo.
  8. Agreed. Nowhere did I say otherwise. I’m just agreeing with other posters there is nothing wrong with promoting people to get in better shape to help fight this. That’s just a small piece of the puzzle to fighting COVID along with masks, social distancing etc
  9. Not funny the first time you posted this. I said relatively healthy and was comparing calories vs a McDonalds value meal. Anyways I’m out since this is the COVID thread.
  10. Yeah let’s keep making excuses for everyone. Personal responsibility out the window such a great country we live in.
  11. See ya. Suggesting people take responsibility for their own health is being a PSF troll. Got it. Always someone else’s fault for our problems.
  12. It doesn’t have to be expensive to eat relatively healthy. It costs nothing to go for a walk either.
  13. For some yes but for most it’s just an excuse. The diet of an average American is poor at best. Way too much sugar and processed foods. It’s cheaper to make say a turkey sandwich and a grab a piece of fruit as opposed to going to McDonalds for lunch and much healthier too.
  14. I feel stories like this are all too common this past week and the numbers are going to explode even more than they already are.