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  1. Yeah that's embarrassing. While Sheik may have violated a company policy in most instances it's not a huge deal using a personal phone for calls. But to call it insubordination is flat out wrong.
  2. I got good seats to the Milwaukee Halloween show. 1st level directly across the stage but a ways away (essential the opposite end of the basketball court length wise). Got them about 15 minutes after they went on sale...was in the cue much earlier. And got 4 together for less than $500 total. Was pretty happy but definitely heard some horror stories from others. I'm praying Fridays sales goes just as smoothly.
  3. A ton of new spring dates announced including Madison, WI
  4. Why are people using polling data to bolster arguments? Didn't we learn in 2016 that polling data is garbage especially when Trump is involved?
  5. Props to the engineers who designed those cars. People aren't supposed to survive being T boned in the drivers side door at 200 mph. Amazing work on those cars. More importantly T&P to Ryan Newman for a speedy recovery.
  6. Right after I get up in the morning...typically don't eat breakfast and right before bed. Occasionally I'll add a 3rd brushing after I eat something like corn on the cob or popcorn. More than 3 times a day Cranks? You're not one of those at work brushers are you?
  7. I''d be leery of tossing tax returns. They don't take up a ton of space and there is a chance, albeit probably very small, you may need them in the future.
  8. Count me in as I don't understand these. Yeah, yeah get off my lawn. I guess before my 2 children were born I honestly couldn't care less if we were having a boy or a girl. I was just hoping for healthy children is all. Seems weird to celebrate an unborn childs' gender.
  9. Yeah I'd talk with a CPA sometime in the spring. You'll likely need to pay estimates 1st one due April 15th. SE taxes are a ##### but there are things you can do to offset them like setting up a SEP (retirement) plan. A CPA can guide you through that but it's easier cash flow wise to set up stuff like that earlier in the year as opposed to later.
  10. Allowance dont exist anymore so if you change you’re supposed to fill out a new W-4 which does awat with allowances. Something else must be going on because in the past the more allowance you have the less taxes are taken out. Do you get bonuses or commission? Usually those have more taxes taken out than normal wages
  11. Talk to a CPA because it's a bit more complex than that. The answer is yes but it's likely not the smart thing to do. If you're single you'd be losing out on the $12,200 standard deduction if you take the full $100K this year. Plus the next $9,875 is in the 10% bracket. While if you depreciate say over 5 years you'd be saving 22% on $20,000 each year based on your tax bracket of $100K - the standard deduction. Self Employment taxes come into play as well. On the surface I'd section 179 (expense) enough to drop you from the 22% to 12% bracket and depreciate the rest. Of course your other income/deductions come into play so I'd spend a couple hundred dollars and consult a tax professional if I were you.
  12. I’m a Badgers fan and am tired of him. He’s just needs to play basketball and cut the bull####.