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  1. Oh I don't really care just strange to me that I've heard most women saying I'm going out with the girls tonight. It's not going out with the ladies or gals, etc. Not a huge deal to me but the article seems strange that its suddenly offensive now when it's been the norm for so long.
  2. I don't know. Why wife occasional gets together for a "Girls Night" out with friends. I've heard many other adult women refer to it as such.
  3. Isn't Oren Burks essentially a Mark Barron clone...kind of a hybrid safety/LB. Or are people writing him off already? I was excited about that pick but man he didn't do anything at all last year. Hopefully the light will click for him.
  4. Most early free agent signings are overpays. Rodgers isn’t getting any younger so the status quo of draft and development and signing lower tier free agents isn’t going to cut it anymore. I am glad for this philosophical shift. I just wish it happened a few years ago.
  5. He didn't continually mess up without Eddie Jackson. Unfortunately there aren't too many Batman's available in free agency and the Packers did the best they could, believe me he's an upgrade over Ha Ha. What do you suggest they do with all the cap money they had available this year? Based on TT's recent draft history they didn't have a ton of their own guys to pay so going out and signing 3 of the top 25 available free agents (at positions of need) and young guys to boot seems like a good plan. Not sure what your looking for here?
  6. Why don’t men wear skirts and dresses? I’m sure that would be life changing too
  7. Before free agency I wouldn't been happy with him at 12 with huge needs on defense. Now I kind of hope he makes it to them at 12. Devin White would be my first choice with Hock a close 2nd.
  8. With all these moves they can go after the best player available now. Opens up all sorts of possibilities in April.
  9. Of all the signings Amos is my favorite one. He's been excellent for a couple of years now and really just beginning the prime years of his career.
  10. They have to pay somebody. With the big cap increase and cuts of Cobb and Matthews they have money to spend. I’d rather have them spend it and bring guys in than have a bunch of free cap space. Smith and Amos are the 11th and 13th ranked free agents and add the fact they are huge positions of needs I love both moves even if they end up overpaying a bit. You don’t overpay now you end up overpaying (albeit for less money) lower tier guys and they likely have the same issues on defense this year.
  11. Part of the reason for the pancake love is I feel it's a better compliment to the star of a good breakfast...the Egg. More specifically an eggs cooked overeasy. I like the yolk absorption factor of a pancake especially combined with syrup and butter.
  12. This sounds fantastic I may have to adjust my rankings a bit.
  13. You all realize you can use the same recipe for pancakes as you do for waffles right? You just don't have that stupid waffle iron thing to clean out afterwards.
  14. Thank you for this. I'm going to kill a few evenings now.