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  1. Btw these are your words not mine. The people I’m seeing have been pretty careful like always masking up in public. While I agree there is a risk increase as opposed to not seeing them at all I wouldn’t call it significant. Not trying to pick a fight either just sharing our point of view. Plus from a mental health aspect we feel it’s important to see each other once in a while.
  2. Yep that’s exactly what I mean. For example my parents recently had their 50th wedding anniversary. While we didn’t have a big party like we wanted we had a cookout with immediate family. 12 people total. Similar thing for my sons high school graduation earlier this summer.
  3. Family yes Friends no Though I've been seeing friends in outdoor setting like golf course, restaurant patios etc. My family's been pretty cautious so we've seen them a couple of times over the summer. We've definitely cut back on the duration and size of the ''gatherings" but we aren't going to completely isolate ourselves as family is too important.
  4. Chef though in today's covid climate wouldn't be ideal. I love cooking and looking back would've loved going to culinary school.
  5. Packers fan here you're being generous calling the other Packers WR's mediocre. That "coverage" on Adams was terrible. Another huge game plan flaw was the Packers were awful covering TE's last year, it was brutal. How Irv Smith wasn't more involved is crazy to me. 1 target? You guys will be fine assuming Hunter comes back full strength.
  6. He was a really patient runner at Wisconsin, it really was one of his strong suits that he'd "wait" for the play to develop then burst through the hole with his speed and power. I didn't see any of yesterday's game but I would expect that to improve as he adjusts to NFL speed and gets the early season jitters out of the way.
  7. Completely disagree. It's hard to "win" 90% of your drafts if you have a number of sharks in your league. I usually like 90% of my drafts but love is high bar to set.
  8. He's not a pile mover but he packs a pretty good punch for a 5'7" guy.
  9. I work for an employee leasing company that has about 3,000 employees we pay all over the country. We are not doing it for anyone and have gotten 0 complaints with our stance in fact we've had a bunch of thank you's from clients and employee's alike. There is almost no chance these taxes are forgiven and with the employer being liable for payroll taxes if an employee doesn't pay there is almost 0 upside in participating.
  10. On a terrible team. Minshew was a cool story for a while but opposing defenses weren't selling out to stop their passing game and were out to stop Fournette first and foremost. I don't think Fournette's a star or anything like that but he's a solid NFL RB.
  11. Lotzza Motzza on sale quite a bit around here and really, really good. Not sure how wide their distribution is
  12. To me it's a double edge sword. I love social media for how fast we can get information. Like the Bucks boycott yesterday social media had all the info in basically real time. But the comments are terrible. People are just so extreme nowadays and the childish name calling. Way too many keyboard warriors out there and then the bots too stirring up stuff. I occasionally tweet something to a ridiculous comment but usually back out realizing, at least hoping, it's someone out there trolling. What a crazy world we live in now.
  13. Cash tips is not only for tax avoidance but also so the server can dictate how much he/she has to share with the staff. A percentage of their tips gets shared with bussers and other staff so if you want a bit extra to go to a fantastic server you give them cash. I've had exceptional service at places and done a normal cc tip then handed the server cash directly.
  14. Old school here always carry cash. Have a local Italian deli that I love that gives a 5% cash discount use it there a couple of times a month. Last time I used it in an "emergency" was last winter. Had a flat tire (Wisconsin winter). I know how to change a tire. Loosened the lug nuts jacked up the car and could not get the tire to budge. I was on my back underneath a jacked up vehicle (with those ####ty jacks) trying to kick it loose without being crushed by the vehicle with no luck. I was just about to call AAA when a construction guys stops to help. It was a bit emasculating but it took a number of whacks with the rubber mallet to get the tire off. Vehicle only a year old but with cold weather, road salt and aluminum wheels tires can get almost locked on. Anyway gave the guy a $20. He didn't want to take it but damn he got me out of a bind. Things like this happen and it would've be weird as hell for me to not give the dude something.
  15. The victim is still alive despite being shot 7 times. Praying he makes it.