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  1. Football Jones

    **2019 Dallas Cowboys** Linehan - Gonzo

    We need an imaginative OC. Moore has been getting some pub as an up-&-comer. I’m not worried about what Dak did or didn’t do with Moore. OC & QB coach are separate entities. I’m not saying Moore is the best candidate, but I much prefer him to any retread & have a sneaking suspicion he’ll be a good hire.
  2. Football Jones

    **2019 Dallas Cowboys** Linehan - Gonzo

    Moore is EXACTLY the type of guy you want to take a chance on. It's irrelevant how good he was as a player. Look around the NFL at the top coaches. Were any of them top players? Moore's smarts & football knowledge is the only reason he got a look in the NFL because his arm strength was ####. Those are the types that make the best coaches. I'd be totally satisfied if Moore was hired as the OC. Enough with the retreads.
  3. Football Jones

    **2019 Dallas Cowboys** Linehan - Gonzo

    Yeah, I'm thinking he got word of the nickname "Clapper". Way less clapping now. If he could only wipe that smile from his face when something goes wrong.
  4. Football Jones

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys***

    Any homers want to be responsible for the 2019 thread? I think it would be a good idea if some of the regular posters took turns every few years or so.
  5. Football Jones

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys***

    My feeling is anything less than a serious playoff run next year will be a disappointment. Vast talent & youth will make the Cowboys very difficult to deal with in the coming years & unlike a lot of teams, cap space will allow us to improve even further. One of the best talent evaluators (probably THE best) in the business is a key advantage, as well.
  6. Football Jones

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys***

    I don't mean to bash another Cowboys' fan. We all have opinions on what they should do, but I'm perplexed by people who are totally sold on Dak. I've been middle ground all along, but I'm now leaning to using at least one decent asset on a QB. It doesn't mean the end of Dak. He could keep developing & we certainly could utilize him better (which is on the OC), but I don't want the QB position to hold us back. That said, I realize Dak has the potential to lead us to a championship, but he's got to improve on the finer points of the passing game.
  7. Football Jones

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys***

    You're that sold on Dak? I didn't say it had to be a top asset, but so far, Dak hasn't shown he can be a top QB. Period. Sure, find a good OC, but if you think that'll magically turn Dak into a better passer, you're delusional. He needs to develop further. Yes, the D didn't play up to their potential. It happens. All things considered, I'm happy with this season. Other top teams better buckle up their chinstraps because we've got the makings to win it all & be around a LONG time given our youth. Will Dak be a part of that? I don't know.
  8. Football Jones

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys***

    As far as Dak, with our youth, cap room, & personnel department, there's no reason we can't spend an asset(s) on a QB. Bottom line, Dak needs to play better. Could he keep developing? Sure. Regardless, you especially need better play when the team's upside is so high. The Cowboys are going to be good for quite awhile. Just how good remains to be seen, but we have a legit chance to win the Super Bowl next season if we make the right moves.
  9. Football Jones

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys***

    Ok. You got it. I don't think you have a chance against the Saints, but I essentially would've said the same thing about us so it's not a knock on you guys. Just my opinion.
  10. Tough loss for the Bears. You have to feel for Parkey. Congrats, Philly.
  11. Football Jones

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys***

    MUCH rather play the Rams. It would be nice to play the Eagles for the NFC Championship, but that's not going to happen. That said, you have to give Philly credit for coming back from an uneven season. We should & WILL be clear underdogs against the Rams, but we have the talent to upset them.
  12. Football Jones

    AFC Wild Card - Chargers @ Ravens

    You've got to be able to pass the ball. Lamar Jackson has eons to go as an NFL QB despite his running ability. On a side not, people get excited about Jackson's potential, but give Dak crap. Dak is a better passer & all things considered, just as good of a runner.
  13. Football Jones

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys***

    This is the potential I talked about this past offseason. You could see this coming a mile away. What I wasn't sure of was exactly when it was going to come to fruition. We're starting to realize some of the headroom we've got, but we're not there yet. That said, the NFL is like dog years. Young, up & coming teams with cap room can make a big jump in the offseason as other teams age & lose players. The Cowboys have the upside to not only be an outstanding team in the foreseeable future, but a championship caliber team. As far as Dak, I'm going to say the same thing I've said recently. I'm not convinced he's our long-term starter, but Dak probably gets unfairly criticized more than ANY player in the NFL. He's outplayed guys like Brees in games & seems to play his best when the chips are down which is a tangible asset. Dak has shortcomings that may or may not be resolved, but there's quite a bit to like for a young QB.
  14. Football Jones

    ***2018 Dallas Cowboys***

    We need more read option to take some heat off Zeke. Dak needs some designed runs, as well.