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  1. I'm referring strictly to FF, though. If it can be a decent info source.
  2. BTW, do you find the Twitter crowd to be pretty knowledgeable (the ones who respond)? The SP is pretty talented overall.
  3. BTW, much like the George Floyd protestors, Brees wasted a good opportunity for change. The kneelers have to understand it's not just about them. Those few minutes used for the anthem are precious to many people. Their attitude simply doesn't cut it. Now, both sides are double-pissed due to Floyd/Brees & gaining ground will be extremely difficult. It's a shame.
  4. I understand why Brees retracted despite disagreeing with it & being very disappointed in him. He said nothing other than good things about racial inequity in his original response. It's a shame Brees felt like he was forced to do it, but one thing I do know without a doubt, he'll regret it someday (if he hasn't already).
  5. Real quick, off-topic question. How many regulars in this forum post in the SP regularly? Just curious. I don't see a lot of you in there, but maybe I'm simply not noticing.
  6. I was disappointed in Brees, but he was in a tough spot. He could've EASILY turned the tables on them, but simply chose the easy way out. The protestors don't get to be the only ones with a cause & an opinion. Many military personnel & people from all walks of life think kneeling during the anthem is disgusting. Kneeling is wrong for many reasons, but they DO have the right. Where my shorts get torched is the double standard. #### Michael Thomas & the other clowns who think they're the only ones who can have a cause. Same for Rich Eisen, who somehow believes he's got the situation figured out.
  7. Like I said, the Dems use the "all-cause" strategy. Find a cause & try to exploit it (& that goes for even the ugliest of stances). It's too little, too late. Their biggest issue is their roster. In FF terms, they need to rebuild. When Biden & Sanders are their go-to guys, it's time to start developing talent. Who do they have on the horizon? Crenshaw will curbstomp anybody they have right now.
  8. I just know I'm seeing a lot of suffering. Most are people who not only have never used the system, but wouldn't know how to go about it. I feel especially bad for those people (of all races). I'm not impacted by the shutdown & want to do more. Just trying to get some ideas.
  9. I suspect Gibson will get better as a pure runner & he's pretty good right now. Few RBs have his measurables & the receiving ability is a huge bonus. Monster ceiling.
  10. I'm used to not having a TS so a little bit different dynamic. My general philosophy is to favor upside over production with the bottom part of my roster, but there's a lot of factors to consider. I typically roster as many stashes as I can get away with (usually anywhere from 0 to 4). I may have to cut some during the season, but hopefully, I can acquire them again later if it makes sense. I loosely categorize players as stashes, legit prospects, & producers. Definitely a topic I want to discuss further, myself. I plan on starting a thread sometime this summer.
  11. That's a good philosophy & similar to mine. Karma is a wicked ##### & has a nasty sense of humor. Best to avoid her.
  12. Similar to what @Opie did, I'd like to get some ideas on how to help people get over this financial crunch we're in. Myself & a couple of other people are helping out in my complex by doing various things (some of it financial, but nothing big). Along with bigger tipping, donations, & general help (running errands, etc.), what else can we do? How could we scale it?