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  1. Robby smoked Kamara in the 40 yards of Gold, but has now withdrawn from the contest. Hope it wasn't an injury, & if so, it's something minor. I'm not super confident he can reach his FF ceiling (which is quite high), but this cat has a LOT to work with physically.
  2. Yes, Robby over Dede. I think he's got a higher ceiling & the QB upgrade (potentially) doesn't hurt. I find Dede to be a much harder read in both talent & situation.
  3. What's your problem? You have some sort of issue with me, LOL. I explained my rationale, results, etc, but in case you missed it, hitting on fliers has helped me be extremely successful in this hobby. If you're going to rag me on the misses, ok, but I've proven taking fliers on the right guys can work. You don't have to hit on a high percentage to make a huge difference to your team because of the small footprint (or cost-to-upside ratio).
  4. We have a 24-hour time limit in my dynasty league (rookie draft). If you're the type to get antsy & call people out, it's not the league for you, LOL. We more or less expect teams to consider trade options, but we do have some quick picks. As with many things in life (like the SP), it helps if people aren't douchbags. Everything goes MUCH smoother.
  5. It can be a slippery slope projecting a few games into a full season, but there's real reason to be optimistic about Robby. I'm not a big metrics guy. I base the vast majority of my evaluation on eyeball scouting. I think the thing with metrics is to know when to apply them & how much weight to put into them, not so much the metric, itself. I do use metrics, & some are better than others, but if you're into that kind of thing, Darnold/Anderson were one of the better hookups in the league the last quarter of the season. Robby could blow his ADP out of the water which essentially means he can be had for value. Robby may never be a stud FF WR, but legit upside is there.
  6. He's being drafted higher than 3.8 in many leagues. I first saw him go in the 4th (which is ok). Now it's as early as the late-2nd. Even in this dud class, that's too early for what amounts to a flier.
  7. I don't get the recent hype on Thompson. I compare it a little bit to Darrell Henderson where people are confusing situation for talent. At 200 pounds, you better be ultra-dynamic with high-end escapability traits. That's not Thompson. I totally understand taking a flier on him in that offense, but the price has now risen above the value, IMO.
  8. I like Travis Homer as a flier. He hasn't been talked about much, but I want to stress we're talking about 50+ players into rookie drafts. There's only so many prospects that will make it that deep (if any). I've mentioned just about all I want to discuss now (the ones I've acquired). I may talk more after my offseason waiver run if there's interest.
  9. Pass-catching backs are in high demand. It was Boobie's ability in that area that intrigued me, especially given the situation. Bottom line is Thompson doesn't have one particular skill that's in high demand & his overall package isn't good enough for long-term success, IMO. That said, I'm not going to knock Thompson as a flier, but he's starting to go earlier & earlier.
  10. You probably need to pay more attention. I've made a killing over the years taking quality FF players late in rookie drafts & in waivers/FA. I have several on my dynasty team now. But you're right, fliers fail at a high rate.
  11. I'm not seeing Thompson's ability to be a long-term factor in the NFL. Thompson is worth a pick for sure, but he's starting to go WAY early for me. That said, I'll draft anyone if I think I can turn them for a profit. Thompson makes a decent flier, but the problem is you can't get him as a flier.
  12. LOL. Boobie WAS a surprise cut this early. Anyway, I'm not sure what people don't get about players taken 50+ into a rookie draft. The hit percentage doesn't have to be high for you to reap tremendous rewards. In fact, the hit percentage can be rather low (& it WILL be by the very nature of the prospects). You can typically get late-3rd & 4th round picks for peanuts. I take players I like in plus situations & the strategy has been very successful over the long haul. I like talking about fliers & seeing who other people are on. A fair amount of my time on here is talking about non-studs (or lower profile guys). As long as it interests me, I'll continue to discuss these types of players.
  13. James "Boobie" Willaims is a fairly big surprise to be cut this early as far as UDFAs go. Boobie has some legit pass-catching/escapability skills. I REALLY liked that situation if he could've caught on.
  14. That's interesting. A fair amount of people liked his talent. Boobie is a plus natural receiver with plus escapability. His release might not be performance related, but it's certainly possible. WIlliams couldn't have landed in a better situation, but for whatever reason, it didn't work out. I liked him more than Thompson simply because of his upside in that offense, meaning he had a chance to be their pass-catcher compared to Thompson's lack of ability to be anything more than a backup (IMO). It's hard to go wrong with taking a shot late with ANY player you like, but I'm seeing Thompson go pretty early. He's a decent flier because virtually any drafted RB in that offense is worth a pick, but I don't particularly like his skill set as it relates to being a legit FF asset.
  15. I wouldn’t disagree, but Hill’s issue is much less of a risk than things surrounding other character concerns. Drugs & alcohol, for example, because of the dependency. And he may have done absolutely nothing other than his hyperbolic statement in the audio. Granted, Tyreek isn’t a model citizen, but I’m interested in buying at market value if his owner is selling. There’s risk in any deal. I’m a gambler so the upside to me is very attractive if you’re telling me I don’t have to overpay.