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  1. Dissly is having surgery & is out for the season.
  2. Williams is a good all-around RB. He reminds me of Malcolm Brown (does everything well). Brown is a little more dynamic, but these type runners are valuable because of their vast skill set.
  3. Agreed. Brown looked REALLY impressive in their first drive (tough, physical running). That's what a feature back should be able to do, but the 9ers tightened up the rest of the game. They have an outstanding D. Henderson has some redeeming traits, but he isn't a feature back-type runner. Henderson can definitely make things happen when he gets a hole (much like in college), but too often gets swallowed up when things get muddy. When Gurley is out, Brown will likely get the majority of the snaps as the better all-around RB. That said, it doesn't mean Henderson can't produce, but neither one will do a whole lot unless the Rams straighten out their offensive woes.
  4. Minshew's arm strength is below par, but he's obviously got some things going for him. I'm not convinced Shew has won the job. It depends on what he does before Foles comes off IR.
  5. Depends on if it's an actual conspiracy. If so, no telling.
  6. Agreed. It's a bit of a conspiracy theory, but the "took us by surprise" comment is telling, IMO. McVay essentially retracted it later, but the damage was done as far as being upfront about the injury (as has been the case since last season).
  7. I believe Harry is going to be worth his draft slot, but I can see Meyers being a nice WR for the Pats, albeit with more value to them than in FF (again, long-term). This year, Meyers could have the edge depending on how fast Harry gets integrated.
  8. Harry kills much of Meyers' value, IMO. Harry simply has a lot higher ceiling & will be given the opp first (long-term). In fact, I believe Harry is one of the more undervalued dynasty assets in FF. Kind of an out-of-sight/out-of-mind thing, but he's eligible to come off the IR in week 9. Good trade target since you might be able to get him for a bargain.
  9. I got into some "heated" debates defending Forte when he came out. Good times, LOL. Completely different type runner, though. Forte had the loose hips that made his escapability profile top-notch. Montgomery's calling card is breaking tackles & that's quite a chore in the NFL. I officially was neutral on Monty when he came out because I didn't feel like I got a good read as to how his skill set would translate, but he's trending down at the moment, IMO.
  10. Remember, the Rams cherry-picked Henderson as a COP. McVay has been trying to find one since he got there. Even if you like Henderson, his dynasty outlook is highly unlikely to change (from the COP role). If Gurley can't be counted upon, the Rams will look at RB (probably a feature back-type) in the 2020 draft unless Brown/Henderson perform well. That remains to be seen.
  11. Yeah, that's exactly opposite of what he said earlier which further validates my opinion something is up. Who knows, but McVay's waffling doesn't instill confidence it's something other than the knee. Maybe it's a quad contusion, but the "took us by surprise" comment doesn't make any sense if that's the case.
  12. I'm leaning towards McVay being full of ####. Once I got to thinking about it, how could this injury "take them by surprise". A contusion with enough magnitude to miss a game would be treated by the training staff right away. Bad bruises can be pretty narly. All of a sudden it becomes an issue out of the blue? I don't buy the company line, but I could be wrong. Maybe Gurley initially hid the injury, who knows. Something stinks, though.
  13. Has it been documented that Kamara's injury happened in practice?
  14. First, the 9ers have a tough, physical D. The Rams may not be able to run, period. As far as the split if Gurley is out, Brown is likely to get the vast majority of PT. I'd guess Henderson gets sprinkled in & if he can make something happen, who knows. There's a big swing as far as how Brown/Henderson could play out. Brown is underrated & Henderson is overrated, IMO, but it's really going to come down to production. And sometimes, it just depends on the play calls (or chance) as to who does best.