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  1. Moore is a strong stash as of right now. We’ll see what Seattle does in the draft.
  2. Agreed. Brown is very underrated. Good all-purpose RB. Brown's talent along with the uncertainty surrounding Gurley's knee makes for an outstanding stash.
  3. Brown is an interesting FF asset with the Rams. Nice stash with Gurley’s knee an unknown.
  4. It seems like they wanted to see what would happen with Malcolm Brown first, which makes sense. I know they have cap issues so I don’t know what they want to spend on a backup RB.
  5. Glazer's report doesn't make a whole lot of sense when you consider the Chiefs initiated new contract negotiations & they were reportedly very close to a deal when this mess started. That said, I wouldn't discount some team checking Tyreek's availability or even KC looking into a deal. I'm sure we would be surprised at the names discussed if we could hear every GM's trade talks.
  6. I've said it's a slippery slope to have strong feelings either way, & even though I still believe that, there are signs this is the jilted lover syndrome. Looks like the call to the cops on March 5th (by the mom) to check on the kid (Tyreek's parents were babysitting) could've started it or maybe they were having problems before that. Either way, the scales have tipped a bit for me.
  7. This is now swinging the other way for me. Something is starting to smell fishy.
  8. I was thinking you guys should've gone after Malcolm Brown. Good fit & the price is right. I was hoping so as far as FF is concerned, anyway. That said, Detroit has some potential.
  9. It's possible. Brown is very underrated. He's looked outstanding at times & is a good all-purpose RB. I was hoping Philly would pursue him. Excellent fit for them & the price would be right. Detroit has potential, though. That said, the Rams may match depending on the offer.
  10. Right, I’m not arguing what the masses have already declared. I’m simply saying common sense tells me if Hill is totally cleared & there’s no charges or suspension, it’s MUCH more likely he didn’t do anything than if he did.
  11. I’m a risk-taker in general so I typically like times of uncertainty (strictly talking FF). BTW, I have no idea how this situation will turn out. Slippery slope having strong feelings either way at this time, IMO.
  12. Per the discussion on this page, I’m referring to if there’s no charges or suspension. As far as investing, depending on the deal you get & what your roster looks like, I believe Hill can be a fantastic investment during this period of uncertainty.
  13. I’m with the minority here. If Hill is exonerated, it doesn’t affect my value of him to any appreciable degree. I don’t get the idea he’s losing value if he’s not charged or suspended. To believe his value takes a hit, you must think there’s an OJ dynamic. Like, I know he did something regardless of what happens. This is nothing like the OJ situation, though. If totally cleared, common sense tells me there’s a MUCH better chance he didn’t do anything than if he did. OK, so Hill’s value is down in the general FF community. Good for me. It’ll be easier to acquire him. And if I already own Hill, I’m not selling, anyway. Therefore, if nothing comes of this, it’s essentially a positive for the few who are still bullish on him.
  14. Hyder was essentially signed for his upside-to-cost ratio, which is excellent. Cobb & Berry would be very good additions if the price is right.