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  1. It doesn’t matter who wins the democratic nomination, but Bernie Sanders? Are there a bunch of people who actually believe he’d make a good POTUS? Have we fallen that far as a nation? Unbelievable.
  2. I agree. I immediately thought him voting guilty on the 1st article & for acquittal on the 2nd was PURELY strategic. It doesn't matter either way, anyway.
  3. I get your point. My reply was mostly directed at the countless attempts to overthrow & failing. BTW, true dat on missing the king. The fallout is real.
  4. LOL. At this point, DJT is probably the cleanest politician ever. I heard an interesting podcast with Ted Cruz & another senator (I can't remember who). Cruz said there was real support for an abuse of power impeachment against Obama, but what finally made them decide against it was potential fallout (like what is happening to the democratic party with Trump's impeachment). Cruz said they learned their lesson with Clinton.
  5. Interesting. Romney voted not guilty on the 2nd article.
  6. I don't believe the democrats ever had a good chance of winning, anyway, once Trump got a foothold on the economy & employment. Without getting into politics, Trump has now become the president of the people. People like me who aren't overly political. Much of it has to do with blue's antics. All you really have to do is open your eyes to see the dynamic. I'm an independent in theory, but I've more or less become a republican due to my disgust over a few of the left's stances. The democratic party is in trouble. It's all about the game with the vast majority of them. It's not about who can be a great POTUS, but who can beat Trump. The answer is nobody. The bottom line is I could care less about his tweets. I simply like to see a president who can get #### done.
  7. I don't think Pelosi's actions mean much in the end. The outcome of the presidential race is already cast in stone. Whichever democratic candidate ends up being the nominee doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of beating Trump. The dynamic is humongous (& growing). Much of the cause of it falls on their own shoulders.
  8. I don't think Democrats in the WH know just how much damage they're doing with all this nonsense. I actually think it takes somebody like me (neutral in regards to red/blue) to realize the dynamic. I voted for Trump, but I've voted blue more times than red. If you don't believe there are millions of people who are fed up & will vote Trump (if they aren't staunch Democrats), you're sadly mistaken, IMO.
  9. I'll respond in short, but there's a reason I don't visit this forum often. I'm not big into politics & don't particularly enjoy discussing it. Just not going to debate this too much. There's really no point. #1 - Like families, we protect our own first. When he kills Americans, it becomes our business & depending on intel, etc., taking him becomes a legit option. #2 - It's technically illegal to take out a terrorist who has killed your countrymen & is planning more? Ok. #3 - So Congress should've be notified, eh? Maybe or maybe not depending on how quickly we had to act. Does Trump just say we're doing it or is there some sort of process that could compromise the mission?
  10. I admit I don't know enough about the red tape to comment on how this technically should or shouldn't have went down, but this whole thing is turning into blue vs red like it's been since Trump's first day in office. I'm getting sick of it & there's a WHOLE bunch of people like me who feel the same way (& growing). It's essentially going to hand Trump the win in 2020.
  11. So you liked what happened, but you just didn't like how Trump went about it? Ok, that's fine. Not sure what to tell you. I have a history of voting both red & blue so I don't understand that dynamic (simply siding with blue & against red or vice-versa). The bottom line is we acted on imminent intel & took out a madman who was planning more attacks on Americans. I'm good with that as an American.
  12. I quoted somebody who said "rules". I'm not sure what you're not getting. We can't stand by & let terrorists kill Americans & keep planning more attacks. That's not negotiable.
  13. Mind blown, LOL. I suppose we should've followed the "rules" after 911 & all the other nonsensical killing these ### hats are responsible for. Unfortunately, tough decisions need to be made at times to protect Americans.