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  1. flew through the latest from Bill James (the baseball guy). Called The Man From The Train. Bill (and his daughter, who did much of the research) lay out a thesis about a fiendish serial killer from the early 20th century, roaming through America on the rails. They connect several instances of entire families killed by an axe murderer in the middle of the night in their homes. Their case is quite compelling. However, the writing style is poor. Way too folksy and breezy, in contrast with the horror of the crimes.
  2. i'll have extra Catcher ABs available, too most likely to deal Brian McCann (323/436 in 399 PAs)
  3. any True Texan would have come back with "well, we were our own country"
  4. you see, there's this message board i frequent...
  5. will probably be looking for some quality SS defense and/or CF defense most likely guy i will be looking to deal is either Mike Moustakas or Eugenio Saurez (both 3Bs) as always, i will want to wait to see the WIS defensive ratings first
  6. it's nice to see that guitar-driven rock & roll was only mostly dead.
  7. how do you not call your band Frankenmuth? (where they're from)
  8. slatestarcodex - as usual - has a good read on this subject
  9. anytime i hear the PED argument about late-career power peaks, i ask if they know when Hank Aaron's career high in HR was.
  10. Highest OPS in the Season A Player Reached 3000 Hits: Ty Cobb - 166 (age 34!) Tris Speaker - 166 Hank Aaron - 149 Stan Musial - 145 Willie Mays - 140 Roberto Clemente - 138 Adrian Beltre is currently at 138
  11. been looking deeply into this technology for work (auto insurance). it's going to happen way faster than most think. in fact, it's already here in pockets. there is so much money pouring into this from all the giants (google, apple, ibm, federal government), as well as some very interesting startups. early adopters: compact cities like NY/SF/Boston, elderly, disabled, teens, defined-route shuttles (like in national parks and stadium parking lots), uber-pools for commuters, long-haul trucking links: Google's Waymo already giving rides in Phoenix Trucking in Europe Shuttle van at Univ. of Michigan
  12. best scenes of the season (at least until the end of this past episode - wow!)
  13. Gallo's plate appearances are must-watch tv
  14. thanks TLEF. yeah, i had misunderstood what you meant.
  15. yes, that is correct, although now that sounds like a guy i made up. i'm sure i had a good reason at the time to draft him.