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  1. 32.06 Chris Taylor - SS, LAD
  2. 20.02 to sammy
  3. 30.21 to moops
  4. Sparty is a skip. @Doctor Detroit is otc
  5. 31.09 Jae Gyun Hwang - 3B/SS/Bat Flipper, SF
  6. it's all about setting expectations, but you're essentially right
  7. rebuild Dallas
  8. ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THIS WEEKEND: I want to try an experiement where we "take the weekend off". Guidelines There will be no weekend clock, as usual, and there is zero expectation that you make a pick. The clock will turn off at 7:00pm ET today for all drafters, regardless of time zone. If you are up next, or if you have missed prior picks, you are free to make such picks. If you do make a pick in order, please text or PM (not @ in the thread) the next guy. The clock will re-engage as normal on Monday morning.
  9. greco was up next. if he is eastern tz, he has timed out. bogart is still skipped. so that puts @the moops otc
  10. 30.16 Alex Claudio - RP, Tex
  11. That was MY one-man list.
  12. you are up, and clock is off if you are eastern tz
  13. will probably be the reverse this year
  14. 29.09 Tommy Milone - P, MIL texting next
  15. the all-alliterative turn