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  1. good info. what might make this different are the large demographic bubbles that are Boomers and Millennials, with GenX the trough "middle child" generation. i voted 1, and i think 0 is more likely than 2.
  2. part of my job is pricing auto insurance in the state of Texas. i can't think of one company that surcharges for a Not-at-Fault accident that occurs after you already have a policy. in fact, i'm 99% certain that would be a violation of state law to directly surcharge for that (there are some possible exceptions if you are in what TX calls a "county mutual" company, which tends to cater to high-risk drivers anyway). there are some that use them as a tiering criterion for new business, but even then you might not get put into a higher risk tier, depending on other elements.
  3. Will America ever have a Gen X President? Or, are we going to skip straight from Hillary/Trump to Millennials? Defining GenX as people born from 1965-1980 inclusive.
  4. doubtful that a Not-at-Fault accident would increase his rates at renewal. There are very few companies that surcharge for NAF accidents once you are on-board.
  5. not sure this is true if all the cars (except the one that caused the wreck to begin with) are stopped.
  6. how many PAs?
  7. one time (not this election), i pointed out to my wife (who votes conservative) that her favored candidate would win if only men voted. her response was an icy stare.
  8. i posted a list of guys above who i had to leave off. doso has Peter Bourjos oso has Adam Frazier & Josh Phegley assume you're offering RPs. send PM if you are interested. since my teams are already in, you would have to have both sides of the trade on your roster to start the season.
  9. i think you have partial seasons in those lists.
  10. both oso teams in. the AAA list really hampered me. here are some guys i couldn't get onto my rosters: 1. Peter Bourjos - 681 ops, 383 pa, A/D+ defense 2. Tommy Layne - 45 ip, 1.30 whip, 121 erc+ 3. Jake Peavy - 119 ip, 1.43 whip, 84 erc+ 4. Dan Jennings - 61 ip, 1.40 whip, 113 erc+ 5. Adam Frazier - 160 pa, 767 ops, D-/D- at 2B/3B/OF 6. Josh Phegley - 86 pa, 686 ops, A+/A+/D- at catcher
  11. congrats to Toronto. easily the better team in this series
  12. if anyone is still looking for SP innings, i have Jhoulys Chacin with 144 ip, 4.42 component ERA and/or Nick Tropeano (68 ip, 5.41). just raise your hand and i'll look over your team for trade possibilities. the ideal swap would be Your Batter for My Batter + Pitcher
  13. just set up perfectly now to win 3 games by one-run, and move on with a negative run differential
  14. i show you taking him in round 50