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  1. just saw that rotoworld is doing a "greatest seasons" draft, from 1980-2019. using WIS. fantasy-focused, so they are just using the roto stats from the simulated WIS season, not the actual W/L records.
  2. that doesn't address my objection. i've done the same in excel. that part is pretty easy. the annoying part is going to be having to look up every player you're thinking of drafting to see all his years within the timeframe. here's an example: Darryl Kile is in the google sheet, but he would be ineligible to be drafted because his rookie year was 1991, and so he has only two eligible years. i'm out on the dice-roll part of this. i thought it was a great idea for the all-time draft, but don't think it really works with the limited years.
  3. i don't like the dice-roll part (in this format) because it leads to this extra-constraint. We can't just filter on the years. We'd have to then also search each player to make sure he has 3 eligible seasons WITHIN the time constraint.
  4. good the oso-call from scoobus. i'm up for this. p.s. not sure i'm over the abandonment of the 2018 BTTF simulation. we just ignoring that now?
  5. don't leave us hanging, my friends.
  6. i really liked One Shot at Forever easy to peg it as the Hoosiers of baseball. it chronicles the early 1970s high-school baseball team from the tiny Illinois town of Macon, who made it to the state tournament (back before they had divisions). Starring a hippie, baby boomer coach.
  7. WIS forum teaser that 2018 season will be released tomorrow.
  8. Non-HOF* Right Fielders with a higher JAWS score than Baines: Larry Walker Dwight Evans Reggie Smith Bobby Abreu Bobby Bonds Brian Giles Jack Clark Tony Oliva Rocky Colavito Rusty Staub Dave Parker JD Drew Darryl Strawberry Felipe Alou Ken Singleton Bill Nicholson Mike Tiernan Jesse Barfield Dixie Walker Johnny Callison Tim Salmon Babe Herman Ben Chapman Magglio Ordonez Roger Maris David Justice Kirk Gibson Juan Gonzalez Reggie Sanders Paul O'Neill Shawn Green Tommy Holmes Bob Allison Tommy Henrich Brian Jordan Roy Cullenbine Gavvy Cravath Carl Furillo * does not include non-yet-on-ballot players or guys with HOF issues (such as Shoeless Joe)
  9. this post was categorically imperative
  10. about halfway through Rick Ankiel's The Phenomenon. A notch or two above typical baseball books.
  11. i was wrong about this part. when separating total WAR into the offensive and defensive subcomponents, there actually IS an adjustment for both parts. and that is likely the chief explanation for why Cal Ripken's 1991 season rates so much higher than Jim Rice's 1978 season, even on oWAR.
  12. well, 15 years can be very important, especially if we're talking about, say 2000 vs 2015. There was about a 20% difference in runs scored. Ballpark DOES matter, too (that's what fangraphs means when they say it's park-neutral). So, say Coors Field vs. Petco makes a huge difference. Defensive position does not matter when it comes to offensive WAR.
  13. i didn't care so much for The Arm (though i cannot remember why) my faves over the past couple of years are the one by Brian Kenny and The Only Rule Is It Has To Work eta: i now see upthread that you (NV) were the one to recommend TORIIHTW. Thanks.
  14. this might have been a mistake on my part. note to self: age before position scarcity