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  1. DOSO would be interested in Ramirez if the defensive rating is decent. Prefer to deal a starting pitcher, but could be persuaded otherwise.
  2. are we just ignoring park effects these days?
  3. i've seen my son's coach bring a rule book onto the field to dispute an ump's ruling. it actually tends to calm things down, versus a coach just yelling/arguing.
  4. one of the 5 best pilot episodes i've ever seen. btw, if you missed the pilot, DO NOT watch episode 2 first. Start with the pilot.
  5. we hoped to get Jack Bauer as POTUS, but instead, we get Leonard Hofstadter.
  6. the un-Seinfeld parts (hugging/crying/heart-felt dialogue)
  7. the DOSO team still has extra starting pitching innings. will be seeking a 2B once defensive ratings are released. would also consider dealing Carlos Santana or Brandon Belt for an OF.
  8. :goalpost move:
  9. this would normally be a decent argument, but Britton has the highest WPA (Win Probability Added) of any pitcher in baseball this year. He's been used in plenty of high-leverage situations.
  10. "RnR cannot receive messages"
  11. what do you think about Andrew Miller's 0.72 or Ryan Dull's 0.80?
  12. that Giles quote was from last season, i believe, or at least a few months ago.
  13. i'm not really a fan of incorporating team performance into individual awards, but voters tend to do that. and when there's not an obvious candidate or two, team performance will come into play even more so than usual.