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  1. glad i picked Target Field (usually -4 on HR)
  2. Home Runs up 14% vs 2015, and 33% vs 2014.
  3. plus two more excellent defensive plays plus the just-enough admonishment toward Rougned Odor for his baserunning blunders, leading to Odor's walk-off HR.
  4. looked it up. fwar (fangraphs) uses FIP for pitchers, while bwar (baseball reference) uses Runs Allowed / 9
  5. other than the fact that the managing editor of fangraphs hates the Rangers.
  6. that's weird. baseball reference has Hamels at 5.8 WAR, leading all MLB pitchers. anyone know why they're so different (bwar vs fwar)?
  7. my nephew (who is in his late 20s, fwiw) swears by his trayvax. updated link
  8. heartbroken for you and your family. my condolences
  9. i would think Hamels is the front-runner.
  10. are you still in the market after the Realmuto deal?
  11. yeah, just me. have two teams.
  12. sitting on the all-time highest winning % in one-run games, at .771, with a record of 27-8. Banister has willed 7 extra wins out of the Rangers with a combo of moxie and death-stare.
  13. i respect the attempt, as the Seinfeld creators/writers made it a point-of-pride to write jokes about ANY subject. They did bits on the holocaust (Schindlers List), the sinking of the Andrea Doria, serial killers, abortion, suicide, and so on. but this seems to mostly recycle old bits (Elaine wants to break up with a guy in the hospital, Kramer's friend uses something of his as a murder weapon, etc). And i was really uncomfortable with the dust angle, though it ends up being the centerpiece of the episode.