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  1. yeah, just me. have two teams.
  2. sitting on the all-time highest winning % in one-run games, at .771, with a record of 27-8. Banister has willed 7 extra wins out of the Rangers with a combo of moxie and death-stare.
  3. i respect the attempt, as the Seinfeld creators/writers made it a point-of-pride to write jokes about ANY subject. They did bits on the holocaust (Schindlers List), the sinking of the Andrea Doria, serial killers, abortion, suicide, and so on. but this seems to mostly recycle old bits (Elaine wants to break up with a guy in the hospital, Kramer's friend uses something of his as a murder weapon, etc). And i was really uncomfortable with the dust angle, though it ends up being the centerpiece of the episode.
  4. losing Luis Ortiz hurts, but yes, that's quite a haul today.
  5. i give the edge in that trade to the Braves, but not by much. But i think there are other elements about the deal that are more important than the actual player values, both pro and con. Pro (for Rangers): gave them some breathing room until the deadline, allowing the team to avoid a panic situation. Con: you can only trade Demeritte once. i liked him as a chip to use for a larger deal.
  6. every major film reference in ST
  7. watched Ep1. Has a significant Super 8 vibe.
  8. what level of pitcher would you want back for Lewis Brinson?
  9. or have it delivered by drone
  10. well, that took longer than i expected, but Houston is a good fit for him, i think.
  11. i just wanna know if 3rd place is ever going to figure out how to bet in Final Jeopardy.
  12. my quip answer: i will vote for the Republican, if i can find one on the ballot my real answer: no idea, but probably abstain/3rd party (not Gary Johnson). if Trump cannot win Texas without the votes of folks like me, then he isn't winning nationally.
  13. i had this take-away also. Big supporter of the Innocence Project, and so was flummoxed to listen to Scheck in this. Freeing the innocent and convicting the guilty would seem to be two sides of the same justice coin. Scheck knew, he HAD to know, that he was not serving justice here. p.s. don't need the reminder that lawyers serve their clients, not necessarily justice. i get that.
  14. "Luck" is a term numbers geeks (of which i'm one) use when they can't figure out why something is true.
  15. that was Piper. animation was so good that Dory looked like 1990s Disney by comparison.