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  1. you keep throwing out this false choice. there's a massive space between these 2 extremes. The Americans has, for the most part, hit the right balance, nicely on the slow end of the spectrum. But they've had 2 episodes - S5E1's hole-digging & one last season (i think) with a car stakeout - that crossed over the line from cool-slow to boring-slow. ymmv
  2. top 5 in all the mocks. a guy projected that high pretty much has to come out now.
  3. just wish the committee would stop putting my two schools in the same sub-bracket. seems like it happens every year.
  4. been away, so just getting to post about the ACCT... Duke's 2nd half against UNC in the semis was the most satisfying Duke-watching experience i've had in a long time, short of the NCAA title games of 2010 and 2015.
  5. there's something off with this season so far. Ep1 was just weird with 20 minutes of hole-digging. And Ep2 was really flat.
  6. that's a different actor, right? weird that the only screen time he's gotten in 1st 2 episodes this season is a quick shot of him sleeping
  7. i show everyone fully in at 50 picks, except for scbf, who is at 47. Draft is over! Well done everyone. 599 batters drafted; 598 pitchers drafted.
  8. REMINDER: All picks are due no later than 11:00am ET tomorrow (Thursday).
  9. 50.16 Brandon Woodruff - SP, MIL
  10. Manny Banuelos is good. The other two are gone. With the Banuelos pick, i have you at 49 guys. Is that right? If so, only need one more
  11. yes, though too late for this year's draft. there wasn't enough consensus so far.
  12. $75 million contract; 49th round
  13. you broke my spreadsheet. don't think anyone has ever drafted 33 batters before. :-)
  14. i wasn't suggesting a snake draft, but a "pick any time between now and 5/1" method. using that approach, i'd guess there'd easily be enough guys to speculate on. Especially if the draft only went 45 rounds.
  15. i thought i was pretty well informed, but i've recognized hardly any of the picks since yesterday afternoon.