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  1. watched Ep1. Has a significant Super 8 vibe.
  2. what level of pitcher would you want back for Lewis Brinson?
  3. or have it delivered by drone
  4. well, that took longer than i expected, but Houston is a good fit for him, i think.
  5. i just wanna know if 3rd place is ever going to figure out how to bet in Final Jeopardy.
  6. my quip answer: i will vote for the Republican, if i can find one on the ballot my real answer: no idea, but probably abstain/3rd party (not Gary Johnson). if Trump cannot win Texas without the votes of folks like me, then he isn't winning nationally.
  7. i had this take-away also. Big supporter of the Innocence Project, and so was flummoxed to listen to Scheck in this. Freeing the innocent and convicting the guilty would seem to be two sides of the same justice coin. Scheck knew, he HAD to know, that he was not serving justice here. p.s. don't need the reminder that lawyers serve their clients, not necessarily justice. i get that.
  8. "Luck" is a term numbers geeks (of which i'm one) use when they can't figure out why something is true.
  9. that was Piper. animation was so good that Dory looked like 1990s Disney by comparison.
  10. Reading The Game Must Go On - about baseball in the World War 2 years. Writing is uneven (at times quite mediocre; other times, riveting tales), but topic is very interesting to me. A lot about Billy Southworth, Hank Greenberg, Pete Gray, and others
  11. no, they're playing the Royals.
  12. i blame The Center!
  13. that's only about 15 minutes from RH. others i've heard good things about: Callaway's in North Richland Hills Jeffrey's in Watauga @Bogart has lived around here for a lot longer than i have. maybe he has better/other suggestions.
  14. just in case there are any Rangers fans not already getting the (free) Newberg Report, here's a nice example of his work.