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  1. What are your favorite baseball-related/themed books? Some of mine are listed here: Amazon list Reading now: Game of Inches (vol 1) - meticulously researched look at how the game has evolved over time. Most striking to me is how little the game has changed in the past century or so, after constant and rapid change in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Just finished: Baseball Between the Numbers - the guys at BP tell you why "everything you know about the game is wrong", which should be a clue of who this book is for. I've been an avid reader of BP's stuff for a few years, and so found this book to be a primer, a recap of their recent research.
  2. i didn't care so much for The Arm (though i cannot remember why) my faves over the past couple of years are the one by Brian Kenny and The Only Rule Is It Has To Work eta: i now see upthread that you (NV) were the one to recommend TORIIHTW. Thanks.
  3. Will America ever have a Gen X President? Or, are we going to skip straight from Hillary/Trump to Millennials? Defining GenX as people born from 1965-1980 inclusive.
  4. this might have been a mistake on my part. note to self: age before position scarcity
  5. Ian Desmond is still playing
  6. @Koya @RnR @Greco @TobiasFunke
  7. #FakeNews
  8. I was surprised that Refsnyder went undrafted. Crowded roster in Cleveland, to be sure, but intriguing skills. Not that long ago that he was a higher ranked prospect than Gary Sanchez
  9. Who would you have drafted next? for me... Shae Simmons (RP-Cubs)
  10. 50.03 Kyle Crockett - RP, Cin
  11. 49.23 Clayton Blackburn - SP, Tex
  12. When you come off 3itc, how does the clock work? Are all 3 teams otc, or just the last one (and the other 2 are “skips”)?
  13. Was wondering when you were going to pick him
  14. forgot that scbf has pending skips cosjobs selects 49.13 Jake Peter - 2B, LAD so that makes 3itc = cheese, @Eephus & @jfranco77
  15. i think you only owe 2 right now.
  16. 3itc = chemx, @Frostillicus & @cheese & @SoCalBroncoFan
  17. I don’t think you’re up (or did you owe one?)
  18. no, that's Lincecum
  19. 3itc = spartans, @Chemical X and @the moops
  20. Pretty sure he’s gone
  21. cheese, spartans, @Koya
  22. 3itc = cheese, @Spartans Rule and @FishTacoTuesday
  23. @Chemical X now itc