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  1. Will America ever have a Gen X President? Or, are we going to skip straight from Hillary/Trump to Millennials? Defining GenX as people born from 1965-1980 inclusive.
  2. this might have been a mistake on my part. note to self: age before position scarcity
  3. Ian Desmond is still playing
  4. @Koya @RnR @Greco @TobiasFunke
  5. #FakeNews
  6. I was surprised that Refsnyder went undrafted. Crowded roster in Cleveland, to be sure, but intriguing skills. Not that long ago that he was a higher ranked prospect than Gary Sanchez
  7. Who would you have drafted next? for me... Shae Simmons (RP-Cubs)
  8. 50.03 Kyle Crockett - RP, Cin
  9. 49.23 Clayton Blackburn - SP, Tex
  10. When you come off 3itc, how does the clock work? Are all 3 teams otc, or just the last one (and the other 2 are “skips”)?
  11. Was wondering when you were going to pick him
  12. forgot that scbf has pending skips cosjobs selects 49.13 Jake Peter - 2B, LAD so that makes 3itc = cheese, @Eephus & @jfranco77
  13. i think you only owe 2 right now.
  14. 3itc = chemx, @Frostillicus & @cheese & @SoCalBroncoFan
  15. I don’t think you’re up (or did you owe one?)
  16. no, that's Lincecum
  17. 3itc = spartans, @Chemical X and @the moops
  18. Pretty sure he’s gone
  19. cheese, spartans, @Koya
  20. 3itc = cheese, @Spartans Rule and @FishTacoTuesday
  21. @Chemical X now itc
  22. cheese, greco & @the moops
  23. after further review, scbf timed out yesterday evening, so that adds @Greco