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  1. Brown and Decker and the pick are a better package than Dez and Allen. Brown>Dez>Allen>Decker, but in general the best player in the deal is the better side, and the pick seals it.
  2. It's a full dynasty league, so we keep the entire roster from year to year, only drafting rookies. I share the same concern as Phoenix regarding WR depth. The waiver wire is bone dry. the best FA's are Cameron Meredith, DeAnthony Thomas, and Chris Givens. the big pickup this week was Josh Bellamy. Perhaps I see if I can get Crockett Gilmore or Willie Snead or Kamar Aiken as a throwin?
  3. Don't trade Julio. He's going to be the #1 WR this year. Morris isn't going to help you that much. I think trading Cobb and Eifert is a better plan, and Cobb and Calvin are probably about equal value, and then it's really just Eifert for Morris. Considering that, maybe just offer the TE for the RB straight up? No need to get the WR's involved. See mine please:
  4. No. Terrance Williams is unreliable and now has an unreliable QB. I agree with the plan to dump a QB for a WR, but you can do better. See mine please:
  5. Thanks for the input. I added my roster and league settings in my sig.
  6. I'm not so sure. Evans could have a great year, but so could Bernard. He looks so much better than Hill so far. You have 5 rookie WR's on your roster - chances are that at least 2 of them are going to hit by the end of the year, and then you'll be loaded at WR. In the meantime, Cobb anchors and the veterans provide solid production until a rookie overtakes them. I say stick with what you have. See mine please:
  7. I wouldn't make that trade. You're too thin at WR to take the hit. Sure it'd be nice to get a top 3 QB (and he will still be there at the end), but you can't roll with a bunch of WR3 types. Keep Hopkins and Ryan. See mine please:
  8. I love Dion Lewis, but with your roster requirements, he doesn't help more than Moncrief would. They are essentially both a flex for you, and Moncrief probably has better staying power. See mine please:
  9. Trade Martin for Moncrief. Foster will probably be back this week, as will Bell, and you'll never need Martin again. You can use Hillman or even D Williams as a spot starter for bye weeks and injuries. See mine please:
  10. Get him. Hilton is a top 15 WR. Trade Eifert immediately. See mine please:
  11. I have just received a trade offer in a dynasty league where I give up Julian Edelman and I get LeSean McCoy straight up. The league is a 20 team, 32 player roster dynasty league with IDP's. Lineup is QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 1R/W/T, 1W/T, K, DT, DE, 2LB, CB, S. Mostly standard scoring, but with 0.5 PPR, and bonuses for yardage milestones. Would you make this trade? I have my own thoughts, but I'd love to hear other's ideas as well. Will help with your questions as well.
  12. I like Gore to get 1-2 TD's in the first half, and Hunter picks up 1-2 more TD's in relief. I'd play Spiller over Miller for the flex spot. I would definitely stay away from Stacy this week in a bad matchup against Seattle and missing his starting QB.
  13. I like both offers, they're about equal in my opinion. But the addition of the 1st round pick in the second offer makes me lean toward that one. Make the trade with the second owner. Answer mine if you have a chance:
  14. Colston. Right now he's your WR4, maybe eventually WR5 or 6 depending on Harvin's recovery and Douglas's ability to carry forward his week 7 success. He won't be worth giving up a 5th round pick next year, either. Answer mine if you could please:
  15. Lots of yuck in that trade...but no, I wouldn't make the trade. I think Bowe will play better in the second half of the season when the schedule gets tougher and the Chiefs have to pass more. Answer mine if you could please: