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  1. It isn't over? I don't know. What is this link still playing?I guess it started over? Yes, it's on a loop. Tears of Joy glistening on my cheeks..... Peace
  2. Dan called it like a kid watching his heroes play the game. It was a joy to listen to. This kid is so good. Too bad he is all glove and no bat.... Peace
  3. i told you JV is trash and should be placed on waivers. peace
  4. I appreciate his effort, but he struck out Tuiosasoppo. Ryan Rayburn struck him out for gawds sake. All kidding aside, Great job kid. I am making fun of Tui, not your effort. peace
  5. WHOOOO WHOOOOO Dear God I am a 46 year old man. You have answered all my other prayers. Please, please, please..... Just once, can the Lions play a game in February? Peace
  6. Best Ad that hovered over that video... Single Muslim? Not Happy with your Aunties Choice.... I spit beer on my screen peace
  7. I can assure you he is NOT starting Pryor over Peyton this week, not matter how juicy the match up seems Peace
  8. I see two fumbles and the old man strokes out on the sidelines. I bailed on Wilson for a reason after last week. He wasn't even trying to protect the ball.....the Ole' Loaf of Bread syndrome. Peace
  9. Brandon knows marketing....that's for sure. Dot the I???? is that the best you got Ohio? Band Geeks rule. Gentlemen, we are in for a ride the next 5 10 15 years. I have goosebumps. peace