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  1. I have the sound off. It is now awesome TV. They look like toddlers in a sand box. Peace
  2. It isn't over? I don't know. What is this link still playing?I guess it started over? Yes, it's on a loop. Tears of Joy glistening on my cheeks..... Peace
  3. Dan called it like a kid watching his heroes play the game. It was a joy to listen to. This kid is so good. Too bad he is all glove and no bat.... Peace
  4. Let's see... - Cut by the team that drafted him, not even put on their practice squad - Didn't get signed by the Packers practice squad after a workout - Signed to the Panthers practice squad but then cut so they could sign RB Tauren Poole - Signed to the Titans practice squad Joique Bell says Hi. Cut four times before sticking with the Lions. Not disparaging, just saying it is hard to judge. Peace
  5. i told you JV is trash and should be placed on waivers. peace
  6. I appreciate his effort, but he struck out Tuiosasoppo. Ryan Rayburn struck him out for gawds sake. All kidding aside, Great job kid. I am making fun of Tui, not your effort. peace
  7. WHOOOO WHOOOOO Dear God I am a 46 year old man. You have answered all my other prayers. Please, please, please..... Just once, can the Lions play a game in February? Peace