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  1. What is the WMBA? I honestly don't think I'd go to an NBA finals either. NBA product as a whole is crap
  2. Guy has been unreal.
  3. Winston in over Cam this week
  4. Point per 5 receptions(opps .2) Old school league, thats slow to transition
  5. 12 team .02 PPR QB: Cam, Winston RB: D Johnson, C Michael, T Reddick, Ellington, Rawls, D Lewis(IR) WR: Dez, M Evans, J Macklin, M Thomas, C Coleman TE: K Rudolph, Z Miller Kickers and D's
  6. Everybody I know thinks the sky is falling Win tonight, and we have a chance.
  7. I'll be changing my paypal passcode tonight
  8. Kind of like Osama was?
  9. No walk through today?
  10. Like Maclin too, D's will be forced to pack the box, leaving Maclin in one on one coverage. Me likey