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  1. Used to play softball/drink 4 nights a week, no problems getting up for work and drank heavy all weekend Now a good Friday night and I'm done until Tuesday.
  2. We just can't beat the bad teams
  3. Avett Brothers newest is ####### good
  4. 0-5 i will not be attending anymore games this year, and may move out of state once the playoffs start
  5. Don't be jelly
  6. good, I just gave up drinking yesterday afternoon
  7. My youngest daughter is named Quinn too congratulations!!!!
  8. Sourpatch kids and it's not close
  9. You go, we go back tonight
  10. Nope, it's always been there
  11. Wife and I were at a cancer benefit and won a wheelbarrow full of booze($10 raffle) Seriously 73 bottles of booze, of course my SIL was living with us then, so it was gone in a couple weeks.
  12. Please change the thread title to: Another shooting at the hands of the police