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  1. didn't BL have 50 kids, or something like that?
  2. deliberately attempt to conceal unpleasant facts about (a person or organization). synonyms: cover up, sweep under the carpet, hush up, suppress, draw a veil over, conceal, veil, obscure, keep secret;
  3. But we are whitewashing it.........whitewashing a past, that we as a country, have tried to make right. Not recognizing our past is forgetting what we've moved forward from.
  4. Pulled into the Rockwell lot at 1120 yesterday morning, only to find out the game had been called.........so we ate and drank in Wrigleyville for a couple hours. Really wanted this
  5. Rain rain go away, I've got really good tickets to tomorrow's game
  6. being asked to be special council sounds like a big deal(like history books big deal) even if he finds nothing
  7. Then why not just come out and say YES I've seen evidence? Special counsel being called in based on "rumors" seems a hell of a lot like they are phishing for something(or just anything)