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  1. Yahoo forced me to remove him from my IR, so he’s gotta be close
  2. Sure the hell cant hurt
  3. Thanks Sig I've got WR woes this week, Walkins not playing(and bye weeks to other players) have left me needing to make a pick up. Kind of two fold First who do I pick up? P Wiliams W Sneed G Allison Second, who do I drop? Our league rules require that I always carry 2 QB's and 5 WR's with an IR spot So I can outright drop Watlkins J Brown AJ Green Or I can play with my IR(Currently held by Brees) Drop...dropping either of these would require moving Watlkins into the IR Brees Stafford Winston
  4. Ahhh, ok I was almost upset that I dropped Darrel last week
  5. Where are you seeing this? This could be huge for the "other" D.
  6. I’d love to hold until healthy(and Hill back) but I bye week and his injury are forcing my hand drop him or Brees?
  7. Wrigley


    12 team redraft Gotta pick one up if Watkins doesn’t play(looking that way) problem is I’ve got to drop someone. League rules require that I have 5 WRs on my team at all times. Who do I drop? Watkins John Brown or do I play with my IR(Id move AJG to IR) Drop Brees(holding for playoff push) Winston Stafford
  8. IRd Brees hope Winston and Stafford get me there