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  1. I've been trying to trade Gio to the Mixon owner for a WR upgrade Figure Gio is really only good for another week or so.
  2. A fake punt is an offensive play, period. Don't know about you, but I don't have a roster spot designated for special teams
  3. Trick or treating in the neighborhood with kiddies, drinking with the adults as they stop by. Then off to my P's for my dads 70th BDay
  4. It’s a kind of book mark, let’s you know you’re interested in a thread
  5. I picked him up this week(can't believe he was out there) with the sole purpose of flipping him to the Mixon owner, in exchange for my Conner cover Snell Now I think I'll start flex him
  6. Captain obvious says Jones is just as good as anybody in the league as long as he has time and open receivers
  7. Picked up Gio, and am going to try and flip him to the Mixon owner for Snell to cover my Conner weird that he’s been holding my handcuff, while allowing his to sit on the wire
  8. Guy is a head case, nothing has changed Ill pass
  9. Seems to me they are already good enough on offense....they need defensive help For the record I do own Wilson, Carson, and Metcalf across a couple leagues.
  10. Please don't let him go to Seattle.....and I'm very Seattle invested.
  11. I think it’s time to start covering my big guns where I can Hello McNichols