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  1. Grape Jelly and Taco sauce makes a great sauce for meatballs
  2. I had a drink with Britney Spears at a club in Vegas years ago
  3. Haven't watched the NBA in years, at least not since ESPN took a huge interest. It's promotion of the NBA has pushed me away from them too Nobody plays D any more, NOBODY The Bulls are averaging just over 106 p/gm, and are 25th in the league. Guard somebody NBA sucks
  4. Really started trying when I was 35-36(I've got her my 7 years), didn't happen until 40 And BAM!!!!! Twins I'm now pushing 50 with two 8 year olds and a 6 year old Tried to start younger, just didn't happen.......wouldn't change a thing
  5. It’s wasn’t a tournament you wanted to win
  6. I’m hearing he was a big cig smoker in his early days
  7. Screen shot will work just hope they don’t screen shot it to anyone else