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  1. So sorry Shady, words can not describe. Wishing you and your family peace
  2. Great ####### post here
  3. Why not use welds?
  4. Thats called longevity
  5. I once took a 6 year old magazine and tore off the cover....had a guy try and draft Fred Lane that year. Sometimes it's just too easy
  6. One draft sheet Write names of players I don't like in margins, just in case someone wants to look at my sheet...they think I'm high on these players Drink lots win
  7. Pretty sure hookers and blow are still good for you, it's science
  8. I'll take threads that show our age for $2000 Alex
  9. Didn't happen Was told to wait until Monday.......I don't have tickets tonight Maybe next time.
  10. SHUT UP!!!!! Heading up