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  1. We’ve got a family trip planned for mid July to the Dominican. It’s a trip to celebrate my parents 50th Anniversary and my fathers 70th BD(my anniversary actually falls on one of the days we are supposed to be there) 34 of us are crossing our fingers
  2. I’m reading Killing the SS right now :wheelhouse: I can’t put it down
  3. Cubs will surprise this year
  4. Sunglasses inside. Am I the only one who finds this disrespectful? :getoffmylawn:
  5. This Saturday will be our final booth sale. It’ll be next door to a local dispensary(new to Illinois) could be a monster weekend
  6. Our girls sell cookies at $5 a box, with $1 going back to the troop average booth sells about 150 boxes per 2 hour sitting
  7. Hey, that was old Otis. He’s married now
  8. Fast food was better then, because I was much more stoned
  9. I’m still enjoying it, maybe because I read the book My wife has lost almost all interest
  10. Grape Jelly and Taco sauce makes a great sauce for meatballs
  11. I had a drink with Britney Spears at a club in Vegas years ago
  12. Haven't watched the NBA in years, at least not since ESPN took a huge interest. It's promotion of the NBA has pushed me away from them too Nobody plays D any more, NOBODY The Bulls are averaging just over 106 p/gm, and are 25th in the league. Guard somebody NBA sucks
  13. Brother just landed in Thailand......I'm assuming he's going to bring it back
  14. My brother is leaving in a few weeks to vacation in Thailand Should I be worried?
  15. Really started trying when I was 35-36(I've got her my 7 years), didn't happen until 40 And BAM!!!!! Twins I'm now pushing 50 with two 8 year olds and a 6 year old Tried to start younger, just didn't happen.......wouldn't change a thing
  16. It’s wasn’t a tournament you wanted to win