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  1. 10 team redraft no ppr qb Mahomes rb Kamara wr Julio te Kittle k Butker D Patriots Those I am sure of. Bench is Bell @Buffalo Armstead vs Indy Boone vs Chicago Boyd vs Cleveland Odell @ Cincy I need to pick 3 from this group and at least 1 has to be a rb and one has to be a wr. The 3rd can be either. I am in first by only 13 points Thanks!!!!
  2. non ppr. If L Bell is out Sunday (or limitied Sunday) .... my options would be ----  B Powell Jets vs Miami Ty Montgomery Jets vs Miami Laird @ Jets Darwin Thompson KC @ Pats or my Arizona dead-weight.....David Johnson and Chase Edmonds Who do I start? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi...I need help please. 10 team redraft. No PPR. 1 for 10 rush/rec. I need to pick a flex because of Julio being out. Dede Westbrooke vs TB Christian Kirk vs Rams Hunter Henry @ Denver Thanks in advance!
  4. 10 team ppr...1/10 rush/rec 4 for td passes 1/20 passing I am in first 9 points! This is for all the marbles. my team qb Brady/Foles/Watson rb Barkley/Sony wr Tyreek/Hopkins/Robby Anderson te Kelce k Gostkowski d Pats everything is set (no even close options) except QB My heart says Brady (experts) say Watson My head says Foles What would you do? Thanks in advance
  5. 10 team ppr....4 for passing TD....1/20 passing 1/10 rush/rec Desean Watson @Philly Tom Brady vs Buffalo I am from MA but I am leaning Watson Robby Anderson vs. Packers Chris Hogan vs. Buffalo I am leaning towards Anderson finally.... Sony Michel vs Buffalo Justin Jackson vs. Baltimore leaning towards Sony (as pretty much all would with this decision) but I just don't see Gordon playing a lot. Ekeler is OUT. Justin Jackson might be big Thoughts? Thanks
  6. 10 team ppr...6/td....1 for 10 rush/rec Tre-Quan Smith @ Cincy Kerryan Johnson @ Chicago John Ross vs. New Orleans Kerryan is going to play.....but I am not sure he is a better choice than Smith or Ross. Help Please
  7. no ppr 6 for td's 1/10 rec/rushing Tre-Quan Smith @ Cincy D. J. Moore @ Pitts I know it's not a great field to choose from, but I need to decide on which one since D. J. Moore plays tonight What would you do? Thanks in advance
  8. 10 team redraft 6 for TD NO ppr 1-10 rush/rec lost AJ Green to a toe and Hopkins to a bye....please help me decide my WR2 this week. DJ Moore @ Pitts Torry Smith out again...should be a high scoring game. I love Moore but he is not one of Cam's first choices John Ross vs. New Orleans AJ out. Ross practiced all week so far. The targets gotta go somewhere and Ross is pretty good. Chris Conley vs AZ Sounds like Watkins will be out. That makes Conley the second WR in a pretty powerful offense Tre-Quan Smith @ Cincy I realize that he is behind Thomas and Kamara....but there IS some upside here Who would you choose? Thanks
  9. I am torn with my QB decision this week. 1 for 20 passing 4 for TD passes Cam on bye I have Cousins and Baker Mayfield I worry about Cousins dealing with the Rams D line. Buffalo isn't the Steel Curtain and we all saw what they did to him last week. I know the 2 db's are out for the Rams, but am I crazy to start Mayfield over Cousins this week?
  10. 10 team ppr....we don't have points over 17 weeks wins. I am tied with 1 other owner. 1 for 10 rush/rec Brady/McCaffery/Kamara/Theilen / Cooks/Gronk/Tucker/Pats D Those are all set....luckily they are all good and all playing for something. At flex I can pick from : Baldwin vs. Arizona Akeem Hunt @ Denver Malcolm Brown vs SF Fitzgerald Toussaint vs Cleveland Please pick 1 of the 4 Thanks
  11. no ppr do I start Olsen vs Minny or Steven Anderson vs San Fran? Thanks for your help!
  12. 10 team redraft ppr...we start 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 te k d. Trade deadline is this coming weekend. I am in first place by just a few points. Brady/Rodgers Gurley/Kamara/McCaffery THill/BCooks/Baldwin/DJackson/Coleman/Fuller Gronk/Olsen I have been shown Adam Thielen for THill. I am torn....what is your opionion? Thanks
  13. Our league has been together for 25 years and it's a little quirky. We have 24 roster spots. I don't have to drop just increases my roster to 25. 1 qb 2rb 2wr 1 flex TE K D I think I should do it.
  14. 10 team redraft. No ppr 1for10 rush and rec 1 for 20 passing 4 for a passing td...6 for all others I just got an offer.....DeSean Watson/Demarco Murray/Henry for Aaron Jones/DCarr my roster: Brady/Carr Gurley/Mixon/Lamar/Aaron Jones Cooks/Dez/THill/Kupp Gronk I think I should accept. GB and Tenn are both on bye....Murray will have time to heal Thoughts?
  15. non ppr. 1 for 10 rush/rec 6 for td's Tevin Coleman @ Detroit or Chris Carson @ Tenn? Thanks