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  1. What's D Wills Trade value?  I put a trade offer:  Dwill and MVS for Godwin and J. Samuels   I want off this train,  so the offer was to the Mcoy owner in .5 PPR 12 team.  My other RB is Chubb and Cook.  WRs flew off the board in the 3rd he was the best value. (D Wills)  Was this a fair trade offer?

  2. Was watching CBS about 20 mins ago. One guy stated yes play Amendola, he played well while being hurt. Then the woman came on 5 mins later stated, don't start him they are going to ease him in.

    Just another example how reporters dont know what the heck is going on. Looks like he will be in, I expect he will be in on 50-60 percent of the snaps. Thus a WR3 with very high upside in PPR.

  3. Any update? Is the baby yours?

    Uh, kind of hard to tell at this point. As I stated earlier, I'm 99% sure I have nothing to worry about here. That 1% is still bothersome at times. But, wife is doing great, kid is doing great. Because of the cord vessel issue, we get ultrasounds more often than usual, so it's been cool.
    Thanks for the update! I really do hope everything goes well for you and your new family!

  4. Some tips:

    1) What is done is done. Treat the new baby as if it was yours no matter what until the baby is born.

    2) Keep treating the baby if it was yours until you get the nads to do the paternity test.

    3) If you don't want to know the answer, then don't find out and go on with life. Forget the episode ever happened. However, keep a close eye to your wife and kids.

    4) If you want to know the answer, find out as soon as possible. If it is not yours, keep a straight face and plan an exit strategy. If it is yours, Congrats!!!!!

  5. Haven't made a decision on this one yet. If I don't do it, there will be small nagging feeling that may last my entire life. It won't consume me, and it won't affect my relationship with child #3. However, If I do it and it turns out it's not mine, would I abandon the kid? Knowing Steve, I don't think he'd jump right in and take responsiblity for this. So the one who really ends paying the price if I walk is the kid. It'd be tough to walk away. A

    Let's say it's not your kid and you let her get away with it, she will do it again. It's like you gave her a free swingers card and your not invited pass. BTW, yes it will consume you when the kid hits his/her teens and says "I HATE YOU DADDY" as they always do.

  6. From the kid I mean. I should walk to let him grow up without a father? Without a family unit? Just because the 'real' father is a jackass? I would expect most men to step up and take responsibility. I don't expect that to be the case here.Regardless, I'm pretty convinced I have nothing to worry about. It is an interesting hypothetical though.

    :lmao: at anyone who doesn't know this is a :fishing: trip when the OP considers the possibility of his wife having an illegitimate child to be "an interesting hypothetical".
    OK dude. Whatever. The point is I'm about 99% sure I have nothing to worry about here, so think you're off base with your comments.
    I predict that this thread will be revived when the original poster finds out the baby doesn't look like him at all. In fact it looks like Steve. Sounds like a good plot twist!!!