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  1. This is exactly what I was thinking. No on could watch his ramblings today without thinking it is highly likely there is something very bad left out the call summary. For me that was the big take home point of the day after sifting through all the madness. I also don't think enough was made of how well Pelosi did during her press conference with Schiff. Her message was controlled, on target, and powerful. If Democrats can stay disciplined and follow her lead, it will really start to resonate with the public.
  2. Trump: 1. Has overseen huge increases in the national debt 2. Favors tariffs 3. Has been pro-choice for the vast majority of his life 4. Has given huge sums of money to Democratic politicians throughout his life 5. Routinely criticizes the military, the intelligence community, and law enforcement 6. Has shown disdain for the US judicial system in myriad ways 7. Supports a decrease in US influence in international affairs 8. Regularly criticizes NATO and the strongest US allies 9. Regularly defends America's biggest adversaries, including Russia 10. Constantly pushes to expand executive power 11. Has violated the Constitution on numerous occasions 12. Is highly supportive of eminent domain 13. Has given away billions of dollars of taxpayer money in subsidies to groups he wants to favor him 14. Frequently uses his words to pressure companies in the private sector to do business in a manner he prefers Do you know what a conservative is?
  3. Didn't necessarily mean to imply that, at least not strongly. I don't know what the best move is. My point was that while painful, the level of pain is probably disproportionate to the level of the danger.
  4. Not directly. Opiate withdrawal is obviously horribly unpleasant and I suppose could lead to behaviors that are life-threatening, but it does not directly kills people. Lots of other withdrawal syndromes do (alcohol, benzos, etc.), but opiate withdrawal just sucks.
  5. Heroin withdrawal is not fatal. Which actually makes this the perfect analogy.
  6. Do you apply this same scrutiny to President Trump? Let's look at just the last 24 hours. 1) Retweeted a message comparing him to the 2nd coming of Christ 2) Made a horriblly offensive anti-Semitic remark 3) Canceled a trip to Greenland because Denmark refused to negotiate selling it to him 4) Advocated for Russia to be let back into the G8 What would have been your reaction if Obama had done any of those things? The truth is, Trump gets off extremely easy from the media. The criticism of him is not nearly as strong as it should be. The volume of horrible and/or incompetent things he does is so high that it is difficult to keep up with. He does at least 3-4 things every single week that would have completely ended the career of any other politician and does 5 or more things on an almost daily basis that are so horrible that for anyone else they would be the top story in the media for months. If any Democrat did the things Trump has done just in the past day it would enrage Republicans to such an extent that they would spend the rest of the term calling for impeachment. With Trump, these things will be forgotten by the weekend.
  7. There was some discussion on Morning Joe this week about polls of voters who dislike both candidates. I can't remember the exact numbers but in 2016 voters who hated both Trump and Hilary broke something like 4-1 for Trump. In recent polling it is almost completely reversed with them supporting the Democratic candidate over Trump by a large margin.
  8. If this were true you would screaming for Trump's head. He is the exact opposite of that. He is fiscally liberal (redistributes wealth and uses federal funds to prop up industries, against free trade, runs up huge deficits, etc.) and is socially authoritarian (attacks the free press, for strict punishment for abortion, supports the death penalty, approves of government entities engaging in personal attacks and targeting of individuals, etc.). Trump is probably the single politician in America right now that is farthest away from fiscally conservative, socially liberal. And by that, I mean in terms of how he governs. Obviously he has no real ideology other than his on self-aggrandizement.
  9. Why do you think that Buttigieg is more in the second race than the first? I imagine his greatest support is young white idealistic progressives, which is who I assume also support Bernie and to a lesser extent Warren. Seems like Harris and Biden would be fighting for the older, more moderate, and African American vote.
  10. That's not remotely what I said. Though this is an interesting phenomenon. Trump lies about things that are easily disprovable, claiming he doesn't say things that we have recordings of him saying them. I imagine most people attribute this complete lack of shame to his obvious personality disorder. I don't want to attribute the same etiology to you, so do you want to explain how you feel it is appropriate to lie about what I said when anyone easily can read the post and see your dishonesty?
  11. If you are actually interested in that topic and not just trolling, you could read the transcript which is linked less than half a page up from this post. I didn't watch the debate, but it took me less than 2 minutes to learn what the few candidates who were asked to address this question said. Also, your interpretation seems off. Despite the numbers you quote, President Trump's re-elect numbers in key states are beyond terrible. I would think the more appropriate question would be, if the economy slows at all, what can Trump possibly run on?
  12. Not sure about this. There are certainly other politicians who told countless lies on big subjects, but the thing that separates Trump from the rest if that he lies about everything. I would think most people who are really good liars have the intelligence and discipline to avoid lying about the most trivial stuff. I don't think even the worst of the worst pathological liars continuously lie about small and unimportant stuff at the level Trump does, and that's probably what puts him over the top versus any other politician.
  13. Why do people keep using this word like this? When you write this, there are only two possibilities: you are incredibly ignorant to the point that nothing you say should be given any consideration, or you are being deliberately dishonest. Either way, doing this twice in one post indicates that no one should give any serious consideration to anything you say. Not that most reasonable people would give any credibility to your insane ramblings, but there were some here who for unclear reasons continued to give you the benefit of the doubt. Unless you have a compelling argument for the blatantly false use of this word, I would think they should no longer do so.
  14. The real tragedy is how badly he has failed given how much the deck was stacked in his favor. He inherited an economy on the upswing, had the "republican" base believing anything he said, and because he is actually a Democrat, had established relationships on the other side of the aisle. He started his presidency with one of the best starting hands a president has ever had. All he had to do was not be a completely terrible human being and the biggest narcissist on the planet and he would have gone down as an incredibly successful president. Now there is little doubt that when the history books are written he will go down as one of the most hated people in American history. It's mind boggling that someone couldn't get through to him on this. Forgot to mention, that I guess I shouldn't be surprised because this is typical Trump, as can be seen by the record of the money he inherited and then squandered. Trump's failure to capitalize on a favorable political situation mirrors his incredible business failures. There are few people who have ever been given so much and done so little with it.