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  1. Barcelona over Leganes 2/19
  2. You only lost one game when I got my third strike, if I recall correctly.
  3. Torino over Pescara 2/12
  4. Atalanta over Cagilari Real Sociedad over Osasuna
  5. Manchester United over Hull 2/1 Manchester City over West Ham 2/1
  6. Genoa over Crotone 1/22
  7. Atletico Madrid 1/14
  8. Damn so we are done until mid Jan.?
  9. Dez Bryant threw a TD to beat me. congrats widbil
  10. Good luck! Most points 2 years in a row, hoping I can take it down this year!
  11. PayPal is My handle @ g mail. and PayPal is old school now too. Venmo is the hot fire now.
  12. Flap do you have Venmo for payouts? That be easier for me if possible. Let me know. Thanks.