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  1. Surprised no one has said anything, don't we start back up in like a week?
  2. Idea I got from another league. Donate it to a COVID related charity. Have first place find a charity and lets give it to them.
  3. I've typed and erased several times. I don't know, nothing seems fair. I guess my vote would be full refund for all teams, but that's screwing teams and rewarding those who quit early. No right answer.
  4. Man....... Asides from doing some drafts and chiming in here or there, I haven't been a regular part of this community for 8 or so years. Many of you know that Kobe was my guy. I spent countless hours on this board talking, debating, and defending him. Anything that happened about Kobe, this was the first place I would come and talk about it, so this board was a big part of my life during those years. I figured it was kinda appropriate to come in and say a little something. RIP Kobe, GiGi, and the other 7 on board.