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  1. D'Angeloooooooooo
  2. I hope to God Mozgov returns to his form from two years ago. Cole Aldrich is looked upon as a similar skilled Center and he got 3/22. I expected a similar deal for Moz, so Mitch/Jim/and reportedly Luke are directly tied to his performance. If we get the Moz from his first year in Cleveland for the next two years than I'd say it's justified but if not they will be in for a lot of questions. If someone like Biyombo, Ezeli, or Mahimi clearly out perform Mozgov even more scrutiny for our FO.
  3. With Burke in Washington now I'd like to bring back Ramon Sessions to back up D'Angelo. If not I'd even go after Andre Miller, I think Russ would learn from either one. The key is to not tie up any future money. We need to have the ability to create a max slot or two for upcoming off seasons.
  4. These contracts are crazier than I thought. The Mahimi deal made me feel better about Moz. I anticipated the Bazemore numbers but was expecting a lot less money and years for Mozgov and Gordon. Heres to a 35 win season, young guys improving, and getting lucky in the lottery.
  5. Wish we payed a little more for a Biyombo/Bazemore combo instead but we have to trust the front office. Need a vet PG to help Russ and keep enough cap to sign a max guy next year.
  6. Great offseason so far. Getting Luke is going to totally change the culture here. I think it gives us a fresh, exciting, and "new" look. I think his voice/vision in free agent meetings is going to be huge. Love Ingram, so much potential and checks every box for this new era type player. I love the young nucleus of D'Angelo, Ingram, and Randle. I think they all have all star potential, a little down on Julius but want to see him in Luke's system. Solid rotation/bench players in Clarkson and Nance. And some nice end of the bench potential in Brown, Black, and Zubac. Another big offseason. I trust Mitch and would be ok with what he decides. Personally I want to avoid Derozan and paying a near max salary to mid tier type guys. If we strike out on the big names we need to be smart and structure contracts so we have at least two max slots available next year. More big names and hopefully our young guys develop enough to be a more attractive destination. If we don't get any major names, I think a nice offseason would be something like Bazemore, Eric Gordon, and Mozgov. Trade Lou Williams for a vet like Trevor Ariza. Resign Bass and Huertas. Russell, Clarkson, Huertas Bazemore, Gordon Ariza, Ingram, Brown Randle, Nance, Bass Mozgov, Black, Zubac Potentially a nice closing small ball 5 in Russell, Clarkson, Bazemore, Ingram, Randle
  7. Euro draft anyone? pm me
  8. Confirmed
  9. I love Tim Duncan and this means nothing at all, but this tweet...... Kobe Bryant's Farewell Tour finale: 60 points on 22-50 Tim Duncan's Farewell Tour (?) postseason: 59 points on 22-52 (10 games)
  10. Projected depth chart PG- Elfrid Payton 26, Shaun Livingston 18, Matthew Dellavedova 4 SG- Klay Thompson 32, Jared Dudley 14, Matthew Dellavedova 2 SF- Kobe Bryant 22, Justice Winslow 20, Jared Dudley, 6 PF- Paul George 34, Chris Bosh 14 C- Karl Towns 32, Ian Mahimi 8, Chris Bosh 8
  11. Trade jmon trades derozan and Randle hag trades klay Thompson
  12. Sent some PMs