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  1. Anyone up for a hardcore, stay committed for years, dynasty league? Would love to start one on here.
  2. Monday is media day. Roster: PG- Ball, Ennis, Caruso* SG- KCP, Clarkson, Hart, Blue* SF- Ingram, Kuzma, Brewer PF- Randle, Nance, Deng C- Lopez, Bogut, Zubac, Bryant
  3. I will be in the building on December 18th!!!!
  4. Yeah, the fact that he traded to the pick RIGHT before mine. If he cheated, just have to rely on karma. If it was an extreeeeeeeeme coincidence and he didn't do it on purpose.....oh well, sucks for me, hope Koscielny outscores him.
  5. I've learned my lesson on lists. Last time I left a 3 man list to someone drafting behind me (I would draft twice before his next pick). I was one pick away and there was one person left on that list. The person I gave the list to, traded up to the pick right before me to take that player. When I questioned him, his answer "I totally forgot about your list" And this was a person I would i-trust. Never again.