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  1. I agree with a split, even though I only lost* one game.
  2. 3 Arsenal games this period, crazy.
  3. What do I need to do, to get this activated? Thanks
  4. Scoring changes and the lineup time modifications have awesome
  5. Costa's goal just about clinches it for me! I'd have to go 1-3 with AFC going 4-0 for him to win the league. Alonso-Hazard-Costa trio are my MVPs!
  6. I'm at 2 losses now. Picked Hamburger and Frankfurt
  7. PG D'Angelo Russell- 22.1 Kris Dunn- 16.3 Dejounte Murray- 3.9 Marcelo Huertas- 2.9 SG Monta Ellis- 24.4 Joe Ingles- 24.1 Norman Powell- 16.9 Tomas Satoransky- 8.8 SF Michael Kidd- Gilcrest- 28.6 Stanley Johnson- 16.7 Sam Dekker- 17.3 PF Anthony Davis- 33 Larry Nance- 17.6 Domantas Sabonis 19.9 Dwight Powell 16.2 C Steven Adams 29.2 Ivica Zubac 7.4 PG- Russell 24, Dunn 16, Ellis 8 SG- Ingles 21, Powell 16, Ellis 11 SF- MKG 28, Dekker 17, Ingles 3 PF- Davis 31, Nance 17 C- Adams 29, Zubac 7, Davis 2, Sabonis 10
  8. Yeah, I was just hoping for third place. It seemed like the whole year I was around 5-7, but had one of the lower games played totals, so I was hoping once that caught up, I could grab 3rd, since 1st and 2nd looked so far ahead. About a month ago I thought it was likely I'd finish in the money, but still didn't think I had a shot at winning, I think the first time I held first place was about 4 or 5 days before the season ended. Was a lot of fun, looking forward to next year.
  9. So are we posting picks this week? Not PMing?
  10. Thank you. It has been a good FBG fantasy year for me. Took down the NBA and NFL leagues, and am currently 3 games up with 8 to go in the EPL league. My guys got hot late, especially Jokic. Was a lot of fun, looking forward to next year.