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  1. The other senate concept is to break up states like california and texas into smaller states If Cali broke up into 5 states, they would likely have and 8-2 D to R balance.Texas would be 3 states with a 4-2 R balance.
  2. Hey man, Thoughts are with you. If I can help shoot me a PM. Gator
  3. Agreed. I am tired of players leaving Miami only for the light to go "on" after they're gone. This seems like an instance where the player has matured (there were multiple reports early in his career about bad eating habits, not taking care of his body, etc) that now when he has put it together (and been what, WR 6 down the stretch overall) that we let him go and blow up in another town. we are keeping our own for #2 money at a moment when we are flush with cash. Fins have spent this year evaluating talent that 1) Buys into Flo's system and 2) may have a role on this team. All the turnover has let to a few gems, and Parker is on eof them.
  4. Yes and no. There are plenty of people who are happy "as-is" with their "little" world and there is no shame in that at all. Then there are people who are ambitious and want the world to taste or experience their product. I think to Joe's point the question is "Is it scalable?" TO bring it back to me, I consider myself to be a pretty good eye doctor, but some of it is the processes I've put in place, the lack of wait times, the staff, etc. and then ME. I can't reproduce ME, but can my processes work with another Doc examining you? It's a tough question, but If you can keep the quality the same with scalability (and obviously the capital investment) then good for you no matter who you are.
  5. You see this happening in a lot of areas. I’m inside a Costco so you’d consider me corporate but I’m just a small business inside this big box. Meanwhile, a lot of private practices are being bought up by vc firms and all being put in the same supply chain, while keeping the appearance of being private (vision source and all docs are two of these groups) Point is, not all buyouts are the same. In certain cases (and I’m not sure where new beligium runs in this) the brewery simply gets too big to be independent anymore. We have one local brewery down here in Miami (wynwood) that got bought out but it was a necessity. They didn’t have the money to expand to meet the demand and now the cash infusion will allow them to grow and realize their dream of what they want their product to be. I have a tangential relationship with the owners and they are happy bc they will continue to brew what the like but have a scale now that they can get their brews out there to more people (and have a new Belgium style tasting room etc here in south Florida) differnt strokes in know, but the whole world is mergers and partnership deals...
  6. My impression of this (and I am all for his right to express himself by kneeling) is that CK is a borderline starter with a limited skill set. See someone like Michael Crabtree with CK throwing to him vs what he was with Carr (who is a marginal starter in his own right). On top of that CK is the worst kind of activist: An activist who protests one thing, but then checks out (voting) or is dreadfully misinformed on other things, but chimes in anyway. Add that to the "Look at me!" way he conducted himself when the Ravens were going to bring him in a few years ago and what happened last weekend, and the truth is it did him no good in the perception of the NFL fan. Court of public opinion, Nike, the "woke" crowd maybe another story (and I'm a liberal)
  7. Any thoughts on Tim Patrick? 8 targets and 4 for 77 is nothing to sneeze at. Gage needed to catch that f'n TD!!!!!
  8. A rob vs the rams d (Ramsey) or gage in Atlanta vs Carolina. Ppr with bonus for long tds
  9. Chicago area fbgs? All Cohen all the time, or is there someone else on the roster with Davis gone?
  10. I think this is a "chips fall where they may" situation. Rosen and Fitz are signed for next year and Miami has a boatload of picks and money. Someone like Cam shakes loose and Miami can afford to pay him and give up a draft pick and not look back. There are likely 7 QBs in the this draft and another 5 or so in 2021, and we still can end up with a top 3 pick or trade up. Cinci needs a QB, but the others ahead of us don't really and Chase makes things easy for us as well. As for what is happening on the field at the moment, we have built an o line this year that with castoffs and whatnot seem better than what we have had there for the past, what, 5 years? Our secondary, also with castoffs and street FAs is playing pretty well, and our LBs have been solid. While I am a "tank for Tua" guy, it is refreshing to see miami take the New England way (or for those of you with history, the Shula way) of a team that gets better as the season progresses, not worse. I'd still be fine with them losing the last 7 games but playing hard, but this team at least shows signs of life, not like Gase, Wanny, Philbin, blah blah blah where you knew it was all smoke and mirrors and all about to fall apart.
  11. As a dolphin fan and someone who needs a spot starter at RB this week (Ballage is rostered but he's no bueno), I have no idea who splits with him in the backfield. Laird has been doing the ST work but Gaskin is the draft pick. Anyone have any thoughts here?
  12. AS a Dolphin fan, (and a Tank for Tua person), I cannot understand why Gase is sucking in NY.As the Phins coach he managed to stay around .500 by decent game planning and some luck for sure. He did have a penchant for throwing his players under the bus and bristling a bit at the sportswriters but overall he was a perfectly mediocre yet respectable coach. My basic take is he just really doesn't care or the NY media is something he really cannot handle so everything else is in the crapper. It's either that or its Darnold, but if you are going to tell me that Tannehill is somehow a more competent QB than Darnold then I don't know what to tell you.
  13. Liberal as they come and fine with Nuclear. I agree that there is a larger "disaster" risk but I equate that to the same concept as flying vs. driving.
  14. Which Indy WR would you want to start as a desperation play with TY out.