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  1. I had the pleasure of being a season ticket holder during The Marino era and it’s hard to really understand his ability. While Montana and Brady will always be considered “better” bc of the hardware, neither of them was Marino. Manning and Brees remind me the most of him and Mahomes is Marino with mobility. It really is a shame the Achilles injury kind of screwed him, and even worse that a year after he retired we could have simply drafted Brees instead of this revolving door of coaches and qbs. He shredded the bears 46 defense. Really only the 85 niners ever stopped him in his prime. Shula will go down as one of the all time greats, but the fact he couldn’t give Marino even an average defense is a crime.
  2. Armchair quarterbacking this for sure, but the issue with the bailouts are really political rather than practical. The bailouts worked, but likely didn’t go far enough. Once the tea party rose to power and the right was able to use that messaging the second round of bailouts and the protections for future safety rules went out the window. Consumer financial protection was passed but then made toothless by the right who basically wanted the checks that those guys could write for their campaigns bottom line is we have a system where large companies and billionaires can buy politicians for millions and then have them pass laws saving them hundreds of millions to billions. It’s likely a company’s best roi at the moment...
  3. Let's assume PPR... Candidates are M Thomas, Hopkins, Antonio Brown, Julio, Hill, I'd say Thelien, Keenan Allen, OB Jr, and TY Hilton sit in that second tier... Also, I think that Gurley, Barkley, Elliott, Kamara may go before them... What say you?
  4. Powell had one snap this past week, and TJ had 18 the week before. While I'm sure this is a "let's see how this plays out" some info from people in the know (for preemptive purposes) would be helpful
  5. With the moves that happened at the deadline, who now becomes the #3 in both these situations, and if so, are they worth a flier? Looks like TJ jones in Det and Tim Patrick in Denver, but anyone have any thoughts here? Stafford has looked to the TE a little more as well, so maybe that is where this goes?
  6. Buy, sell, hold? I’d say he, like most if the rest of the TE crew this year seem to be up and down. Would you roll the dice and grab him from a panicked owner or sell if you were that owner?
  7. That assumes that he comes back in any kind of shape, and that also doesn’t account for football shape. I got a lot of shares in Conner this year not bc I thought this 10week holdout would happen, but more bc anyone taking the preseason off would be a bit more prone to not being in “football” shape and having some ding issues that cost him a few games. Bell could come back week 10, start week 10 or 11, and then go on the shelf w a strain or whatever and just wait out the end of the season. There is no guarantee that week 10or 11 Bell is 2017 Bell.
  8. I agree with Zed. Didn't see browns splits in the Preseason as much as I did Moore's and moore looked like he had a nice rapport working with wilson.
  9. yeah, I would say the same. Both Samuels and Ridley would get picked up as all of fantasy tries to figure this out. I think it would be samuels first, but if bell continues this holdout I could see DeMarco getting a phone call or something...
  10. Any thoughts? I guess if he goes down it was a fun ride, but who is the next man up there, or are they sitting on their couch right now (Murray perhaps?)
  11. Thank you. Repeat thread by mistake...