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  1. I was offered Mixon and Lamb for M Thomas in a keep 3 ppr league. Looked a lot more interesting before last Sunday but I'm still considering strongly.
  2. Welcome to the jungle is better but this isn't the place for that argument
  3. Look, with all due respect, if you think the bets and analysis brian posted is what OP was looking for, you really did not read the initial portion of the thread carefully. Again no disrespect to brian, congrats on his early season start, but the rationale for his picks is maybe one level above a hunch. That is not the type of analysis long term winning pro handicappers are basing their wagers on, and that is far from the type of conversation OP was looking to have. Sorry, not trying to be an ####### here but that's the reality. On the other hand I'm just a square bettor so that's just the type of conversation I enjoy!
  5. So he'd messaged you the deal with Hunt included? Because if he didn't, you changed it, in a big way. No surprise he rejected and offered you an FU deal in return. I do the same when I feel like I'm being taken advantage of, and the fact of the matter is in the deal you proposed you were getting the two best players in the deal after Chubb went down.
  6. Wellllllllllllll I wouldn't go that far lol. But heel Roman is even better than imagined
  7. I'm telling you guys, the first match (ladders) and last match (Reigns) were really really good. The ambulance match was pretty good, if a bit long. But you won't be disappointed checking out the bookend matches 👍
  8. I hear ya, and I generally tend to agree. Don't know if you watched this one but it's an exception, and it was really, really fun.
  9. Gold on the mic hell yeah, but let's be real, dude looks like somebody's drunk uncle hopped the rail at a house show. Not surprised Vince wasn't interested
  10. Super intrigued by him, tempted to drop Edmonds or Akers for him. I'm in a 10 team keep 3 league so there are considerations in finding that next hidden gem. Problem is I'm sitting on a bunch of lotto tickets lol - Edmonds, Akers, Dobbins, Gibson. Anyway, hate to miss out on this guy.