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  1. I'm not clear what you're trying to say, that rookie Shaq would not have been overpowering in today's NBA? Shaq was listed at 7'1 290 his rookie year. Davis is 6'10 250. Shaq was a different animal than Davis.
  2. Love AEW, but I really don't like what they are doing with tag team wrestling in terms of not following traditional rules. Early on Jericho reamed the locker room about it: It feels like they took it to heart for a month or two, but lately it's been back to the old ways - indifference to the legal man or tagging in etc. It's really distracting and annoying.
  3. not so sure about the finisher spam finale though.
  4. Cena v Wyatt was one of the best things I've seen at WM. Pretty cool that Cena bought in so completely to the story. Not sure how a wrestling fan wouldn't like it. edit: My bad. I posted and then remembered HHH is the golden shovel.
  5. I dunno, I thought the Taker AJ match was fun. Completely full of the type of cringe that makes wrestling awesome. I like that given the situation they just said F it and took a chance doing something off the wall. I guarantee that end result was better than anything they would have done in the ring. Taker just can't do that #### anymore.
  6. No it feels like they tried to balance the cards.
  7. Yeah this just isn't working very well. Tough situation all around to try working without the crowd.
  8. Man turning Elias face was just a colossal error.
  9. Feel bad for McIntyre and to a lesser extent Edge. McIntyre gets fired, grinds his way back and earns a probable main event slot at WM and now he'll do it in front of empty seats. Gotta be a total gut punch.