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  1. It sucks. He needs to lose weight. It sure seems like his body is not going to handle the rigors of the sport at 280+ lbs.
  2. This is true. But one of those players (Lazard & Kumerow) had an impact, the other one flopped when Rodgers looked to him and then disappeared for the rest of the night.
  3. God bless strangers on the internet who know how best to spend your money
  4. Oh believe me I'm with you on that part. My kid and I love to make fun of Shane's "working" punches
  5. Agreed. Camera crew and director are still a work in progress. Still missing spots too often.
  6. I mean, it's like you're saying to the guy - hey man, thanks for cutting down that tree for me, I realize now I never really liked it in the first place. You really did me a favor here bud. Oh, and by the way, how'd ya like to come over later, we'll open a nice bottle of wine from my cellar, clink glases and then we can head to the bedroom and you can cuck my wife in front of me! YAY NEIGHBOR!!!!
  7. Bumping as I revisit new window installation. More serious about getting it done in the next 6-8 weeks. The Sunrise installer is telling me they have two options for install (they want to charge me about a grand extra for the full frame method on 11 windows): A frame in frame install will be removing the window sash and leaving the existing window frame and any trim intact. The new window frame will fit inside the old window frame. This method is the industry standard but provides some concerns. Your windows will seem a little smaller since it is now inside the old window frame behind your wall. Also if you have rot many times it is hidden under the exiting window frame and gets masked. A full frame method everything is torn out right down to the header and shoulder studs. This would mean the widow size wouldn’t be smaller, no rot can hide under the existing window frame, and you wouldn’t have to worry about a poorly insulated old window frame still in the opening. You can also get new interior wood trim with the full frame method if you’d like. Anyone know much about the differences on this? Should I bother with a full frame install? Or am I getting snowed?
  8. His name and brand value don't disappear when he retires. Doesn't make him any more of an entrepreneur or less of an angel investor. I don't know what else to say. Agree to disagree on the amount of day to day input he's providing to these business ventures.
  9. I'm saying it's apparent that he has surrounded himself with good business people. He's using the model that is laid out probably most famously by Magic Johnson. Same one that Shaq uses. Get your money invested in good businesses and grow your wealth. Use your name and brand to full advantage. I have no qualms with that. It's smart, good on them. But I really don't believe that they are materially involved in the actual operations of said businesses. Just my opinion, of course I have no way of knowing what kind of input they provide. I do think it's a pretty reasonable assessment when you factor in how much work Lebron needs to put into his current full time career in terms of practice and all that he likely needs to do to keep his body in shape as he moves into his mid 30s etc. I don't think investing some $$ and lending your name is the same thing as what Elon Musk or others do, who have a vision for a business and build it from the ground up. That is what I think of as an entrepreneur. Lebron, Shaq etc are much more angel investors than entrepreneurs.
  10. Man there are some real doormats posting in here...
  11. Dude, if you think he is materially running those businesses, I have a GREAT deal on some ocean front property in Kansas to sell you. Mostly he's investing his money and lending his name. That's different than what Elon Musk does, since you brought him up as a comparison.