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  1. He should have posted on his fantasy football board for lawyerly advice
  2. I mean I agree, definitely should see it. I just don't view it up there with the rest of the 1994 list.
  3. In almost any other year I pick Shawshank, but I can't put it over Pulp Fiction. '95 is really difficult as well. Went with Braveheart but I don't have nearly as much conviction on that one.
  4. I did. I didn't end up taking my 11 year old. It's been a few months now but from my recollection I don't think there was much that would have been a problem for him, and I certainly think it'd be fine for your 14 yr old. I just don't recall anything especially gory. 👍
  5. I assumed he was talking about ESPN putting the Fight Nights behind the + paywall but I could be wrong.
  6. If someone foot fouls, be sure to repeatedly yell "mark it zero!"... bonus points for brandishing a .45 while you do so
  7. Absent a clause in a wrestler's contract, he or she is not legally required to disclose health information
  8. where in the world are you getting this idea that because they are publicly traded the employees are required to disclose details on their health condition?
  9. A. It's HIPAA, and B. It only applies to healthcare providers. C. If I had to guess, the release of player injury status (in the NFL for example) is most likely collectively bargained. Last I checked, there is no union for WWE wrestlers. Unless there is some sort of language in an individual wrestler's contract, I fail to see how they could be required to provide any health status update they did not want to.