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  1. It'll be interesting for sure. Wonder what that would mean for Takeovers...
  2. I think you're a bit rough on Johnny... Finns finisher looks like one of the most painful to take. Doesn't seem like there's any kafabing that one
  3. When I read there was punching, that is not what I expected I mean the guy is still a doosh, but to call that punching, that's a bit of an exaggeration.
  4. Brandi needs to stay off commentary. Heel, face, doesn’t matter she’s adding nothing.
  5. Howdy race fans! Yeah, so I just got talked into a 10 man pick em race league this year with friends and I don't know #### about racing Any of you gear heads mind giving me some tips each week when I know what drivers have already been picked? I pick 4th for Daytona. Will I know ahead of time which racer has tires that are matched perfect and staggered special so they hold on the outside of turn 4?? Cause I'll probably just pick that dude every week.
  7. And we don't miss him ONE bit. Wouldn't trade Chryst for him in a million years.
  8. anyone got a good stream? I'm using right now... it's fairly decent at the moment
  9. Those are ugly as ####. The upper and soles just do not belong together.
  10. Maybe! Do you guys have rules about what troops to use for attacks etc? I usually only jump on when there is a Dr t or imitation game and I pretty much only use TGMed attacks so I don't swap to like Hooka comps or anything for task force (because if I do, I generally forget to come back after the troop swap lol). The maps you guys play may be too heavy to get much use from my type of attacks but let me know.