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  1. You know what really grinds my gears though? The guy makes a post looking for help, get's all kinds of constructive feedback and he never bothers to stop back and say hey, thanks guys, you're an awesome community. What a ####### ########. #### that guy.
  2. Annoying as ####. Bunch of yahoos desperate to insert themselves into an event that they have no part of.
  3. Thanks, how is it north of the Wynn these days at night, is that mile to Peppermill an ok walk?
  4. Headed back to Vegas next week. 3 couples in their 40s this time so not my usual full-on degen trip. I have a few questions. We get in Sunday afternoon and we're staying at the Wynn. Other two couples get in on Monday and then we'll be staying at the Linq Mon-Wed night. I'm not as familiar with the area up by the Wynn, I've usually been a mid to bottom strip guy. What's good to do up there for casual drinks etc. I know Peppermill is in the area, is it walkable from the Wynn? Is it better for evening dinner/drinks or for morning breakfast? Any other decent bars? The group wants to do a show, Absinthe and Opium seem to be the choices we're voting on. I've heard great things about both, anyone here been to both and have a preference? Otherwise I'll probably tell the group I'm good with whatever is chosen. I think we'll do Fremont one of the nights. Trying to hit the Golden Steer if I can talk them into it, otherwise probably Craft, Cut or SW. Yardbird is definitely on my radar. Is Mon Ami Gabi still a must stop if I'm not gonna sit outside for the view? I'm not sitting in 100 degree heat lol. Mostly I'm looking for recommendations for my first night up at the Wynn TIA!
  5. Next poll: t-shirts - tuck 'em into your underwear, or nah.
  6. Yeah, Mt St Helens eruption I guess. I was 6 at the time and my Aunt lives out in Washington. Sent me back a jar of ash
  7. It was terrible. Seems like just another stupid gimmick to avoid wrestling through the commercial break.
  8. I don't think the chances are very good. But I have to believe, because I also need to believe Giannis comes back with a much better jumper next season
  9. Yeah that'll stretch a defense. When people say a player needs to develop a jump shot, they're not talking about 10 footers
  10. Seems like an appropriate time to change the thread title - Lakers petition league to change to 3 v 3 format