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  1. Do you have links to the leagues?
  2. Was the spot filled? I don't see a team name House Trant
  3. Not to start the arguement of best VanHalen group - but I saw them several times when Sammy was leading them. Anyway, he usually played for his solo and it was AWESOME!!!!
  4. I'd have to vote this as my favorite post so far! Agreed - great cover.
  5. Good song! I have quite a few from Switchfoot already, but for some reason don't have this one. Added!
  6. Amazing that you posted this. One of the first tapes I ever bought was Emerson, Lake & Powell - Touch & Go. Sadly, I recall doing a lip-sync video with my best friend to it. I'm sure the folks have an old VHS recording of it lying around the house somewhere.
  7. According to Pro Football Weekly, Baylor WR Kendall Wright is "parked in the third round" on a number of teams' draft boards after an unimpressive offseason. There were rumors of an offseason weight gain for Wright, and his forty time at the Combine was slower than anticipated. "Randall Cobb was a lot better," one NFL evaluator said. "Wright is nowhere near as good with the ball in his hands and (Cobb) lasted 'til the back of the second (round). People are getting snookered (by Wright)." Wright managed only four bench-press reps, and Pro Football Weekly reports his body fat was 16 percent. Per PFW, it's "one of the highest percentages for a receiver in the past decade." Source: Pro Football Weekly
  8. No Steve Slaton in the top two rounds? Did you forget him, or do you just not like him? I know his stock is dropping, but NO WAY he falls out of round two.:lmao:I've seen him ranked as low as the 11th RB in the draft. He's a 190 pound back coming off a terrible season. It's possible that he'll go anywhere between rounds 2-4.I was talking about rookie drafts, not the NFL draft.Oh, sorry. It will be hard for him to fall outside the top 20 in rookie drafts given his name recognition value.Given the propensity for RBs to go quickly in Rookie Drafts, and the emergence of late-round picks in `07 (Bradshaw, K Smith)... not to mention a very weak QB class & a so-so WR class... I would be surprised to Slaton slip past the 14-18.
  9. RBs seem to rule most Rookie Drafts, and this year seems to be LOADED with top-talent @ the position. My question - which teams do you see as Definately needing RB help & possibly needing help? Here's my 2-cents: Definately (in no particular order): 1. Seattle - SA is done! 2. Cleveland - Even if they re-sign Jamal, his wheels aren't getting any younger & Cleveland's backups weren't so steller this season. 3. Pittsburgh - with a history of pound, pound, pound - they need someone to pair-up with FWP. 4. Houston - I guess if we were doing this in order - they'd clearly be #1!!!! 5. Chicago - Again! 6. Carolina - Everywhere I read -they're saying Foster's out, and DeWill can't carry the rock 20+ carries. Personally, I'd like to see DW do some work... 7. New Orleans - Reggie can't be the sole guy there, and Deuce has played 16 ... what - twice? Possibly: 1. NYJ - I want to put them in the "Definately"category, but after reading other posts in other threads - I believe their issues is O-Line. 2. NEP - not so sure Maroney can stay healthy, and although the LB's are in desperate need of youth - it's hard to imagine BB passing on McF if he's there. 3. Philly - how many years are we going to wait till they find someone to give a breather to Westy. 4. Dallas - Both backs are FAs, and although they'll likely re-sign Barber - you never now! 5. Detroit - KJ still hasn't been the picture of health. 6. Tampa - Caddie can't stay healthy at all, and Ernest doesn't have the build to take it all himself. Granted - they could play out another year with his as their combo. 7. Atlanta - Dunn done? Norwood - carry the load? 8. Arizona - Edge is aging, and the 2 youngsters there haven't contributed much.
  10. Ditto that... except the winning the Super Bowl thing - lost 2nd year in a row!