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  1. This man looks like prime Marvin Harrison right now. Too the moon!
  2. Would you trade Howard for Cohen in dynasty? (all rankings have Howard substantially ahead based on his previous body of work)
  3. Bracie Smathers is a Hyde owner -- guaranteed.
  4. Serious Question: Has any RB ever come back full strength from a torn achilles? Beanie Wells, Mikel Leshoure, etc. Who has done it? I would be looking to dump him everywhere I can. If he comes back anything close to what he was, he would be the first player at his position to ever do so. Look at Michael Crabtree. His YPC dropped from 14 to 10 after the injury and has never been close to the same guy.
  5. Dynasty Question (standard scoring) Travis Kelce, Alex Collins, Josh Rosen or Sony Michel, Trey Burton, Ryan Fitzpatrick
  6. I traded Dez for him straight up right after the season when it wasn't apparent how things would play out. I'm feeling pretty good about that deal right now.
  7. Which player has the Greater Dynasty Value (standard scoring) Nick Chubb or Josh Gordon The Gordon owner is offering him to me for Chubb. I don't really need help at WR or RB. Who would you bet on more in dynasty?
  8. Fitzpatrick threw for 31 TDs and almost 4000yds on a pretty limited Jets team in 2015. I don't see any reason why he can't obliterate those numbers in this offense with these weapons around him (assuming Winston doesn't reclaim the job). He has never come close to playing on a team this talented.
  9. In the span of a few days, the dynasty value of Josh Gordon just went from concerning, to bottoming out, to he's back! woooo! lmao.