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  1. In 1 pt PPR need 3 rb’s Gurley, Connor, White, Chubb, and Cook Start Gurley,Connor, and white?
  2. Millennials are the softest group of wussies ever put on earth. They play video games all day. I did normal things like play ball, chase chicks,etc
  3. Dak and Baltimore look like good streamers this week. I fully expect Baltimore to bounce back and unload on “I see people” Dalton
  4. Like I said before, top 10 the rest of the way. He should run over most of the teams he’s playing.
  5. I will shocked if he isn’t a top 10 rb the rest of the way with his schedule getting favorable. He’s got atlanta, Cincinnati(2), Houston,and Denver. Baltimore is week 17, which doesn’t even count for my league.
  6. I thought he did pretty good, KC’s defense is not as bad as they were earlier. Combined with Duke, KC allowed a boatload of points. He should be an auto rb1 at home against Atlanta.
  7. 1 pt PPR Chubb vs KC or Dj Moore vs Tampa Also same setting: Dj Moore or Kirk for ROS?
  8. Mayfield should be the best Cleveland QB ever and by a margin
  9. Jones >Moore >> Sutton. Moore is the best receiver from the draft IMO. He looks uncoverable at times and his RAC ability is second to none in this class. It looks like his snaps are increasing and It’s a matter of time when he becomes a true #1 as his route tree expands.
  10. Huh? He got a season high in snaps and touches
  11. It is past week 8 and he should get a majority of the carries going forward. 1000 yards should be had, I’m way off on this guy for this season so far. Congrats to the ajones believers
  12. I doubt he’d fetch anything more than a 4th rounder considering his 30 and over age.
  13. Playoffs week 14-16 for Elite RB Chubb 14 Carolina- tuff, not the greatest matchup 15/16- Denver and Cincy. Top 5 (cin) and top 8 (den) in most fantasy points against. Anyone that doesn’t have him should try to pry him from unsuspecting owner, good luck.
  14. 8-9 targets a game should make a 2nd half stud. Dallas has an elite back, this has the markings of a more balanced offense. This all depends on whether Cooper plays the slot