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  1. i saw that new spiderman movie fart from homecoming and it was ok i liked the mysterious guy he was ok for a fake out take that to the bank bromigos
  2. also this is the first time anyone ever took the swcers advice so i am feelin pretty good right now hell yeah its a good weekend already take that to the thanks bank swanshan
  3. when you are there you have to put my old school by steely d on the jukebox if they still have one take that to the bank brohans
  4. i like mushrooms take that to the bank bromigos
  5. go right on and get you a holly at pauls deli watch a game and have a loaded fries take that to the bank brochacho
  6. For years, I thought I hated beets because when I was served them, my mom opened up a can and plopped them on my plate. There might have been some sort of cooking method employed, but all I know is I wanted nothing to do with them. But my wife started roasting them and putting them in salads and guess what? I LIKE beets after all. This also applies to brussel sprouts, which my mother boiled until they were grey and forced me to eat. Wretched, vile weeds. But you roast those with some balsamic vinegar, little parmesan and we're talking a new ball game entirely. brussel sprouts which me and mine call brosprouts are awesome i like to cook them like this you take a bunch of bacon i use more than i probably should but hey its fn bacon then you put in some butter and and some onions and a bunch of brosprouts you cut in half you do that up with some salt in a pan fry it up and its so danged good i bet you would love it take that to the bank brosproutos
  7. i heard about this and i tried it but instead of candy i left people bags full of bees and i would say youve been beed take that to the bank brobeegos
  8. i think probably the right play is that you go over there and challenge him to a duel old west style since missourei was once a part of the old west when it comes to trees there are two types of brohans the quick and dead take that to the bank bromigo
  9. i eat silantro like it is candy brohans that is all i am sayin up in here take that to the bank
  10. what is the bumper made out of thanks brohan take that to the bank
  11. your just kind of a grumpy guy huh well whatever i hope you have a good afternoon and that things pick up on your end brohan and i mean that take that to the bank
  12. Stick to what you call comedy, brohan ill do me and you keep on doing get off my lawn threads i guess take that to the bank brochacho
  13. Hollywood is fairly liberal. I'd be surprised if you could name me a couple TV shows or movies right now where you see politics talked about where Democrats are being made fun of. Now, keep in mind, I'm an Independent who has voted Democrat more times than anything else in Presidential election years. So I'm not a Republican. When I was growing up, there were probably only about 4 real political comedians. If that. Now, everyone pretty much has a take on why Republicans are evil and why Democrats are great. In fact, a lot of it isn't even comedy anymore. Look at SNL. They just have Baldwin saying things he makes up that sound racist and everyone howls with laughter going, "Oh yeah. That's funny because that's Trump." But it's not funny. That's not comedy. That's the equivalent to making a fart sound with your armpit and getting laughs. After the 2016 election, I decided I would stop watching anything that tried to talk about politics that had no reason to. Since then, I've pretty much stopped watching everything. I'm guessing most of the people who are saying, "I don't think comedy has changed" or "I don't think Hollywood is one sided" probably are democrats. So from their view, everything seems great. But that's because your views are the views that are allowed. But if anyone differs from those, they are shunned and ridiculed. So you can say it's silly shtick, but it's true. if you stopped watching everything how do you know if anything has changed of if there is anything out there you like take that to the bank bromigo