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  1. hoh i like the jibb of your cut because 1 your name is the same backwards and forwards and 2 your name inside out is oho and that my friend is pretty cool take that to the bank bromigo
  2. i read a study where 8 out of 10 people vowed to get revenge against disc golf so read this thread with caution take that to the bank bromigos
  3. my lady and i watched fortitude on amazoanian prime and it started out like a murder mystery and then it got totally fn crazy and i will stand right here and tell you that we liked it so bam give it a watch and get ready for some crazy town take that to the bank bromigos
  4. if there is anyone in central ohio who wants to go disc golfing there is a course around here so have a nice drive i dont disc golf because i have a lot of other hobbies take that to the bank brohans
  5. oh crap well i guess i will just look at a picture of grass and fall asleep in my chair like normal then take that to the bank bromigo
  6. i hate it when people say blurpo take that to the bank bromigos
  7. she was totally awesome on friends take that to the bank brohans
  8. the most authentic cajun anything i am aware of are zapps spicy cajun crawtator chips i dont even know if a crawtator is a real thing but some guy who lives in a shack on poles in a swamp thinks so and thats good enough for the old swcer take that to the bank bromigos
  9. You a pimento and cheese kind of guy? i did not know that this is a thing they eat down around there but i learned it from you and the internet last night but it sounds disgusting i am a turkey and swiss man and always will be anyhow i like watching golf i do not follow it but i have to relax a lot now and my plan this weekend is to split some wood early and then rest in the afternoon and it will be nice to have some green fairways on the idiot tube while i take a load off take that to the bank bromigo
  10. look what you have to do is going to take a little work but i think it will be worth it first you construct a circle about half an acre wide and then you erect a giant steel dome over it out of girders and then you cover it with scraps of metal and barbed wire and you put up a sign that it is the thunderdome after that you and the teacher hope in while your neighbors chant two go in one comes out and who ever comes out wins and the other one has to admit they are wrong except the loser is dead so they cant technically admit it but everyone will know and that my friends is the meaning of thanksgiving take that to the bank bromigos
  11. i vote other i loved him as agustus macrae in lonesome dove so that gets my vote take that to the we dont rent pigs bank brohans
  12. i am so interested in this year that it is hard to say it correctly and for once words have failed the old swcer take that to the bank brohans
  13. he liked the bavarian cream filled ones primarily not true in a true show of what an awful person hitler was he preferred long johns while turning his back on true bavarian donuts take that to the bank domigo
  14. i bet Giannis as a midwestern flyover state guy loves the best long johns that wisconsin has to offer and it feeds into why everyone fears the deer take that to the bank bromigo. the fact that you would even joke about anteaternintendo liking long johns shows how little you know about naismiths greatest invention take that to the bank brohan
  15. you guys know who liked long johns hitler did thats right hitler was a huge long john fan im just sayin take that to the bank brohans