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  1. bucks down by 1 at the half the pistons are playing really well and full of energy take that to the bank brohans
  2. kryie is so good holy smokes take that to the bank brohans
  3. to your point sterling brown just got literally punched in the face and did not get a call take that to the bank brohan
  4. well i am rooting for them and karma is based on how long you have been a basketball fan so since i have watched bball for at least 3 years that means i count for three times the average warriors fan take that to the bank bromigo
  5. and if you dont know then kevin will use one of his alias twitter accounts to tell you take that to the bank brohans
  6. i hate to break it to you brohan but he doesnt even know who you are so my advice is love the one you with and forget about him take that to the bank bromigo
  7. i like brian anderson calling nba games because it makes me think of the brewers who he calls tv games for good voice and good announcer take that to the bank bromigos
  8. we will also accept taking it to the bank shot in honor of this being a bball thread take that to the backboard brohans
  9. its easeir for the board if we contain all the hot takes in one convenient location to take that to the bank bromigos
  10. looks great otis what is the stone and what did they set that on top of is there a full slab under there or what take that to the bank brohan
  11. anyhow absent more detail you probably want a two part epoxy filler which is different than putty epoxy sets up and is actually stronger than wood once it sets you can drill into it etc if you are dealing with reusing a hole then i would use epoxy around a sized dowel set it in let it set and then drive your screw it will be sturdyer also just buy a longer screw so that you set in to solid wood at the back of the old hole take that that to the bank bromigo
  12. what is the issue you are dealing with is this an instance where you are trying to put screws back in to a hole that has opened up or what give us more details because they matter here brohan take that to the bank
  13. yeah what your wife got is a free month deal and it lets you watch netflix for a month for free take that to the bank bromigo
  14. ity was a while ago but a buddy of mine bought a place that had a picoliter of like 15 and they put in a mitigation system for like 900 bucks it just taps into the drain tile at the edge of the basement slab and vents outside they put a cap on the sump crock and thats it got him down to like 1 picoliter or whatever there are companies that do it and 15 hondo ought to get it done call around or ask your realtor they know these people take that to the bank bromigo
  15. this post is the reason i feel that watching movies for a certain amount of time should be a part of life everyone should experience them take that to the bank brohan