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  1. bump finley obviously take that to the bank bromigo
  2. look i am not saying it is what you have to do but when my lady gets a flat it does not matter where i am what time it is or what i am doing i drop my jazz and get over there and fix that flat because that my fine feathered brohans is what brohans do for there ladys take that to the bank
  3. furlyhan you need to change your wifes ring tone to who let the dogs out take that to the bank brohan
  4. Not sure I ever posted a finished pic. Finally got around to planting some stuff. that planter is great but your lawn looks even better holy smokes do you ever just go out there and roll around in it because i shure as hell would take that to the bank brochacho
  5. nope bromigos i have just been having some computer trouble and have been actually pretty busy and just trying to help some people out with some activities that is taking up all of my time and i have not been around for a while as a result i am sorry for letting you brohans down but hey i loves ya take that to the bank
  6. i can pretty much watch field of dreams every time it is on take that to the cornrow bank bromigos
  7. Love crappies, but 16 rods?!?! Can only use one rod in MN and Canada. What fun is there in that method? We like the direct interaction between fish and fisherman. Open to learning more though. in scanny you can only use three rigs at once and if you have two baits on one you can not even do that take that to the bank bromigos
  8. I honestly have no idea who is in what division in basketball. I know conferences but not divisions. I’m not sure of my point but i’m probably the fourth dumbest person in this topic after @Capella, @Good Posting Judge, @GOB, and someone who shall remain unnamed. brohan everyone knows im that dumb guy its ok if you want to just say it ive made my peace with it take that to the bank bromigo
  9. i have never understood frankly why every cruise ship does not have a net that runs about 4 to 5 feet out under any point there is a water side railing those are high enough that it would not be an issue with docks etc so i dont get it take that to the bank brohans
  10. you do spend a lot of time eating potatoes i guess so thats a hobby boom another riddle solved by the old swcer take that to the bank bromigo
  11. i would love to fix up jalapys but i do not have a garage to do it in and that is not going to happen so it just sort of remains a pipe dream i guess take that to the bank brohans
  12. Ask @SWC, he is our resident expert on Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant. ETA: WTH kind of middle name is "Bean" anyway? really depends if you need help the sexual assault column or not take that to the bank brohans
  13. Somehow Kobe got him 5 rings. That alone is enough of an argument against Karma that there is in history. every single one of kobmes rings is trash his first three were due to shaq and playing the pacers nets and sixers and his second two were brought to you by pau gasol and a crappy orlando team and a boston team that got really old in a hurry basically he just got lucky for a guy who should have spent his life in jail and now all of the hypocritical fake show fans celebrate under the jersey of predator take that to the bank bromigos
  14. how would you feel about crocheting stuff because i could use a hat with a bunch of holes in it from being crocheted for winter mornings take that to the bank brohan
  15. whenever you have russel westjerk the universe is going to make you lose thats pretty much how it is take that to the bank brohans