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  1. gm i think i have been in yellowstone about 25 times now i would say the three things to do if you have never been there are waterfalls on the yellowstone which are upper and lower falls lower fall is the tall one but upper falls you can stand right next to the water as it goes over and hear the thunder which is pretty awesome in general just do the whole falls area and then old faithful at dusk if you can its just amazing and near that is grand prismatic which is absolutely amazing and colorful and you can see the firehole river right near it after that i say lamar valley which is actually my favorite part of the park because trout thats why but it doesnt have a big wow factor single item it is just awesome because it is awesome and gorgeous and you can see buffalo in a huge sage meadow setting pronghorn probably wolves and elk depending and maybe even a bear or two northeast entrance baby take that to the the bank brochacho
  2. hit my 2 hondo minutos of walking biking and working out today and came in below my calorie goal so bam another good day in milwaukeeland take that to the bank bromigos
  3. i spent the day fishing in a stream so i waded and hiked for about 4 hours thats like more than 200 minutes so i did it and also despite putting half a tube of suntan lotion on i am burned and look like a crispy lobster who would call you brohan because thats the type of lobster that he is take that to the bank bromigos
  4. i just hit my wedding weight and thats a heck of a long time ago take that to the bank brohans
  5. furley i think you are up in the tundra all i am sayin is i am a guy that likes to kick stuff and if this neighbor or yours or his wood chips need some kickin i havent been to hinterland for a beer for a while so i could make a trip im just sayin take that to the bank bromigo
  6. its super hot and humid here so i have broken up my biking in to 25 minute segments and now i am at about 150 minutes of exercise on the day another two bike clicks and im in the clear for the day take that to the bank brochachos
  7. maybe take that little brohan for walks according to my cardiologists even a half an hour is really good for you and if you can do it twice a day even better take that to the bank about 15 minutes down the road and back bromigo
  8. yep so since my heart attack i have worked up to where i walk for 100 minutes to 120 minutes in the morning and ride my bike for about 60 to 70 minutes in the evening and in between they have me doing pushups some planks and very limited weight lifting that takes me all told probably 20 minutes a day so it happens and its working to get my weight down im almost back to weights i have not seen in about 25 years take that to the bank brohanista
  9. in 100 minutes i can normally get between 5 and 5 and a half miles at about 3 to 3 and a half miles per hour take that to the bank bromigos
  10. ok i see we are making ourselves personal challenges mine will be 200 minutes of exercise a day and calories within my fitness pal limits and losing 10 pounds this month and today i have met all of my goals take that to the bank brohans
  11. ok i am in for this month june but so i am clear what is the challenge take that to the bank bromigos
  12. furley call the city they will fix that guys wagon for blocking the drain take that to the bank brohan
  13. if i had a chicken i would tell it hey go talk to that hot girl walking by and then when it didnt i would say whats the matter are you chicken and that my friends would be pretty cool take that to the bank bromigos
  14. back in the day monks would lite themselves on fire to protest the vietnam war and it really drove the point home i am just thinkin outside the box of stuff take that to the bank brohan
  15. i have gotten on my bike a lot the last week so now im walking in the morning and riding at night its pretty good and i am still losing weight like it owes me money take that to the bank bromgos