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  1. i am not in the banking industry and my motto is take that to the bank brohans
  2. generacs have big plants here in wisconsin so i say go with generac and support my local brohanthren take that to the bank
  3. i liked the message that hey even if the messiah came back today would anyone recognize it or would we just start a reddit thread about how the dude is a fraud and heres why etc etc etc i liked it a lot a lot take that to the bank brohans
  4. But they shouldn't have let Brogdan go!1!!11JUAN!!! 3 solid wins this week but still gotta perform in the playoffs. Not only IMO but for any national relevance. he was a ball stopper in the offense and did not like milwaukee i know you are joking but seriously i was not to sad to see him go even though i liked him and wish him well take that to the bank
  5. The what now? you know where like a line of bad guys get there english revoluationary army on and walk in a winding path to an exit and you build like fire towers and stuff to shoot them take that to the bank bromigo
  6. i just wish they would make more shows like longmeier i loved that show seriously need more mountains and cowboys take that to the bank brochachos
  7. Their fans are mostly trash. Seems like a good spot to put this. no matter how we feel about the astros cheating calling astros fans trash is taking it to far bromigo take that to the bank
  8. but you could say that about any of the big show topics like jeez do we really need another lawyer show or jeez look another hospital show or jeez another crappy citcom about people who are scratching to get by i mean those all take resources too but just like superpower flicks those are all someones ox and we only complain when its ours that is getting gored me i just abide and live and let live and say hey brohan there you are take that to the bank brochachos
  9. i am sorry to hear honestly the bad stuff in here that people have said they or loved ones went through and about issues that people are dealing with me i got my own and i just want to wish you all well take that to the bank brohans
  10. those tower defense video games on my phone take that to the bank brohans
  11. when communities pay for stadiums for private teams it is the worst investment ever the people pay and the team profits tell me how any of that makes sense brohan while the owners take it to the bank
  12. complainers complain on the internet breaking news story at 10 take that to the bank bromigos
  13. one pile of crap car i used to own i got pulled over for going to far under the speed limit in a 25 the transmission had gone to hell and it could creep along and i was using it to get to work and back until i could scrounge up enough for another beater but the cop told me he could walk faster so i should quit driving and just walk to work and frankly the sad thing is he was probably right from a cost of gas standpoint take that to the bank bromigos
  14. i think nothing should have a roof including houses we lived for thousands of years out in the open and frankly i think weve just gotten soft take that to the bank brohans