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  1. Good morning Bloom, Trade question, if you don't mind. 12 team 18 roster PPR Start (Qb-Rb-Rb-Wr-Wr-TE-Flex-Flex)keep 4. The offer to me is: T. Hill (Can't be kept, eligibility) for L. McCoy D.Thompson(4yrs keeper eligibility) I have a great backfield (Kamara, Zeke, D.Freeman), but questionable WRs (Cooper, Kirk, Pettis, C.Davis, R.Anderson)
  2. That's interesting. I didn't watch the game, but I did see he had 10 rushing attempts. The yardage wasn't there, but the box score makes it seem like he is still taking off a fair bit. Last year, he only ran the ball more than 10 times in a game once. I was pretty happy from a fantasy perspective seeing the 10 attempts and a rushing TD.
  3. What about Machine Gun Turrets? If those can be legalized as well, I'm in. I've always wanted some of those, like the ones in Aliens, with motion tracking. To keep my family safe, of course.
  4. For sure, that TD rate seems unsustainable. I was more just pointing out how effective he was with a small amount of targets. I get the hype building around him, historically the Shanahan offense has been a boon for the X, and I believe that is where Pettis is going to play. There are a lot of variables though, undeniably. The addition of Deebo, the target volume that Kittle will earn, the likely target volume that the RB's will see, and Jimmy G. We still haven't seen Jimmy G for a season in the offense, or with Pettis. If his ADP stays in the 30's, I love the potential there. Hopefully the hype train doesn't get out of control and push him to the point that he has to hit his upside to pay off.
  5. That may be the case, but he put up those numbers with 7, 7, 7, 5, and 5 targets. He was really quite efficient (21 rec 359yds 4td 31targets) over the five games, two of which were against Seattle. I have no idea if he can duplicate these numbers over an extended period, but factoring in he was a second round pick that they traded up for, and he put up those numbers when opportunity presented itself... he's certainly interesting.
  6. I do not disagree with the premise that the obsession with her, from both sides, is absurd. I figure it's similar to Trump, in that she is incredibly outspoken, and speaks directly to the most passionate parts of the left's base. I also do not support the theory that it's driven primarily by her being a woman of color. She isn't the only woman of color that won a seat in the fall of 18, she is however the most outspoken. Not only outspoken, but tending to be extreme in her views. She provides plenty of fodder for both sides. I guess the part I don't get is why the people obsess over her. We can blame the media for pushing her so much, but it's not hard to tune her and the stories about her out. The co-worker I referenced earlier declares her a massive threat to our very democracy, yet cannot answer me what impact she is having on us here in SE Michigan.
  7. Just to add, I'm not really a fan of AOC. She's impressed me a few times, but often I think she desperately needs to be more measured and think before speaking. I just view her as 1 of 435, not my rep, and not leading any committees.
  8. If you would like to run the experiment again, by all means, please do so. I don't have the numbers any longer, this ended around 2 months ago. I assure you, it wasn't close. I'll willingly eat crow if you want to try it again and show me to be wrong.
  9. I actually tested this for a couple weeks after a debate with a co-worker. Using and, I noted how often at 9am EST (when I tend to catch up on the news) AOC occupied one of the top 5 spots at Fox (their site format, 1 big main story, two rows of two stories below), and how often she was among the upper block of CNN, which consists of far more stories. It wasn't even close, and he actually admitted that I was correct after a couple weeks. It didn't have any impact on his disdain for her, in fact, I think he then began to tell me the left was hiding her bad ideas while the right was exposing them. There is an obsession with AOC, and it isn't from the left.
  10. Word games. This is partially why things are such a mess. Words matter. Extraordinary has a definition, if you didn't mean it, don't use it. If you did mean it, you were incorrect.
  11. Extraordinary seems a bit generous. Successful I would grant... extraordinary, seems like it should be saved for ... well ... the truly extraordinary. He has a laundry list of failures and dubious ventures, and he is no way upper echelon in anything besides brand recognition.
  12. It was a great listen, the shame is, no Trump supporters will honestly take his advice at the end of it. Substitute Trump's name in that report for Clinton, Obama, Biden... pick a Dem, and tell me a Trump supporter wouldn't be calling for their heads. It's damning, whether a crime was charged or not.
  13. For those asking what difference Jon Snow being a Targaryen made in the grand scheme of things, I would argue that it was a rather large, if not the largest, contribution to Dany going full Mad Queen. From the moment she found out, the signs became unmistakable. Her discomfort at the Winterfell celebration, her decision that Fear over Love was her path to power in the 7 kingdoms, and her feeling of isolation due to having nobody to trust. That fact and it's spreading resulted in her feeling betrayed by her hand, her master of whispers, and her lover. Were Jon just Jon Snow, bastard of Winterfell, their relationship would likely have remained intact, she would have had at least one person whom she still loved and trusted.
  14. Tim Thomas of the Bruins skipped the WH visit when Obama was president, due to political beliefs. I don't recall how much of a big deal it was, just that I was aware of it.