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  1. Tim Thomas of the Bruins skipped the WH visit when Obama was president, due to political beliefs. I don't recall how much of a big deal it was, just that I was aware of it.
  2. Either your sarcasm meter is out of calibration, or my sarcasm producer is faltering.
  3. 500 and counting Angry Democrats that need to accept the results of the 2016 election.
  4. I hated the Amendola signing at first, but if the rumors hold up and Crowder/Humphries get big cash, I can live with it. Hopefully, he's not the starting slot, and Powell takes a big step, or they snag someone in the draft. If that happens, Amendola isn't a bad option to have as the mentor/locker room guy and 4/5 wr. If things go really sideways, he will at least give them someone they can count on to be where he is supposed to be.
  5. He's had hints of racism follow him for YEARS. The discriminatory rental practices Here, the Central Park Five Here, the Birther BS, there has always been a cloud of racism around Trump. Whether you paid any attention to it or not is on you.
  6. Fair enough, I'm not familiar with the FFToday board, so I cannot speak to what goes on there. I have seen it referenced here a few times though, and I do get the impression that is more Trump friendly. I guess I would be curious to see if it's participants are similar to here, demographically.
  7. I think it has been explained, numerous times... it's a demographic issue. The majority of participants on this message board are middle/upper middle class professionals. That is not a demographic that is terribly Trump friendly. It's not just that this forum skews liberal, which it does, but also that the conservatives in the above described demographic are not typically fond of Trump. It's no secret where his support comes from, and they apparently aren't big on fantasy football message boards.
  8. Other headlines from this outstanding source.... "Numerous Experts: Dinosaurs Never Existed - It Is All A Sham to Make Money! (Documentary)" "Woman Found Dead Days After Exposing Bill Clinton’s "Faith Healer" As Child Rapist That Ran "Sex Slave Farm" "Swiss Computer Model: "The One Bank" Superentity Controls 40% of the Global Economy — And the Rothschilds Control It" "Former Air Force Sgt Who Claimed He Saw NASA Photos of Alien Base on Far Side of Moon Dies After Tractor Trailer Hit His Bike" Keep doing you, Stealthy.
  9. I really feel like this depends on the results of the numerous investigations taking place. If the investigations wind up showing that he has directly committed serious crimes (money laundering, conspiring against the United States, steering US policy based on personal financial enrichment, etc) then I think it hurts us more to let him walk. Are we going to just make it an accepted norm that if a criminal can achieve the presidency before being convicted of crimes, he is absolved of those crimes? That would seem to fly in the face of the idea that no person is above the law in this country. It's all rumor and speculation right now, but if Trump has truly been involved in some of the crimes that are speculated to have taken place, he will far exceed what Nixon did. I get why you feel this way, and depending on what the results of the investigations are, I might be there as well. I cannot say this definitively though until we know what exactly he was aware of and involved in. As far as anger and resentment, I don't think that is going anywhere, regardless. As has been said many times, Trump is a symptom, not the illness. The Trump base, the ones who will stick with him no matter what, aren't necessarily loyal to Trump the man. It's the idea's he espouses, and when the next carnival barker steps up saying the same things, they will latch on to him. The anger and resentment is baked into that segment of society at this point, and the idea that we should tread lightly to avoid upsetting them seems counterproductive.
  10. AFC: Byes: #1 Chiefs/#2 Patriots #6 Colts @ #3 Texas #5 Chargers @ #4 Ravens Divisional: #6 Colts @ #1 Chiefs #4 Ravens @ # 2 Patriots AFC Championship: #4 Ravens @ #1 Chiefs NFC: Byes: #1 Saints/#2 Rams #6 Eagles @ #3 Bears #5 Seahawks @ #4 Cowboys Divisional: #5 Seahawks @ #1 Saints #3 Bears @ #2 Rams NFC Championship: #2 Rams @ #1 Saints Superb Owl Saints over Chiefs
  11. At MFL, if logged in under "Commissioner", you go to "For Commissioners" > "Statistic Changes". There it will show weekly statistic changes, but more importantly, there is a check box there that sets it to automatically apply stat changes on Thursday @ 10am. I believe that Thursday 10am is the deadline for the NFL and any stat changes. For the league in question, I would think your commissioner needs to see if that box is checked. If not, I think it would be wrong to change the results, because as @bostonfred mentions, you don't know for sure how many times this may have changed a result and was missed. This is a situation where if there is no rule, precedence has to rule, in my opinion. It's something I would address for sure for next season, as obviously you want game results determined by accurate statistics.
  12. Another 👍 for Slow Burn, both the Nixon and Clinton seasons were fantastic. The Ruby Ridge episode was excellent as well.
  13. Two decisions to make, full PPR, and I am a slight underdog, so need upside. With the T.Y.Hilton news (no practice Friday), I am scrambling for a flex. If I treat him like a GTD, I will only have Dante Pettis vs Seattle, however if I want to be proactive, I have Daesean Hamilton vs CLE, or Eli McGuire vs Houston on Saturday. Thoughts? Also, have to decide David Njoku @ Den or Vance McDonald vs NE. Thanks in advance Sig.
  14. It's not a theory if the people involved keep admitting that they were in fact involved in a conspiracy.
  15. I am a UAW Skilled Tradesman in Michigan, and I can say that most UAW members whose politics I do know are definitively not "Red". There are Republicans among us, for sure. Most of them are from rural areas, and have the gun loving, god fearing, distrusting of government, conservative view that you tend to find in rural areas. They are not a majority, by any means. The UAW official endorsements for every election since I have been a member (2004) have been essentially a straight blue ticket. I can however say that I know of a number of UAW members who typically voted Democrat nationally, who tend vote Democrat locally, who voted for Trump. They almost all fall into that "economic anxiety" definition when categorizing Trump voters. They bought the con ... hook, line and sinker. They have valid concerns, many have seen significant upheaval in their lives due to the roller coaster that has been the automotive industry for years now, but did not recognize that their anxiety was being taken advantage of by a carnival barker. I suspect that the level of Trump support found in the UAW here in Michigan will be diminished come 2020.