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  1. The louder you say it, the more true it is. I heard that somewhere.
  2. Conspiracy theories, deflection, and metaphorical middle fingers to critical thought.
  3. I still subscribe to George Conway's thoughts on the matter. It's a question of whether you feel the behavior bringing about the impeachment will be repeated if the president is not removed. It was incredibly unlikely that Clinton was going to have another affair with a subordinate, or pressure anyone else to lie under oath. It is highly likely that Trump will continue to abuse the power of the presidency, as well as obstruct congress.
  4. I would rather he, and any president after him, oppose Russian aggression and expansion. Romney was mocked for it, but he was right, Russia is our biggest threat on the world stage, when talking about overall stability. I believe China poses a bigger threat to us economically, but there is a pragmatism there. I don't see China pushing us into a shooting war. I do not feel the same with Russia. I think Russia has so much less to lose, and such a fundamental disdain for what we represent, that I do not believe there is a line they will not cross to oppose the West. I find you an interesting read here, I really do. I don't agree with some of your views, but I do believe they are all well thought out. However, I am always mystified by your desire to acquiesce when it comes to Russia. They are a bad actor on the world stage. It's just inarguable. I really hope at some point we take a much more firm stance on opposing their actions.
  5. Agreed. Though the cause should be considered, we wouldn't want this to happen again, and again, and again, and.... you get the picture.
  6. I haven't in a presidential, but I have a few times in local elections. I was for McCain in 08 until Palin opened her mouth. I was so disappointed that he chose her, I wound up voting for Obama. I think had Kasich been the nominee in 16 I may have considered it again. I am admittedly center/left, but I don't consider myself locked in Democrat. I could easily support a center/right candidate if the opponent was too far left.
  7. On the question of whether this will be worthy of removal, and it's comparison to Clinton, I think George Conway had the best view I've heard on it. While on Preet's podcast, George admitted that he was in favor of Clinton's impeachment at the time, but wasn't so sure now, because he felt impeachment should be reserved for situations where you think the president may continue to do whatever brought about the impeachment. With that view, he felt that there was little risk of Clinton continuing to have relationships in the white house and to lie and obstruct justice to hide them. With Trump, there is very good reason to believe that if allowed to get away with this, he will continue to attempt to use his power for personal gain rather than in the interest of the nation.
  8. Trust me, I think he has done plenty to be impeached. I also believe he has probably committed crimes. I just don't want to fall into calling for people to be locked up until they have been found guilty in a court of law.
  9. I understand that, and I struggle with this kind of stuff when it comes to him. I just continue to hold out hope that we have a future beyond this vitriolic landscape we are in, and if we do, it's going to take some measure of not being willing to go as low as he does. Where that line is differs for everyone, I don't have a clear grasp on it yet myself, but I feel the "Lock him/her up" is in the range where mine starts.
  10. The booing I am fine with. I didn't care for the "Lock him up" chant. That didn't sit well with me when it was "Lock her up", it doesn't sit well with me now. We are not supposed to be a country that wants people "locked up" simply because we don't like or agree with them.
  11. I'm a lurker, as evidenced by my comically low post count relative to the duration of my membership, but I just don't understand why so many of you make this so difficult. I've had one person on ignore here since this forum opened, and I wound up removing him. I just don't allow myself to get worked up over his posts, or what anyone posts for that matter. If someone lies, trolls, insults, attacks, or in any way acts like a tool here, I just move on from their post. If someone is making an obviously bad faith argument, I disregard it and move to the next post. There is plenty of really intriguing conversation in this forum, it's just not that hard to disregard the bad actors in my opinion. As someone mentioned earlier, a lot of it could be remedied by just staying on topic, and not posting about the poster. Stop trying to fix the people you think are idiots here. Ignore them, disregard them, and stay on topic. There is no value in trying to change the minds of those who you know do not see things the way you do. Things are too polarized and people on the extremes aren't interested reconsidering their stances. You aren't going to save the world by pointing out when someone is lying, or obfuscating, or twisting the facts on this forum. Most people who participate here are plenty engaged and smart enough to know when this is happening, and we don't need board heroes to save us from it. If those of you who truly want to discuss the topics just talked right past the obvious bad actors, they would run out of steam. Stop engaging them, stop responding to them, stop feeling like everything needs a reply or a correction. I've really enjoyed reading the thoughts of a number of the high value posters in this forum. The aggregation of news that takes place here is second to none. I do think it would be a loss if this forum goes away, and would greatly reduce the frequency in which I visit these forums... but I do understand. It's a shame though, we are in some truly unique times politically, and it's been fantastic to come here and read the discussions that take place about these times. I share KCitons view, I'm a level below many of the posters who's content I value when it comes to IQ. That's why I really enjoy reading their content, they give me something to think about, an angle I didn't consider, a perspective I do not have. It would be a loss if this went away, but I understand. It's just a shame.
  12. Good morning Bloom, Trade question, if you don't mind. 12 team 18 roster PPR Start (Qb-Rb-Rb-Wr-Wr-TE-Flex-Flex)keep 4. The offer to me is: T. Hill (Can't be kept, eligibility) for L. McCoy D.Thompson(4yrs keeper eligibility) I have a great backfield (Kamara, Zeke, D.Freeman), but questionable WRs (Cooper, Kirk, Pettis, C.Davis, R.Anderson)