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  1. The ol Kobayashi Maru eh? I'm taking a Kirk approach and finding a way to get to C.
  2. Remember in 2016 when we were being told principled conservatives were looking past the obvious character flaws in trump because they wanted the judges, the potential Supreme Court openings, the fiscal policy, the conservatives in the cabinet, etc., etc., etc.... That's where I am at. I am not excited by Biden. I cringe every time he has an opportunity to speak. I just don't know what he could say at this point that would steer my vote away from him. I will, under no circumstances, vote for trump, and will continue to tell myself I am doing this for the judges, the potential Supreme Court openings, the fiscal policy, the progressives/centrists in the cabinet, etc., etc., etc... After 2016, the bar was obviously dropped to the floor and cannot go any lower. It's a shame, makes me sick to be honest, but I'm stuck playing the game that is in front of me.
  3. I was basing that on the story that Miami wants the 3 & 5 to offer for the 1.
  4. Just playing around with the pick value chart, Miami gets 3 & 109 (2276) Detroit gets 18, 26, 39, 70 (2350) As a disgruntled Lion's fan, I'd take that. Of course, that gives Quinn a lot of opportunity to attempt to be the smartest man in the room, and we know he loves that. Miami loses a bit, but if they are that high on Burrow, and it'll take 3 & 5 to get him... maybe. Can hope at least.
  5. I wish I understood why this keeps being dismissed as overblown due to the media fear mongering, or leaders succumbing to social pressure, or governors trying to one up each other, etc. I have been trying to stick with just getting my information from experts. I listened to Joe Rogan interview Michael Osterholm, Sam Harris with Amesh Adalja, read the Imperial College report, read the summary of the UCSF panel, and all of that has left me sufficiently concerned. I'm not watching cable news, I'm not looking to be entertained by this, I want data and expert opinions. Those experts point to a damn serious situation that requires me being willing to sacrifice to do my part in minimizing it. That's enough for me. When I want Fantasy Football info, I go to the experts, and listen to FBG's. When I want financial guidance, I go to and listen to financial experts. When I want to know how to react to a global pandemic, I go to the experts and listen to what they suggest. Perhaps I'm too simple, but it seems to get me through my day to day. So, I don't know who Clay Travis is, but as he clearly laid out in the beginning of his piece here, he's not an epidemiologist, or an infectious disease expert, so while I appreciate his effort, I"ll continue listening to experts in the field I am concerned with.
  6. He is so painful to listen to. Just a bumbling fool.
  7. The louder you say it, the more true it is. I heard that somewhere.
  8. Conspiracy theories, deflection, and metaphorical middle fingers to critical thought.
  9. I still subscribe to George Conway's thoughts on the matter. It's a question of whether you feel the behavior bringing about the impeachment will be repeated if the president is not removed. It was incredibly unlikely that Clinton was going to have another affair with a subordinate, or pressure anyone else to lie under oath. It is highly likely that Trump will continue to abuse the power of the presidency, as well as obstruct congress.
  10. I would rather he, and any president after him, oppose Russian aggression and expansion. Romney was mocked for it, but he was right, Russia is our biggest threat on the world stage, when talking about overall stability. I believe China poses a bigger threat to us economically, but there is a pragmatism there. I don't see China pushing us into a shooting war. I do not feel the same with Russia. I think Russia has so much less to lose, and such a fundamental disdain for what we represent, that I do not believe there is a line they will not cross to oppose the West. I find you an interesting read here, I really do. I don't agree with some of your views, but I do believe they are all well thought out. However, I am always mystified by your desire to acquiesce when it comes to Russia. They are a bad actor on the world stage. It's just inarguable. I really hope at some point we take a much more firm stance on opposing their actions.
  11. Agreed. Though the cause should be considered, we wouldn't want this to happen again, and again, and again, and.... you get the picture.
  12. I haven't in a presidential, but I have a few times in local elections. I was for McCain in 08 until Palin opened her mouth. I was so disappointed that he chose her, I wound up voting for Obama. I think had Kasich been the nominee in 16 I may have considered it again. I am admittedly center/left, but I don't consider myself locked in Democrat. I could easily support a center/right candidate if the opponent was too far left.
  13. On the question of whether this will be worthy of removal, and it's comparison to Clinton, I think George Conway had the best view I've heard on it. While on Preet's podcast, George admitted that he was in favor of Clinton's impeachment at the time, but wasn't so sure now, because he felt impeachment should be reserved for situations where you think the president may continue to do whatever brought about the impeachment. With that view, he felt that there was little risk of Clinton continuing to have relationships in the white house and to lie and obstruct justice to hide them. With Trump, there is very good reason to believe that if allowed to get away with this, he will continue to attempt to use his power for personal gain rather than in the interest of the nation.