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  1. Gosh, this had never occurred to me. Hate to burst Tony’s bubble, he was so invested in blaming Antifa:
  2. C’mon, you know that was just about states rights. We are still paying for decisions made back then.
  3. Of course not. I hope your brother is OK. Sincerely. But then , you of course know that was not what I was laughing at. But , I do hope he’s ok, despite your disingenuous reply.
  4. Really? After the howmanyumpteenthtime and 4 days later when it was politically necessary? And when the enablers essentially skated (fired yes, but essentially skated). Yeah, not buying it. And the obligatory...I don’t advocate for looting and pillaging, though I do understand it.
  5. The best thing I can say about you’re persistent with your agenda. Let’s break down your agenda a bit... ”Groups like...” Sure, Antifa could be one of those groups. So would the right wing, cockroach like groups, that the FBI has, for multiple years, identified as the #1 threat to the homeland. You know, the ones who have committed the most horrendous acts of domestic terrorism in our history. We still don’t know who the external actors are. Could be the right wing scapegoat Antifa. Could be one of the numerous right wing militia groups. We don’t know. I remain skeptical that Antifa is a “thing”, at least to the level of “massive threat to the homeland”. You are simply engaging in right wing gaslighting. Then again, I forget you are an independent 😂
  6. Tony the Tiger would solve this instantly. It’s all Antifa Dontchaknow. eta: WE NEED MORE ALPHA MALES😄
  7. Yep. I can leave too...I guess...though I’m approaching no. I’m stuck here really. So disappointed in this country. Just a difference in opinion I guess. So disgusted. This country is racist at its core. I’m not a civil war historian but I’ve assumed a stance that we made a huge error in how we dealt with the traitors. We are endlessly relitigating that conflict, though decent people would not be doing so. Of course, the racism angle is only one dimension of what is going on now. One could easily enumerate a number of other dimensions. Hold everyone accountable for this disaster.
  8. The really sad truth is, knowing that, one might endeavor to alter the trajectory. I agree in spirit though, a divorce is necessary for the health of both sides (both sides).
  9. I wouldn’t be so sure. I’m expecting the worst. I’m kind of fatalistic now about things. This country is far different from what I grew up thinking we were. Now, we’re exceptional. Had I a choice, I would have chosen a different country to grow up and live in. Probably Canada.
  10. Not really. This is a cumulative response. This should not be evaluated in a vacuum. Seems like you’re parroting the latest right wing narrative: “one bad apple, no systemic racism”.
  11. The simplest things are often the most effective. Not sure what that says about the audience. Well...maybe I’m kinda sure.
  12. I remember the Bundy’s and their crew that came from all over pointing guns at fed LE (over land grazing rights, not being at risk of being mowed down by cops with often no repercussions). I also remember the great birdhouse occupation that lasted a few months. I think one death resulted as a result of one of the righties trying to ram an FBI agent. Only one death. Some serious restraint. Things were different then (and, of course, they were white). But, both sides and all that (and I get that nationwide looting/pillaging is different). Principle remains though. I hope the real protesters stay safe and avoid this ####. And shame....for the umpteenth time...on the fraud that is masquerading as our president.
  13. The line separating us from, at best, Hungary and, at worst, Syria is very thin. What he has done to us is unconscionable, a failure of epic proportions.