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  1. Hard to ignore his past performances though. I don't pretend to know much about him other than his history. My son, who is a college football nut and knows every player and coach practically, says Daboll is terrible (based on his time as Alabama OC I guess).
  2. Ranethe

    What's Your Body Mass Index (BMI)?

    Very impressive that you still work out like this. I envy/admire you your motivation/discipline. 5 reps at 225 is great at age 53 IMO. During my episodic return to weights for a few weeks in the summer I might work my way up to a few reps at 150 😂. I used to warm up with that and I just find it defeating, even though my max bench at the height of my weightlifting was only 260. I have a history of recurrent shoulder dislocations and kind of long arms so I never expected a great bench (but I always wanted 300). Don't know how you managed to maintain the discipline needed to work out continuously to your age. Kudos to you.
  3. Ranethe

    What's Your Body Mass Index (BMI)?

    If you don't mind me asking, I'm just curious, what were your issues with food? Was it what you ate? Or how much you ate? Did you think about food a lot? I've personally never really cared about food and my dietary habits are terrible. Even when I was younger and exercised I still ate more than my share of wings and ice cream, and drank more than my share of beer. To this day I rarely eat vegetables, or even fruit for that matter. I just find it interesting how the body performs differently for different people.
  4. Ranethe

    What's Your Body Mass Index (BMI)?

    How old are you? I'm just curious. Do you still weight train currently (and regularly?). Just kind of curious how men do when they get older. I lifted weights religiously 4 days a week (a push/pull split) and pounded protein shakes daily, from about age 23 until around 38-40. On non weights days I was always running, or playing B-Ball or Tennis. I pretty much quit any kind of regular formal exercise sometime around 40. I'm 56 now and still don't do much of that (5-6 weeks of weights in the summer here and there). Still pretty active (in a "yard work" kind of way) but have never found the motivation for regular exercise that I used to have. So little free time now as it is and admittedly lazy. I was so disciplined when I was younger, never missed a workout. I admire older people who can maintain that discipline. I have a decent home gym set up too: finished basement, stereo system, 310 lb Olympic weight set, Weider Olympic bench with squat rack and lat/tri attachments, tons of dumbbells, sit-up bench, 2 stair-masters, heavy duty treadmill, and an elliptical machine. It's all very convenient to pile #### on.
  5. Ranethe

    What's Your Body Mass Index (BMI)?

    23.1 6'0, 170 When I was younger I was 6'1 and got up to 185. I worked out all the time back then-non stop essentially when you included all the recreational sports i played. I always wanted to get to around 200 lbs with low body fat but I've never been able to put on weight. I was eating raw tuna, daily protein mixes, amino acids, all kinds of supplements for years in my 20's and 30's but could just never add the weight. I guess I have a high metabolism. I've definitely added belly fat as I've got older but I still eat probably 2 1.5 qt containers of ice cream a week. Both my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are great too.
  6. I'd give up food for a day easily to keep Internet. Can throw my phone in with the food too and I wouldn't miss a beat. I hardly ever use phone for Internet access and I semi routinely go a day without food. Just not much appetite. Last week I didn't eat for almost 2 days (finally did late evening of second day). Food generally just doesn't interest me; if I could take a pill each day and never have to bother with food again I'd be all over it. Internet on the other hand...I have a tough time going without it. I'd feel like I was cut off from events.
  7. Ranethe

    Is rock dead?

    What about groups like Seether and Three Days Grace?
  8. Ranethe

    Bobby Wagner, what gives?

    Essentially won my playoff game tonight, making up for some horrendous lineup decisions(benching Traik Cohen for Greg Olsen at the last minute).
  9. Ranethe

    Sound bar connection help

    I should have just kept my Phillips receiver and speakers. Had center/2 front/2 rear/sub and worked fine. Had good surround sound actually. I personally didn't care in the least about wires along baseboards but they had to go (I'm told). Grrrrr. So many hours wasted. Ill be back to square one with about 10-12 hours (est) lost.
  10. Thought I'd try here for help in case I'm missing something obvious. (Long) Got a cheapy Vizio 36" 5.1 sound bar system (wireless sub, 2 rear speakers wired to sub). Wife had had enough of wires ran all over LR and no good way to hide wires for rear speakers. First attempt was with 12 year old Panasonic plasma. No HDMI arc port so had to use optical connection. Got sound but only from cable, no sound from streaming (which makes sense since optical ran from cable box to sound bar). Also, sound randomly jumped high for no reason. So, brought TV from garage and swapped to LR-it is a smart TV and has an HDMI arc port. Hooked everything up according to instructions-which matched straightforward with settings on TV. No confusion here, should have worked. No sound at all. Cycled through sound bar inputs, nothing. Checked the CEC settings, TV recognized sound bar, said "arc" was active. No sound. Tried changing audio settings to PCM in both TV and cable audio settings (was text that said some TV's don't support audio pass through so may have to set to PCM). Nothing. Checked all remote mutes, checked everything I could think of, can't get any sound. Read forums, tried everything. Every combination. Tv speakers enabled and disabled, nothing works. Read something about using Vizio Smartcast app, tried to download and use that, app can't find my sound bar, so useless. Im no expert but I've set up home theater systems with discrete speakers before, with no issues. This is driving me nuts though, I've wasted about 8 hours this weekend screwing with this junk system. Now I probably will waste a few more on some help line, followed by repackimg all this crap and having to deal with the return (which drives me nuts, just infuriates me). Seems like I must be missing something obvious. Anyone with any ideas?
  11. Ranethe

    Week 13 Questions For Bloom

    Thank you for your input. Please pick 2 flex from this group (staggered PPR .25/.5/1.0 for RB/WR/TE): Tarik Cohen/Legarrette Blount/AJ Green/Greg Olsen. (Currently have Cohen/Green in).
  12. No, it wasn't Sean Spencer... Wasn't it Sean Sphimcter or something like that? I'm having a hard time remembering too...
  13. Ranethe

    Watching bad movies

    My wife loves those Hallmark channel Christmas movies too. She had some on last week and watches them every night when she goes to bed. I swear they use the same pool of actors AND plot lines for every one of those movies.
  14. My son loved Bloodborne. Always talked about the mood and all the jump scares. I had bought it for him as a x-mas gift, neither of us had heard of it but I read some glowing reviews.
  15. Inorite? I mean c'mon, these are just people we disagree with.