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  1. Loved JCS also. Listened to it all the time when I was younger. Haven't listened to it in years. Kind of forgot about it.
  2. Ranethe

    Criminal Justice and Sexual Assault

    Yeah pretty impressive huh? Racism, misogyny, and appeals to white (I assume) male victimization...neatly wrapped up in a single sentence.
  3. Ranethe

    Criminal Justice and Sexual Assault

    I know lawyers have to do their thing but that comment by the lawyer is disgusting. Is it "elitist" to say there is a sizable number of reprehensible people in this world and I am confident my morality is far superior to theirs? I find nothing worse than preying on those weaker or vulnerable. But hey, boys will be boys amirite?
  4. Yeah they were vilified for that. 50 years later NFL players kneel...and they are vilified for it.
  5. Ranethe

    The Trump Years

    Apt description. Couldn't like cause I can't see options.
  6. Ranethe

    Anyone playing Maurice Harris today?

    I was contemplating grabbing him off the WW to play him over Chris Hogan, who's questionable (though apparently expected to play). Ultimately I just decided to play Hogan (I have 5 WR's on byes today and Crowder out). Richardson is active for Wash as well.
  7. It is scary and we see this happening around the world. As much as the normal amongst us despise Trump it has still always appeared to me that his threat is chronically underestimated. That's why I continue to resist the "dems as adults in the room" narrative; these people need to be repudiated as strongly and quickly as possible, even if only to draw lines as starkly as possible.
  8. PG is my favorite Zep album. Their best IMO, though with Zep it's just arguing shades of greatness. Still play this all the time. So many fantastic songs here, so many styles contained on one album. I love Houses of the Holy too but PG is far superior IMO unless you're just basing it on radio friendly songs (PG really only has Kashmir and maybe Ten Years Gone that got more than occasional radio play).
  9. Ranethe

    We're all Americans first.

    Sheesh why do you guys engage with these people? It just brings you down to their level. Honestly, I've never understood it. You end up coming across as a 15 year old kid when you engage with them. There is absolutely nothing to be gained regardless of what you tell yourself. Reconcile yourselves to the idea that some people are just...too far gone. There really ARE differences between people in every dimension: education, intelligence, decency, to name a few. Stop legitimizing them, they will be gone soon.
  10. When I was a kid I named my kitten "Weeble". True story.
  11. Ranethe

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    How about when compared to people's postings on a message board, whose opinion no one really cares about or sometimes never heard of? It's almost the same damn thing. I may be the only one but I have zero issue with tweets being posted. They are typically at least interesting and often times make good points. Hell of a lot better than having to scroll through endless drivel from Trumpies here or non stop whining from a few particular posters (ok, one).
  12. Good question. I thought it was just "frowned upon".
  13. I believe this is untrue, though I'm open to correction. As I understand this, the Republicans-"The Party of No" and "number one priority is to make Obama a one term President"-refused to confirm essentially any (?) of Obama's lower court judges. They were paralyzing the system for pure partisanship. Reid's action was in response to this, and if I recall was only taken after months of inaction by the Repubs. I don't know whether Obama was stacking liberal judges-it wouldn't surprise me-or more moderate judges along the lines of Garland. Regardless, Republicans actively sabotaged his Presidency. Obviously, it gave the Repubs pretext for their SCOTUS confirmation rule change, even though there's a good argument that there's a significant difference in confirming for lower courts vs confirming for the SCOTUS. I think your insinuation that Reid's rule change was done specifically so Obama could stack the lower courts to be disingenuous and essentially untrue. As I said, I'm open to correction. I don't believe that Reid's rule change and McConnells rule change are remotely qualitatively the same, either regarding impetus or outcome.