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  1. Difference of opinion. Remain civil. Said every apologist and collaborator ever.
  2. Yeah. The damage is done though, across so many domains. I’m ashamed of this country.
  3. Nothing but chaos in his wake. If I was a superstitious person, I’d describe it as “AntiChrist-ian “. I don’t know how anyone can be forgiven for their complicity in this.
  4. Gonna be two for two. We are great again.
  5. FWIW I wasn’t remotely referring to you. I wasn’t even aware you had searched anything. If you had, and posted anything, I must have missed it. Had I noticed, I wouldn’t have assumed that of you.
  6. Good for her
  7. With apologies to both Rockaction and Henry, since they are both done with this, I have to comment because reading these threads has been bugging me. Despite the impressive and focused search efforts () for the “gotcha”, these inane charges of hypocrisy miss the point...totally. It was never about someone using the slur...per se. It was about the doubling and tripling down once it was pointed out. It was the determined effort to not back down in the face of “political correctness”. I mean, I didn’t know the word in question was a slur and I’m pretty damned politically correct. I’ve never had reason to spend a lot of time thinking about it or interacting with that language. As Koya has pointed out, why the resistance to being sensitive to language if it causes no tangible harm to those asked to be sensitive to It? I’ve told the story before, I was humiliated in my 20’s when, working with emotionally disturbed teenagers, I was walking around saying “Mammy....ooohhh Mammy”. I thought it was funny because it sounded funny, had no idea where I had heard it. When my work partner-black guy and my best friend at the time-told me it was racist, I was horrified. I didn’t rail against political correctness, I didn’t angrily insist I could say whatever TF I wanted. I profusely apologized and thought about it. Its ok to be ignorant about the intent, symbolism, power of words. I didn’t think it was ok to reject those concerns. Rock obviously reached the same conclusion. He’s a smart and decent individual imo.
  8. I laughed at one of his posts (actually I think several over the past however many days) so he tried to shame me. Its interesting (well to me at least) that I’m actually sympathetic-sometimes even supportive- to some of the broader points he tries to make. But his premises are often flawed and spun hard and he seems to me to have a child-like view of things, and often comes across to me as some kind of pseudo-anarchist. I once speculated Ren was a college kid in his 20’s because I really didn’t know, but was quickly corrected by others on that point. I read a lot of the things he posts but I also often just scroll by. I also have no interest in going down the Ren rabbit hole.
  9. Rand Paul is on “CBS This morning” talking about Ukraine/Biden. Making essentially a “both sides” argument, that if Joe Biden can withhold aid to Ukraine because of corruption then it’s fine that Trump does too. Not a word about any context. Pure propaganda and the hosts didn’t hit back with any relevant questions/points about the stark differences between Biden/Ukraine and Trump/Ukraine. It was infuriating. The topper was when he ranted about the dangers of socialism and it’s inevitable devolution into authoritarianism. Good thing we don’t have to worry about authoritarianism with our current pseudo-capitalism.
  10. I wish it was just that. I think you’re (lots of people) underestimating the danger, considering a complicit Republican Party, Foreign disinformation, and the appeal of the last gasp power grab to a group that has been steadily losing the culture war.
  11. I voted 2nd option (survives, loses to Dem) but I think it’s almost as likely option 1 happens (survives, wins), for a variety of obvious reasons. I have a very dim view of our future.
  12. Ranethe

    2019 3-Down LBs

    I just picked him up in a 16 team 45 man roster league where I’ve been struggling to get LB production ( Edmunds/Littleton, and junk). Was also looking at David Mayo for Giants. He started a few games for Carolina I think last year. Ben Niemann filled in for Anthony Hitchens who had a groin or hamstring injury (I’ve read both) and had a decent game. All injury plays so likely only playable for a week or 2. But you never know. I went with Johnson only because I read he’s much more athletic than Davis or Jewell.
  13. I read that a gamer made a live statement in support of protesters in Hong Kong and got banned for a year by Blizzard and stripped of money he won in a gaming tournament. I guess he was from Hong Kong, had just won a “Hearthstone” tournament and 10000 in winnings. Got banned and won’t receive the money he won.
  14. I like this
  15. One article I read had a headline describing the Trump administration as “one part mafia boss, one part Eastern bloc politburo”. I think that pretty much nails it.