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  1. I had a gout attack about 4 years ago. At least, I believed it was gout, and doctor agreed it was likely. I was woken by intense pain one morning, just from weight of blanket on foot. The day before I had had painful urination, first and only time. The few days I suffered from gout were excruciating. I felt ridiculous but I was hopping around house on one foot, just contact with the floor with affected foot was very painful. Couldn’t walk for a few days, pain started in knuckle of big toe and spread up foot, foot actually became red and swollen, couldn’t even touch it. After that went away a few days later the same thing happened in my other foot except the pain and swelling were in middle toes and through sole of foot. It was weird and I’m still surprised at how painful it was. Doctor told me I might expect chronic problems or it might not happen again for 15 years. So far, haven’t had it again. As an aside, I get plenty of exercise and am not overweight, actually on the slender side. My diet is pretty terrible though. And, when I had the tests done, doctor told me my uric acid levels were normal.
  2. Minor quibble, but I absolutely believe everyone is born “unprejudiced”. It’s the racism that is learned.
  3. Yeah, sorry, meant 2 years ago in a rookie draft. Based on his athletic profile and a little looking into his usage in college, drop percentages, etc. I’m making no comment either way regarding Waller-I said I agreed with the larger point. Was just pushing back a little against the idea that late picks are throw-a-ways. Having said all that, and understanding Gruden’s been talking him up, for me personally Waller isn’t the Raider TE I’d be interested in. I tend to view with skepticism the players who’ve kicked around a while and have had no success. I’ve been kind of thinking Foster Moreau has some Kittle-lite qualities. Decent athletic profile (though not at Kittle’s level) and some mitigating factors for lack of production in college. Alas I missed him in my drafts.
  4. Wife and I finished the 2 seasons available on Netflix. I really like this show. when we first started it I kind of dismissed the show as simply a “romance”. My wife reads all this romance fiction, typically similar to the premise of this show, and the show was based on a 9 book series by a romance author whose work my wife was somewhat familiar with. I have to say, those last few episodes of S1 were some of the most disturbing TV I’ve ever watched. I was really squirming. Someone else I think mentioned GOT similarities. I can see that a bit, in terms of the graphic ness and disturbing content. I guess there are 4 seasons at the moment with a 5th currently in production. I read some speculation that 3/4 won’t be available on Netflix until season 5 is ready for release. Really good show though and Claire is amazing. Beautiful women and dominates the screen.
  5. Wife and I have finished 6 of the S3 episodes. Now, I like the show though my wife is a bigger fan than I. I have to say I’m kind of disappointed so far. Honestly, to me it’s been a bit boring, I kept finding myself dozing off. To each their own but I haven’t been impressed with Robin like everyone else has been. I find her kind of forgettable, I certainly don’t see any “star power” that others do. She’s just kind of “there”. It must just be me though. i agree with whoever mentioned “yeah, we know it’s the 80’s” idea. While I thought the first episode was charming and at least somewhat authentic in its portrayal of the time period this 3rd season seems contrived and forced in that dimension. I also thought some of the writing/dialogue (character development) was forced and over the top. I never really had a problem with Winona Ryder in the first 2 seasons but damn if she didn’t really begin to grate on me in these 6episodes. Some of the scenes between her and the sheriff just went on too damn long and were really boring. On several occasions I found myself saying “ok, get on with it already”. Havent finished the season so maybe that’s a big part of it with me. I’m also no critic, just want to be entertained. I loved the 80’s, essentially grew up then (college, first house, etc) and the subject matter is certainly in my wheelhouse. Just left me disappointed and often annoyed.
  6. Interesting. I much preferred S1 to S2.
  7. For several years now I believe. Two to three hundred active right wing militia groups in the US from what I’ve read, depending on the time frame. But the existence of antifa =both sides.
  8. You can’t know for sure but you can certainly draw reasonable conclusions, make reasonable predictions, based on the information available at that time. Most all civilized people knew what Trump was before the election: a low class lying con man who destroyed a lot of small businesses. Hell I can’t even remember the timeline anymore of his “grab them by the p****” comment. Was that before the election? I think it was. I’m not buying the free pass, those...people...knew what they were signing up for.
  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Dems in Wisconsin do something similar a few years back? (Absent the threats to LE and appeals to militias of course, that’s pretty much a right wing thing).
  10. Really? On top of referring to AOC’s “moronic mouth” in another thread?
  11. I live for the summer. Think I just have to have the sun. It would be tough at my age without a pool though and it can be difficult to work outside sometimes. The humidity kills me now. And the bugs suck bad...literally. Just sprayed 2.5. acres for mosquitoes 3 days ago and it didn’t seem to do a damn thing to dent the population. Guess I have to bring out the big guns.
  12. In my 16 team rookie draft last year I got George Kittle as mr irrelevant, last pick of 6th round. Not arguing your larger point but I think all picks remain investments.
  13. Yep. And reasonable people would consequently draw conclusions about the moral character of those supporters, about their humanity. But in the interest of civility, we’re unable to do so. That’s what I find mind boggling. I mean, he was caught on tape bragging about using his celebrity to sexually assault women. I guess without video it’s all meaningless. Even video would unlikely be enough. Then we would get the rationalizations, the excuses. He is such a patently abhorrent individual but it’s all become a blur, it all gets reduced to the absurd “difference of opinion” nonsense.
  14. Was it your IQ score or your GRE scores that gained you membership in this exclusive club? 😉
  15. My sister is a poor lesbian hardcore Fox News loving Trumpie. She also had at least one abortion when she was younger. On the surface it’s never made sense to me. Over the years I’ve come to understand her (and my mother) somewhat. My family was extremely poor and extremely uneducated (both Mom and Dad were high school dropouts who later got their GED’s, Dad had to get a 4 year degree to teach auto mechanics at a vocational school, I wrote his college papers for him when I was in 9th grade and one of his instructors knew he hadn’t written them). It was essentially a status thing for both: they had nothing to elevate themselves. In terms of social status we/they were at the bottom of the totem pole...unless they could place someone else lower (minorities). Their embrace of right wing politics and white dominance meant they were better (in their minds) than at least someone.