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  1. This story is similar to one of mine, that wife still laughs about to this day. We moved in our house 10 years ago and had a ton of work to do. Cleared back yard and had massive brush pile in middle of yard. One sunny day we had a few beers and decided to burn it. Most of yard was bare soil at this point. When pile was half burned a rat came stumbling out, still smoking like on a cartoon or something. We were sitting in lawn chairs, I grabbed a shovel and went to finish off the rat. It still had life in it and began running and jumping. I couldn’t hit the damn thing. Then it turned and began lunging at me, at which point I turned and ran to safety. I eventually did finish it but wife said it was one of the funniest things she had seen. Guess you had to be there.
  2. I’ll have to try this. I’ve trapped 2 rats (as well as chipmunks, red squirrels, gray squirrels, opossum, woodchuck) one outside (it was huge, is there such a thing as a river rat? I think it traveled through a flooded drainage ditch next to my house) and one inside our garage, was living in a wall. I drowned the huge one. The other was also big and when I tried to pick up the trap to drown it the darn rat almost pushed open the spring loaded door. Fearing it would escape, I ended up killing it with a pitchfork through the trap walls. Not fun. It had tunnels all through the insulation in a section of wall and it stunk to high heaven. its an ongoing battle at my house with all the varieties of rodents. I typically know one’s in the garage from our dog before I know myself. Rats, mice, chipmunks, squirrels do tons of damage. Something chewed up most of a fitting that was built into the housing for a 400 dollar fish pond pump. Anything cloth (including old furniture in a carpeted room behind actual garage) gets destroyed. I have rat poison put down in pet-safe areas all over my property.
  3. Good for her. Let trump talk to his partners in crime and his base base. I only wish there were more Dems who would sit it out, like most of them.
  4. More than silly if one wanted to accurately characterize it, but unable to do that here of course. Pretty clearly displays displays the right wing suspicion of education though. To them public education at all levels is a hotbed of indoctrination. My own mother blames by political views on attending college 🤣. It is why they have strived for decades to destroy it, and are continuing that fight. Ole ma loves it when I just tell her “Reality is liberal”. 😁 We’ll be teaching ID in short order I’m sure, given the ### backwards trajectory we’re on.
  5. Good post, totally agree except for the “didn’t know in 2016” part. It’s always been apparent to me that this was a last gasp power grab, otherwise how could anyone reasonable support Trump? He was a convenient tool with built in brand recognition and appeal to...those people. Now authoritarian white minority rule will become entrenched. They have the courts, add voter suppression and state propaganda and, well, things are grim. We’ve learned what this country is about.
  6. Seems like every mock I’ve read has Atlanta taking Chaisson.
  7. Well, that’s the likely solution to avoid religious discrimination rulings, don’t fund any private schools. Otherwise we’ll not only be funding private Christian schools but a variety of others. Church of Scientology schools, Satanic Temple schools, Islamic schools (madrassa’s ?). It has to be all or none and I’m firmly on the side of none if that is the justifiable outcome. I’ll also admit I don’t know a lot about the current state/process of funding in states, only what Ive read about Montana and a little about Devos’ work in Michigan in the past and her efforts now in the Dept of Education.
  8. Republicans have elected outright criminals. The Montana guy who clocked the reporter. Chris Collins. And as mentioned by people earlier, you can look at Al Franken and Katie Hill for a sense of how Dems respond to far less. I don’t know that I would even characterize “an angry base” for Dems. There are too many coalitions. And they’re typically not as “angry” anyways. Dem values-broadly speaking-are far different. Anyways, I’ve conceded I may have spoken rashly saying there was zero chance.
  9. I know you’re not neutral regarding Trump. I was speaking more broadly. And of course you’re entitled to your opinion. I’ll agree with your ultimate point I suppose, I’m sure there’s a greater than zero chance, if that’s what you’re going for. I suppose if right wing authoritarian white minority rule becomes reality, you may be right. I don’t know that Trump was “unfathomable” to most. Understanding his base, his reality TV show credentials, celebrity/wealth worship, the sprinkle of fear of other/racism, “ unfathomable may be too extreme.
  10. Yes. Yes it is unreasonable. Not only is it unreasonable but it’s nonsensical. I know self styled “independents” are contractually obligated to remain absolutely neutral to the point of ridiculousness but it’s farcical to speculate that Dems would respond in the same manner to this unique level of corruption. As someone already mentioned, Dems would never elect a specimen like Trump. Never. Nor would they defend him in lockstep the way the Republicans have. Nor would the majority of Dem voters maintain complicity in the face of his behavior. Again, it’s a last gasp power grab, that’s why they (government and voters) are all selling their souls and their credibility.
  11. I don’t think it is about the base per se, at least not to the extent that people are using it to understand or excuse the behavior of these politicians. It’s a pure and simple power grab. The writing has been on the walls for years. This was their opportunity to grab power, and consequently, facilitate the retention of power. It’s going on around the world. It’s why evangelicals-as a demographic-have prostituted themselves. The role of religion in society has been compartmentalized, the future of religion is in doubt (shrinking religiosity numbers in youth). Just a naked power grab that may just actually cement the future of their party (in a radically different form of course).
  12. I have no issue with anyone sending their kids anyplace. And, “on a daily basis” doesn’t mean “ it rises daily “ because of this single case, which I assume you already know despite your characterization. To paint this as “why not let people live their own lives the way they want?” is terribly disingenuous for you. I would have expected that from dozens of others here, not you. I’ve read several articles about this case. Conservatives themselves are pointing to the same potential outcomes as their opponents. I don’t think public funds should be used to fund attendance at private religious schools. It will open floodgates. It will siphon funds from public education. It will further entrench religion in our culture. It will further blur the line between the secular and religious, a line that isn’t firm enough as is. Minorities will pay a price without a doubt. I can even envision it impacting immigration policy. I only hope the unintended consequences will have a silver lining (besides the unintended consequences conservatives may face) which is possible based on results of, for example, the battles over religious displays in front of state buildings, etc.
  13. A few other sources. What exactly is the false narrative again? There are multiple conservative perspectives in all the articles linked that essentially suggest the same thing.