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  1. Thanks for the help with mine. I'd go Watson of those you mention, but I definitely would work on one of those deals. Mahomes in Year 1 is nice, but JuJu and Kittle are tempting. I don't like Damien, but costs you next to nothing to keep.
  2. Thanks all. I took the deal. Convinced him to include an 8th, and upgrade my 3rd, 13th, 15th and 17th round picks by 6 spots. I threw in a 2020 15th.
  3. I think it depends on how deep your league is. What is on waiver wire?
  4. I do like the idea of Mahomes/Kamara/Nuk/Tyler... that alone powers you for a while. But it does seem like a lot to give.... I assume they will likely be later 1st and 2nd rounders, so I think I might still do it. I'm not interested in Stills. Thanks for getting mine.
  5. In a nutshell, I give Thielen I get Chris Godwin and Marques Valdez-Scantling It is a keeper league, where you lose 2 rounds each year you keep somebody. Thielen would be a 14th this year. Godwin a 11th and MVS an 18th. He'd probably throw in an 8th round pick, as well. All of that probably about balances out. I like that Godwin and MVS are young and both have potential. Thielen is 28, and I just didn't like how he was used after coaching change last season. Thoughts? Happy to help you in return.
  6. That’s not enough weeks for the season to count for him. Right? His contract rolls another year?
  7. From Rotoworld: Appearing Wednesday at the Combine, Steelers GM Kevin Colbert spoke about suspended WR Martavis Bryant in the past tense. It doesn't mean the Steelers have moved on from Bryant, but Colbert is the second member of Pittsburgh's front office to infer the team isn't counting on Bryant for 2017. "Martavis was a great asset to us when he was available," Colbert said. In late January, president Art Rooney II replied, "I'm not sure at this point you can count on him" when asked about Bryant, adding Martavis still had "a ways to go" to become a serious candidate for NFL reinstatement.
  8. Josh Gordon applies for reinstatement:
  9. Just switched out Romo for Ryan based on latest news.
  10. You guys have me completely jazzed about owning Calvin and Fitz. With our league moving towards PPR (0.5 PPR next year), Portis is likely to see the door in our 4-keeper. Can't thank all of you enough for your input. Wish I could add anything near the value that you guys provide. BTW, has anyone mentioned Norwood's ability to block effectively and/or read plays as the reason he's not an "every down back"? The few games I've seen, he's missed some big assignments. Dunn has always been a great blocker and interpreter of the defense.
  11. Noticed that KJones dropped a number of slots. Based on the lis-franc diagnosis, he might drop some more slots, I think (as a sad KJ owner). Does this move Calhoun up in the rankings, or does it make it a lot more likely that Detroit goes after AP in the draft... I think they have other holes to fill, and its not like they are going to win it next year. 2008 will bring full health to both KJ and Calhoun. Thoughts?
  12. A great point about the camps separating. We almost need 2 lists. One for value of players given a playoff run, and one for those who plan to start fresh next year. F&L, you've done great work, so I'm not suggesting at all that you do this. Just wonder if Sigmund or Jeff have considered this. Probably can start with current list, and provide some tweaks here and there.