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  1. Not a surprise. The last several days have seemed like a continuation of the type of stuff that Trump followers hate. They hate the racist label. Probably 99% of them don't consider themselves racist and they are tired of people calling them racist when they act a certain way or fail to act a certain way. It's not like Trump used the N word or said something like "You know, I actually support those Nazis and I'm glad that guy ran his car into the crowd. I wish them luck in their quest for ethnic cleansing." Blaming "both sides" and failing to directly condemn a group that's praising his support are bad enough, especially for the POTUS. To many, that screams racist. But, to his followers, I don't think they see overt racism in his actions. Sure, some of them see racism and like it. Others simply don't see it as racism and are tired of it being labeled as racism, likely bolstering their support for Trump. I had a friend in college who said, "I'm not racist, I just prefer not to be around them." That's the mindset of many. Most people draw the line of racism somewhere far away from their own personal attitudes. They recognize racism as being bad so they conclude that racism must be something they aren't. People who are worse than me are racist, but I'm clearly not.
  2. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-charlottesville-responsibility-20170816-story,amp.html
  3. Isn't Gettysburg a national park? Federal land?
  4. What's planned this weekend? Last weekend, my wife and I were in the VA countryside. We were discussing where to go for lunch and mentioned Charlottesville. I didn't even know what was going on there, but luckily I rejected that idea because it was the opposite way of going home. Might want to keep an eye on where these things are planned in the future.
  5. Were they locked or otherwise confined? Were they incapable of leaving the house?
  6. Neither one of us were pissed about any of it. We actually laughed about it. One reason is probably because nothing bad came out of it. Also, for better or worse, we're more laid back parents than your average 21st century parents. As for a 2 year old, they definitely need a lot of supervision. Probably more supervision than any other age. They're mobile and do stupid stuff. But, that doesn't mean you have to keep eyes on them every second. That's just not feasible. You have to go some amount of time without having them in your eyesight. What's the right acceptable amount of time? I don't know. I obviously assumed it was ok to take a quick shower. I'm sure I had done that many times before and many times after with no problems. Others refuse to do that until another adult or older child can provide supervision. I really don't think there's a 100% rule you can apply there and try not to be critical of what others do.
  7. There was supervision: me, the person who made the choice to take a shower knowing I was the only person over 6 years old in the house. The worst thing my wife did was not make sure the door was closed all the way, but I'm sure she didn't think "I bet he's going to take a shower and not be watching them for several minutes," or else she probably would have made sure to close the door. Ah, the good ol' days of really young kids and that difficult decision on when to take showers.
  8. One Sunday morning, my wife woke me around 8:00 AM to tell me she was going to church early and that I should just meet her there later with the kids. The kids at the time were probably about 6, 4, and 2. She said they were downstairs eating breakfast and watching tv. So, I got out of bed and went straight to the shower to start getting ready for church. After my shower, I headed to the laundry area in the basement to get some clothes. On my way down, I noticed no kids on the main level. In the basement, I saw the 6 and 4 year old and asked where the 2 year was. "I don't know," was their answer of course. I grabbed clothes and headed back upstairs. On my way back up, I looked again on the main level and happened to notice the front door wasn't ajar. But, I thought, surely the 2 year old is just upstairs in his room. Surely he didn't go outside. Plus, since I was still just in a towel, I decided not to walk outside and look. I went upstairs, looked around, didn't see him, and quickly threw on some clothes. I head back downstairs and go outside. It was a chilly, foggy morning. I start walking along my street. As I walk along, I see my 2 year old walking along the sidewalk in just a diaper, crying "Mommy". There was a man near him and as I started yelling my son's name and running over toward him, a police car pulled up. "Oh, ####," was my thought. The man had called it in to the police, understandably, and the officer asked me a few questions. I told her what happened and that I think my wife must not have closed the door all the way and she probably also didn't realize I was jumping straight in the shower instead of heading downstairs first. The officer said she had to come look inside my house. She walked in, glanced around the main level for a few minutes, then said she's required to report this to child services and they may come visit us. They never did visit.
  9. I won't directly quote him so he won't get a notification and derive any pleasure out of someone quoting him, but...
  10. That will just make their movement grow and lead to a Civil War. The best way to deal with them is to listen to them and then give them what they want.
  11. How many? Put a number out there. How many people, say, per year are willing to convert and become Nazis over this? How long until they have enough support to start this Civil War you're predicting?
  12. How many? Put a number out there. How many people, say, per year are willing to convert and become Nazis over this? How long until they have enough support to start this Civil War you're predicting?
  13. Eichmann Can't Jump
  14. Listening to someone's concerns doesn't have to lead to giving them what they want. Seems a bit much to say we will shape our national immigration policy in a certain way just to please a small group of hateful people.