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  1. It's become extremely rare for any network TV show to be impressive.
  2. More than what?
  3. Sounds like another one at a fedex facility in San Antonio.
  4. The 3/58.5m fully guaranteed was Cousins' offer, not the Redskins'. The Redskins said no thanks to that, then gave him 2 years totaling $44m with the franchise tags. It's always been about the guarantees for him.
  5. Link to this thread?
  6. Yeah, I think we’ve know for a while that his main concern was getting as much guaranteed as possible. He didn’t want a 5 year, $140m deal that the team can easily get out of after two years and he never sees most of the money. He pointed out many times that he thinks all NFL contracts are really just one year deals, if that’s what the team wants it to be. That’s why he was ok with the franchise tag. He basically saw that as the same thing as a typical long term deal in the NFL.
  7. Good thing you headed that off. No telling what would have happened.
  8. 52%
  9. I have a 5/1 ARM that starts adjusting this Summer. I've been loving my 2.375% rate the last five years. It was great to give me a low payment and pay down some principal. Also, about 5 years ago, I think we had thoughts of moving but I don't see that happening for a while. So, I assume the suggestion is that I should refinance to a fixed rate ASAP?
  10. Definitely agree with you on living somewhere with diversity and a place where people don't have to hide who they are. I like that I get to raise my kids in a racially diverse area. For culture, though, I think a lot of the things people mention as "culture" are things that most people really don't care about. Most people really don't care about things like Broadway shows or symphonies. At best, people like the idea that they exist in their community, but they don't actually care to attend. To most of us, that's some overpriced, boring culture. More important to the masses, IMO, are restaurants, movie theaters, good parks, sporting events, and certain museums.
  11. Well, it's no surprise that people who move to Idaho like Idaho. That's a pretty biased sample. But, yes, Idaho is gaining a lot of people from other states (including California). In 2016, only Wyoming (4.6%) had a higher % of their population who lived in a different state the year before than Idaho (4.3%). (I'm excluding DC - 8.7% - because it's stupid when people include DC in state level comparisons). Almost 24% of the people who moved into Idaho in 2016 from another state were from California.
  12. Flying into Vegas on a Wednesday night. Thursday morning, we'll head out to the Valley of Fire for a few hours. Then we'll start heading south, making a brief stop at Hoover Dam. I'm thinking we'll stay in Prescott Thursday night. Friday we'll work our way from Prescott to Tucson. Not sure if we'll try to hit Saguaro Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Attending a wedding Saturday evening. Sunday drive to Flagstaff and we'll see a couple things around Sedona (Montezuma? Palatki?). Monday is the Grand Canyon. Tuesday morning, leave Flagstaff to Moab. I think we'll swing by Four Corners and maybe another brief stop or two, but want to get to Moab with enough time to do some of the Arches Tuesday afternoon/evening. I assume we should go into the Arches at night for the stars? Wednesday morning, more Arches and then back in the car for Denver. As of now, we're planning on being to Denver by Wednesday night to stay with friends. Fly out of Denver at 6 PM Thursday. I wish we had a few more days to take more time at some of these spots, but this is about as long as we can do right now. My wife tells me the trip is really about the wedding and family, but I think she's kind of crazy.
  13. I spent 3 days in the Anaheim Convention Center about 20 years ago. Other than that, haven't been to California. I think I'll be in SoCal for a full week for work in a couple weeks. Looking forward to it.
  14. Not sure where the Potomac Yards redevelopment stands. That shopping center was intended to be temporary until they decide what to ultimately do with the land. It should have a new Metro station in the next few years.
  15. In general, I think VA is more “business friendly.” But, I think MD is offering up to $5B in incentives to Amazon.