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  1. dgreen

    Any Trading Cards guys? (Sports, etc)

    I still have all mine from when I was a kid. It's fun to look through with my sons. They've bought some cards the last couple years, but nearly on the scale that I was buying them as a kid.
  2. Right now, one of my goals for retirement is to not have a mortgage. To that end, my guess is I will need to have access to a large chunk of money in one year and it would best if that’s tax free.
  3. No. Jesus died, too. You should have gone with Enoch or Elijah.
  4. Interesting. I'll have to think about whether I should or shouldn't move all to Roth. I was a blind idiot and didn't even know TSP offered a Roth until about a year ago. Most of my career, I was doing 10% in Traditional. I switched to 5% Traditional and approximately 5% Roth last year because I want access to a decent amount of tax free money when I retire. My plan going forward was to stay at 5% Traditional until retirement and add any increases to Roth to hopefully reach the full contribution limits at some point.
  5. Well, look at that.
  6. Whoa. Are you saying I can contribute 5% to Roth and I get 5% match put in traditional? I thought I had to put 5% in traditional to get the 5% in traditional. Example: Someone makes $100,000 and puts $10,000 in Roth TSP and $0 in Traditional TSP, they'll get an agency contribution of $5,000 in Traditional TSP?
  7. I still don't get it. I get that you need $7500 in income in order to contribute $6000 to Roth. But, how does that lead you to say "you've saved $7,500 pre-tax dollars"? How is that extra $1,500, that was taxed, now "saved"?
  8. You should at least do traditional up to 5% to get the full match, right? Roths are great, but I don't think they are worth not getting a free %5 invested in traditional.
  9. dgreen

    Gillette Commercial

    I'm sure those people exist, but I haven't seen/heard anyone express that they don't like those ideas. They don't like comments like this, especially when it's coming from a false accusation.
  10. dgreen

    USA Shootings

    That's not what it says to me. I don't think the preferences of 3% define what our culture is. The small % owning so many is, to me, an argument that we/America don't have an obsession; just a small % have the obsession.
  11. dgreen

    Gillette Commercial

    YOU SONOFA#####! Mods, please ban this guy. Seriously, anyone who doesn't know it's "Kars" deserves a permaban.
  12. dgreen

    Going paycheck to paycheck.......

    And it's nothing new. Some employees are required to work without pay (until they later receive back pay) every shutdown. It's how shutdowns have worked under every President.
  13. dgreen

    Tell how the shutdown is affecting you.

    My point is those things are more likely to happen working for someone else. Sure, it helps you immediately in the short run, but there’s so much more risk in non-government work.