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  1. Watched all of the latest Jim Gaffigan stand up a while ago. I think I only laughed a few times. Made it through about 30 minutes of the new Bill Burr special and slightly chuckled once. I've really enjoyed previous acts by both of them, but thought these latest Netflix exclusive performances were pretty bad.
  2. At least the other three kindly told him he's an idiot.
  3. I wouldn't really call it "news". IMO, there has been almost no news, just a lot of speculation. I think there's been all this speculation because of the lack of real news.
  4. The little I listened today, I didn't hear him. When Andy was on with The Junkies, they asked him "Who else is following you here from 980?" Andy will be doing a show on Saturday mornings with Thom Loverro. Jason jokingly said, "Maybe Cooley will be here soon." They didn't discuss it any further, though.
  5. Cooley had the day off today...for some reason.
  6. I definitely felt like there was something different. I was thinking maybe it was acted a little differently. I think they were trying to deliver a message and not just trying to be funny, so maybe that came out in the acting? I found the episode funny, but necessarily an all time great and I think it's because it felt different. Maybe a rewatch will help. I think the best thing about Always Sunny is I can watch so many episodes over and over and over and laugh every time. I know what's coming (the lines and jokes), yet it still makes me laugh every time. That's pretty rare in most comedies.
  7. Babysitting a high schooler? Really?
  8. You know you don't need the carbs, darling. I'm preparing you a nice kale salad. Pick up tp on the way home.
  9. High dogs are the best. When my hound was fixed, I remember her just standing in the middle of a room with her head lowered towards the ground and eyes glassed over while she drooled on the floor. Pretty sure she just stood there for about 5 minutes.
  10. Also have to consider that the NFL didn't really have playoffs back then. It was just a championship game. So you couldn't get to the playoffs as anything other than the 1 seed and get hot. In today's game, you have a 37.5% chance at the playoffs and then anything can happen. In a 1960's 14-team league, you had a 14.3% chance at the playoffs, which also happened to be the championship. If you were the #1 team, it was a good situation. If you weren't, then you had no chance. I'm guessing NE has been the #1 seed quite often?
  11. SRS incorporates SOS and margin of victory (MOV). NE's SOS this year was low (-2.7) but their MOV was the highest in the league (11.9), giving them the highest SRS (9.3). Just looking at this season, SRS has a very strong correlation with MOV and almost no relationship with SOS.