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  1. Thanks. Yeah, I noticed that as I researched more. I think I will test Vue next week after I’m done with my Hulu trial period.
  2. Is Netflix starting to do some "commercials" for their own content? I started a movie (Dead Poets Society) and it started playing some Dave Chappelle stand-up. I was able to click something to start the movie immediately, but kind of annoying that they threw that in there.
  3. The Politics Subforum, eh?
  4. Hi, Mr. Snyder. There might be a problem. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2017/12/13/this-is-the-scariest-number-for-the-redskins/
  5. Stop posting about the positives of this man. You keep doing this and people will forget the negatives.
  6. Plenty sets of 2 in the UL $10 and under. Not sure LL will get that low. I see some pairs in the LL end zone as low as $20.
  7. I haven't been in a couple years, but I've always parked in cash lot off Barlowe Road for $25. The walk isn't bad. I'm seeing plenty of LL seats (and even some club level) for under $40, some even lower than $30. I may give it a day or two to see if it goes down more before buying some.
  8. I was originally attracted to Hulu because of their channel lineup, especially the regional sports network for the Caps and Wizards. I hadn't seen that elsewhere. But, looks like Vue has it in their $10 sports pack. So, it would be $10 more than Hulu. If the DVR is better and the general layout is better (I agree with you about Hulu; it's confusing), maybe it's worth it. Hulu allows 2 devices at a time (or unlimited for $15/month) and Vue allows 5 (which is perfect since we have 5 people in our family). The Hulu library is attractive, but not sure how much I care about that. And looks like Sling Blue has the NBC RSN for DC, but doesn't have ESPN. ESPN is in Sling Orange. They call themselves a la carte TV, but doesn't look like I can get ESPN and the RSN together? I also currently have Netflix and Amazon and looks like I can get HBO free for one year when I change my Verizon service.
  9. Yes, they'd be setting up the router. I know nothing about picking out my own router and setting it up, unless all that's required is plugging it in and turning it on. I'm guessing it's not rocket science and maybe Verizon would let me refuse that service visit. I think they claimed something about updating the wiring or something. IDK.
  10. Good to know. Yeah, I've definitely noticed some apps have problems and others don't. I've had no problems streaming Thursday Night Football through Amazon. I have constant problems streaming live games through NBC Sports. What do you think of the Hulu DVR? Who is your internet provider? I see Cox is currently offering 300 mpbs for one year for about $70. I wish Verizon had something between 150 and 1000.
  11. Starting about a year ago, we had problems with bad wifi connection in some of the rooms in our house. We contacted Verizon and they gave us a new router. Seemed to fix the problem for a little while and then the problem came back. I never called Verizon back since the wifi problems are mostly in my kids room and I'm ok with them having spotting access at times. I will say I almost never experience a problem with Netflix or Amazon. NBC sports app always looks crappy and ESPN, at times, is kind of bad. These couple of days with Hulu Live TV, I get a decent amount of buffering time, which is annoying. So, I was assuming increasing the mbps would help with that. I just talked to Verizon and I can go up to 100/100 for $70/month or 150/150 for $80/month. They also have a nearly 1000/1000 option for $100/month. All three of those options will require a one-time $150 fee for a tech to come out to do the upgrade, apparently, so we should be getting a new router if we do that. Hopefully that's better. They offered 100/100 with local only TV (15 channels) and one year of HBO for only $77.64 for one year and I believe that's not a service agreement and I can change my package at any time. That seems like a great deal. Another $10 to move up to 150/150 or $30 to go to the 1000/1000. These would be without a DVR box.
  12. Doing a free trial of Hulu Live TV right now. My Verizon Fios 2 year agreement is about to end so I need to make some change and I'm trying to determine if I'm ok with just dropping Fios cable and going with something like Hulu. After a couple days of testing, I'm convinced I'll need to upgrade my internet. Right now I'm at 75 mbps and I get occasional buffering and fuzzy picture at times. Yesterday, I tried using the Hulu Live TV DVR with the Redskins game. I switched over to the Eagles/Rams game during the Redskins halftime and when I came back for the 2nd half, I ran into problems. No matter how I tried to go back to the Redskins game, Hulu kept wanting to start the program at the beginning. The "Jump to Live" button didn't jump to live action. I had to painfully jump through the timeline with my remote to get to where I wanted to be. But, if I tried to skip all the way back to live, it would take me back to the beginning. So, I tried skipping up to about minute behind live and I watched that way for a while. Every time I tested switching to another show and coming back, it took me back to the beginning and I'd have to skip my way back close to live. Frustrating, but I also don't use my DVR much anymore. With Hulu, the DVR won't be needed for most TV shows my family likes to watch so that just leaves live sports that I might want to pause and come back to. I'll test again tonight with the Caps game.
  13. And Chris Russell has to walk from Nats Park to Redskins Park.
  14. Probably taking my kids this Sunday or next Sunday. If the weather's going to be decent this Sunday, I'll probably just do this week. Prices are looking good right now.
  15. Agree. Thought the middle episodes were fairly boring. Really liked the beginning and thought the end was good. I feel like they could have cut about 3 hours from the series and just made it a really long movie.