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  1. Practicing today. Looks like the assumption is he'll be active (and I assume starting) Monday night.
  2. Yes and no. It's about 0.36% of the world's population. That means 99.64% of the world's population aren't slaves, which is probably pretty good compared to much of history and my assumption is tha the number is trending in the right direction. But, to your point, still work to be done. I'm guessing those 27M are fairly concentrated in a few parts of the world? Similarly, there are about 700m people today living in extreme poverty (<$2/day). That certainly sounds staggering. In 2010, that number was about 1b, which is about the same number of people in that situation as in 1820. Of course, in 1820, that was over 90% of the world population. Basically, everyone lived in poverty back then. In 2010, it was about 15% and today it's under 10% who live in extreme poverty.
  3. What is everyone doing on stairs when you put something like this in a basement? I’ve heard stair piece are really expensive.
  4. I have a feeling we're going to see Ioannidis become a lot less productive without Allen next to him. I haven't been watching game film or anything, but it seems like Allen has been drawing some double team and Ioannidis has been able to beat some guys one-on-one.
  5. I haven't read the whole thread, but I didn't think the OP was saying Trump is exempt from anything. Maybe I missed it, though. I think his main point is: Focus on what you can control.
  6. You want to give them an incentive to stay quiet?
  7. https://twitter.com/anjamo9/status/920445529636704256
  8. Gordon Heyward’s foot pointing the wrong direction.
  9. My favorite was the handoff to Nile Paul at the goal line. Brilliant.
  10. Yeah, I'd love to see some splits based on when they're in the game vs not in the game. It seems like they get pass pressure and do well against the run and the other guys...not so much.
  11. Ended with: So, yep, definitely left room for a S2. Glad to hear it was renewed. S1 was good.
  12. Strasburg’s game 4 now goes down in history with Werth’s game 4 walk off as cool moments that amounted to nothing.