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  1. Realistically, what’s the lowest they can possibly go? Not necessarily a prediction of how low they will go, but is there a lowest they can possibly go?
  2. #3 seems hard to answer for people who aren’t following the news. If it hasn’t really been on my mind, how can I have an expectation of when the impact will be felt?
  3. Yeah, I "lost" a decent amount today. Silver lining: it's kind of nice that my balance is large enough that a 3% drop is this large. It will come back. Heck, 2018 had two big drops and we rebounded big time from both.
  4. Anyone who is ready to retire probably didn't lose much today.
  5. I know. They're people too...IMO. Joe has been pretty clear that he's not interested in there being nastiness directed at anyone. There may have even been some suspensions related to comments about a top terrorist being killed a few months ago.
  6. Yes, it's the "GOP pols are all intransigent and amoral reptiles" comment with "reptiles" probably being the main offender, "all" being the second offender, "amoral" third, and I had to look up "intransigent" which I guess is fourth. I can't say I've seen you in the political forums a ton so I understand that maybe you missed the memo that the TPS reports shouldn't include comments like that anymore. In general, good conversation isn't encouraged by calling others "reptiles", generalizing certain characteristics to "all" people on a certain side. And, labeling others as lacking moral sense and unwilling to change, even if true, likely just leads to a bunch of "yes you are"/"no I'm not" childish back and forth and isn't showing an attempt to help others or learn from others. IMO, of course.
  7. Are you saying that's an example of "chaos"?
  8. What I’m getting out of this is that there must be a ton of reported posts if @Maurile Tremblay doesn’t recall @tonydead’s example. MT, is it possible to get a metric on how many reports there are per day or per week? Can you share some numbers with us? Only if it’s easy, of course. I’m thinking maybe we can then challenge ourselves by setting a goal to reduce the number of reports in a week. Maybe if we reach the goal, we get a pizza party. Or an extra recess. Like in 2nd grade since that’s apparently who we are.
  9. Agree. I wasn’t trying to say that charitable donations means I have more money in the bank; just that it’s a big part of having a lower tax bill.
  10. Yep. Kids, mortgage, charitable contributions. If I didn’t have kids and didn’t itemize, this year would have been about 12.5% rather than 6.5%.
  11. Filed. Federal Tax as a % of AGI 2017 - 6.4% 2018 - 7.0% 2019 - 6.5% I had 27 paychecks instead of the usual 26 in 2018 and my wife made a little more money that year, too.
  12. I wonder if PFF is like Zillow where some people try to use it to their advantage for negotiations. I keep hearing how they rank Dunbar highly but I can’t imagine GMs agree with that ranking and he’d never be considered top 5 or wherever he ranks.
  13. I just helped my wife fill one out for a new job. So confusing. I have no idea how hers will come out but I'll just adjust mine as needed if it doesn't do a good job on hers.
  14. These things are much more confusing. I haven't done a new form yet. Kind of worried how the numbers will come out so I've just left mine alone. Seems like what I have now should be on a good pace for 2020, but I probably should go ahead and do a new W4 soon so I can figure out how to manipulate it to get the numbers to be what I want.