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  1. At worst, he shares their views and wants to act on it. At best, he doesn't share their views, thinks they are horrible people, but puts that aside to do whatever he needs to do to win their support.
  2. Does someone have a link to that because that's not what I thought he said. I think Biden was making some points and mistakenly said "...number 3..." when he was on point number 2 and Trump said something like "you're on number 2".
  3. Yes, I also had the thought that the "somebody" is Trump and he's saying he's going to do something about the left...maybe by way of outside groups.
  4. In the moment, I assumed he was putting the question back on Biden to be the "somebody" to do something about the left. Kind of like "Trump, are you going to do something about the right?" "Sure, but someone needs to handle the left. Joe, are you going to do that?" But, I can definitely see how some would think he's calling on outside groups to be the somebody. And after re-reading the actual back and forth, I think that's very possible.
  5. To you last question: Do those people exist? If so, are there enough of those people to bring it up and make a difference? Seriously, how many of the, for example, 535 Representatives and Senators do you think there are who are clean enough to raise it as an issue? I think Trump is likely super corrupt. Moreso than Biden. But also think Biden is likely corrupt. I just think Biden is more of a typical-DC-corrupt type of politician. Is that good or ok? No. But I don't see it changing from the inside because I think it's rampant.
  6. I was waiting for Trump to mock Biden's stumbling. I was halfway expecting a Billy Madison, "To-to-to-to-today, junior!"...but maybe make it "senior" or something because Trump does actually have some decent juvenile insults from time to time. And, agree, regarding what the narrative could've been. In most debates, Biden's performance would be all anyone's talking about. It would blasted by just about everyone. Yet, in last night's debate, his performance was, somehow, the better of the two, IMO.
  7. I'll admit I kind of liked Biden calling Trump a clown and a racist and telling him to shut up. At the very least, it was good entertainment. But, if I'm being honest and consistent with my positions on Trump's behavior, then I have to also admit that I don't think Biden should have done that. Last night, in the moment, my thought was that Biden should have quickly apologized for some of his comments. I think it could have been a powerful moment to take a shot out of frustration and then show the willingness to apologize and be the more mature person.
  8. He tried that early. I couldn’t hear what he was saying because Trump was so constant and loud.
  9. Haven't people been saying the question needs to be asked? Is the idea to ask but not accept her answer? If so, why ask?
  10. Yeah, my Haskins optimism is all based on the fact that he hasn't played a ton of QB compared to other rookie and second-year QBs. He had 590 attempts at OSU and has 304 so far in the NFL. He just doesn't have a ton of experience. Joe Burrow already has almost half as many NFL attempts as Haskins.
  11. Thanks for the rec. I will have to check it out soon. It looks somewhat similar to Look Who’s Back, a German film where Hitler wakes up in modern day Berlin.