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  1. 2 Verizon Iphones - $150/month...I know, ridiculous. Family of 5, but right now only two phones. I use a work phone, so it's just my wife and 14 year old daughter with phones. But, I have sons turning 12 and 10 this Summer, so we'll have more phones soon. I'll probably want to go with anyone other than Verizon when we add phones. Verizon Fios for internet and cable - $125/month Netflix - $10 Not going to include Amazon Prime because I'd probably have that even if I didn't get the streaming content.
  2. I don't think she grabbed her pen and paper until Jimmy said he had a breakdown. She even asked to clarify, "He had a breakdown in court?" Or something like that. I don't think the address mishap is concerning to the insurance agent.
  3. A lot of talk about the Fall but nothing about the Rise?
  4. I use the app. It's pretty good.
  5. Jimmy probably hooked up with that insurance company because of his connection to Chuck and HHM, so makes sense that he'd know that's who Chuck uses. I think he intentionally only said "McGill" at first. He didn't say "James McGill". He wanted her to know Chuck was a client for when he trashed him later. Is it even reasonable to think you can get a refund on insurance payments? His request to put his payments on hold until he can practice again and then start paying again once he's reinstated was a ridiculous request, right? I think he knew it was a long shot and I think his main goal was to continue destroying Chuck. The tears at the 150% increase may have been legit based on his money problems and maybe it solidified his mind to push forward with his plan, but I don't think his Screw Chuck plan was born at that moment.
  6. And begged her to say it as a way to try to justify himself.
  7. The Religion and First Date episodes were good. They aren't constant laughs, but just really well done. I started New York, I Love You and it's also done in an interesting way. They seem to be going for something other than being a laugh factory and I'm enjoying it.
  8. I guess it depends on how many years are counted in a particular generation. Using the above 2015 data, age 20-36 would have been 18-34, which does sum to 75m. That's 17 years worth of ages. If we then look at ages 1-17 above to have an equal number of years, it's 70m with a downward trend. We aren't having enough babies and I've heard some predicting a depression in the early 2030s with these demographics being part of the reason.
  9. My post a couple pages back: Generation Y is larger than the Boomer Generation. Large numbers of first time buyers coming up the next several years. Then in about 10-12 years, people are going to be wondering where all the buyers are and the problem will be that we haven't been having enough kids. Immigration will be needed to grow the population enough.
  10. Is someone going to send out a bat signal once the answer is revealed so I don't have to keep checking in to see that there's been no progress?
  11. Oh I don't live in Springfield. Just adding to the list since I'm familiar with it. I did live there from birth to about 1 year old when my parents rented a townhome after moving to the area.
  12. Springfield, Va: Probably the definition of a congested suburb.
  13. I already said that on page 1, so I better be crowned the king of riddles if that's the answer. Notice the question is simply asking what the doctor wrote. It doesn't directly say that what he wrote cured the man so there's no need to explain how the writing cured him (maybe it didn't; that's irrelevant to the question).
  14. It's a riddle. The best riddle ever.