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  1. Looks like it involves the following people: The President - sole decision maker, but needs some additional people to take action to make it happen Top Military Advisers (not sure why it isn't Advisors) - These people don't seem to have any power since the President can seemingly continue without their approval The person who gives the President the "biscuit", which I assume also then includes someone who creates the "biscuit" (maybe the same person who gives it to the President) Someone at the Pentagon who broadcasts an encoded message Missile Crew - compare the encoded message to previously created documentation (which had to have been created by someone or some process) If launched from a submarine, looks like there are four additional people who have to do something. If launched from land, two out of five people have to turn the key.
  2. I assume this is an accurate description of the process:
  3. Back to the article in the OP, assuming Trump does have some pathological disorders, how does that change views of everything surrounding him? I know I've seen posts here the last few years saying they think Trump has mental health issues. When I've seen those posts, I wonder if someone truly believes that, should that change what names they call him and how he's labeled? I don't know enough about these mental illnesses to know if it makes sense to both label him a pathological narcissist and sociopath while also calling him a bad/evil/horrible person.
  4. Prayer in school. I hear several Christians point to that ruling as the beginning of our country's decline.
  5. They'll be super crazy if it's the Yankees.
  6. Case starting at least one more week. But, SF will be a tough matchup.
  7. I like when my kids sleepover at someone else’s house. Not a fan of other kids sleeping over at my house.
  8. At the next home game, I want to hear “MVP” chants from all 1000 redskins fans at the game when Way punts.
  9. Just saw it. Overall, I liked it. Didn’t love it, but liked it. I was expecting better. I was even expecting darker. I had some of the same questions as you. But, I kept reminding myself that this is still a comic book movie. And it’s a comic book movie being told from the viewpoint of the bad guys. Not just bad guys, but a psychotic bad guy. That’s how I reconcile the Thomas Wayne story line. In the eyes of the psychotic, Wayne is a bad person. And a psycho can stir up the masses of the poor to think the same thing. I’m not an expert on the Joker or Batman or comic books or cinema. I don’t really fully know the story lines. I haven’t even seen half of the DC movies. So take this all with a grain of salt. That’s just how I interpreted things as I was watching.
  10. Welcome to the City of Champions. That’s probably close to average. But I think we have quite a bit of year-to-year variation. We can have winters with like 1-2 inches total and others where we get a couple really big storms. Either way, expect traffic to be 10x worse for each inch of snow.
  11. I will claim to be outcome-oriented. My ideologies are formed by the belief that they work. That doesn't mean all of ideologies do lead to positive outcomes. There's a high probability that many of my ideologies don't lead to positive outcomes, or there are other ideologies that lead to better outcomes, but I'm ignorant of those facts. So, if someone has facts that prove one of my ideologies wrong, I will look like an ideologist to them. However, I'm probably only holding onto that ideology because I haven't learned that it doesn't work. I think that description probably applies to everyone. I don't know many people who have an ideology that they believe is wrong...because it would no longer be their ideology at that point; their ideology would change with the new facts they learned. Now, there are many people, probably even including me, who will claim an ideology while fully knowing that ideology doesn't lead to a positive outcome because it's a different outcome that they really care about and professing that particular ideology helps that ulterior outcome. I think that's basically how politicians work.
  12. My youngest was interested in game 4 and we watched most of the second half. He knew who several of the players. I'll be at my daughter's volleyball game tonight, but they'll likely lose in three and then I'll watch the rest of game 5 if my son is watching.
  13. Well, they play Miami this week so there should be at least one week of some hope.