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  1. Good point. In what ways did Carr lack leverage? I'm not familiar with his situation.
  2. Carr is three years younger and I assume seen as having a brighter future than Cousins. I've heard so much about Kirk getting $80m guaranteed. Interesting to see how this affects Cousins' demands, whatever those have been. This is a (small) win for the Redskins front office, right?
  3. If you are trying to decide between reading this thread and eating a poop sandwich, you might want to consider the sandwich.
  4. Yeah, but who doesn't hate Norwegians?
  5. Technically, he's the Senior VP of Player Personnel, whatever that means. From @NoraPrinciotti: Oof
  6. Yeah, I think the only way I will watch a sixth season is if they say it's the last season. I was entertained enough by this season was it's just the same stuff over and over.
  7. Agree. I have two episodes left and think it's been better than I was expecting. But...
  8. Never saw this one before: https://youtu.be/X-s18AdY4yQ
  9. In this country, how did Kige never blow up and become a multi-millionaire?
  10. Episode 6:
  11. I hear Gruden told Jones he's 5th on the depth chart. I really don't get that. There must be something else going on. I get that he had some crucial fumbles and that he's nothing super special, but I find it hard to believe he's the 5th best RB on the roster. He has good size, probably the fastest of the five, still young (only Perine is younger), can catch the ball, and has shown flashes or production at the NFL level.