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  1. They will call her G.I. Jane.
  2. At the Grand Canyon, a squirrel hopped onto my nephew’s lap wanting food.
  3. These might be mine, too, although I don't have very strong memories of either and it's hard to know if I remember when they actually happened or if I just "remember" them based on other memories after the fact. I was 5 when Reagan was shot. But, I'm somewhat confident I remember watching news coverage that day. I definitely have a clear memory of watching the first 49ers-Bengals SB, which would have been almost a year after Reagan.
  4. And in Linden is the Apple House which has some kick ### apple cinnamon donuts.
  5. Winchester has a nice downtown that a teenage girl can probably find some shops she likes. Harpers Ferry is on the route between Frederick and the north end of the park. You could do the route down 15 and out 50 and stop in Middleburg, Va.
  6. And what about a Conservative answer which would be to stop telling these people how fortunate they are to have white privilege? When we talk about minorities being poor, we blame the system. When whites are poor, well, I'm not sure what we say. Do we even really talk about it?
  7. Isn’t it also generally seen as more of a local/state issue than a national issue? DC local politics talk about it a decent amount.
  8. The Decennial Census no longer has a long form. Starting in 2010, it only had one form. The old long form questions are now on the annual sample survey called the American Community Survey (ACS). The ACS has a citizenship question.
  9. We're talking about Michigan Summers? Lolz
  11. For some reason, I was expecting this to be ho-hum but I found it to be very impressive. The ride up in the tiny space pods might be the best part. I was kind of surprised there wasn't a claustrophobia warning.
  12. Yeah, this place sucks. It took me about 5 tries to find a working outlet. Dinner was terrible.
  13. I always have mine off in my house, mostly because it's more comfortable. Never ask others to take theirs off when in my home, though. We recently got all new flooring. Main level is hard wood, basement is LVP, stairs to basement are commercial grade carpet; so all of that is no problem with shoes. We did new carpet upstairs and the stairs leading up. Our old carpet got to be so horrible that I'm now pretty over the top in my requirement for people in my family to take their shoes off when going upstairs. But, again, I wouldn't tell guests they have to take their shoes off. Guests pretty much never go up there anyway, so not a big deal.
  14. Talk to me about Mammoth Cave National Park. Tours to exploit or avoid? Which tour is the best overall? Which tour is the best bang for the buck? Which tours totally suck and aren't worth it? And are there other things to do/see other than cave tours?
  15. Don’t worry about society. Unwind it for your own house if you think you should. I live in an area with a lot of immigrants. Their kids seem to have much more freedom than the white kids. My kids bike 1.5 miles, including crossing a busy road, to a basketball court with their Indian friend or walk 1/2 mile to the shopping center with a Korean friend. The white parents seem to be much less likely to allow that kind of freedom. I also see it in a willingness to let kids stay home by themselves. I’d say my kids have experienced less roaming than I did as a kid, but more than other white middle/upper class kids around here.