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  1. Ellicott City flooding again. Can’t they build something in some way to keep this from happening?
  2. I’ve been pretty surprised and happy with the quantity of hockey talk, at least during the time I’ve been in the car recently.
  3. Yeah, the only good hockey talk comes from any guests that the radio shows do. Other than Crashing the Net, I can't think of one local sports media person who knows hockey. I mean, I'm no @tom22406, but I think I know a lot more than these guys. I've learned over the years, sports radio personalities are radio personalities first and sports experts second (or third or fourth or not at all).
  4. @john_keim Caps finally found a way to upstage the Redskins OTAs.
  5. Tonight’s crowd counts towards the Mystics’ attendance record. :banner:
  6. Good job by Burakovsky to work his way from an open shot to another open shot farther away from the net.
  7. So you didn’t continue to ask them for a better explanation over and over, tell them they are ridiculous, bring it up in 20 unrelated threads, tell them about other posts with “vag” that they HAVE to delete in order to be consistent, or start a thread asking why it was deleted so everyone else could join your crusade? Pfft, what are you, some kind of vag?
  8. $70 for a cake from a grocery store? That's the real story here.
  9. I'd eat it. Someone has to sacrifice to get those offensive words off the cake.