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  1. Somehow this topic won the voting but hasn't generated a ton of discussion. Anyone know about how the various agencies are funded? For example, I know most are funds that are appropriated by Congress. But, I also know the Highway Trust Fund is used to fund a decent amount of DOT work. One result of that is that many DOT workers keep working during the big government shutdowns because their funding is in place. They have their own potential shutdowns at different times, although I'm not familiar with that ever happening. Are there other special funding sources?
  2. Idk. I guess, again without any context, that would seem more positive than just "trumpers". "Trump supporters" would seem the safest. Or maybe "People who like most of Trump's policies and would consider voting for him again". It's common these days to change an old label to a new label that starts with "People who" or something similar. But that might be too many keystrokes. So we could shorten that to "PWLMOTPAWCVFHA".
  3. My initial reaction to seeing someone use "trumpers" would be that the intent is negative. Context could change that, obviously.
  4. To go along with this, I've heard: "We want to be judged by our intentions, but we judge others by their actions."
  5. OK, this article really helps with some disconnect I've had. Other articles haven't been as clear, from what I remember, about Trent's total acceptance of the doctors' initial diagnosis of it being a cyst. Articles (even that USA Today one) talk about Trent continuing to ask about it and asking for it to be removed which always led me to think that he was never satisfied with the diagnosis; that he didn't buy that it was a cyst. This Hoffman article gets into the fact that Trent kept asking about it because he just didn't like the look! It was messing up his desired hair-do! He was totally on board with the diagnosis for years. I've been wondering what blame to lay on Trent for not getting an independent opinion because I had been under the assumption that he initially was skeptical of the diagnosis. I had been wondering, why didn't this come up years ago?!?! Now I feel bad for basically "victim blaming" him.
  6. I think it's interesting to see how things are organized within the Executive Branch and I also think it's interesting just to see some of the bureaus/agencies/offices that exist. I had no idea there was a Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. In this vein, here is my DYK for this thread for today: Did you know there are 13 government agencies who have statistical activities at the core of their mission. The 13 principal statistical agencies (by Department) are: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Economic Research Service DOC Census Bureau Bureau of Economic Analysis DOE(ducation) National Center for Education Statistics DOE(nergy) Energy Information Administration HHS National Center for Health Statistics DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics Treasury Statistics of Income Division (within IRS) DOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics Independent Agencies National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (within NSF) Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics (within SSA) There has been talk for a while about whether they should all be consolidated into one statistical agency. Other countries have a single agency that deals with all of the stuff that the above 13 agencies do in the US. You might also not know about A site that gathers tons of official government datasets from the above agencies and other agencies into one place. A big challenge for all the data the government has and shares freely is how to how to make it easy for data users to find and use.
  7. Isn't threatening a whistleblower a key no-no in the WPA? Like, the whole point of the WPA is to protect whistleblowers from certain actions, right?
  8. Yep. A big reason why I’m not looking to change jobs.
  9. Setting up a board is really easy. Building a community isn’t. I think the main thing you’d be missing is a large group of users. As silly as it might seem, a lot of people just won’t go there even though it can be just one click away and it’s not that difficult to go back and forth between a couple sites.
  10. Fed government matches up to 5%. There’s an automatic 1% contribution, then 1/1 up to 3%, and 1/2 for 4% and 5%. I’m not looking to change jobs but if any of your companies want to hire my wife to do a simple work-from-home job, that would be cool.
  11. This is a similar approach to several people I know who vote R down the line because of two issues: abortion and the 2nd amendment.
  12. Something that's informative that some people may not know about is the Federal Register. New proposed rules are added every day. For example, today the Coast Guard posted their desire to establish a security zone for the upcoming Super Bowl in Miami. And anyone can comment on the proposals!
  13. If I'm understanding your question, I think the answer is they are free to do whatever is in scope of their agency. I'm sure they mostly carry out the President's agenda and have to do so within the confines of the United States Code and Executive Orders.
  14. Our voting system is so old school that doing it by mail is considered "getting with the times".
  15. Yes, it's approximately a 3% sample. I'm pretty sure once you're selected, you're ineligible to be in the sample for a few more years. The ACS started in 2005 so I'm sure others here have been in it by now.
  16. Should’ve let him score 3 plays ago.
  17. Only 3 more FGs to go. We got this.
  18. This is the scenario where the Redskins usually give up an 8 minute drive and a score to put the game out of reach.
  19. If the Bills deferred and chose the ball in the second half, wouldn’t that mean the redskins get to pick field direction? If so, why did they pick to go into the wind in the 4th quarter?
  20. Redskins last two games have been 2:36 and 2:39. This game is on a similar pace.